Michael Glickman has been researching crop circles since 1990, bringing his architectural background to what has become one of the most profound studies of these formations ever undertaken. His new book, Crop Circles: the Bones of God, is an unforgettable and deeply inspiring journey into the question of what the circles are and how we may use them in our own process of enlightenment.

Those of us who are humble enough to embrace the formations for the miracles that they are can use this book, and this luminous interview, to deepen our own relationship to the circles and the circlemakers, and in the process go more deeply than ever before into the beckoning search that the circles offer us.
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Dr. Robert Koontz is an experimental nuclear physicist who taught analog and digital electronics at the National Security Agency prior to getting his PhD, and and is now researching in areas such as zero point energy. He was on CoasttoCoast AM last week discussing this subject, antigravity and many other topics. Now he spends Dreamland with Whitley Strieber discussing just one topic that he did not cover extensively on Coast, and that topic is IMPLANTS.

Dr. Koontz’s website is DoctorKoontz.com.

He has written an open letter about implants that can be read here.
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Ed and Kris Sherwood have been on a journey of discovery involving extraterrestrial contact, crop circles and inner work for many years, and here they describe for us the methods they use to initiate contact. They have filmed some of their interactions with UFOs, and Ed has been present with other witnesses when a crop circle was formed. The Sherwoods are far advanced in contact, and you will rarely, if ever, hear more useful information for those of us wishing to initiate our contact experiences ourselves.

The Sherwoods’ website is CropCircleAnswers.com.

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Marla Frees interviews a neurologist who has had some powerful experiences with miracles. He is a longtime friend of Dreamland regular Robert Bruce, whose many appearances on Dreamland and astral projection workshops have become legendary among our listeners.

He uses a scientific approach to take a rigorous and open-minded look at remote viewing, telepathy and life after death. Listen as he tells Marla Frees his thrilling stories of the interface between the human brain and universal consciousness, including a remarkable story about an Electronic Voice Phenomenon exchange with a deceased friend. You will not often hear a more fascinating, empowering or deeply hopeful interview.
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