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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Close Encounter Witness 'Sandy.'

For our subscribers, we go deeper with Anne Strieber's latest interview of a close encounter witness. Given how convincing the evidence of close encounter has become--as shown in this week's Dreamland, for example--Anne Strieber's witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to be a truly incredible human future, as contact continues to spread.

"Sandy" is a retired medical doctor who had a series of disturbing abductions beginning in 2000, which are ongoing to this day. When she was married to her first husband, also a physician, the same beings came to him, which gave them a chance to compare notes and validate their experiences. In his journal, her husband drew a picture of one of the tall beings who came to him and when she saw it, she recognized the being she calls "John," who seems to be using shiatsu foot massage and acupuncture on her in order, he says, to "activate" her. Sandy has also seen cobalt blue beings and "Grays."

In this interview, she describes a journey to the world of the dead that is strkingly similar to what Anne Strieber saw during the near-death experience that took place during her stroke-related medical crisis of 2004. To read Anne's diary describing her NDE, click here.

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The interview would have been wonderful had "Sandy" been allowed to tell her story without the numerous interruptions. Each time she was interrupted or Anne spoke over her while she was relating her story she needed to quickly regroup. Sandy's experience was wonderful but I don't feel she got to tell as much of the terrific info as she had to share.

It would have been very nice if Anne could have waited until the interview was over to give the information about her "Insight" and where to find it. It is disheartening to hear Anne's take on everything as the interview goes on. Then when Sandy finally got rolling the time was over. I was so disappointed.

Hi Corinne, this is Sandy.
It was a huge decision for me to open up about these encounters in an interview. I was quite nervous at first about revealing bits of personal information, but by the end of the conversation I was relaxed and felt that I had made the right decision. Although the time went by too fast, I appreciated Anne’s insight and enthusiasm.

Anne made a fascinating point about the world of the dead. I can see spirits and most of the time I ignore them because they’re just part of the environment. But on several occasions the visitors have deliberately incorporated spirits into the work. They called it “soul rescue” and it was very difficult work. I knew spirits were part of my world but, until Anne pointed out that my “bowels of the subway” experience may have been the world of the dead, I NEVER considered the possibility that sometimes, with the assistance of the visitors, I could be actually moving in and out of their world. That was a profound observation and something about it resonates with me. I’m still processing this possibility.
Thanks for listening!

Hi Sandy,
Thank you so much for sharing your information and taking the personal risk you took. I really understand that it was very difficult and probably took quite some time for you to come to a place where you could lay open the inner parts of yourself. Being a professional in your field must have made it seem even more risky. Your courage is admirable. Because some of your experience rang true to me on a personal level after my own NDE I was wanting to hear every word you could share. I hope that you will be able to return and share more of the information. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

I adore Anne, and feel that her dedication to read and assimilate the information from all the letters written to them has been a true labor of love. The folks that take the time to write can do so with the knowledge it will be read. I in no way want to give the impression that I don't have great admiration for her knowledge and wisdom.

Hello again Corinne
I love this process of opening the topic to discussion. I don't think of my encounters as NDE, but perhaps it's an NDT, a Near Death Tourist. I'm just visiting these strange places.... Maybe it's more like having a student visa with the visitors serving as my chaperone.

Do you have any posts on this web site that I can read? I want to know more of what you have to say.

Oh my! Get Sandy back! Fascinating stuff!

I'm not much for commenting on these interviews but I feel the need to do so in this case because of the way Sandy is integrating this experience into her life. I had a hard time dealing with all of the interruptions and over talking in the dialog. My interest is not in defining this experience but in understanding how individuals deal with it. As far as I'm concerned there are no experts in the field, only the people who have had the experience and those who have not. I'm not interested in what most people say is a gray or an insect or any number of conclusions that are drawn by any number of people. I'm interested in how those individuals who have experienced this encounter integrate it into their lives. I would love to here more from Sandy, who I feel is quite capable of explaining how she is dealing with the experience and seems open minded enough to not have to define any part of it.
Take care;


Please interview Sandy again and for at least an hour. Some of these interviews are so short that they just skim the surface. Please!

