The U.S. won’t rest after getting rid of Saddam Hussein. According to Richard Perle, of the U.S. Defense Advisory Board, our next targets will be Iran, Libya and Syria. He says, “Change is needed in all those three countries and a few others besides.” Our methods will be different for each country, and the regimes in Iran and Syria could be changed without direct U.S. intervention. “I think Iran can be changed by the action of the Iranian people,” he says. “I believe that Syria, too, can organize change from within.”

Perle says the U.S. effort against Saddam Hussein has the support of at least 12 Arab countries. “Not a single Arab state is making the slightest move against our policy on this issue,” he says. “And at least a dozen are actively cooperating with us in whatever field we require.?

One way to change Arab minds is through information?or propaganda. A mysterious new Iraqi radio station called Radio Tikrit may be controlled by the CIA. It began broadcasting in February, and like all Iraqi media, strongly supported Saddam Hussein. Tikrit is the name of the town where Saddam and members of his government were born.

But on February 15th, subtle changes began to occur. One show described Iraqis who are so poor, they had to sell their windows and doors. Another show on February 18 encouraged Iraqi soldiers to refuse the “orders of the tyrant” and “be brave before it is too late.”

Mike M

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