World financial markets have been moving upward strongly today, to some extent on rumors that Osama bin Laden has been killed or captured. These rumors do not appear in any news media, but they are extensive enough to have caused market movement.

Financial markets have been affected by false rumors in the past, and there is no confirmation of this story. However, it is equally true that stories like this sometimes turn out to be confirmed when they enter public knowledge in this manner.

According to Att.Net News, the Pentagon has said it has no information about the capture of bin Laden.

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The FBI issued notification today that there is believed to be an increased risk of terrorist attacks against targets within the United States and US interests overseas. The warning covers the next several days.

All local and state law enforcement officials are asked to be on the highest alert, the public is asked to contact the FBI and local law enforcement of “any unusual or suspicious activity.”

For the text of the FBI warning, click here.

To see photographs of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists and learn more about them, click here.

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Environmental tests on the American Media building in Boca Raton, Florida, indicate there are no traces of the anthrax bacteria in the building except those found on the computer keyboard of a man who died from the disease, according to Florida health official Frank Penela, who stressed that the testing is not yet complete. The building remains closed.

CNN is reporting that its sources have said that investigators have identified the strain that killed Robert Stevens as one developed by an unidentified lab in Iowa in the 1950s; however, health officials caution that this report is preliminary and by no means definitive. It is not known whether the lab is still in operation.
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Organic chickens are three times more likely than conventionally-bred poultry to be contaminated with a bacterium that causes food-poisoning. A team at the Danish Veterinary Laboratory found that all 22 organic flocks they investigated were infected with Campylobacter ? one of the most common causes of food poisoning. Only one third of 79 conventional chickens were infected.

?The organic movement is sound, but this is unwelcome news,? says Karl Pedersen, who supervised the project. The result is not entirely surprising, since organic birds are allowed to roam outside and are more likely to be exposed to food and water contaminated with infected feces from wild animals. ?But it turns out that the difference was far higher than we expected,? he says.
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