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Why Evil Matters

…Parsons’ notorious flirtation with people like Aleister Crowley and the rituals they performed to evoke dark entities and powers, they explore what this is and how it works in our…read more

A Nearby Star System’s Orbital Resonance Causes Five Exoplanets to Dance

…further observations, we realized that there were not two planets orbiting the star at roughly the same distance from it, but rather multiple planets in a very special configuration,” said…read more

Coronavirus Immunity May Last—and May Even Improve—for At Least Six-Months After Infection

…month mark. However, the memory B cells (MBC), a type of white blood cell that can preserve the blueprint for a given antibody for decades, specifically the ones associated with the…read more

The Physics of the Soul and Time Travel

Brooks Agnew joins Whitley for a show covering the physics of the soul and time travel. PLEASE NOTE: There is no video version of this edition of Dreamland, contrary to…read more

A Revolutionary New Way to Understand and Use Intuition

…posted, then we move on to a memorable interview with  intuition expert Kim Chestney. In these tumultuous times, we need more than ever to be able to trust our intuition….read more

Korea’s KSTAR Fusion Reactor Sets a New Record: 100 Million Degrees for 20 Seconds

…a fairly common process that powers main sequence stars like our Sun, scientists on Earth don’t have the luxury of access to the nearly 4 trillion psi of pressure found in…read more

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius by Rachel Capurso (Aeolian Heart)

…a phase of Coagulation known as multiplication, in which the Stone multiplies itself and its powers. With the new millennium it is expected the entire planet will enter the cosmic…read more

Dreamland’s Year-End Special–A New Year, a New World: Five Incredible Guests Tell Us What They Know

Dreamland’s Year End Special will run for 2 weeks starting December 25. This very important presentation will be made available in full to both subscribers and free listeners. In the…read more

A New Vision of the Afterlife PLUS a Great Crop Circle Story

This week’s Dreamland: From Whitley: Something unexpected happened on the way to this week’s Dreamland. What I have done is to go back deep into our files to a show…read more

Selective Secrecy: UFOs & a “Galactic Federation” of Extraterrestrials Referenced in Interview With Former Israeli General

…insisted that Earth’s governments keep their existence under wraps since the mid-twentieth century to avoid mass panic amongst the public. In an interview with 7 Days, the Shabbat edition of…read more

Meet The New Psychics

In two previous episodes we heard about a Facebook group dedicated to identifying “super powers” in people and then developing them. Now, Winter, the creator of said group, is here…read more

Mysterious Monoliths Continue To Appear—and Disappear—Around the World

While the mysterious object in Utah may have disappeared, the phenomenon of metallic monoliths popping up—then vanishing again—seems to be a growing trend, with the strange phenomenon now occurring in…read more

New Anne’s Diary: The Peace of the Heart

From Whitley: Yesterday, I recorded an interview with a remarkable seer, Cherylee Black, who had perhaps the most intense experience with Anne of them all. As I have said before,…read more

Helicopter Crew Thankfully Undisintegrated After Contact With Mysterious Monolith in Utah Desert

The crew of a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter has discovered a mysterious monolith in the middle of the desert in Southern Utah. Nestled into a red-rock cove, the…read more

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

Teacher, Genius, Lunatic–With Jeremy Vaeni, Choose All Three!

…we’re hoping it’ll keep doing that, because listening to Jeremy do an interview is an experience all right–an experience like no other. Here, he talks about his new book, I…read more

Dreamland This Week: First, Bigfoot in Many Dimensions, then Remote Healing: WHY and HOW It Works from a Legendary Expert

Joshua Cutchin returns to Dreamland with a FABULOUSLY INTERESTING take on Bigfoot, multi-dimensional beings, UFOs, fairy and witch lore–and, well, you just have to listen to this interview to get…read more

The Fast Radio Burst Mystery May Have Been Solved by a Close-To-Home Source

…millions of Suns, yet only lasting for a mere fraction of a second, the mysterious phenomenon known as fast radio bursts (FRB) were first discovered in 2007 by astronomers that were reviewing…read more

Could There Be Planets in the Cosmos Even More Habitable Than Earth?

type of star that burns hotter than most main-sequence stars, and the hotter the star, the quicker it runs through the supply of hydrogen it has to fuel its fusion process….read more

Whitley on the COVID and the Election, then The Martians: Who Were They, Who ARE They…Or Are They at All??

…speculation–a great Dreamland thrill ride! You can visit Nick at Get the Martians today! Click here! Two archival shows are referred to in the interview: Indonesia Abductions with Alan…read more

Real Empowerment in Real Magic with Noetic Science Expert Dean Radin

…studying mysterious powers from a scientific standpoint, is all about turning those powers into tools that we can all use. During the show, he comments that many intelligent species in…read more

A Rash of “Absolutely Barbaric” Horse Mutilations Have France’s Equine Community on Edge

…between this case and around 15 other mysterious acts of torture and mutilation of live horses throughout France in the past few weeks.” No single type of horse appears to…read more

NHC Issues Special Forecast for Four Atlantic Weather Systems in the Midst of a Record-Breaking Season

The National Hurricane Center issued a special forecast on August 30 regarding the formation of four new weather systems that have the potential to develop into major storms, with one…read more

Astrologer Tashi Powers on Big Changes for Better and Worse

Astrologer Tashi Powers tells us about the extraordinary changes she foresees between now and December. In the process she and Whitley cover everything from psychic attacks to life frequencies and…read more

Four Rings to Marvel Them All: Astronomers Discover Mysterious ORCs in Deep Space

Astronomers have discovered what appears to be a new, mysterious class of astronomical object in the depths of space, in the form of distant ring-shaped objects that emit light only…read more

Duann Kier’s 07/10/20 Dreamland Early Post for Subscribers

When we have a guest who will be attending our Saturday video conference, we will post their edition of Dreamland early here for subscribers. The regular post will appear as…read more

Coronavirus Cases Numbers Surge Across the Majority of U.S. States—and the First Wave Isn’t Even Over Yet

…the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In a June 18 Washington Post interview, Dr. Fauci says the U.S. hasn’t seen enough of a lull in cases for a…read more

Contact with Other Civilizations is Possible

…if we are practitioners of one form of meditation or another, perhaps a third-eye vision. This all makes it look very mysterious, as, one assumes, looking at a television would…read more

Midsummer Special! First, Andrew Collins on Those Mysterious Shafts Just Found Near Stonehenge, then Intimate Aliens

First, Andrew Collins takes us to the magical region around Stonehenge and reports on the huge and mysterious shafts that have just been found there and what they may mean….read more

The Mysterious Geomagnetic Anomaly in the South Atlantic Might Split in Two

nodes. In response, the ESA has dispatched their fleet of three Swarm satellites to investigate these changes, in the hope that this magnetic oddity can offer new insights into how the Earth…read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

In this shocking and powerful edition of Dreamland, exogenetics expert Bruce Fenton deals what in our DNA leads him to believe that we have been genetically altered in the past,…read more

China is Fighting a New COVID-19 Outbreak: Has the Virus Changed?

…is a type of virus that uses ribonucleic acid (RNA) rather than deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to reprogram host cells into building copies of the virus; RNA lacks the internal error-correction…read more

What They Eat, Who They Steal: A Deep Dive into Visitor Secrets

Dreamland!! This astonishing discussion covers things like the mysterious bitter white liquid that close encounter witnesses, including Whitley, are made to drink, to the ongoing mystery of disappearing children and…read more

The Riveting PERSONAL NARRATIVES of 2 Onboard Contactees

interviews them both in this special 2 hour edition of Dreamland, and it is riveting, unforgettable stuff. Anybody who could come away from this thinking for one second that Dolly…read more

Zelia Edgar, High Strangeness and the Legacy of John Keel

…the interview Christopher Bledsoe Sr. gets mentioned, and his experience with “The Shining Lady” is discussed. Christopher was recently spoke with Richard Dolan, and that excellent interview is linked HERE….read more

The Solar System Had a Gentle Formation, According to a Trans-Neptunian Snowman

…distant place beyond the borders of the known world. However, the name generated controversy because of its use by Nazi occultists as the supposed mythical origin of the Aryan race….read more

Linda Moulton Howe Returns with NEW Antarctic Discoveries!

Linda Moulton Howe’s new documentary Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice is available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime. In this interview she and Whitley go deeper, exploring the hidden meaning…read more

A New Contactee Interview: A Close Encounter Near Puget Sound in 1966–That Lasted 11 Days

…listen to a short excerpt from the interview, non-subscribers click below. To subscriber to Unknowncountry so you can hear the full interview and SO MUCH MORE, click here.…read more

Iran’s 13 “Revenge Scenarios” Likely Involve Cyber Attacks. Texas Ag Department Already Hit

…and the erasure of the data stored on numerous computers. Although the report only reflects limited capabilities demonstrated by Iran when compared to that of Russia or China—two powers with…read more

2019 Was a Banner Year for UFO News

…witness to the UFO encounters involving the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in 2004 came forward in 2019. Five of these witnesses were interviewed by Popular Mechanics, outlining their experiences during…read more

Dreamland Year-End Special: Two Prominent Scientists Describe Their Close Encounters

This year, Dreamland’s annual year-end special presents interviews with Dr. Ed Belbruno and Deep Prasad discussing their close encounter experiences and the effect they have had on their lives and…read more

Jeremy Vaeni Goes After Whitley…On A New World

…the Apple Books app. Next week on Dreamland its our Christmas-New Year’s Special:  Scientists Deep Prasad and Ed Belbruno tell of their close encounter experiences and for subscriber Linda Moulton…read more

The One Thing We Don’t Believe About Ourselves–but Should!

