There is controversy swirling around recent activities on the Giza Plateau. Is there a new dig taking place in secret, and, if so, what is it for and why is it happening? Two years ago, Andrew Collins discovered a cave system under the plateau, the existence of which has been officially denied by Egyptian authorities.

Listen as Andrew Collins tells us what he believes has happened. He has talked with the Association for Research and Development about whether or not they are engaged in a dig, and offers his thoughts about what the reason might be for the secrecy of this dig.

And don’t miss Andrew’s article about this in our Insight Section. To read it, click here.
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Arcadia is the name of the storied paradise of the past, but was it real? William Henry takes this question to UK researcher Andrew Gough, who has been searching the secret history of the world for the answer.

Amazingly, this has something very, very unexpected and surprising about none other than bees! They have an ancient hidden significance to Kabbalists and many other esoteric traditions, and are a key to such mysteries as Rennes le Chateau.
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“The great pyramid is designed to be operated by an electrical and magnetic field created by a human being,” says musician, inventor and explorer Paul Yates, who has toned with William Henry in the temples of ancient Egypt.

William had profound insights while toning with Paul, and talks with him about them and about the ancient technology of vibration that he has rediscovered in Egypt.

Paul talks to us from Cairo, where he is currently doing research into the many aspects of sonic technology left behind by the ancient Egyptians.

Paul’s website is

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