Despite what the government and car manufacturers would like you to believe, the fact is that global warming is really here. One thing that will slow down the Gulf Stream, the powerful ocean current that brings warm water (and weather) to the UK and the rest of Europe, is dilution of the ocean?s salt level, due to an influx of freshwater from melting glaciers and ice sheets. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts,which is keeping an eye on this phenomenon, says that large regions of the North Atlantic Ocean have been growing fresher since the late 1960s, due to melting glaciers and increased precipitation, both associated with greenhouse warming. Salinity records show that large pulses of extra sea ice and fresh water from the Arctic have flowed into the North more

This week we lead off with a stunner of a report from Linda Howe that breaks one of the greatest UFO cases in history wide, wide open. Over 4 days in 1980 there were a series of UFO events near the RAF Bentwaters air base that involved US Air Force personnel. The Jim Marrs interviewsBob Raming of the highly controversial Unite America Now website about NEW information he has obtained on the destruction of the twin towers on 911.

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We begin a program of reproducing some of the extraordinary lectures and interviews Whitley Strieber has given over the years. Now that he so rarely appears in public, these marvelously articulate and fascinating documents have become precious. This first one was delivered on April 15, 1988 at the World Affairs Conference at the University of Colorado in Boulder, before an audience that included many members of the Condon Committee that created Project Blue Book. Whitley gave them something to think about and, perhaps, to be ashamed of.

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The downpour that struck Bombay (Mumbai) on Tuesday has leftat least 500 people dead and possibly many more. Parts ofthe state of Maharashtra received 37 inches of rain over avery short time, and Bombay received 26 inches. It was arecord rainfall for India, and one of the great deluges ofhistory.

Today at least 15 people were killed when false stories of adam burst caused a stampede.

Over the past two days, many parts of the crippled city havebeen under three to five feet of water, and damage to theinfrastructure is extensive. Nobody yet knows how manypeople have died in the catastrophe, and this will not beknown until the waters recede and city services can be restored.
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