…are a multidimensional being and loaded with psychic power. You can visit Trish and Rob MacGregor on their website, To get Phenomena: Harnessing Your Psychic Powers, click here.  …read more

Unidentified ‘Slow-moving blob’ Triggers White House Lockdown

The White House was put under lockdown on November 26 after radar operators at the Capitol Police command center spotted a mysterious, “slow-moving blob” on their scopes just south of…read more

The Nazca Lines Have 143 New Members in Their Geoglyphic Family

…between 100 and 300 CE, towards the later years of the Nazca civilization. The team labeled this group of geoglyphs as “Type A”. Type B geoglyphs were somewhat older, ranging…read more

ET Contact and What to Do About It

…more about MUFON’s programs for close encounter witnesses, click here. You can listen to free Dreamland on Alexa (Alexa Play Dreamland), Apple Podcasts, Tune-In Radio and the Paranormal Podcast App…read more

The USAF’s Mysterious Space Plane Just Returned from a Record 780 Days in Orbit

The U.S. Air Force’s super-secretive X-37B space plane returned to Earth on October 27 after spending a record 780 days in orbit. This is the fifth mission for the…read more

Something Wicked Weird This Way Comes…

Searcher and researcher Alan Steinfeld appears on Dreamland for the first time, and it is one intense show! He and Whitley explore the absolute edge of reality together and Alan…read more

An Underwater UFO Stole a Torpedo Out from Under a US Navy Recovery Team

interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, an encounter involving an enigmatic submerged object, and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of one of the Navy’s practice torpedoes. Fravor says  that while…read more

A Rash of Cattle Mutilations in Oregon Leaves Ranchers and Authorities Perplexed

…been behind the wave mysterious mutilations. Linda Moulton Howeis a long-time contributor and host to Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland podcast, with an extensive archive of shows available to Unknown Country subscribers….read more

Homesick for Heaven: Childhood Near Death Experiences

…world! Click here to order. You can listen to free Dreamland on TuneIn Radio, Apple Podcasts, the Paranormal App, Alexa and many other places. For Alexa, say “Alexa, play Dreamland.”…read more

Navy Confirms Objects in Videos Are True “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”

…for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, in an interview with The Black Vault’s John Greenewald, Jr. This is the first official acknowledgment of the legitimacy of…read more

The CIA UFO Papers: The Hidden Files

…fascinating! Get this terrific book through us! Click here. NEXT WEEK ON DREAMLAND: Jimmy Church on To the Stars Academy and the CIA. You can listen to free Dreamland on…read more

China’s Yutu-2 Finds Goo on the Moon: The Latest News from La Lune

…it found what appeared to be a shiny substance at the bottom of a small impact crater, described as a “gel with a mysterious luster” by the China National Space…read more

Mysteries of the Denisovans: Amazing New Discoveries

Dreamland favorites Andrew Collins and Greg Little have teamed up to create an epochal book about the mysterious pre-hominid people known as the Denisovans. We travel from Siberia through a…read more

Russian Nuclear Accident Involved a Nuclear Reactor, According to Experts

…an expert with the Union of Concerned Scientists, explained in an August 26 Tweet. “More information is needed before conclusions about the type of reactor can be reached.” Reportedly, two…read more

A Wild and Wooley John Hogue Show Full of Predictions AND an Interruption from a Mysterious Voice!

John Hogue is back with his usual scary, controversial and often right predictions. Listen close under the opening roll music and you’re going to hear a strange voice say “retropy”…read more

Experiencer and Nobel Laureate Kary B. Mullis has Died

…his Dreamland interview regarding his new book, The Flip: Epiphanies of Mind and the Future of Knowledge, an exploration of stories from former skeptics that had their attitudes toward the…read more

Scientists Create Controversial Human-Monkey Chimeras

…case of humans. The monkey embryos had their genes responsible for forming organs “deactivated”; then they were injected with human stem cells—special cells that have the unique ability to develop…read more

“Unprecedented” Wildfires are Burning Across the Arctic

…produced. “The number and intensity of wildfires in the Arctic Circle is unusual and unprecedented,” Parrington said in an interview with CNN. “They are concerning as they are occurring in…read more

Storming Area 51 is a Bad Idea, According to Bob Lazar

…to be a joke. Roberts came up with the idea after watching an interview of whistleblower Bob Lazar and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell on a recent episode of The Joe…read more

Lost Interest in Crop Circles? We Have Got NEWS for You!

In this mind-opening interview, one of the world’s leading crop circle experts tells the story of the incredible experiences that happen in and around crop formations—including the time she herself…read more

Astronomers Have Traced a Mysterious Radio Signal Back to its Extragalactic Source

The mysterious astronomical phenomenon known as fast radio bursts has yielded a new breakthrough, in that astronomers have now been able to trace one of these mysterious signals back to…read more

The DoD’s Not-So-Secret UFO Program is Still Collecting UFO reports, ‘Almost Daily’

…John Alexander, the author of “Reality Denied: Firsthand Experiences with Things that Can’t Happen–But Did”, is a frequent guest on Dreamland, and subscribers can access his interviews in the Dreamland Archive….read more

A Mysterious Abyss Opens on Jupiter, Threatening to Devour Your Imagination

…and photographed the Abyss a mere 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles) above the mysterious void. Juno is scheduled to make another pass over the region in July, and will hopefully gather…read more

The Hidden Story of Moses…and His Murder

Rand Flem-Ath returns to Dreamland with a truly astonishing show—he believes that he has proof that Moses was murdered in his youth and replaced by another man. There follows one…read more

DoD UFO Videos Confirmed to be Genuine, Don’t Expect the Navy to Release More in the Future

…the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense made the decision to release them,” Elizondo stated in his interview with Knapp. Elizondo also provided Knapp with the “DD1910” form he…read more

The Night of Missing Time

…above the street, and what happened next changed their lives.   The interview explores the high strangeness and emotional challenges that come with UFO contact, including soma bizarre events that…read more

Origin of Mysterious “STEVE” Aurora Found

Researchers believe they have discovered the cause behind a mysterious, yet beautiful, aurora-like phenomenon named STEVE. Their findings confirm that STEVE is not only a phenomenon distinct from the more…read more

The Sensing Exercise and Visitor Communication: New Discoveries

ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this show. NOT A SUBSCRIBER? Please join us. Unknowncountry is a unique and…read more

A Tech Expert on the Matrix: Why He Believes that It’s Real

…is Get his book through us. To explore and order, click here! To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say,…read more

First, Erich von Daniken, then a Feast for Trekkies!

…3. Erich’s website is Next, Dreamland takes a turn in an unusual direction: entertainment, and Whitley’s next interview on this week’s show is a treasure trove for Trekkies! Whitley…read more

First, a Top Remote Viewer Tackles Alien Video, THEN John Hogue on Nostradamus and Notre Dame!

…Nostradamus expert and professional prophet John Hogue has been a Dreamland regular for years, usually appearing in January to prophesy and in July to analyze his predictions. He returns this…read more

Lee Harris on Living, Loving and Awakening

…Speaks! Click here to explore and order. To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To listen on…read more

Evil Archaeology

…believed that images themselves had power, and sometimes images were created for evil power. Whitley is probably the only interviewer Heather Lynn will ever encounter who has direct personal experience…read more

Russian Special Forces Use Psychic Techniques on the Battlefield

…personnel in a variety of situations. In Chechnya, Russian special forces employed what Poroskov referred to as “metacontact technology” to perform a non-verbal interrogation of the intended subject. The interrogator…read more

Signs from the Other Side

…with the afterlife. An altogether terrific show!! You can connect with Bill at To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say,…read more

The Monsters in Your Back Yard…and They are There!

…Pennsylvania. Thanks to Linda Moulton Howe and To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To listen…read more

Angels, Disincarnate Entities and Demonic Possession

…World, click here.   To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio…read more

Researchers Reverse Time in a Quantum Computer

…disorder, a special program was then run that modified the state of the computer—the improbable “kick” given to the billiard table to send the balls back to their racked position—to…read more

It Turns Out that Humans Can Sense the Earths Magnetic Field

…reason. Dog works in mysterious ways… But this magnetoreceptive ability is absent in humans for some reason—or at least it seems to be, despite the presence of these same magnetite…read more

Tales from the Borderland: Spontaneous Human Combustion and Beyond

…great book. Click here to order or learn more!  To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To…read more

Senator Reid says the US needs to Investigate UFOs to Keep Up with China & Russia

…spending money to check this out, I’ll bet you anything that KGB Putin is spending some money checking this out,” Reid said in an interview with KLAS reporter George Knapp….read more

American Cosmic Part 2

This is Dreamland’s second week with American Cosmic. Because two of the individuals discussed under pseudonyms in the book hold security clearances and requested that the interviews be officially vetted…read more

American Cosmic: A UFO Breakthrough

…first of two weeks with Diana Walsh Pasulka. Visit To get American Cosmic. Click here. To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa,…read more

Irena Scott: Personal UFO Encounters

…here.  To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, click here. You…read more

The Collapse of UFO Secrecy, Week 1 of a 4 Part Series

…got to To get American Cosmic through us, click here.   To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.”…read more

Mysterious Interconnections: A Roundtable Discussion

On this extra long episode transitioning us from a weekly 1-hour show to a monthly 2-hour, an ensemble cast of previous guests join Jeremy Vaeni to dissect their experiences and…read more

Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions

…go to To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, open Dreamland.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, click here….read more

First Project Blue Book Truth with NY Times Reporter Leslie Kean, then Joseph Farrell’s MIND-BENDING 25th Appearance on Dreamland!

…here. Then Joseph Farrell joins us for his 25th appearance on Dreamland, and it’s a great one! He talks about everything from that mysterious event that took place in the Antarctic…read more

The Nazca Mummies: Powerful New Evidence!

…a translate option. To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, play Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio…read more

Happy New Year and Guess Who’s Back??

…Anyway, what does John Hogue predict for 2019? Find out in this fun, funny and serious-funny edition of Dreamland as we start our 20th year as Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland and…read more

Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley in a WILD Year-End Show!

…here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, play Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, click here. You can get the Paranormal Radio…read more

Top Secret Alien Abduction Files

…right now that suggest that big and surprising changes could be unfolding soon.  To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say,…read more

How Thoughts Become Reality

…search Dreamland in the TuneIn app.To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, play Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed,  click here . You can get the Paranormal Radio…read more

The Legendary Pascagoula Encounter Revisited–With a NEW Witness!

