This appears to be an analysis of a series of messages received from outer space by the National Security Agency. It appears on the NSA website as an unclassified document, so what is it, an exercise in a code-breaking class…or an attempt to analyze messages picked up from an unknown extraterrestrial source? The signals contain a listing of the periodic table of the elements and a group of mathematical equations, and reference is made to some deciphered words. The document was allegedly released by NSA in October of 2004, but were not discoverable until April 21, 2011. More information available on the Kevin Smith Show.
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One problem that overweight people have is that they don’t know when to stop eating. Now researchers have identified a signaling pathway in the brain that may cause leptin resistance, which decreases the body’s ability to "hear" that it is full and should stop eating. Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells that is known to indicate fullness, or satiety, in the brain. If the body is exposed to too much leptin, however, it will become resistant to the hormone. Once that occurs, the body can’t “hear” messages telling the body to stop eating and burn fat. Instead, a person remains hungry, craves sweets, and stores more fat instead of burning more