First it was birds falling out of the sky and hundreds of dead fish washing up on beaches. Now the pine trees in Montana are dying. There may be no Christmas trees in Montana next year. On, Laura Zuckerman quotes plant disease expert Linnea Skoglund as sying, "As we go through winter, these trees are continuing to die; it’s one big laboratory out there." She quotes forestry specialist Peter Kolb as saying, "In this past year it’s become an epidemic throughout Montana." It can’t have to do with something in the soil, because the tree death starts at the TOP and gradually works its way down the trunk. Plant scientists have identified the culprit as a fungus-like pathogen from Asia that arrived in the US from Europe. Meanwhile, the dead and dying trees are being cut down, and mountains of logs are stacked throughout the forests. In the Telegraph, Christopher Middleton writes, "They’re in a race against time. Across the country, some 1.4 million larches have been cut down in the past 15 months, and another 1.2 million must go in the next three. Otherwise the problem is only going to get worse." When he was on Coast to Coast AM with Whitley and Anne on January 9th, Joseph Farrell speculated that the cause of all these deaths might be some sort of government experimentation gone awry. Starfire Tor also appeared with the Striebers live on that show, and told us about her predictions for 2011, which she elaborated on further on Dreamland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to all these shows!)

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