Special Interviews
Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Two People, Two Brain Injuries, Two NDEs

In 2004, Anne Strieber had a massive stroke and nearly died. In 2007, Tom Shadyac had a bicycle accident, suffered a concussion and faced death from post-concussion syndrome. Both of them recovered, and now they compare notes on how their near-death expeirences changed them, remaking them as human beings and inspiring them to reconstruct their lives.

Ever since, both of them have led inspired lives and had magical experiences, and their discussion of what their new lives are like will delight and inspire you.

Anne makes reference to two of her diaries in the interview, "Dryer Sheets" and "God Laughs and Plays."

From Anne Strieber: "Tom and I had a wonderful time together. I find his life-affirming and joyous message deeply moving, and I know that you will, too."

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