The recent wave of UFO sightings is still going on. A local TV station in Winston-Salem North Carolina reports that strange objects have been seen in the sky. Witness Jamarus Crews took a photo of one of them on his cell phone. As usual, they were described as flying silently, with many lights. Crews is quoted as saying, “From the first time I saw it until it was gone, it was 45 seconds and it crossed the entire sky.” All of this is typical of UFO sightings.

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Does the fact that Greek vases depict figures in the nude mean that the ancient Greeks saw beauty in the human body?as artists have throughout time?or at the Greeks often went without clothes?

In, Corey Binns quotes historian Jeffrey Hurwit as saying, “In ancient Greek art, there are many different kinds of nudity that can mean many different things. Sometimes they are contradictory.” Most historians think that the Greeks mostly kept their clothes on?it was the Romans, who came later, who were the sexual libertines.
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Women: Don’t be afraid to suggest a romantic film for Valentine’s Day. New research shows that men like “women’s films” as much as women do.

“Chick flicks” aren’t just for women. According to psychologist Richard Harris, who made a study of our movie-going habits, guys like romantic movies, too. He says, “Everyone thinks that women like romantic movies and that they drag guys along to them. What is significant was that the guys also like these movies, and that the choice to view a romantic movie is usually made together as a couple, not just by the girl.”
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Governments can’t seem to stop bickering long enough to do anything practical about global warming, so a UK entrepreneur has taken things into his own hands: Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Records and Virgin airlines, has offered a $25 million prize to anyone who can come up with a system to removed greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
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