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The Middle East Explained. You WILL Understand!! - posted 13 weeks 11 hours ago
A friend sent this along:

We support the Iraqi government in the fight against ISIS.

We don’t like ISIS, but ISIS is supported by Saudi Arabia who we do like.

We don’t like Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but ISIS is also fighting against him.

We don’t like Iran, but Iran supports the Iraqi government in its fight against ISIS.

So some of our friends support our enemies, some enemies are now our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting against our other enemies, who we want to lose, but we don’t want our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they could be replaced by people we like even less.

And all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who were not actually there until we went in to drive them out.

I might add:

We're also carrying out airstrikes for the Mahdi Army, who fought us when we were in Iraq, and has vowed to fight us again if we put more boots on the ground. In that case, we would be fighting both for and against them at the same time.


US Food, Chinese Processing: the Latest Food Outrage - posted 17 weeks 13 hours ago
The US FDA prevents such things as artisinal cheese and butter being imported from Europe, products that have been in use for hundreds of years and don't make people sick, but--speaking of sick--this breathtakingly corrupt agency is allowing big food processors to grow food in the US but then process it in China in facilities with far less stringent regulation, and send it back here for us to eat! Worse, the producers only have to say where it was grown, not where it was processed!

There would appear to be no good explanation for this except corruption at the highest levels--not necessarily illegal corruption, but friendly handshaking between the executives of big food processors and FDA administrators. One thing is very clear: of least importance to the FDA is its obligation to protect us and our children. Far more important is to enable big food processors to increase their profits.
For example, Smithfield Farms, the largest pork producer in this country was sold in September to a Chinese company. Their hogs will still be raised here, but then packaged in China before being shipped back for us to eat. Besides Smithfield, their labels include Morrell, Eckrich, Krakus, Cudahy, Premium Hams, Cook's and Gwaltney.

To be fair, the FDA isn't entirely asleep at the switch. Starkist Tuna is now owned by a Korean company and there is a fight going on over quality and safety records, which the company won't produce for the FDA.

Also, be careful about fish. Look on the label of what you are buying. Remember, they MUST tell you where it is produced, and if that label says China,
be aware that aquafarming regulation there is less stringent than it is here. Be warned.

Imported food we eat and the junk we buy: Green Giant frozen vegetables are from China, and so are most of Europe’s Best.
Arctic Gardens are US or Canadian grown, and so is Birdseye. Most grocery store garlic is from China. Stick with organic garlic or better, buy fresh and chop it yourself, it only takes a few minutes. A great deal of honey is from China. Only buy honey that is specifically identified as a product of the US, Canada or an EU country.

If you don't see a country of origin on any food label, pass it by. If the label says "prepared for," or "packed by" but doesn't say where it was grown, pass it by, especially produce.

Until Asian countries clean up their regulatory act, make it your business to pass their products by. At present, the only Asian country with what I regard as a thorough regulatory system for food growing and processing is Japan. Any food from anywhere else in Asia, I suggest strongly that you pass it by.
Bear in mind, also, that companies are well aware of this and will do whatever they can to keep you in the dark. If the label's not clear, don't buy.

We Could have been destroyed by the sun 2 years ago and the media is just now noticing! - posted 21 weeks 1 day ago
I'm frustrated. Two years ago, the fact that we had narrowly missed having our whole electrical and electromagnetic world destroyed by a massive solar flare was accurately reported in just a very few places, among them Unknowncountry. I had published an ebook called Solar Flares that warned of this threat and outlined the steps necessary to prevent. NOW the media is finally picking up on this incredibly important story!

What happened to Solar Flares? Nothing, same as my book about nuclear terrorism, Critical Mass.

So we're still just as vulnerable right now to both nuclear terrorism and solar storms before I made these efforts. I feel kind of like I'm talking to a wall. Why are so many of us so desperately passive? We wait, then when something happens, we are taken up on the dark wave of disaster and swept away.

We could harden our electrical infrastructure against solar storms, just as we could institute safeguards against nuclear terrorism.

