World Watch – A study published in the December 1998 Bulletin of the American Meterological Society suggests that long-term climate patterns could result in droughts of unprecedented severity in the United States. Records show that droughts like the seven-year dust bowl of the 1930s occur in our country about twice a century, according to Connie Woodhouse and Jonathan Overpick of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There also exists a historic pattern of droughts that last for decades, the last two being recorded in the 16th and 12th Centuries. Severe droughts ?could recur in the future, leading to a disaster of a dimension unprecedented in the twentieth century.? Erosion caused by planting of marginal areas could hasten this more

Whitley Strieber hosted the Art Bell Show in limited markets on the nights of April 27 and 28. Strieber hosted the program at his own request, as part of a process of testing possible guest hosts for the show. When Bell returns to the air, it is anticipated that he may not continue the grueling six-night a week schedule he has been on since the inception of Dreamland and Coast-to-Coast. As a frequent guest and fan of the program, Strieber was eager to test as a substitute host.

The test was heard in two markets on April 27, and twenty on April 28.

Additionally, Whitley will be on the full network, May 14th and 17th.

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