For the first time, one close encounter witness interviews another about his experience! Calvin Parker joins Whitley Strieber for a discussion about what it’s like to have a close encounter…read more

The Unsolved Mystery of Idaho’s Enigmatic Sri Yantra Mandala Earthwork

…design was later identified as a Sri Yantra Mandala, an ancient Hindu symbol. But how did this large and mysterious earthwork, not there the day before, appear seemingly overnight? Government…read more

A Journey from MIssing Money to Secret Weapons with Catherine Austin Fitts

…TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on Alexa, say, “Alexa, play Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, click here. You can get the…read more

Soul Dog: The Joy of Spiritual Life with Animals

…listen on Alexa, say “Alexa play Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on TuneIn Radio, click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, click here. You can get…read more

The Mystery of Time Loops

…To listen on Alexa, say “Alexa, play the Dreamland Podcast.” To listen on TuneIn Radio,  click here or search Dreamland in the TuneIn app. To listen on the Paranormal Radio feed, …read more

Is Normal Really Normal? Maybe There’s More to It than We’re Supposed to Think!

…in our higher natures and learn how to use the psychic powers that are part of human nature.   In this searching interview, Whitley explores with him how, as a…read more

Lawsuit Filed by America’s Youth Against the US Government over Climate Change can now Proceed

…decades the impact that this type of pollution has on the environment. After President Donald J. Trump took office, the lawsuit was updated to list him as the defendant, along…read more

Halloween Special: I Walk the Night

…told from the viewpoint of a soul who has only an inkling that he is dead. In the story there is a brief, mysterious reference to another life apparently lived…read more

Halloween Special: Phantom Messages

Get set for our annual Halloween special: An eerie journey through the world of phantom messages. Bill Hall and Jimmy Petonito (Mr. Haunted) guide us down some strange paths indeed,…read more

Noted UFO Investigator Robert Dean has Died

…at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) which transformed his life. While he was never able to produce proof of the existence of this document, Dean insisted for more than…read more

Dreamland’s Astrologer on This Week’s Eclipse Plus the Amazing Crop CIrcle Summer

First, Dreamland’s astrologer Tashi Powers returns to discuss this weekend’s eclipse and coming astrological events of significance, then we return to the crop circle season. You can reach Tashi at….read more

The Contents of Alexandria’s Mysterious Black-Granite Sarcophagus have Finally been Revealed

…the mysterious sarcophagus was discovered at a construction site near the Mediterranean coast, buried 15 feet below the surface, along with a badly-worn alabaster bust. The coffin measured nine feet…read more

UFO Wave on Cape Cod Plus Terrific Loren Coleman Cryptozoology Interview

The show starts out with a segment recorded yesterday and it is wild! Whitley interviews close encounter witness “Daniel” who claims that he is having multiple-witness experiences right now, and…read more

As Strange as Anything in The X-Files: Final Three Secret UFO Files Released by the UK’s MoD

…for more than a decade,” according to investigative journalist and UFO researcher Dr. David Clarke, in an interview with The Sun. “Even though they have been partly censored they can’t…read more

Introducing Our New Astrology Expert and Reporter, Tashi Powers

This week we have an electrifying and deeply informative conversation with evolutionary astrologer Tashi Powers. Whitley Strieber recently had one of the most powerful psychic experiences of his life with…read more

Mysterious “Sonic Attack” Illness from Cuba has Struck in China

Cuba may be off the hook as a possible culprit behind a debilitating illness that struck US and Canadian diplomats stationed in Havana in 2016, as the same phenomenon is…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back–and As Always, the Media Doesn’t Remember a Thing

Bucks County PA has been experiencing mysterious booms since April, and to hear the media talk about it, this is an entirely local phenomenon with no real history. The sounds…read more

Unknowncountry to Deploy New Website

…Whitley Strieber and Dreamland on the internet. In that time, he has missed presenting just a handful of episodes of Dreamland. Unknowncountry’s founder, Anne Strieber made it a daily news…read more

Linda Moulton Howe Returns to Dreamland!

…here! Linda’s GREAT news website is This show marks the beginning of the 20th year of Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland, with the last 15 years of those shows in the Unknowncountry…read more

Researchers have Developed a Device that can Listen to your Inner Voice

…and type in the passcode and open an app and type in some search keyword, and the whole thing requires that I completely shift attention from my environment and the…read more

UPDATE: UFO Spotted Over AZ by Airline Pilots Was Not a Balloon

…wing surface, some type of a tail, really no matter what type of airplane it is.” “What was weird about it, normally, if you have an object and the sun…read more

Easter Special: Crop Circles and an Excerpt from Afterlife Revolution

…rather than a closed mind. This week, veteran crop circle researchers Michael Glickman returns to Dreamland to discuss not only the reasons that the formations really are for the most…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…least informed enough to know that. It is no “tracking device” but rather a node in a breathtakingly sophisticated communications system. To have the use of it is a remarkable…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

Erich von Daniken: The Gods are Still Here!

interview, you will learn about the significance of such diverse subjects as crop formations, the mysterious structures on the island of Nan Madol, and the importance of the enigmatic Bombardier…read more

Does the Mysterious Big Void in the Great Pyramid hold a Throne made from Extraterrestrial Metal?

…known as to whether or not the northern shaft intersects with the mysterious “Big Void” above the Grand Gallery, Magli hypothesizes that there may be a physical iron throne there,…read more

Biological Molecules have been found to be able to Stabilize Quantum States

Over the course of an experiment involving the quantum entanglement of photons produced from naturally-occurring bioluminescent material, a team of researchers from Northwestern University has discovered that the special structure…read more

Stories from a Life 19: Special Moments from the Afterlife Revolution

Anne Strieber’s contribution to the Afterlife Revolution is truly astonishing and revealing. What is the afterlife? What is it really like? What does it mean to be in a nonphysical…read more

A Village in India is being Plagued by Mysterious Sheep Mutilations

Mysterious sheep mutilations have been occurring in the Niali region of India, with over 180 animals being killed since last June. The afflicted sheep are reportedly found with their livers…read more

The Phenomenon of Mysterious Booms Continue Worldwide

The phenomenon of mysterious booms is continuing around the world, with the sound of unexplained explosions being reported from locales as diverse as Michigan, Lapland, St Ives, Swansea and Yorkshire….read more

Former Facebook Prez on the Dangers of Social Media: ‘God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains’

…evolution of the company after his scandal-prompted departure, meaning that he had a hand in devising the tools that make Facebook so addictive. In a recent interview with Axios, Parker…read more

The Tom deLonge Project: Is there Really More to Come? Peter Levenda Knows!

Peter Levenda returns to Dreamland to talk about the book he co-authored with Tom DeLonge, Secret Machines, and also to discuss the latest updates regarding the ToTheStars project. Will Tom…read more

Dr. Eben Alexander: Living in a Mindful Universe

…of Sacred Acoustics. Click here. Subscribers, enjoy Eben Alexander’s previous visits to Dreamland. This wonderful collection of programming includes a great subscriber special from 2012: Dr. Eben Alexander and Anne Strieber…read more

An Expedition has been Launched to find Chichen Itza’s Mysterious Lost Underworld

…aim is an attempt to uncover the secrets of a mysterious underworld that is supposed to exist there according to Mayan oral history. This is the first comprehensive exploration of…read more

U.S. Might Close Cuban Embassy over Mysterious Sonic Weapon Attacks

More information has come to light regarding the mysterious attacks perpetrated against American diplomats working at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba: 21 individuals have now been affected by what appears…read more


…glory, as it posits an alternate history in which the Axis powers actually won the Second World War.             Dick is also said to have pioneered the concept behind the…read more

The Mysterious Split in UFO Research

There is a split in UFO research that has never been realized, but is fundamental to an understanding of how to approach the reality behind it. And I say reality…read more

Bigelow Aerospace Founder is “Absolutely Convinced” that UFOs Exist

In a May 28, 2017 interview with the CBS program 60 Minutes, Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow publicly announced that he believes that Earth is being visited by extraterrestrials. While…read more

Steven Halpern’s Amazing Discoveries about the Healing Power of Music

…out of the music lesson from the beyond. Steven’s website is Here’s a SPECIAL OFFER for Dreamlanders from Steven: As you check out, add the promo code DREAMLAND to your order…read more

Attacks Against the Key

…opinion and therefore lacking the imprimatur of the mysterious. The fact that there is much in the Key that is reflected in my previous work is true enough and nothing…read more

Top-Secret Russian Satellites are using Next-Generation Ion Engines to Rendezvous with Other Orbital Objects

…hide 2491’s launch from foreign observers. While the three communications satellites were publicly announced by Russia, Kosmos 2491 itself went unmentioned until foreign powers reported tracking its movements. The other…read more

A Phenomenal OBE Now Confirmed

…creatures, but what they do I don’t know. My sense is that they collect energy in the same way that leeches collect blood. Perhaps a specific type of energy, I don’t…read more

Lehua Lopez: Madam Pele is Real

This week’s interview is an exclusive with a name you’ve been hearing a lot on this show: Lehua Lopez. On this episode we will learn about what it takes to…read more

Our Hidden Past: Did Mankind START in Australia?

…and initiation practices that Dreamlanders will immediately see are similar to those practiced by the ancient Egyptians, as reported by Freddy Silva on Dreamland a few weeks ago.  Dreamland specializes…read more

Who Cares about Government Disclosure? We Need Visitor Disclosure!

