Worried you might have a heart attack? Brush your teeth twice a day! And what do you do if you accidentally get one of those teeth knocked out? (Even vampires sometimes have this problem).
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William Henry has just returned from James Gilliland’s famed ECETI ranch where he has had a remarkable experience. Listen as the roles are reversed on Revelations, and he tells Whitley Strieber what happened to him at this famed place of paranormal and UFO contact. Not to be missed!

Learn more about the ECETI ranch here.

Watch the video of the UFO William Henry encountered here

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Before we turn them all into whale meat, we need to understand why both human and whale societies need grannies.

Why do female primates (like humans) and whales go through menopause, instead of dying shortly after their reproductive days are over (and thus saving their society the cost of feeding them)? It turns out that grannies are vital to rearing of their grandchildren.

In BBC News, Victoria Gill quotes researcher Michael Cant as saying that both humans and whales have balanced “the costs and benefits of breeding with the costs and benefits of switching off breeding.”
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Tar balls have landed on a beach in Galveston, Texas, meaning oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill has now hit all 5 Gulf states. It turns out that sand naturally cleans itself, but the Deepwater Horizon oil spill may be too much for it. Scientists are investigating how quickly the oil carried into Gulf of Mexico beach sands is being degraded by the sands’ natural microbial communities, and whether native oil-eating bacteria that wash ashore with the crude are helping or hindering that process.
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