But we don't, and this little screed won't change a thing any more than Superstorm did. Oh, well.
Interesting Analysis of Clinton's UFO Interview with Jimmy Kimmel - posted 33 weeks 1 day ago
The analysis of Clinton's recent interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel discussed in this story seems quite accurate to me. The author points out quite a few reasons to think that Clinton found the interview stressful. I thought when I was watching it that he was uncomfortable. I had the sense that he was lying, very frankly, and Ben Hansen, host of the show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files offers a number of convincing reasons to suggest that he was, at the least, very stressed and perhaps even trying to telegraph--perhaps unconsciously--a truth very different from the words that were coming out of his mouth.
If Flight 370 was Hijacked, the Danger Grows - posted 39 weeks 5 days ago
Now many of the investigators are beginning to think that Flight 370 was destroyed because of a fast-moving cockpit fire or another mechanical issue. This is because there has been no evidence at all that the plane was hijacked. The last ACARS message came at 1:07 AM, indicating no problem. The transponder stopped at 1:21. The next ACARS message, due to be transmitted at 1:37 didn't happen. However, ACARS is programmed to transmit any emergency situations immediately on receiving them and nothing like that was received by Malaysia Airlines.

Another event that suggests a hijack is that the course was reprogrammed not to return to the nearest airport, which would have been done in an emergency, but to head the plane out to sea, toward an airport in the Maldives 1800 miles away. On the Madlives, witnesses are reporting that, the morning after the disappearance, they saw a large white plane with red stripes on it fly over very low. Not one or two people, but many people.

Also, the plane's ascent to 45,000 feet and sudden descent back to 23,000 suggests that somebody was killing the passengers and cabin crew, and probably that there was, at that time, only one person alive in the cockpit. The cabin could have been depressurized and the oxygen masks could have been prevented from deploying from the cockpit. Death would have come very quickly to everybody aboard except whomever had access to oxygen.

If the plane was hijacked, there are two possible reasons: first, for the plane to be sold into the black market in the form of parts; second, to be repurposed as a flying bomb and flown into a major city. It will not appear in its current livery, but rather in that of another airline. It will be transponding normally and will appear to be off course. Probably, the hijackers will declare an emergency.

The result of this will be that air traffic controllers and the military will have very little time to make a horrific decision: shoot it down and possibly kill hundreds of innocent people, or risk letting it crash into a great city.

It seems to me that the hijackers--if the plane was indeed hijacked--really have gained the upper hand here. Stopping this plane, once it is on attack, is going to be very hard, because identifying what it really is will be very hard. I hope that those defending the most likely target countries: the US, India, China, Japan and Israel, understand that it is going to be very, very hard to identify this airplane for what it is in the final few minutes of its final flight.

US Military Focusing on the Possiblity that the Plane May be a Threat - posted 40 weeks 1 day ago
CBS news reported today that US Northern Command is now considering how they would respond if Flight 307 might end up being an attack on the homeland. This is good news, because the US has extensive resources, many of which have classified capabilities, and would almost certainly be able to detect the plane prior to its arrival on our shores. I think that both Europe and China are at risk, as well as Israel, and I hope that all of these governments also take all possible precautions until the plane is found.

It should not be forgotten by anybody involved that transponders can be reprogrammed, and this plane could be made to appear to be something other than what it is. For example, it could be made to appear to be a general aviation flight, which routinely provide minimal information about their routes and intentions.

Although it is looking more like the plane went down in the Indian Ocean, vigilance is essential if the world's cities are to be protected from this potential and very great menace.

If the plane was intentionally crashed into the Indian Ocean, it means that an effort was made to cause the maximum amount of pain to the families of the passengers, by leaving them without cloture, perhaps forever. There has been a great deal of tension in China with ethnic Uighur Muslims rioting and committing terrorists acts.

In either case, this continues to be a dreadful situation and needs careful watching by all of us, and especially those in a position to find this plane.

One of the All-Time Great Singles Ads - posted 43 weeks 3 days ago

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I'm a very good girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pickup truck, hunting, camping and fishing trips, cozy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work, wearing only what nature gave me.... Call(404) 875-6420 and ask for Annie, I'll be waiting.....
Over 150 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane Society.
Asteroid 2000 ME 26 passes us tonight. You can watch live. - posted 43 weeks 6 days ago
2000 ME 26 is the size of two football fields and would cause a major catastrophe were it to strike Earth. Fortunately, it's going to pass us at what is thought to be a safe distance of two million miles. It will be possible to watch the flyby in a number of places, including Slooh.com. Is there any chance that they're wrong and that it will strike us? The answer is: very little to none. An asteroid that size would have to be traveling much more slowly and pass far closer to Earth for it to be captured by our gravity. If that happened, it would be drawn into a 'following orbit' that would eventually end in a collision.

