Dreamland’s resident prophet John Hogue is back , and the accuracy of his predictions has become phenomenal. After stellar presentations in January of 2007, 2008 and 2009, he’s back with a startling look at 2010.On his website, HogueProphecy.com he lists his predictions in detail, and indicates just how he has been doing. And the results are nothing short of fantastic.

John uses a methodology developed from hisdeep understanding of Nostradamus and his research into just how this remarkable prophet came to be able to make predictions.

So, what does John predict for 2010? For one thing, earthquakes will accelerate, and he will tell us why.
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Richard Dolan is the world’s best UFO historian, and in this interview with Whitley Strieber he discusses his take on the abduction phenomenon, MJ-12 and the reasons for UFO secrecy on the part of the government, and the disclosure struggles of the late eighties and early nineties.

People area always asking why the US government denies the UFO phenomenon. Listen as Richard Dolan identifies specific members of the power elite who are behind what is now a hopeless trap of a government so committed to denial that it can no longer afford the impact to its fundamental credibility that disclosure would entail.
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In 2006, Whitley Strieber wrote a journal about the Finders case, in which the CIA suppressed a Customs Service investigation into a pedophile network. Since then, he has been struggling to find another way into this case, and now he has. It is the searing book The Franklin Scandal, by Nick Bryant.

In this atomic blast of an interview, Whitley asks Nick the crucial questions that lead to an inescapable conclusion: there is, and has been for a long time, somebody engaged in the entrapment of the powerful by tempting them into abusive relationships with child prostitutes. So the question must be asked, how many of our leaders are compromised in this way.
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We begin a two week exploration of whether or not children have ever been utilized by US intelligence agencies in abusive programs. Have children been the victims of brainwashing, drug and mind control experiments?

There is more evidence right now that children have been abused in secret experiments than there was that adults were fed plutonium prior to Eileen Welsome’s publication of the Plutonium Experiments.

That book won her a Pulitzer Prize and led to a presidential apology to the victims of those experiments.
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