First we find out that, for some mysterious reason, the Saudis (some of whom were involved in911) are immune from a lawsuit filed by families of victims of the 911attacks. Now we’ve learned that the Agriculture Dept. can STOP meatpackers from testing cattle for Mad Cow Disease. Has our government gone crazy?or is it just crazy about big money and big business, and its powerful foreignfriends?

A small Arkansas meatpacker called Creekstone Farms wanted to test every animal at its plant, to assure foreign purchasers (and Americans) that the meat was safe to eat. Sounds like a good idea, right? Lots of us would pay more for meat that we knew was guaranteed to be safe, just like we do for organic fruits and vegetables.

After being barred from access to these test kits in 2006, Creekstone filed suit. A US Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 that the meatpacker can be denied access to them. They weren’t even trying to get the testing kits for free: The USDA allows the test kits to be sold ONLY to laboratories that it approves, because they say the tests should not be used as a marketing tool. Our question is, why not?

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