Dan Brown’s new novel has received generally poor reviews, but concealed within it is a powerful and important message about regaining our lost country from the greed-ridden political machine that has stolen it from us.

Just how to do this is explained in William Henry and Dr. Mark Gray’s Freedom’s Gate, and here William and Mark speak together with passion and wisdom about the relationship, for example, between the dome of the US Capitol, the human head and the human mind.

William and Mark touch on some of the material William will be exploring in depth during the Dreamland Stargate, about “setting the pineal gland to ringing,” and the actual, practical process of becoming your own stargate.
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William interviews alchemical master Robert Cox on his modern-day quest for the Philosopher’s Stone and the powerful spiritual transformations that alchemy is really all about.

He tells us why the coming change of the age from Pisces to Aquarius means that the average person is going to come to understand and experience the true power of the elixir of life.

And this interview is quite probably the beginning of that process!

DO NOT MISS the AMAZING discussion of Jacob’s Ladder. There is real knowledge here.

William Henry is on a practical and effective journey toward true power. Join him at the Dreamland Stargate in October!

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Marie D. Jones, Dreamland’s newest guest host, is an expert in finding the scientific basis of the paranormal. She is the author of the Resonance Key, which delves into the way in which the latest concepts in physics suggest that there are very real reasons for paranormal experiences. Here she discusses the idea of resonance with William Henry. She asks the question, “is reality creating us or are we creating reality?”
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While on tour in Ireland, William Henry met Stephen O’Sullivan at Molly Gallivan’s traditional farm in Kenmare, and made a discovery with him that suggests that, a very long time ago, people with deep knowledge of astronomy and Egyptian religion must have settled there.

Travel with William to an enchanted valley with a powerful message for all of us that resonates to this day.

Find out more about Molly Gallivan’s here.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.read more