Special Interviews
Thursday, November 15, 2012

Startling New Information about Lost Pilots

This week, we present the first of two special interviews with Frank Feschino. Here Frank tells us about the results of his interviews with direct witnesses to a UFO landing that took place in West Virginia during the enormous September 1952 event. You will hear his careful description of a 17 mile flight by a crippled UFO that then came to rest in a small town. The next night a couple from New York with an 18 month old baby had a terrifying and bizarre encounter near Frametown, West Virginia.

Then Frank presents information about a jet that disappeared during the event, and proof that current records about the crash do not agree with earlier accounts. Cases were removed from the record by the Air Force because they were raised to a high level of classification. BUT Frank has found the earlier records, and when he tells us the truth, it is chilling.

In two weeks, we go even deeper, discussing some documents that he has found that offer proof that the 1952 event took place, and that the events he describe definitely happened--and were far stranger and much more dangerous than anyone has as yet realized.

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At one point in the narrative, Mr. Feschino mentions that "...some reptiles [exhude] acid as a defense". Wellsir, I looked and Googled and researched... and the ONLY reference that I could find linking reptilian defense to acid is in the fictional video game, "Mortal Kombat", where a reptilian being can spit acid as a defensive tactic.
My point - If this bit of information is fallacious, what does that do to his credibility overall?
Sorry to be the Devil's Advocate, but I don't want anyone to possibly be misled - in the spirit of Unknown Country's search for the truth underlying these matters.

Could Feschino have meant "venom" when he said "acid"... but the point is moot. Strieber and Feschino were clearly speculating at that point and the scholarship of Feschino's research stands for itself. I offer the writer can likely be relieved...

The nitrogenous waste of a reptile is excreted as uric acid. Found in one simple search: http://vertebrateproject.wikispaces.com/Reptiles-Excretion