Sonia Barrett returns to Dreamland to discuss disease and body frequencies, the holographic model of consciousness, our evolving souls and much more. Once again, a series of powerful encounter experiences…read more

UK Photographer Uncovers Shropshire’s Mysterious ‘Templar Caves’

An intrepid photographer has recently gained access to the previously-sealed Caynton Caves that reside under the grounds of Caynton Hall, a site in Shropshire county, England. These man-made caves, rumored…read more

Surviving Death: Famed Reporter Leslie Kean Looks Beyond the Veil

…the world where an interview like this could happen–right here on Dreamland! Get set for a very special experience. “Surviving Death” is available in bookstores everywhere, and online in hardcover…read more

Ancient ‘Atlantean’ Metal Discovered in 2,600-Year-Old Shipwreck

In 2015, a 2,600-year-old shipwreck discovered off the coast of Gela in southern Sicily was found to contain 39 ingots of a mysterious alloy that archaeologists believe is the ancient…read more

‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’: Winston Churchill’s Scientific Essay on Extraterrestrial Life

…this immense universe which contains living, thinking creatures, or that we are the highest type of mental and physical development which has ever appeared in the vast compass of space…read more

Cannabis and Spirituality

…of Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm is mentioned in this program. Listen to Anne Strieber’s wonderful interview with him on her show Mysterious Powers from 2005. Click here to…read more

North Carolina’s Electoral Process Akin to that of a Banana Republic, according to the Electoral Integrity Project

…undermining the powers of incoming governor Roy Cooper, via hasty legislation.   This is apparently a long-standing problem for NC: racial gerrymandering instituted by the Republican-controlled legislature in 2011 led…read more

Year End Show: Joseph Farrell on the Future, Plus Dreamland’s 2017 Theme is Announced

…has announced that he is re-opening the 911 investigation. At the end of the show, Whitley Strieber announces Dreamland’s theme for 2017: the Year of the Soul. Throughout the year…read more

Thanksgiving Special Dreamland

Over Thanksgiving we present a great show from our archive for our free Dreamland listeners and an exclusive vintage Dreamland from October of 2002 for our subscribers. The vintage Dreamlandread more

Mysterious Sonar Pings Recorded in Canada’s Arctic Territory

A mysterious pinging sound has been reported over the past year coming from the waters of Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada’s Nunavut territory. The sound, apparently readily detectable by…read more

U.S. Intelligence Warns of Retaliation if Russian Hackers Disrupt the Presidential Election

…world powers as potential weapons, left dormant in the opposing powers’ systems by hackers performing standard scouting missions. These packages, while not intended to be used immediately, leave the option…read more

Atlantis: New Research, New Theories

…these mysterious underwater ruins. Then nothing—until now! So this week, join Andrew Collins and Whitley Strieber as they dive into the deep waters off Cuba, explore the mysterious Carolina Dells…read more

Stories from a Life Part 3

…Hubertus Strughold, who, after his death. was found to have conducted horrific human experiments in the Nazi concentration camps, was apparently in charge of such projects there. As Whitley points…read more

Lost Angels: the Children of the Dark

Ron Felber, who thrilled Dreamlanders with his terrific interview on the Mojave Incident in September of 2015 returns with a harrowing and fantastic story to tell us about some of…read more

AMAZING Show on Preparing for the Afterlife and a Witnessed OBE!

…Trish and Rob MacGregor’s daily blog can be found at SPECIAL NOTICE: Dreamland guest Laurence Gallian has experienced a total loss of his property in a home invasion robbery….read more

Mysterious Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion Mystifies SpaceX Investigators

Renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX is no stranger to experiencing failures with its experimental Falcon-series of reusable launch vehicles, having previously lost one vehicle to an explosion during…read more

The Joy of Ascension

…in this wonderful interview. Just by listening to their voices, you can taste of the joyful energy that is what ascension is all about. Do you think that achieving things…read more

Obama to Disclose UFO Info, According to UFO Lobby Group

…the end of 2016. Bassett, speaking in an interview with the Express newspaper in the U.K., appears to be basing this on the media coverage surrounding Hillary Clinton’s interest in…read more

Building the Bridge between the Worlds

This week’s Dreamland and Awakening programs once again involve the afterlife. Since my wife Anne died last August, there has been a continuous series of events involving her that suggest…read more

Awakening Part 12: Sunday with Anne

Anne Strieber is becoming more and more active, it would seem. This week, shortly after Dreamland was recorded at 9AM PacificTime on Sunday, April 17, Whitley was having lunch with…read more

2 Dreamland Regulars Report a Powerful Experience with Anne Strieber

Over the years Trish and Rob MacGregor have made some wonderful contributions to Dreamland, from their first show on the secrets of synchronicity to this current program, where they tell…read more

Mind Beyond Brain

…This is a provocative and empowering edition of Dreamland. Don’t miss it, and be sure to tell your friends about our unique program. Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland is one of a…read more

Scientist has Close-Up UFO Sighting in Canada

…of roughly 400 feet. He states in the interview he gave to MUFON: “I have been involved in operating systems in the past and this thing was coherent light, it was…read more

Apollo 10 Transcripts Reveal “Outer-Space-Type-Music” Heard by Astronauts

…blocked radio transmissions. However, in place of mission control’s far away voice, the crew instead picked up on a mysterious transmission, according to a new documentary. According to the new…read more

Incredibly, a Scientist DOESN’T Walk Out on This Interview!

Get ready for a tough interview the likes of which you will hear nowhere else…. Dr. Tyler Kokjohn is a microbiologist and a professor at Midwestern University. He is also…read more

Japanese Authorities are Investigating the Appearance of Dozens of Mysterious Ghost Ships

Authorities in Japan are investigating the appearance of dozens of mysterious fishing boats that have drifted ashore along Japan’s northwest coast, many containing decomposing human remains. While the occasional appearance…read more

Carbon Dioxide Loading Leading to Unexpected Plankton Growth in Oceans

…study details a tenfold increase in the abundance of a type of floating phytoplankton between 1965 and 2010, and a particularly sharp spike since the late 1990s. “Something strange is…read more

Exxon-Mobil Under Investigation for Climate Change Coverup

…actions on their investors: while previous lawsuits brought against fuel companies over similar charges have fallen through, New York state law offers the attorney general broad powers in the investigation…read more

Nazi Gold Train Site Being Prepped for Excavation

The Polish city of Walbrzych has a local legend of a train that was buried by the Nazis toward the close of World War II, laden with looted treasure, to…read more

US Air Force Textbook on UFOs from 1968: Introductory Space Science- Vol II

…(how much, where, when, color) h. Smoke or cloud (amount, color, persistence) i. Debris (type, amount, color, persistence) j. Inhibition of voluntary movement by observers k. Sighting of “creatures” or…read more

Sweet Night

…had a special chair of some sort, perhaps a rocking chair. I said that she did have a special chair. The woman then said, “She asked me to tell you…read more

Have We Found an Alien Civilization?

…be a signature artifact of Type 2 alien civilizations, measured on the Kardashev Scale, a system developed in 1964 by Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev to measure the development of such…read more

Sure, We’re Trapped in the Matrix. So Let’s Get Out!

Sonia Barrett has been on Dreamland and Revelations a number of times because of her articulate advocacy of the idea that universe is holographic. Now, this outlier of an idea…read more

From Anne’s Diary: the Love that Led Me Home

…Anne’s Diary of surpassing beauty and wisdom. In honor of Eben Alexander’s short visit to Dreamland this week, Whitley Strieber discusses and reads “The Love that Led Me Home.” Whitley…read more

Most Mysterious Thing So Far Found on Mars

…which showed the famous face on Mars to the present, mysterious objects have been observed.  Unknowncountry offers a vast archive of Mars anomalies. Among the strangest are the apparent mechanical…read more

Ceres Mystery Gets MORE Mysterious

Linda Moulton Howe reports that the Principal Investigator for the Dawn space probe mission sent to the asteroid Ceres, Christopher Russell, Professor of Geophysics and Space Physics at UCLA cannot…read more

Stock Markets Around the World are Crazy. Catherine Austin Fitts Explains Why

…panicking. But should they? Catherine Austin Fitts is back on Dreamland to explain to us what’s really happening. Should we prepare for a worldwide collapse? Are things going to stabilize?…read more

Bizarre Jonathan Lash Case This Week’s Dreamland

…said. “It’s worse than a Twilight Zone movie. He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world.” Listen to this week’s Dreamland as witnesses speak…read more

China Building a Supersonic Submarine

Chinese researchers have announced that they have made a breakthrough that brings the development of a supersonic submarine one step closer to reality, using a special liquid membrane to reduce…read more

Week One: the Nazis, the Ultra-Wealthy, Mind Control and US

Joseph Farrell joins us for week one of one of the deepest explorations of the influence of Nazism in modern life that you will ever hear. Did you know that…read more

Linda Moulton Howe: Bizarre Cat Mutilations are a Worldwide Scourge, PLUS a Mysterious Boom, an Injured Woman

…of the show, a mysterious boom throws a woman across a beach and injures her. Cat mutilations are generally dismissed as predator action, but officials never bother to explain the…read more

“The Most Astonishing Dreamland I have Ever Done”–Whitley Strieber

Dreamland is being presented from Wednesday, May 20 this week instead of starting on Friday. The reason is that this show not only makes it clear that the Roswell slides,…read more

A Tribute to Anne Strieber

…what that book means to him as a scientist. Anne Strieber did a marvelous show on called Mysterious Powers. Subscribers can explore and listen to the entire run here….read more

The Solari Report: The Big Picture

First Half Hour of Dreamland (Free) This week on Dreamland, we turn the tables. Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report interviews Whitley Strieber on what the future holds. Whitley explains…read more

Great Energies are Returning: Tricia McCannon Explains

First Half of Dreamland (Free) Tricia McCannon is one of the great wisdom teachers of our time, and this week she brings her knowledge to Dreamland in this powerful discussion…read more

Possession, but NOT the Way You Think

…that enable safe entry into trance. Listen as Diana Paxson explains how to do this. Dreamland Second Half In the second half of Dreamland, Whitley Strieber describes some of the…read more

Easter Special: Convincing New Information on the Turin Shroud

1st Half (Free Dreamland) The Shroud of Turin has been debunked as a medieval forgery. The blood marks on it have been called paint. But more sophisticated research has shown…read more