At present, there appears to be more debris in the sky, and the danger does not lie so much in known and trackable objects like 2000 ME 26, but in those that either haven't been found yet or cannot be found because they are too dark to reflect enough sunlight.
Sleepers Awake - posted 48 weeks 2 days ago
Just after I finished posting Doorway to Other Worlds, which I have been working on for a couple of months, I chanced to hear Bach's 'Sleepers Awake.' It took me back at once to my years as an active participant in the Gurdjieff Foundation, and to memories of one of the finest men I knew there, Martin W. Benson. The piece was played at his funeral in December of 1971. Earlier that year, Mr. Benson had singled me out one Sunday morning at the Foundation's retreat in Armonk, New York, and asked if I would work with him that day.

I'd only been involved in the Foundation for a year, and close exposure to somebody so very advanced in their work was a real treasure. Of course I said yes. We then went out to the driveway, which was gravel, and began meticulously rearranging the pebbles!

As we worked on in silence, he would occasionally say, 'let's check ourselves,' and we would make the inner movement of self-remembering. I was young in the work and my mind was swimming with ideas. I wasn't here to do this ridiculous, useless task, I was here to learn!

Ah, but I did learn. Eventually, the boredom fell away. By hesitant inches, I began to experience something in me that wasn't ego or personality, something that seemed new then, but is actually very old indeed.

When a car would come up, we'd step aside and watch all of our work swept away under its tires, then return to this extraordinary Zen garden, the energy of which has resonated down the years in me, and become part of my soul.

Anne says: 'Real work is the gift you don't want.' Her usual way of going to the essence with few words, and in this case absolutely true.
1913 vs. 2013, When would You Rather Live? - posted 1 year 4 weeks ago
In 1913 US life expectancy was 53 years. A few years later, in 1918 it would drop to 40 because of a flu pandemic that nowadays would almost certainly be preventable. In 1910, 8% of Americans could not read or write. In the south, that was 20%, which included 70% of southern blacks. Now, all those numbers are under 1 percent.

Leading causes of death were pneumonia, tuberculosis and diarrhea, all generally preventable or curable now.  Nobody knew that smoking was dangerous. Cancer, even tumors considered trivial today, was a death sentence. Even appendicitis was a significant cause of death, especially in rural areas.

Most Americans had not traveled more than 15 miles from their home and would never do so. (This changed in 1917, when we went to war in France.)

Chronic skin diseases were mostly incurable, so what was going on under all the wonderful clothes people wore in those days might have been quite disturbing. Most Americans bathed only once a week, and many not at all.

Pharmacies were filled with dangerous and addictive drugs. Heroin was sold by the Bayer Company for pain
relief. Anybody could buy it in a drugstore. Because of the pain of corsets, large numbers of women were addicted to pain remedies. There was little
regulation of food supplies or drugs, with the result that milk was routinely adulterated with chalk before being sold, especially in large cities,
and meats were notoriously dangerous, leading to the 1906 muckraking Upton Sinclair book the Jungle.

The cars of 1913 had a top speed of about 30, but brake technology was far behind engine technology, so stopping them at any speed took skill, and at high speed also luck. They generally lasted about 2 years, after which so many mechanical problems developed that they had to be replaced. Assuming you had survived.

I could go on, into the rates of lynchings in the south, the death rate of mothers during childhood, etc., etc., the difficulty and danger of travel, the endemic and routine injustice and cruelty, the choking pollution in the cities, the prevalence of things like lice and hookworm, but instead I'd like to say that, contrary to the ceaseless uproar of the media, in fact we are living right now in the best time in human history. Sure, a lot is wrong, but it's nothing compared to the past.

Mankind is rising out of the muck. This, for all its flaws, is an amazing period, perhaps the best that the human species has ever known. Not only that, the demon of climate change, while very much with us, may abate before it becomes catastrophic, because CO2 levels are slowly turning around.

My best guess is that the long rise of mankind, which has been steady throughout our history, is going to continue and, unless we are struck by some black swan or other, is going to leap exponentially over the next century into undreamed of realms.


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