If you are a lady and you are worried about how you will resist the abundance of festive food this Christmas, then Microsoft may have the answer for you.

Girls, forget the "Smartphone", now you can put the "Smartbra" on your Christmas list! This handy new device will ensure that you stay off Santa’s "naughty" list, well, at least when it comes to breaking your diet.
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Another severe storm lashed the U.K. on Monday, leaving two people dead and a trail of destruction in the wake of its fury.
Many rail, air and ferry services were disrupted, and it was chaos on the nation’s roads, with the U.K’s Network Rail declaring that storm damage was worse than that caused by recent super-storm Jude.

The U.K. had 34 flood warnings in place, and Christmas travelers were confronted by gale force winds of up to 90mph and torrential rain that left many places flooded and thousands of homes without power. As many people prepared to travel home today to celebrate Christmas with their families, the roads were still littered with debris and standing water from yesterday’s freak weather.
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For those of us who are not members of a choral group or band, Christmas is the time of year when we are most likely to exercise our vocal chords and do some carol-singing, but research studies confirm that we should not wait until the festive season to search out our singing voices and belt out our favourite tunes.

Scientists and researchers claim that singing is a gentle yet beneficial form of aerobic exercise which can also have positive effects on mental health and anxiety.
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