A new BBC drama claims that the Yellowstone supervolcano isunstable and could explode, and if it does, subsequentdisruptions of the earth?s climate will lead to the deathsof a billion human beings. Although the film is not adocumentary, its producers claim that it is based on actualdata gathered with the help of US Federal EmergencyManagement Agency, the Pentagon, and the US Geologic Survey.

A USGS spokesman told Unknowncountry.com that the agencydoes not anticipate an explosion of the Yellowstonesupervolcano at this time. However, numerous geologicchanges in the area in recent years do suggest that it isbecoming more active. In past geologic history, the volcanohas erupted approximately every 600,000 years. It is 640,000years since the last eruption.

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a vast area of magma thatlies beneath Yellowstone Park. Its eruptions in the pasthave spread ash across most of the United States, and led toyears without summer, due to ash filling the atmosphere andcausing generalized cooling. The BBC drama suggests that theUS and Canada would suffer numerous growing seasons withoutcrops, and that food production worldwide would plummet inthe wake of such an eruption.

The volcano would kill a hundred thousand during theeruption itself, largely due to ash falls and gassesdownwind of Yellowstone. But trillions of tons of ash wouldthen enter the atmosphere, causing as much as a 60% declinein food production and worldwide famine. Hardest hit wouldbe poor countries that must import food, and the US andCanada, which would experience an almost total disruption offarming and an inability to import enough to feed theirpopulations.

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