Over the years there have been a smattering of possible ET photos and videos, all of which have remained highly controversial. This image, allegedly taken in a Russian police station in 1996, has an interesting story behind it.

The story goes that an elderly woman from the village of Kashtim in Georgia found a small being lying in a road, which she thought was a baby. She gathered the creature in her arms and took it home. For two weeks, she cared for it, although what she did was not reported. At that point, she became ill and was taken to the hospital. The creature was left abandoned in her house, where it died.

It was found, apparently by neighbors, and on August 13, 1996, the body was taken to a police station where it was measured and a video made of it. The body was only 21 centimeters long.

The body itself was confiscated by the KGB, but the videotape was left behind, and this image is from that tape. The additional images on the Georgian UFO website are detailed enough to enable researchers to determine whether or not the bones displayed are from a known animal.

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