William Henry, Chad Steumke and Mark Gray are all deeply involved in the search for stargates and portals to other realities. Here, they discuss why they believe that Google’s new game, Ingress, debases this quest by using it as the basis for conflict-centered game. The game trivializes a quest that has profoundly affected the lives of many people, including William, Chad and Mark, by reducing it to a conflict-soaked fictional narrative. At the same time, a significant amount of genuine information has been used in the game, creating the false impression that the search for stargates is in some way related to conflict, which it is not.

William Henry interviews the founder of the Sedona Sanctuary, Dean Taraborelli on how the Sanctuary works, and how his own epigentic healing experience changed his body and his life.

Dean Taraborelli describes his own experience this way: “You do not have to be an addict, depressed, sick or simply living a life that is less than the one you know you can live. I share this from my own experience. While I once was caught in the cycle of self destruction, I no longer consider myself an addict. I have healed at a cellular level and my body no longer recognizes and processes chemicals in the addictive way.”

Everybody needs healing on this level, no matter the state of their physical health.

Dr. Greg Little has made 25 trips over the years to the Bahamas in search of Atlantis. This time, he has discovered a massive amount of quarried stones that are beyond explanation. The ruins have been declared an archaeological site by the Bahamian government. He describes this enigmatic discovery–the massive quarried stones and the columns–and discusses just what sort of remains the site known as "Brown’s Ruins" might contain, and how they relate to the predictions of Edgar Cayce.

Greg’s website is APMagazine.info.

Many people are deciding where to position themselves for the galactic alignment on December 21, 2012. Carmen Boulter will be in Egypt, and in this interview, she tells us exactly why. She also updates us on recent events in Egypt, and also the results of her study called The Effect of the Great Pyramid on the Human Aura and Chakra System.

Also, she is now in production on a new documentary series called The New Atlantis .