It’s been discovered that HIV patients who become infected with another, mysterious virus, are less likely to develop AIDS. The mystery virus is known only as GB virus C, and men whose blood shows they are infected with it are three times less likely to die of AIDS.

In New Scientist, Philip Cohen quotes researcher Roger Pomerantz as saying, “Until now, there have been many doubting Thomases who didn’t believe this viral antiviral effect even existed. This puts an end to the debate.”

GBV-C was discovered 10 years ago. Since it’s related to hepatitis C, scientists at first thought it causes liver disease, but no link to the disease was ever found. Researcher Jack Stapleton says, “At that point, most of the world stopped studying the virus. All that was left were HIV researchers who were interested in its role in co-infection.” A few of them began noticing something strange: the newly-discovered virus seemed to protect patients from getting AIDS.

The survival rate of HIV-positive men who are infected by GBV-C is 75%, compared with only 39% for men who are not infected with it. It’s only effective for men who remain infected with it?only 16% of patients who somehow “lost” their GBV-C infections survived.

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