Edgar Cayce: the Story BEHIND the Story

…hear the full hour of Dreamland commercial free without needing to move to the special interview. 2nd Half (Subscriber Continuation) In the second half, for subscribers, we discuss Cayce’s…read more

The Mysterious Radiation that Injured John Burroughs

…in 1980. And Anne Strieber, exposed to an unknown degree to this radiation, now has a lethal brain tumor that is, in part, of a rare type known to be…read more

General Exon and the Reason for the Coverup

In this continuation of Dreamland for subscribers, we go into detail about Ralph Steiner’s interview with General Exon and learn for the first time what, exactly, he told Whitley and Ralph,…read more

General Arthur Exon and the Roswell Incident

General Arthur Exon, former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, spoke to Whitley Strieber about the Roswell Incident. It turns out that he also gave a rare interview to…read more

The Keys of Enoch and Beyond with JJ and Desiree Hurtak. Host: William Henry

…Deep Journey. PLEASE NOTE: The Subscriber Special Continuation of Dreamland is now available on the Subscriber Home Page. It will be restored to its usual position below Dreamland on this page shortly….read more

Mysterious Object over Loch Lomond

This video doesn’t look all that exciting at first, but when the object begins to move, its irregular trajectory doesn’t suggest planet or satellite. This is a genuine unknown, if…read more

The Age of the Cyborg is Upon Us

…brain.” Given our species’ hunger for power and penchant for mischief, it will come as no surprise that among the heavy funders for this type of research are the U.S….read more

Bernardo Kastrup Part 1: Is Life A Shared Dream?

…learn more about Bernardo and his work, please visit him online at To watch Bernardo interview Jeremy in what he feels is one of the best interviews he’s ever…read more

The Dark Face of Heaven

…this deeply freeing interview. You can transcend your trauma. Janet is a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual emergence. In this beautiful interview and in the Dark Face of Heaven, she explores the…read more

What’s Shakin’? Oklahoma’s SuperSonic Boom in Earth-Shaking Experiences

…my house down?”    A year ago in February 2014, during that cycle of mysterious, house-shaking booms, I interviewed research seismologist Austin Holland, with the Oklahoma Geological Survey, about more…read more

Starfire Tor and the Terror of the Unknown

Without warning on a recent afternoon, Starfire Tor experienced a devastating seizure. She was alone at the time, and struggled frantically to call for help, finally reaching her friend Brandon Scott,…read more

Year End Spectacular: 6 of Our Most Popular Guests on 2015 and Beyond

Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeremy Vaeni, Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell tell us their expectations for the future in this two-week special edition of Dreamland. In…read more

Two Week Special: Abnormal Psychology and the Paranormal

This Christmas-New Year’s Special will run for two weeks. You may know Bill Birnes as a UFO Hunter. What you may not know is his extensive background in abnormal psychology….read more

Weekender: Can Plants Think And Feel?

Plants are generally considered to be more basic forms of life than animals. They cannot speak, or walk; they do not have powers of reasoning or conscious thought. Or do…read more

Are Our Oceans Hiding Mysterious Sea Monsters?

…yet to comment, but the image is certainly intriguing. Across the ocean in California, another mysterious creature has been washed up on a Santa Barbera beach. The strange beast was…read more

Mysterious Sleeping Sickness Affects Russian Village

An inexplicable sleeping sickness is affecting one in ten residents of a village in Kazakhstan in Russia. Villagers in Kalachi have been affected by the mysterious disease for the past…read more

Unidentified Signal From Space Could Reveal Dark Matter

…team of researchers noticed an unusual X-ray signal being emitted from the Andromeda galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster.The mysterious signal cannot be linked to any known particle or atom,…read more

Weekender: ASpIRE – New Voice Recognition Software Creates Limitless Potential To Spy On Any Conversation

…utilised, including iPhones, the new Google Moto X superphone and the Apple Watch. But would this type of data collection be legal? The defeat of the U.S.A. Freedom Act now…read more

Is There A Russian Satellite Saboteur In Space?

Circling high above us in space, a mysterious object is being tracked by the US military. The strange object, which has been entitled Object 2014-28E, was secretly launched in May…read more

Scientists Create New “Disappearing” Plastic, Whilst Our Plastic Waste Is Mysteriously Disappearing…

…new type of plastic that can be broken down into molecules when exposed to a specific type of light. What is even better news is that once the plastic has…read more

Secrets of the Great Movies Revealed: A One-Hour Special

…away from this with a totally new vision of our world and the hidden power of the creative people who give it meaning. Listening to this interview is a profound…read more

Can We Google The Secret To Happiness?

…employees in Mountain View, and during his early career observed that a large number of his workmates were stressed out and unhappy at work. He persuaded the powers-that-be at Google…read more

Halloween Special: the World’s Most Haunted Insane Asylum

…the most haunted known insane asylum on the planet. And the ghosts are…strange. In keeping with Dreamland’s tradition of broadcasting genuinely scary interviews on Halloween, this one is–well, genuinely scary!…read more

Halloween Special: Morbid Curiosity Explained – What Draws Us To The Macabre?

What draws us to the darker side? What compels us to look whenever we pass a grisly accident on the highway and drives us to watch horror movies and television…read more

Mysterious Fires Return to Italian Town

Mysterious electrical fires have returned to Canneto di Caronia in Sicily according to a report in a British Newspaper. This report was picked up by Open Minds, which confirmed it…read more

Uri Geller

Uri Geller and Whitley Strieber share many colleagues and friends and have deep knowledge of one another’s experiences. In this mind-bender of an interview, Whitley asks Uri questions that others…read more

Personal Cosmic Ray Detectors Soon Available For Smartphones

…classmate Kenny Jensen, who wrote an early version of the app that powers the smartphone cosmic ray detector. The project, known as DECO for Distributed Electronic Cosmic-ray Observatory, is supported…read more

Weekender: Science Proves That “We Are All Connected”

…its start at Princeton University in 1998 and now operates as an international collaboration, claim that they have obtained solid evidence that a type of transpersonal mentality occurs when a…read more

Is An Even Larger Eruption Brewing At Mount Ontake?

…Ontake belongs to a type of volcano known as “stratovolcanoes,” formed when one continental plate is shunted under another, and notorious for their unpredictable eruption patterns. These unforeseen eruptions are…read more

Is The Universe A Hologram?

…in a certain way, and being influenced by the movements of space itself. This type of “Holographic noise” is always expected to be present at all frequencies, but the real…read more

Weekender: Unexplained Cosmic Pulses from Deep Space Intrigue Scientists

…to gain access to some of the most mind-blowing and thought-provoking subjects on the web, including Whitley’s latest Dreamland interview with Joseph Farrell where some amazing secrets are revealed!  …read more

U.S. Fears That Terror Groups Could Seize Radioactive Materials

…to constitute a major terrorist threat as the type of uranium stolen was either relatively inactive or of natural origin, not the type of enriched uranium that would be required…read more

Weekender: Quantum Biology? Scientists Discover Amazing Quantum Processes At Work In Nature

…signals of a specialized type, such as those that pass between stem cells and the cells around them, or signals that determine tissue growth, patterning and function, where the identity…read more

Catherine Austin Fitts on the Black Budget, and MUCH More!

…our shoulders, and what means to the powers that be have of getting our money? Among other things, Catherine explains scams are a favorite method of getting dark money for…read more

Genetically Engineered Food: Vintage Dreamland from 2000

In 2000, Dreamland was one of the first places where the alarm was sounded on genetically engineered foods. Since then, the genfoods industry has used its vast wealth to turn…read more

Cellphones Data Can Now Track Anyone Anywhere, And The Technology Is Available To All

…this Special Interview in which Whitley Strieber interviews John Hogue, who gives his own unique take on why the government wants to monitor a quarter of a million people who aren’t…read more

Triangle UFOs and Strange Sounds

…of a report done for subscribers. Linda’s new report will be available in the subscriber area on Saturday, August 23. Normally, her reports will continue to appear first on Dreamland.) Dreamlandread more

Mystery Signals from Outer Space

…radio waves by scientists using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico provides important new evidence of mysterious pulses that appear to come from deep in outer space. The finding…read more

Weekender: Controversial MJ-12 Document found inside Declassified Department of Defense File

…hoax perpetrated by United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) Special Agent Richard Doty for disinformation purposes. It was reportedly prepared by Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first…read more

Mysterious Holes Appearing At “The End Of The World”

…of them, engineer Konstantin Nikolaev, uploaded the footage to YouTube generated a flurry of interest worldwide. Theories to explain the mysterious cavity are now rife, and these range from further…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…programmed to ignore the existence of these other potential worlds by a “controlling force” whose best interests are served by keeping the human race “hypnotized”. In last week’s Dreamland interview,…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

How Does Starfire Tor Do It?

…on Dreamland, however, who provide accurate predictions much more often than might be expected if chance alone was in operation. One of these is Starfire Tor, and on this week’s…read more

The Mysterious Origins of the Human Mind

The strangest and most improbable thing on Earth is the human brain, and the greatest mystery is that of how it functions with the mind. Does the brain create the…read more

Weekender – The Future Could Be Mind Controlled…

…our evolving future should also check out this week’s Special Interview, where Whitley Strieber outlines the “new world” that the visitors have in mind for mankind. Wishing everyone in the…read more

July 4th Special: Whitley Interviews Alien Hunter Flynn Carroll

Whitley Strieber interviews Flynn Carroll, the master alien hunter of the books Alien Hunter and Alien Hunter: Underworld, about why he finds it necessary to hunt some aliens as if…read more

Mysterious Booms Heard Down Under

Mysterious booms, bangs and shudders have been reported on Unknown Country for years, and they continue to be a phenomenon that we monitor with a keen interest. The unexplained noises…read more

Weekender: Can Childhood Stress Shape Our Lives and Affect Our Destiny?

interviews with the children and their caregivers, documenting behavioral problems and their cumulative life stress. They also took images of the children’s brains, focusing on the hippocampus and amygdala, which…read more

Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind

…Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to many pilot deaths and disappearances to the mysterious and often horrifying deaths of far too many UFO investigators. Nick Redfern, one of Dreamland’s most…read more

The World Within Us: “Friendly” Intestinal Bacteria Are Crucial For Good Health

…and help the body to function more effectively. More and more research is confirming that these types of good bacteria make significant contributions to our overall health, and can also…read more

Can Brain Implants Stop School Shootings, Or Are They Causing Them?

