Was the crash actually a suicide bombing? – We suspected this and now it may turn out to be true: the French government has announced that two people withnames that appear in classified documents concerningterrorists considered highly dangerous were on Air FranceFlight 447 when it crashed. A French intelligence officialtold the newspaper L’Express that the discovery was thoughtto be “highly significant.” It would appear to raise theodds that the plane was destroyed in a terrorist act.

After the crash, agents working for the DGSE (DirectionGenerale de la Securite Exterieure), the French version ofthe CIA, were sent to Brazil to investigate the crash. Inrecent months, security officials worldwide have beenconcerned that another 911-type terror attack might be inthe planning stages.

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for thecrash, and thus far the only evidence of a problem with theplane has involved a possible airspeed error due tomalfunctioning sensors. Incorrect airspeed can have fatalconsequences, with excessive speed causing airframe damageand disintegration, and slow speed resulting in a stall andirrecoverable spin.

There is as yet no evidence that a bomb was detonated aboard the plane, but forensic examination of the bodies beingrecovered is likely to aid in making that determination.

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