Starfire Tor joins Anne Strieber and Marie D. Jones and she begins by asking Marie about a time that she had become mysteriously imprisoned in her apartment while trying to attend a Carl Sagan lecture–which she never did reach, for a most unusual reason.

Starfire’s knowledge of time slips and missing time is brought to bear on the very unusual experiences of an expert observer. You will not often hear a discussion this coherent about subjects this unusual, and you will identify a very, very strange area of the world, right in the middle of a large city!

You will NEVER FORGET the discussion of a very mysterious stretch of road on which Marie, and, unbeknownst to her, many others, have come face to face with powerful and unanswerable questions.
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On Sat., July 24 in Los Angeles – Whitley Strieber will sign copies of his new novel The Omega Point at Dark Delicacies bookstore at 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, California at 2 pm on Saturday, July 24. Come meet Whitley (and Anne) in person!

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Different from us? – It’s easy to forget that there have been many small beings, such as fairies, leprechauns and trolls, in the legends of many cultures. In his contact experiences, Whitley has seen small Grays, as well as short, stocky cobalt blue figures. Were these beings only mythical or did (or do) they really exist?

In USA Today, Dan Vergano reports that UK folklorist Michael Heaney claims that the Greek historian Herodotus wrote about these people around 450 BC. John of Tzetses, who wrote in the Byzantine era, described them as being “strong warriors, good horsemen rich in flocks of cattle and sheep and goats. They are one-eyed, ‘shaggy with hairs, the toughest of men.'”
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Never heard again – We send signals out into space, but we never seem to get a response–except for ONCE, over 30 years ago. When we try to talk to them, we need to remember that the reason for their silence may be the fact that we have tried to shoot them down.
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