Gary David has discovered that the Hopi nation of the American Southwest created its early villages, in their entirety, as a reflection of the night sky. Listen as William Henry explores with him how he made this discovery, why it must be true and, above all what it means to our understanding of ourselves as human beings, and our lost memories of being a cosmic species.

Then Linda reports on fast moving extinctions taking place among amphibians and bees.

Whitely Strieber finds out all the latest about the new UFO wave from UFO master researcher Stanton Friedman. Stanton had been researching UFOs for over 40 years, and remains at the cutting edge in the field. Then Linda Howe interviews a witness about the weird cat-and-mouse game the UFO phenomenon involves and WHAT IT MEANS. The material in this interview about Whitley Strieber’s chilling experience with engineer Robert Sarbacher, who examined UFO materials, and Stanton’s talks with him, and Stanton and Whitley’s discussions with fabled Roswell witness General Arthur Exon, is completely astounding and worth a very close listen, as is this whole amazing interview. Stanton Friedman’s website is

Maureen Caudill is an internationally recognized expert on neural networks and intelligent systems whose life exploded in her face when she became suddenly psychic. Another person who had this happen is Anne Strieber, and her intimate exploration of Maureen’s experiences on this week’s Dreamland makes unforgettable listening. Then Linda reports on the bizarre mystery of Junk DNA. Anne Strieber Fans: she’s back, and she’ll be a new Dreamland guest host! Maureen’s website is

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Gregg Braden is back from 39 days in the highlands of Central China where he has entered a monastery not reachable by road where he saw a painting that is normally concealed from view, that revealed secrets about the very latest scientific understanding of the human mind. Listen as William Henry interviews Gregg about his astonishing findings about the conscious matrix that it is at the core of all reality, and how we can use its power to actually change history and life on earth. Then Linda talks to a lawyer–who has had astonishing interactions with aliens. To go to Gregg?­s website, click here.

NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links.