Greg Kaminsky is a scholar of medieval studies and one of the most thoughtful occult and paranormal podcasters out there. Now, he brings great care to Buddhist literature with his first book, PRONAOS: Reflections on the Preliminary Practices of Buddhist Tantra from a Western Perspective. In the first half ofread more

Rey Hernandez is one of the greats of the UFO world, and this is his first visit to Dreamland since 2018! Here, he talks about his incredible background, how he got pulled into the close encounter experience and why he has been working so hard at it ever since. Reyread more

Is there such a thing as an alien-human hybrid? Some people think so, and in this deep-dive of a discussion, Whitley and Jacquelin Smith explore her lifetime of contact and what it has come to mean to her. The discussion ranges into ideas like other timelines, how the future canread more

Scottish UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson has been at it for 40 years. His patient, careful work has documented many a UFO sighting and encounter, and here he tells us about his amazing life, which includes searching Loch Ness in a submarine and discovering unknown sonar returns to careful study ofread more