I would LOVE to hear another interview with Sandy and SOON! I hope she's considering writing a book about her experiences. Sure wish I could sit and talk with her personally. I totally agree with ChocolateMartiniLady and Midnight Blue.

Anne, Sandy.....What a delicious interview. Sandy, PLEASE come back for another interview. (Perhaps more then one). The need to know is so important for all of us at this time in our evolution. What a wonderful perk for us as subscribers.

I absolutely LOVED this interview with Sandy! The time went by way too fast, and I really want to hear more from her about her experiences. Although I am not an experiencer myself (that I can remember), I have had an uncommon fascination with it all my life. I am 64 now, but even as a wee child, I knew there was more around me than met my eyes. It is as if I have had a "knowing" of some kind. Anyway, I love all the interviews, but this one was outstanding. More please, Sandy, and thanks Anne and Whitley for all you do. I met you both at the Dreamland Festival in 2009, and told Whitley I'd been a "groupie" for 30 years! Love and blessings to you all.

I'm new here. Was quite stunned by this interview. While I enjoyed Anne's comments, they left us not enough time to really grasp what Sandy was saying. I join the chorus calling for another and longer interview. I hope in the future we can be assured by Anne that she has checked out Sandy's claims to have been an MD researcher and to have had an MD husband to confirm many of her experiences. Not that I doubt them -- it all rings true -- but the skeptic in us all needs to be satisfied.

Great interview- Thanks Anne and Sandy! Like everyone else, I hope the two of you can do another interview soon, and hopefully longer next time. :)

Absolutely and frankly strange. But then again, the more stranger it gets, the more true it becomes.

Hello all, Sandy here. Thank you for your interest in this work.

I didn’t get into any of the more profound shared experiences, but there’s time for that. It’s best to go slowly with presenting some of this information because it often stirs up a lot of excitement, and sometimes fear. Some of the experiences were so beautiful and so astounding, that it brought tears of joy to those who participated in the experience with me, and I think it will be worthwhile to go into these later. But the menu is not the meal. The actual reason I’m stepping forward is to find a way to document and/or demonstrate this work in a way that will be both productive and responsible.

BobK, you bring up a valid point. I think it’s wise to be skeptical. Anne and Whitley have a lot of my personal information and I will be more than happy to provide them with further details and documentation of my professional background, if necessary. I wish I could lay it all out here and now because I’m a no-nonsense kind of person and I dislike secrecy. But, before all else, I will protect the careers and reputations of those around me. It’s the only way.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks again :o)

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I'd like to hear more from you. Anne, please interview her again.

It would also be great to focus on just what the information was that she received. Everything else to me is secondary.

Thanks, Sandy. May I also suggest you make arrangements for your journals and other notes to be safeguarded in special ways -- to survive having your laptop seized at an airport or your home invaded with or without a warrant. I have no inside knowledge that such dark actions are a real possibility, but the more I read around in this area of human experience, the more I begin to wonder. Best of luck as you prepare your meal -- may it turn out like Babette's Feast.

Lilaclily, by far, the most consistent message was one of hope. During one encounter, my husband and I were bathed in a sticky, liquid light. As we played with and manipulated this amazing energy, I asked the beings to explain what was going on and they simply said “You are living the future.”

This is who we really are. Believe me, I am by not a Pollyanna, but after 15 years of these shared encounters, I can say, without a doubt, that we are far more than we think we know.

BobK, your reference to Barbette’s Feast was lovely, thank you for that. I try to be as careful as I can be in this situation and, thankfully, I’ve had a LOT of protection from the beings and loved ones. I live and learn :o)

There is SO much to talk about! If you have questions....ask away....

Being an experiencer. How do we know who to trust? I have encountered a variety of beings and shape shifting has also played a part in my experiences - can you comment on any of this? Thank you!

Hi Midnight Blue,
Discernment is a difficult and constant challenge. Sometimes the visitors intentionally create threatening situations, sometimes troublemakers slip in to interfere with the work or just stir things up. We have to deal with them. Each time an unsavory character slips in, it gets easier and easier for me to get rid of it. I used to get angry at them, even kick at them, now I just have to say no.

On the other hand, the visitors may be creating an opportunity for personal growth. Evolution is pressure and they sure know how to accelerate the process!

