As you know, our sale books are going fast. Most of them will be discontinued, to make room for new stock. However, we’ve ordered MORE of one hardcover that sold out, because Whitley thinks it’s such an important book:Our Final Hour by British Astronomer Royal Martin Rees. It was originally on sale for $17.50, marked down from $25?now we’re selling it for only $12.50, because Whitley thinks everyone should read it.

Whitley was honored to be able to interview Martin Rees on our July 5th Dreamland show. In a private talk with Whitley, Rees said he knew about his visitor experiences and thought perhaps he had traveled to a parallel universe. Although scientists like Rees know such universes exist, they don’t know how to enter them. He also doesn’t discount the possibility that ET life exists, and says, “Our cosmic importance depends on whether we are alone or not. The main aim of science is to take steps toward answering the big questions.” How weird is our world? Forget the bunk you read on the internet. The universe as it is understood by one of the leading scientists of our era is FAR stranger and far more filled with wonder than that.

In his book, Rees talks about a wide-ranging group of subjects, like the possibility that mankind could go extinct within a century and the strange radio silence of the universe. He’s written the clearest, most useful book about the dangers we face in the near future that has been published so far. This book lays it on the line about terrorism, bio-threats, war, nanotechnology, environmental problems and just about every other threat you can name.

He says, “I think the odds are no better than 50/50 that our present civilization will survive to the end of the present century.” The end will be caused by a combination of natural events, such as global warming and asteroid impacts, and man-made disasters, like engineered viruses and nuclear terrorism. But despite this premise, the book not a downer?it’s hopeful. Why? Because he has so clearly identified the problems. What we need now?and all we need?to guarantee a good world for generations to come is dynamic, effective political leadership. And that’s in the hands of the voters.

He thinks scientists shouldn’t do certain types of scientific research, such as cloning and genetic modification, that could eventually lead to our destruction. Other people have voiced such ideas, but Rees’ position as a leading cosmologist that makes his statements especially important.

He hasn’t given up on the future?he says it’s up to the human race to ensure its own survival. He says our actions today may “make the difference between a near eternity filled with ever more complex and subtle forms of life and one filled with nothing but base matter.” On and on Dreamland, we often talk about the some of the dangers mentioned in this book, but Rees talks about them all?and about what we can do about them. That’s why this is such an important book.

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