…as a pacemaker, or attached to a nerve bundle, and which respond to a new method of wireless transmission known as “mid field powering”. This type of power uses radio…read more

Reaping the Whirlwind

…revolution in that country. The US and the western powers are helpless to stop this. Additionally, it is a prelude of what will happen in Afghanistan next year or the year…read more

Battery Hens Could Receive Matrix-Style Life Enhancement Technology

…the intention of providing caged hens with a free range experience. Assistant professor at I.S.U, Austin Stewart, proposes that fitting chickens with specially-designed Oculus Rift-style headsets could give them the…read more

Scientists Creating Human Hybrids in Unregulated Genetic Engineering Programmes

…a process that they refer to as “biological SETI.” But it seems that this process could still be ongoing. This week’s fascinating Dreamland interview, Unknown Country explores the possibility that…read more

SPECIAL REPORT: The Human Hybrid Issue

…that she is an alien-human hybrid. Linda interviews Helen Littrell and Jean Bilodeaux about Helen’s daughter’s relationship with a college roommate who they came to understand was an alien-human hybrid…read more

Weekender: Do Our Brains Need Their Own Bill of Rights?

In this age of performance augmentation, rumors of cognitive enhancement therapies abound. Loosely defined, certain types of cognitive enhancers are available to us all without needing to visit the doctor…read more

Weekender: Is Technology the New Terror?

types of relationships issues seemed to occur in both long-standing and less committed connections, said Clayton, and he advised that, to avoid this type of conflict, couples could operate shared…read more

Weekender: Bloodlines – The Case for Vampires

…greatest of all vampire novels, The Hunger. Subscribers can delve deeper into this fascinating subject, and the experiences that inspired Whitley’s book in this Dreamland show from 2010:  …read more

Weekender: Mysteries of the Pyramids Revealed?

…study discredit this explanation, and that the type of jar used in the painting suggests that the liquid being poured is definitely water and not oil or any other typeread more

Forgotten Civilization: Solar Outbursts, Our Lost Past and Our Mysterious Future

The legendary Dr. Robert Schoch has made a dramatic discovery about the sun’s role in the sudden, cataclysmic upheavals that characterize the life of planet earth. Here, he describes what…read more

Study Reveals Stonehenge Sited Next To U.K’s Oldest Settlement

…enigmatic Avebury stone circle, numerous longbarrows and burial mounds, the mysterious Silbury Hill  and, perhaps Wiltshire’s most famous ancient treasure, the curious and still unexplained monoliths of Stonehenge. Not surprisingly,…read more

Deep Impact: From Fantasy to Fact?

…Unknown Country! Subscribe today to leave your valued comments. If you are interested in this subject, check out THIS WEEK’S DREAMLAND for a special interview with Robert Schoch, PhD. which…read more

Interesting Analysis of Clinton’s UFO Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

The analysis of Clinton’s recent interview on UFOs with Jimmy Kimmel discussed in this story seems quite accurate to me. The author points out quite a few reasons to think…read more

EASTER SPECIAL: Is Mass Extinction the Opportunity for Global Rebirth?

…extinction scenarios. Those life forms that do manage to adapt rapidly, known as “disaster species”, are usually generalists who are displaced by more specialized species over time. Man could be…read more

“Robot Sex” Helps Scientists To Study Evolution

…Elfwing discovered that 75% of the robots elected to become “trackers”, a type of robotic Don Juan whose primary motivation was to seek new mating partners, whilst the remainder of…read more

Weekender:Science Proves Our Subconscious Beliefs Affect Our Health and Life Outcomes

…of positive thought. Subscribers can catch the special interview he did recently for Unknown Country here If you are not already a subscriber – join our unique community here!  …read more

Why Do Dogs Poop In Alignment With The Earth’s Magnetic Field?

…with depictions and descriptions of unusual animal behaviour to look out for. Other studies have been able to provide solid evidence of this type of behavior in other animals: Israeli…read more

Is There Really A Risk From Cell Phone Radiation?

…our environment is literally teeming with them, assaulting our bodies with a daily dose of their own particular brand of radiation. The specific type of radiation emanating from mobile devices…read more

Top Secret Triangle Aircraft Photographed over Texas as Mystery Triangle Flies Low over Virginia

Back in the 1970s, before the advent of the ‘black budget,’ the US Air Force budget included enormous expenditures for a mysterious aircraft known among air aficionados as Aurora, but being…read more

Review of Lorie Barnes’ Things Seen and Unseen

…skies, the uncertain song of UFO contact and the mysterious theater of their performances prancing upon the human stage still puzzles the preplexed inhabitants of this world, Spaceship Earth. The…read more

Dreamland Special on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

…about Flight 370. The special is presented in the first fifteen minutes of Dreamland. To go to the Dreamland page, click here. To reach Whitley Strieber’s journal entry on why he thinks…read more

Still Unexplained: The Mysterious Marfa Lights of Texas

…of just 31 nights. “I just got lucky,” Bunnell said in an interview. “The lights are rare, but I got one of the really good displays.” Bunnell claims that the…read more

Flight 370 Special, then NPR Correspondent Margot Adler on Vampires

…dead–or the living dead. As always, Dreamland’s take on this subject is completely unique. This edition of Dreamland is dedicated to the missing of Flight 370 and to their families. Our…read more

New Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists Are More Rational Than Conventionalists

…was the conformists who behaved in a manner more consistent with the perceived stereotype of the “conspiracy theorist,” that is, a person who behaves in a fanatical, hostile, defensive manner,…read more

NASA Scientist Claims That Extra-Terrestrial Life Exists

A retired Astrobiologist who worked at NASA for 46 years has confirmed in a recent interview that alien life definitely exists. In a recent interview with Lee Speigel of the…read more

Dreamland 911 Guest Has Killed Himself or Been Murdered. This is His 2008 Interview

2008 Dreamland guest Phillip Marshall has either killed himself and his children or been the victim of a brutal multiple murder. He was a pilot who maintained that poorly trained…read more

Science confirms another “Master of the Key” Prediction

…could be useful in this type of application, occupying the same role that gyroscopes play in spacecraft and aeroplane navigatio, and maybe someday in the future they could be made…read more

Mysterious Murders and Disappearances

Back in 2006, Bill Sweet of Spindrift Research was with us on Dreamland discussing the mysterious disappearances of 2 colleagues who were doing scientific research into the power of prayer….read more

Weekender – Time Signature: How Music Plays With Our Perceptions

…to join the debate! For more insights regarding the vagaries of time, subscribers can check out Whitley’s special interview: ” The Time Traveler Phenomenon.”  and the Dreamland show ” Starfire…read more

Surveillance Technologies May Soon Make Anonymity Impossible

…technology has also been recognised by other establishments who like to take extra special care of their best customers, including hotels. The development of the concept is being discussed in…read more

Spy Agencies Exploit Smartphone Apps in Trawl for Personal Information

type of data that could be supplied by various platforms: some app platforms are fairly limited but can still generate details such as handset ID and version which can be…read more

Will Future Wars be Fought by 3D Printed Robots?

…but it took 22 years – and $39 billion – before it was delivered, 14 years after the fall of the Soviet Union. So the military powers have been looking…read more

Scientists Finally Capture Authentic Ball Lightning

…of ball lightning,; said lightning specialist Martin Uman of the University of Florida, in an interview with the American Physical Society. ‘There have been many research programs that routinely video…read more

Ice Age Could Be Imminent As Sun Falls Silent

…different regions: “If we take all the science that we know relating to how the Sun emits heat and light and how that heat and light powers our climate system,…read more

Can Spirituality Change Our Brain and Prevent Depression?

…with a range of stimulating and thought-provoking topics. Subscribe today to contribute your valuable opinion and obtain a wide range of special subscriber-only benefits: All episodes of Dreamland and Revelations…read more

Weekender: Exoplanets & Waterworlds – Alien Life Now Ten Times More Likely

…solar system that contains not one, but two water-covered planets. The “exo-planets”, as those planets outside our own system are known, orbit the star Kepler-62, a type K star which…read more

Weekender:Fukushima – The Real Story

…contained different types of radioactive isotopes than those released into the environment as a result of the catastrophe at the Japanese plant. At Fukushima, it was primarily Iodine-131, Cesium-137, and…read more

Physical Movement to Other Planets

“I actually ended up sitting on grass in another world while I was meditating in this one,” so Whitley Strieber says in this week’s special interview. Then he asks Ralph…read more

New Year’s Special: Positive Thinking–What Works and What Doesn’t

…what DOES work? Find out on Dreamland’s New Year’s special with expert Mitch Horowitz. It’s likely that almost all of us have read at least one book such as ‘the…read more

Christmas Special: Is a Virgin Birth Scientifically Possible?

…from the Greek παρθένος, parthenos, meaning “virgin” and γένεσις, genesis, meaning “birth”. This type of procreation is a form of asexual reproduction which is common in the plant kingdom, but…read more

Dreamland Christmas Special: Aliens in the Bible–the TRUTH!

…the denial, and reveals the truth, in this powerful interview with Whitley and Anne Strieber. Join us for this joyous Christmas adventure into some of the hidden wonders of mankind’s…read more

Weekender: Chakras and the Sacred Geometry of our Living Planet

…Shinto priest and founder of the International Association for Religion and Parapsychology, has now been able to create a special instrument that is capable of detecting and measuring activity in…read more

Ancient History Reveals More Secrets

…but Sahle has some theories, including the input of a ‘Steve Jobs’ type of individual in the local area who may have been responsible for the advanced techniques: “High-quality raw…read more

Sonia Barrett and Close Encounters

Sonia Barrett has now appeared on Dreamland 3 times, and both the last time and this, Whitley Strieber has had a close encounter immediately prior to interviewing her. This time,…read more

A Joyous Romp of a Close Encounter

…very happy. At ten in the morning, it came time to interview Sonia Barrett for this week’s Dreamland. Shortly before the interview, I looked her up on the website to…read more

Minority Report: Is Pre-Crime Now a Legal Reality?

