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Friday, October 5, 2012

Dr. Brian Weiss, Whitley Strieber and Secrets Discovered

Whitley told Brian Weiss the story of the person he meditated with for years who indicated that he was from between the worlds.(See Solving the Communion Enigma. There is also a brief explanation in the show.) Brian proceeds to explain exactly who he was and what he was doing, and how we can actually get past the illusory barriers between ourselves and the level of reality that we think of as death.

His wisdom is profound and powerfully enlightening. Whitley asks questions like "is there any way for me to tell who he was?" And Brian explains just how to find out who is contacting us from the other side and why. During the show, Whitley has some extraordinary insights into this mysterious event, and what his life mission really means.

Then they go beyond that, and explore what choices we have after death, and where we go when we go on.

This is beautiful, insightful and amazing wisdom from Brian Weiss.

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A wonderful interview with Dr. Weiss. I remember being at a lecture he gave in the '90's in Princeton, NJ. He was an inspiration then as he still is now. I am a Reiki master and after my retirement from the corporate world I have nurtured my Reiki practice.
A small thing that happened during the interview caught my attention which was when Dr. Weiss said he was 67. Whitley immediately chimed in that he too was 67. And then I chimed in to myself that I was also 67. Interesting.

I became a "Spiritualist" about 45 years ago, while searching for ways to "save" my parents, both of whom had cancer, and were "dieing". I found that life is continuous, and it was this gift that has sustained me throughout my years of challenge.

I have been learning unconditional love from a son, my youngest, whose years of substance abuse and incarceration have taught me that nothing matters but the love we have. Love is all that remains. Nothing else is eternal. I am sure now that my son "volunteered" to show me the way to love, because no other relationship in my life could touch me so deeply, hurt so bad, cause so much suffering. Through all this I AM learning that love is all that really matters in this life.

I send you and your wife and all those souls who share your show my love and gratitude for helping me and countless others on this path.

Blessings and love to all, everywhere, everywhen............Georgia Mc Afee, Thousand Oaks, CA. now 77, finally getting smart, and feeling very lucky.

Still audio codec trouble. Had to use the low bitrate again.

Has anyone found the Beckwith interview .mp3 Whitley mentions?

Won't download correctly. Keeps repeating.

Hello, I would love to hear it as well, I actually bought the book way back on Whitley's recommendation …only to have had it stolen before I read it!
MP3 appears to not be listed :(
The book is still available in some form on Amazon if im not mistaken.

I've tried to find it with no luck. I've only found the interview, "Reincarnation is Real" from Nov 4, 2009. In that article Whitley said he interviewed Robert Snow about his book "Looking for Carroll Beckwith". I loved that story!

I'd like to second that request for the Robert Snow interview, if it's available.