Before William Henry left for Egypt, he did this guest spot on his own show, with Whitley Strieber acting as interviewer. He talks about his journey in search of the winged serpent on this journey. Incredibly, his new wife Claire’s father was actually with Lord Carnarvon when King Tut’s tomb was opened. As he went it, he touched a scarab and was knocked senseless. Claire is presently planning to compare photos and experiences with the Carnarvon family, and report more on Dreamland.

According to Barbara Hand Clow, the major alignment of earth with the galactic center took place in 1998. This is what has caused the cascade of changes and the feeling of acceleration that has taken place since then. William Henry asks Barbara, what about UFO disclosure? She answers, ‘wouldn’t it make sense if we reunited with our cosmic brothers and sisters by the time the 8th Underworld ends?" While she doesn’t rule out revelations that involve actual spacecraft, her point is that the only people who are going to be able to communicate and understand are those who are engaged in the awakening process.

This is day 7 of the 8th underworld and we are all standing before the throne of God right now, is the message of Barbara Hand Clow. Day 7 ends on October 11, 2011, and it is a time when righteous behavior is of utmost importance, because we are making soul choices that are eternal. Which side are we going to be on? Listen to this important discussion, because it affects all of us who are open to the changes that are unfolding around us.

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