…to engage in targeted prevention activities that could disrupt the cause of crime before the crime happens.” This type of programme is not restricted to the US: a pilot scheme…read more

Lethal Threat May Cause Whale Extinction

One of the most beautiful and haunting sounds on the planet, whale song is thought to have healing powers and is widely used for meditation and relaxation. Whales use sound…read more

All-Hallows Day Special: the Argument for Angels

As we leave the darkness of All Hallow’s Eve behind and wake to the sanctity of All Hallows Day, or All Souls Day as it is also known, Unknowncountry looks…read more

Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

…evicting errant entities she also runs F&F Pest & Termites Control in Turnersville, N.J. “I consider it another type of house cleaning,” she chuckled. The most widely-used method of cleansing…read more

Halloween Special: Government Documented Monsters

…gigantic birds. So settle back for an eerie half hour of first-rate Halloween mystery and a few pretty serious chills on Dreamland’s annual Halloween Special! Nick Redfern’s website is….read more

Fear and the Visitors: New Information

All Hallows is a very special season. It is much more that simply dressing up in costumes and watching scary movies. This week, Whitley Strieber honors both the close encounter…read more

A Photo of Ultimate Evil

…I see that knowledge in this terrifying picture. For a larger image, click here Dreamland has been exploring the horror and mystery of the Nazis for many years. There are…read more

UPDATED: Jesus–Man or Myth?

…October 18, with additional comment received from previous Dreamland guest Robert Feather, author of “The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran” and “The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran”….read more

The Secret World YOU Pay For!

This absolute astonishment of a discussion between Joseph Farrell and Whitley Strieber will be one of the most valuable and informative you have ever heard. We’ve talked on Dreamland about…read more

Chupacabras: the mystery is why there is a mystery at all…

For over thirteen years, Unknown Country has been researching and bringing you news on the subject of the mysterious chupacabra, an anomalous creature which has been witnessed across all South…read more

Unknowncountry Weekender: Unexplained UFO Researcher Deaths and a Strong Claim that there is Alien-Government Interaction.

…series of mysterious deaths among British specialists developing space weapons. Other cases do appear to be just unhappy coincidence: Eminent Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. John E. Mack,…read more

First: Whitley and Anne See a UFO, then Like It or Not, a New Reality is Coming.

…does not believe that we should look to the past for human powers that have been lost, but rather that new human powers are being born within us right now—literally…read more

The Dark Lord: Understanding Evil’s Secret Code

Today we take a look at the inner workings of evil. Peter Levenda, author of the epic Sinister Forces about the influence of the occult and secret Nazi power on…read more

The Camarillo UFO

…a UFO through a telescope, and also one of the strangest such videos ever recorded. It was made in Camarillio, California in 1998 by amateur astronomer and special effects artist…read more

One of the Most Extraordinary UFO Videos Ever Captured

…It was made in Camarillio, California in 1998 by amateur astronomer and special effects artist Steve Neill using a Celestron C8 Telescope and a Sony 8MM video camera. The video…read more

Dreamland guest reports UFO sighting in S. Florida

Dreamland guests Rob and Trish MacGregor had a UFO sighting in Jupiter, Florida on the night of September 21. They report that the orange-colored orbs they observed did not blink…read more

Unknowncountry Weekender: Alien Life in Our Stratosphere

…to coincide with the recent Perseid meteor shower on 31st July this year, and the balloon was fitted with special studs designed to capture particles in the atmosphere. This week’s…read more

UPDATED 4PM Friday–Alien Viruses, Crashed UFOs, MJ-12, Biowarfare (And the Bizarre JFK Connection.)

…Mexico. Dr. Robert Wood and Nick Redfern report  during their interview on findings involving similar human deaths in the same areas during recovery operations in the late forties and early…read more

Did the Publication of Everett’s ‘Many Worlds’ Theory Open a Door into a Parallel Universe?

…the Schmitt case as I acually wrote about it in Nazi International. But the odd synchronicity of the dogs, Everett….it reminds me of Wolfgang Pauli’s ideas about non-linear types of…read more

Peeing in Space–a Problem Solved…Eventually

…toilets, was the system abandoned. Want to listen to an exciting interview with another astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, who has been very plainspoken about the alien presence in our solar system?…read more

A Cat Dies with Dignity

…that cats have a special relationship with the afterlife. The Egyptians knew this–cats were mummified and honored as having souls. This is why I want to write about a specialread more

New Super-Honey to Revolutionize Wound Care

…catheter for chemotherapy. Honey has been used for its healing powers for thousands of years, although doctors favor penicillin and antibiotics. In the Daily Mail, Valerie Elliott quotes microbiologist Matthew…read more

Cattle Mutilations are Back and the Strangeness is EXTREME


Jack Parsons, the Founding of JPL and the Black Magic

Astonishing. Whitley and Robert Sullivan get into the life of JPL founder Jack Parsons and his connections to Aleister Crowley, Nazi scientists and the dark arts. This almost unknown story will…read more

Turkish Ministry Report Suggest Engineers Killed by Psychic Means

Dreamland guest Russell Targ has in the past claimed that he has been the object of telekinetic attack, and he has discussed the powers of telekinesis on Dreamland. It has…read more

Letter from a 3rd Grade Teacher: Kids are Changing

…next level in human evolution. They are very intelligent and have super powers. The Indigo Child may see auras as lights or colors around other people. And show an uncanny…read more

The Surviving Nazi Underground in Asia

Master Nazi hunter Peter Levenda is with us to bring us up to date on his latest research into where leading Nazis REALLY hid out–in Asia! We connect with Peter…read more

‘Green Slime’ Powers Building

Dreamland for free, our subscribers can listen commercial free and access our huge archive, including hours and hours of amazing material just for subscribers. Keep this train on the rails,…read more

Enigmatic Voynich Manuscript Not a Hoax

For years, the scholarly establishment has dismissed the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, carbon dated last year to the 15th Century, as a hoax designed to deceive early book collectors, but now a…read more

Mindblowing ESP Secrets

…the greatest scientists in the history of ESP tells some of the most incredible stories of ESP, precognition, mediumship and other psychic powers that you will ever hear. ARE YOU…read more

The Reality of ESP Proved by a Physicist

…on Advanced Search (the gold O+ on the right side of our masthead), then select Dreamland and Special Interviews and search on their names. These are some of the finest…read more

Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications: Interview with Michael Klare

…But with Chinese, Indian, and Russian state-owned companies playing an ever-increasing role in the extraction of fossil fuels, I’m not optimistic about this! Source: By. James Stafford of…read more

Superb short docu on UFOs by special effects legend Douglas Trumbull.

You won’t be sorry you watched this terrific documentary. Doug Trumbull is one of the world’s great special effects artists. He’s developing a system for capturing REAL UFO footage that’s DEFINITELY real. More power…read more

HAARP Controversy and NEW Testimony About the Eisenhower Alien Meeting

First, we listen for the first time to new testimony about the alleged 1954 meeting between President Eisenhower and a delegation of aliens at Muroc Field in California. Then…read more

Bigfoot: Where are we now?

…strange. Unknowncountry subscribers, to explore our archive’s 15 Dreamlands and Special Interviews on Bigfoot, including Linda Moulton Howe’s extraordinary interview with DNA study leader Melba Ketchum, go to our advanced…read more

The 911 Phone Calls: Something is Wrong with This Picture

…the 23 Dreamland programs available on the subject, go to advanced search, click in Dreamland and search 911. We must not allow the fact that the truth about 911 has…read more

Priest’s firsthand account of one of the best ever UFO encounters.

Your Out There editor was stunned to find this interview with Fr. William Gill, who, along with 37 other people, witnessed a UFO for hours in Papua-New Guinea in 1959. This is…read more

Aliens Walking the Earth as Human and Native Shapeshifter Legends

…of the interview, Whitley tells what happened when such people came to believe that HE was such a being, then Audie describes other people who believe they are alien or…read more

Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting

…will very likely become the core of an upcoming special report follow-up and I will certainly keep your identity anonymous.   Best Regards, Agent K  NOTE: At this point both…read more

Provocative interview with early UFO contactee George van Tassel

…now called the Integratron in the Mojave Desert. He was unable to finish it, but it remains in the desert, a monument to a remarkable dream. This rare interview with van Tassel…read more

Provocative interview with early UFO contactee George van Tassel

…now called the Integratron in the Mojave Desert. He was unable to finish it, but it remains in the desert, a monument to a remarkable dream. This rare interview with van Tassel…read more

The Evolution of Gambling

…Sometimes we get blue because so few of our listeners (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this special interview, which was recorded just for YOU) support us. Yet despite having…read more

The Kabbalah’s Remarkable Idea

Author Paul Levy is Whitley Strieber’s guest on Dreamland April 5, 2013. He contributes this searching exploration of Kabbalah’s radical and powerful ideas about evil. Reading and contemplating his essay is…read more

Specials this Weekend in Vintage Dreamland and Whitley’s Room

…in close encounter witnesses. In November of 1999, Whitley interviewed Dr. Mack on Dreamland. It is a beautiful interview, and Whitley has added an introduction recalling Dr. Mack and their…read more

Easter Special: Food for Thought, Food for the Soul

For Easter we present a double Dreamland. First, a mysterious shroud-like image that seems connected to the Book of Revelation appears on a cloth. Second, a brilliant word-magician reveals to…read more

What’s the Pope All About, Anyway?