For example, my poor ex-hubby almost had to be sedated after some of our encounters. I would literally have to throw myself on top of him and hold him tight to pull him out of a state of blind panic. They would intentionally frighten him because they wanted to set off deep, loud primal screams from him. I used to be furious with the beings for doing this, but they explained it was to help him release his tension and hostility. It worked. He was a very uptight person before this and, once he mellowed out, his relationship with these beings became a positive experience. We are still very close friends to this day because of it. The visitors are completely different with my second husband. His first experience was nothing short of a miracle and they have always treated him with respect.

The following are a few recommendations that I personally find absolutely necessary when working with these beings:

Claim your territory. Have an intimate connection with your environment and make it your own. I do this by using my physical and creative energies to renovate my old house and create beautiful gardens. The relationship you have with your environment affects your relationship with the visitors.

Assess your assertiveness. Ask yourself if there are people in your life that are manipulative or controlling, or if you ever feel used or walked all over. If a person can’t say no to another person (or even their dog), then they will never be able to say no to a multi-dimensional being in a meaningful way.

Keep violence out of your home and mind. Choose your movies, TV shows, books, music and video games wisely so you don’t generate or amplify anxiety and fear. Laugh a lot.

Sandy, thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I don't watch violent movies etc. because I believe whatever goes into your head becomes a part of you forever (also really don't enjoy them). I appreciate your comment about your husband's need for primal screams. That makes a lot of sense! Thank you for the advice and insight! Still hoping to hear more from you on Unknowncountry - and maybe you will write a book!

Sandy, fascinating interview. I agree with the rest - would love to hear more! Wondering if you find that any certain diet or lifestyle practice facilitates the interactions? Or meditations? I don't recall if you told about how it all started? Thanks!

Sandy was by far the best, most credible and most interesting "Contactee Interview" yet. I would love to hear more about her experience. I also agree with Corinne's first comment, as I sometimes felt frustrated that Sandy was frequently interrupted by Anne. Although Anne has an interesting perspective and no doubt is delightful in a conversation, in an interview it's so important to let someone with a good story to tell actually tell it, and LISTEN. After all, part of "keeping the question open" is to not interrupt with personal opinions about what it means, "what I think", etc.

So Sandy, you seem to have a more convivial relationship with your visitors than even Whitley. How would you compare your experiences to what Whitley has related about his? Do they feel like family to you, as has often been reported? And have you ever thought of asking if they might allow photos, video, or just an audio recording? My impression is that you've not felt compelled to share their messages with an audience, but have seen this whole thing as mainly meant for you and your personal growth. But honestly, your story seems far more interesting than Dr. Lynne Kitei's of Phoenix Lights fame, and much more extensive, and quite a big deal has been made of her's. Thank you for sharing what you were able to do so far!

Hi Eleanor
I’ve had encounters since I was a child. I used to think of them as ghost children, but as a teenager I saw them as cat-like. At night I would enjoy the way my body would buzz and tingle and feel as if it was changing shape and size. I used to sneak out of my room through something I called “the in-between.” The most memorable experience as a child was when I was 7 years old and accidently levitated for a moment then felt as if I’d done something terrible wrong and ran to my room to hide afterwards.

As far as lifestyle goes, I’m not very disciplined and I know it can frustrate the energies. I've tried to be a vegetarian after one experience my [ex] hubby had when he walked into our kitchen and found the visitors posing as vultures, feasting with gusto on dead animals and saying something to the effect of “Mmmm, yum, this blood and dead tissue is so good to eat...” I became a vegetarian after that, living off of baked potatoes and tofu for a couple of years, but I can’t do it. Now I just minimize my meat intake to around 3 times a week.

On the other hand, meditation is everything. I’m lousy at sitting upright during my quiet time; I prefer to lie down. What is most important to me is moving meditation and to have silence. Above all else, the silence is where you and visitors will meet. I minimize distractions and don’t have an Ipod or Tweet or visit Facebook. There is something incredibly raw, yet lofty, about this energy that I have yet to grasp. It’s a birth process.

