Starfire Tor considers whales and dolphins the people of the sea. They are sentient, they are sensitive, they are emotionally complex and have good minds, and they are hunted down and eaten by countries like Japan, Iceland, Norway and others.

In this edition of Dreamland, she issues a call to arms, to completely change the way we look at them, to stop even calling them animals and refer to them instead as the people of the sea, and extend to them the same rights to freedom from interference and the sanctity of life that we extend to each other.

Listen as she tells us about her stirring idea, and how simple–and absolutely free–it is to join the effort to keep countries like Japan from overturning the whaling ban that is now in effect.
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Every January, Nostradamus expert and prophet John Hogue comes on Dreamland to predict what will happen in the coming year–and every June we go back over those predictions and hold his feet to the fire! So, this week, John is back with us. His hits last January were pretty amazing–in fact, really kind of uncanny. We’ll review those, then as him, what about the NEXT six months?

John Hogue is one of the world’s leading Nostradamus scholars. You can see him on many TV specials, as well as visit him on his website, And don’t miss is revised and updated prophecies for 2010, available as a downloadable electronic book! To order, click more

First, Linda Moulton Howe reports on the collapse of the RAF Bentwaters coverup, with 2 fantastic interviews. Then, David Sereda is not only a scientist but also a meditator, and he has been watching the sun both from a scientific and a spiritual viewpoint for many years. He has made some eye-opening discoveries about how the sun and the earth interact, and what, exactly, happens on the sun prior to major earthquakes.

The sun has a profound effect on the earth that goes far beyond heat and light. Its relationship to our geology and our weather is powerful and little understood, and David has made some groundbreaking discoveries about this. Listen as he describes exactly what was happening on the sun just prior to a number of powerful earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.
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Alan Lamers is a specialist in creating local radio stations in isolated areas, and has been working in Indonesia where he has come upon the most extraordinary abduction story that has ever been discovered. Listen as he tells us of his truly incredible findings, speaking to Whitley Strieber from Bali.

Alan is an accomplished linguist and speaks the languages of the peoples of Sulawesi fluently enough to communicate with them very clearly. He tells not only the story of the long-standing disappearances that take place on Sulawesi, but also the stunning story of a recent abduction of a group of people, the manhunt that followed, and the eventual recovery of one of them.
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