Fresh from his two History Channel shows, our resident prophet John Hogue takes a look at what’s going to happen in 2009. First, Whitley asks if there are any Nostradamus quatrains that relate to this year–and he finds out that there is a very SPECIFIC one that describes what will happen when there is a certain astrological conjunction.

That conjunction took place this week. So don’t miss this fascinating journey into the mind of our resident prophet, and that of Nostradamus.

As John says, “this is the first year in all of our lives that most of us will begin to feel more influenced by Aquarius than Pisces.” It is the true beginning of the Aquarian Age.
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Yesterday, Denmark released its UFO files, stating that, while most were explained, a number of them most certainly were not. Today the German government stated that a UFO that crossed the southern part of that country last week was a definite unknown. Last week, British Ministry of Defense UFO specialist Nick Pope said that the Royal Air Force had fired on UFOs, and, late last year, Ministry of Defense records showed that a US Air Force pilot had been ordered to fire on a UFO over that country in 1957, but had not released his rockets because the object (the size of an aircraft carrier) disappeared just as he was about to pull his trigger.
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If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to it now – As we’ve said before, February is a great month to meet Whitley in person?especially if you live near Las Vegas. On January 22nd, Whitley gave an interview to a local radio station on the subject of his speech there February 15, in which will be about what the future will bring. If you want to listen to this broadcast, click here

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