On Friday, September 29, Whitley Strieber reported on an increase in sightings in the upstate New York area where the cabin in which he had the Communion experience was located.

The Space Group has been active in the area since 1989

Link for Space Group.

In 1992, Bruce Cornet took some unusual photos of a C-5 at Stewart Airport which is close to the area of highest local anomalous activity.

Link for Bruce Cornet C-5 PhotosFilers Files # 38 to UFO activity in Northern New Jersey in September just south of the area that was discussed on the show.

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Since moving to what seems like a small town from New York City, I’ve found myself the object of discrimination at times. This is a new experience for me. I’m white and middle class, so I’m used to blending in. I never worried much about being accepted before. I was never on the cheerleading squad or part of the prom queen crowd. My parents were eccentrics who didn’t try to fit in, so I wasn’t raised to care about such things.

This wasn’t a problem in New York, where everyone is someone who came to the big city because they didn’t fit in at home. Nobody knows their neighbors or cares about what goes on next door, as long as it’s not too loud and doesn’t smell bad.
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State Representative Dan Ponder of George, a white conservative Republican, has made one of history’s most powerful statements against hate and racial prejudice. Representative Ponder, speaking from the floor of the Georgia house, addressed the essence of the issue with a clarity and power that was truly notable.
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