I was recently asked to host the world’s first internet UFO conference, at which the results of a further analysis of a piece of material allegedly from the 1947 Roswell crash were to be publicized.

The conference was scheduled for May 12, 2001. Last week, the conference was cancelled. Nevertheless, we have continued to work on the sample.

An isotopic analysis done in 1997 showed that the various elements present in the sample had isotopic ratios that were not consistent with earth elements, meaning that they couldbe from another planet.

We performed an analysis of the shape of the object, which showed it to be a lip or tube with an approximate five inch diameter, thus proving that it was manufactured.

Taken together, these findings suggested that the object could be something manufactured on another planet, which Dr. Roger Leir and I reported on Coast-to-Coast AM on Monday, April 30.

However, a few days later we performed another test of the object’s isotopic ratios, as I had said on Coast that we would do, and found that they were within the normal range for terrestrial elements. Now the scientist who obtained the original results has told us that he had additional testing done at the Ford Nuclear Reactor in Michigan which also indicated that this object was of earthly origin.

We were not informed of the existence of this second set of results by anybody connected with the conference, nor do we know if they were aware of them. The additional work was performed shortly after the first test.

We have also determined that silicon tubes at 99.9% purity have been used in Russian satellites. Although the only such tubes now available are of a two-inch diameter, it is possible that the fragment is a piece of a larger tube that was in an early Russian satellite that crashed. It might be very difficult to determine this, however, because of the lack of clear or accessible records about satellite designs from the Soviet era.

At the same time that the conference was cancelled, the UFOxfiles website became unavailable. The cancellation of the conference took place before we were certain that the Roswell material was probably of terrestrial origin.

Mr. Chris Wyatt, the organizer of the conference, has told me that 6,200 people signed up for the conference, and that their money is being refunded via debits to their credit card accounts.

–Whitley Strieber

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