Or NOT – Can we escape our fate? Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer says Steven Hawking was wrong to warn us that aliens may be trying to colonize the Earth. While Hellyer as asserted in the past that the alien presence is real, he doesn’t believe it is dangerous.

In the Canadian Press, Peter Rakobowchuk reports that Hellyer can’t understand why Hawking warned that they could lead to the destruction of humanity. He quotes Hellyer as saying, “The reality is that [aliens] been visiting Earth for decades and probably millennia and have contributed considerably to our knowledge. Microchips, for example, fiber-optics, they are just two of the many things that allegedly–and probably for real –came from crashed vehicles.”

Hellyer accuses Hawking of spreading disinformation about them. Rakobowchuk quotes him as saying, “I think he’s indulging in some pretty scary talk there that I would have hoped would not come from someone with such an established stature. I think it’s really sad that a scientist of his repute would contribute to what I would consider more misinformation about a vast and very important subject.”

Hellyer has been interested in aliens for over 40 years and while he never got any military briefings about them when he was defense minister, he did get regular reports of UFO sightings, many of which could not be explained.

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