Complaints about cellphones have gone from possible radiation dangers to the annoyance of hearing people?s private conversations everywhere you go. Ever wish you could block the cellphone of the person chattering away next to you? Soon you may be able to eat and go to the movies in buildings lined with magnetic wood that absorbs microwave radio signals, making it impossible for anyone to use a cellphone.

This new kind of wood, which is filled with tiny magnetic particles, was invented by Hideo Oka and his team of electronics engineers at Iwate University in Morioka, Japan. Magnetic wood blocks cellphone signals because it contains fine particles of a magnetic material called nickel-zinc ferrite. When an electromagnetic wave hits the ferrite particles, the magnetic part of the wave is absorbed. Oka chose wood as the blocking material because it offers more flexibility in interior design.

You may soon be able to buy the magnetic wood panels in your local hardware store. Using it, you could create doors that would block out phone noise, rooms and even entire buildings where cellphones simply won?t work. If train cars and bus interiors were lined with the material, your commute would become blissfully quiet.

Of course you couldn?t use your own cellphone either, but some people are so tired of being forced to eavesdrop on other people?s conversations that they would willing give up the ability to make their own calls. Maybe we should ask ourselves why we?re all carrying cellphones in the first place.

We?re not the only civilization to become victims of our own technology. The Mayans had some of the greatest knowledge?and were some of the biggest victims?in their own era. Learn the details in ?The Tutankhamun Prophecies? by Maurice Cotterell, click here.

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