I also immensily enjoyed what Sandy had to say and--and like several others opined-- found Anne's comments too often interrupted the flow. Most guests may start out nervous, but as they talk they'll loosen up. This is not to say Anne can't make comments; but the comments need to keep the guest on track to tell THEIR story. I hope Sandy manages to write a book of her experiences. From what she says, she's had thousands! I'd buy the book!

I also immensily enjoyed what Sandy had to say and--and like several others opined-- found Anne's comments too often interrupted the flow. Most guests may start out nervous, but as they talk they'll loosen up. This is not to say Anne can't make comments; but the comments need to keep the guest on track to tell THEIR story. I hope Sandy manages to write a book of her experiences. From what she says, she's had thousands! I'd buy the book!

Hello BobinNJ
It’s not a sense of family that I share with these beings as much as a sense of cooperation, with the exception of the being I named “Blue” and, as far as I can recall, I have met her face to face only once. She was beautiful and, yes, I can say without hesitation that I love her. It’s not emotional love; it’s huge, incomprehensible love without words.

When it comes to Watcher, John, Marshall, et al, it’s more of a close, working relationship. To put it (loosely) into perspective, it’s a little like the relationship I had with the beehives I used to keep. There was a learning curve on both sides of the fence in terms of trust; sometimes I would freak out, sometimes the bees would freak out, but in the end we worked out our comfort zone and settled into a productive relationship. It’s fascinating but, at times, difficult work. The exception is a certain degree of playfulness the beings and I allow each other.

Your next question was about photos and videos…funny that you should ask that…This is ONE aspect of my encounters that I’ve adamantly pursued for 15 years. During my own awkward attempts with home-use cameras in the past, the beings have always said no. Back in the 90’s, “John” used to wave his arms in protest when I tried to photograph him, and I respected his request. I would also run cassette recorder to capture my commentary and all of the electrical sounds during the work, and Marshall would flip it off the bed. After that I got it. I was not to behave like cosmic paparazzi. It felt rude to even try.

However, during recent activity with “Marshall” I noticed that he was maintaining his presence with an unusually high degree of density. It was around 10:30 at night and I stopped the work and told him I was going to get my camera. Much to my amazement he was OK with that and was still standing there, in partial density, when I got back in bed. I have a decent, but old, point-and-shoot digital camera that I use for bird watching. It doesn’t have infra-red and the video feature is very basic, but I set it on my chest and lay back down. It’s dark, you can hear my husband snoring away beside me, but the being is there. He is not in full density, but you can see him. When I showed the video to my husband the next morning, he recognized the being right away. But then again, he knows what to look for. So I captured a few frames from this video and there he was.... I sent these to a handful of people, wondering if this was OK to release or if I should wait for some quality footage. I don’t know what to do with it. I need someone who knows how to photgraph and film things to tell me where to go from here.

You have a lot of questions Bob! That's fine, but I have things to do and will get to the rest later. Thanks!

Thank you Muffy. Your enthusiasm makes me smile. As far as a book goes...it won't happen. I have enough respect for books to leave the writing to the writers :o)

Hello Sandy,
Your posts here are much more revealing than, perhaps, you are aware. I am especially impressed with your rational approach to experiences way beyond my simplistic comprehension. Would that I could establish such a relationship with my own ego out of the way. Often I have meditated on the subject of the Visitors and longed for contact of some sort. Of course, I cannot tell if I've had any contact at all. I suppose it's all depending on what I expect contact to be like? When I dream... I describe them as epics. They are so real. I feel and smell items and people in them... they are even in color... as if I was actually there. Most of the time my dreams take up where others left off or they refer to something I dreamed long ago. Upon awakening I have the sensation of being, as Robert Heinlein put it, "A Stranger In A Strange Land". Do you think that these (the dreams) might be some sort of gentle contact or alternate reality experience? I enjoy your thoughts and and respect them immensely. Thank you.

Corinne C. I agree with you. Anne, bless her heart, may be a wonderful person but she is a lousy interviewer. Everyone listening or reading here knows about Anne's experiences and thoughts. Hopefully, she will learn that we are tuning in to hear her guests and not her. Perhaps a good course in the phenomena of "Cross Talking" would help her. Please Anne, resist the urge to speak and interrupt with your own anecdotes and leave the story to your guests.