FBI agents have conducted a second search of the Marylandapartment of former Fort Detrick scientist Steven Hatfill,on suspicion that he may be the anthrax terrorist who sentletters that left five people dead and at least 13 othersill last fall. Fort Detrick is the headquarters of the U.S.Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, andanthrax samples are stored there.

The FBI says it has uncovered new information. They alsosearched a rental storage unit in Ocala, Florida. BothHatfill’s apartment and the storage unit have been searchedpreviously, and agents said they found nothing immediatelyincriminating in the first searches.

Hatfill has worked closely with the military and CIA anthraxexperts and has shocked coworkers with statements anddemonstrations of how easy it would be for terrorists tomake biological weapons.

He lived for years near a Greendale Elementary School whilehe was attending medical school in Zimbabwe. GreendaleSchool was the phony return address used in the anthrax letters.

Why has it taken so long for the FBI to catch the anthraxterrorist? Find out by reading “The Bureau: The SecretHistory of the FBI” by RonaldKessler,clickhere.

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