It’s long been known that UFOs were studied for many years by the Russian Academy of Sciences and other Soviet institutions. During the past few years, lots of allegedly classified Russian documents have appeared on the Internet, but experts says most of these are bogus. But the real documents must exist somewhere.

One case that?s known about concerns a Strategic Missile Troops colonel who investigated a UFO landing near a children’s camp, where two humanoids were observed conducting tests. Somewhere, a document also exists confirming a UFO landing in a village in the Russia?s Sverdlovsk region, where contacts were established between the extraterrestrials and the villagers.

Eugeny Lutsenko, who was stationed at RUFOS, the Russian UFO station, says, ?When I was in the army during 1979-1981 (I served in the air defense forces), a secret order and methodical recommendations were in force then, which said what we were to do if a UFO appeared. We used the instructions in our training with soldiers. Our military unit detached a group for participation in UFO studies. There were places haunted by UFOs almost every other night?When the guys belonging to the group returned, they said nothing at all, and we never asked, as we understood that they had been ordered not to speak of the details of the operation. However, when we were leaving the army, they told what they had seen during the operation. They said they had seen UFOs several times, including man-made objects looking very much like our technology. It was unbelievable at that time, and now we can speak openly about it.?

State Intelligence Department double agent Yury Popov has said that the Soviet Central Intelligence Department issued a secret directive in 1952, directing agents to find out whether the UFOs that were breaking the Soviet air boundaries were secret foreign aircraft or UFOs.

Defense Ministry Expert Alexander Plaksin says, ?A special, extremely secret laboratory for collecting data and reports about anomalous space events was created in the city of Mytishchi in the Moscow region?All kinds of Soviet troops sent information about UFOs to the laboratory.?

There must be documentation on these activities?but where has it gone? On the surface, Russian researchers envy us here in the U.S., since most declassified documents are available on the Internet. However, all the documents are heavily censored, often rendering them useless. So we end up in the same place as the Russians: totally in the dark.

Despite heavy censorship, Richard Dolan has managed to get hold of lots of U.S. government information about UFOs. He?s put it all down in ?UFOs and the National Security State,? click here.

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