…person. What that statement really means–to me, anyway–is that Christianity isn’t based on following special leaders, it’s based on the ordinary, feckless, not-so-special guy, the “rock” that is always with…read more

Missing 411 Special: Dave and Whitley Discuss One of Whitley’s Greatest Experiences and Its Frightening Sequel

When Whitley Strieber read the newly revised version of David Paulides’ Missing 411, he was profoundly concerned to discover that one of the most mysterious of the cases not only…read more

Who–or What–was the Master of the Key?

This stunner begins with Whitley Strieber telling the story of a movement through time that happened to him in New York City in 1983. He found himself suddenly in the…read more

Communication with the Dead, and BEYOND

Researcher Ralph Steiner describes technological methods of communication with the dead, and with entities beyond the dead. This counts as perhaps the finest interview we have ever presented on the…read more

The Revelations Symposium

…as at the beloved Dreamland Festival normally held this time of year. We are hoping that the festival will be held this autumn, but at present Whitley and Anne are…read more


…a seizure. It turned out this as set off by a certain type of prescription cough medicine I had taken for the hacking cough that was keeping me awake all…read more

Prophecy of St. Malachy

…violence was mainly fought between the Christian powers of Europe, destroying empires which had lasted centuries and began the worldwide spread of atheistic Communism.[4] Fides intrepida.   261 105 Intrepid…read more

How to Build on the Moon

…of Dreamlands for you, as well as Anne Strieber’s OWN radio show, “Mysterious Powers,” which ran from 2004 to 2005. Subscribers can listen to all 19 of those shows too!…read more

Teleportation: One Step Closer

…our universe, and one that has extraordinary potential to advance all manner of scientific endeavor. Mathematician Sergii Strelchuck says, “Entanglement can be thought of as the fuel which powers teleportation.”…read more

Mad Cow Medicine

…as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). All of these conditions are associated with a similar type of deformation in the…read more

UFOs: Silencing the Insiders by Nick Redfern

This article originally appeared in Mysterious Universe Magazine and is used with permission. There is probably not a single person within Ufology who isn’t familiar with the controversy of the…read more

Mysterious Mounds in Peru

For more than a century and a half, scientists and tourists have visited massive animal-shaped mounds, such as Serpent Mound in Ohio (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show),…read more

NEW Bermuda Triangle Sucks Up Famous Fashion Designer

…takes down PLANES flying over it. On the Helium website, Terrence Aym writes: “New attention has focused in the mysterious region after the bizarre disappearance of renowned international fashion designer…read more

Strange space explosion captured on video.

…out there witnessed this event as well. Only they were lucky enough to have captured it.” On the other hand, the powers that be are dismissing it as a weather…read more

Times When We Function Best

…3 months for LESS than the cost of a latte a WEEK–AND we have lots of special treats for our subscribers, such as a special interview just for YOU every…read more

Why Our Brains May be Different

…have special genes to build and run our special brains. But it turned out not to be true. When the genome was sequenced at the turn of this century, and…read more

The Return of Ezekiel’s Wheel

…whole Dreamland team came together to tell what they expected to see in 2012. How did they do? To listen to last year’s show in the Dreamland archive, click here….read more

Digging Them Up

…man that spares these stones, And curst be he that moves my bones.” Every week, WE “dig up” a wonderful Dreamland interview for you, like this one (NOTE: Subscribers can…read more

Russian PM Says Aliens Here

It sounded like a joke at first, but was it? After an interview, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that aliens are here. He has previously spoken about top secret…read more

Wifi Spy

…have to use special software to identify wi-fi “squatters,” who use the same network as paying subscribers. When police in Pennsylvania wanted to entrap a man who was downloading child…read more

Bigfoot Sounds

…and discussions about Bigfoot in the Unknowncountry archive! Do a search on Bigfoot or Sasquatch restricted to Dreamland and Special Interviews to find all of our programing on these subjects….read more

Discovery of a Homeless Planet

…star. Researcher Jonathan Gagné says, “Over the past few years, several objects of this type have been identified, but their existence could not be established (before).” Astrophysicist Étienne Artigau says,…read more

December 21, 2012: Too Much of Nothing by Sean Casteel

…Harmonic Convergence,” South told me in a 2009 interview, “were given to Jose in the early 1970s by Lakota author and poet Tony Shearer, as the conclusion of the prophecy…read more

Junkfood Countdown

…ate the Mediterranean-type meal first and then the junk food-type meal one week later. And it ‘s possible to tell this right away: By measuring endothelial function, a researcher can…read more

What the Confirmation of BIgfoot Means

…friend Catherine Nixon Cooke, retraced his steps. Because of my interest, I have done many interviews on Dreamland with Bigfoot researchers, and I have never doubted that something was out there….read more

The Biggest UFO Event in History

…will learn in this riveting program. Subscribers can listen to Frank’s other extraordinary interviews on Dreamland over the years. Just put the name Feschino in our search engine, and earlier…read more

Angel Food: Words that Put Wings on Our Hearts by Laurel Airica

…most sacred time of year in this most mysterious year in our history.   The first of these words is purusha, which may be familiar to practitioners of Hindu philosophy….read more

UFOs on Dangerous Ground

…India has nuclear bombs, but our main worry has been a conflagration with Pakistan, which also has them. We’re not sure what types of weapons China has, but they have…read more

Is Pakistan’s Paranoia Pushing it Into a Nuclear War with India?

…160 and 240. They are developing as well two cruise missiles, two short range shoot and scoot type missiles and two ballistic missiles that will all require different types of…read more

Sprouts of Life From Space

…to be human. Native Americans know some secrets about this–secrets that they only reveal to a few special people (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this wonderful interview as well)….read more

Is Heaven Real?

Dreamland. Listen as psychic medium Marla Frees and Dr. Alexander explore his journey into what he believes was heaven. Marla Frees and Eben Alexander have a great deal in common,…read more

What Rocks Reveal (If They Come From Mars, Anyway)

…in magnesium and iron.” The site quotes astronomer Edward Stolper as saying, “This rock is a close match in chemical composition to an unusual but well-known type of igneous rock…read more

Your Body Language Reveals Your Secrets

…our wonderful Dreamland shows and interviews, you don’t see us, you only HEAR us, but we have a lot of fascinating things to say. Subscribers can still listen to ALL…read more

Special Offer Ends at Midnight Monday

…Pringle’s magnificent, mysterious and uplifting new calendar–her annual selection of gorgeous images from her huge photo collection cannot be beat! And this year, for one week only, if you input…read more

Special Offer for One Week Only

…Pringle’s magnificent, mysterious and uplifting new calendar–her annual selection of gorgeous images from her huge photo collection cannot be beat! And this year, for one week only, if you input…read more

Ressurection is not only Real, it’s Possible for US

…new book, The Overself Awakening from their website, Considering doing something special to honor December 21, 2012? Do something REALLY special with the Hurtaks, Jaime Maussan and many others in Cancun…read more

Wild Video Games Produce Reckless Drivers

…the widely touted association of video games and aggression.” Researchers conducted a series of phone interviews with 5,000 US teens. 50% of them reported in the first interview that their…read more

Junk Food Can Destroy Your Brain

…of the population with insulin-resistant type II diabetes has grown three times in 30 years. Is Alzheimer’s actually “type 3 diabetes?” Type II sufferers are two to three times more…read more

The Police State Creeps Closer

…and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “sensitive,” meaning that these powers will have control over what can and cannot be documented on wireless devices during any…read more

What’s Really Going on In Syria? An Intelligence Expert Speaks Out

As rebels attempt to regroup in advance of a new strategy to overpower Assad, and Western powers try to start from scratch with a new rebel formation that is presumably…read more

Great Graham Hancock Interview on 2012

New Dawn Magazine has done a fascinating interview with Graham Hancock. “There is a story not yet told about human history and prehistory. Could there be something missing in the story…read more

Linda Moulton Howe: The Alaska Pyramid is Real

…story, and the explosive results can be heard in an absolutely riveting witness interview in this edition of Dreamland. The pyramid is larger than the Pyramid of Cheops and is…read more

Bacteria Fights Off Viruses

…Science Daily quotes researcher Michael Abt as saying, “It is remarkable that signals derived from one type of microbe, in this case bacteria, can have such a profound effect on…read more

Indians Want to Buy Their Land Back

The Black Hills in South Dakota were stolen from the Sioux (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview) in 1877 by the US government. Now, the tribe wants to…read more

Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops

Joseph Farrell tells the chilling story of his research into a vast underground of advanced aerospace technologies and hidden psychological operations. Nazi scientists, rogue elements within the intelligence community and…read more

Head Impacts Hinder Learning

Anyone who went to a large state university with a famous football team knows that there were often special courses given to the players. Many non-playing students tried to get…read more

Dancing with the Dark Side

Robert Stanley has had some very powerful experiences with the dark side of contact, as has Whitley Strieber. In this interview, Whitley Strieber says of Robert Stanley, “you’ve been called,…read more

The REAL Secret of Easter Island

It’s not those mysterious statues, it’s something in the dirt that surrounds them. When researchers added rapamycin to the diet of healthy mice throughout their life span, their learning and…read more

My Big Fat Greek Foot

…there are special “hand” models, and I don’t doubt that there are special “foot” models as well. I once asked my manicurist (I’ve never figured out how to use nail…read more

Mysterious goat man lurking in Utah mountains.

It doesn’t have to be a UFO story to qualify for the Out There section. This is not a UFO story, but you do have to wonder just what this guy…read more

Another mysterious solar object–explained!

This ‘object’ is probably a lens effect. Your Out There Editor stands corrected. An explanation appears on another video of precisely the same phenomenon in Port Chester, New York. Here is…read more

Medical Tourism in Mexico

…near the Mexican border. One Mexican town is even subsidizing van rides from Las Vegas. A special border patrol lane has been created for medical tourists which minimizes usual 3…read more

Change of Being: the Return of the Visitors

…the morning of July 12, Whitley Strieber had a close encounter that was preparation for this week’s Dreamland presentation. Listen as he describes this experience and the one that led…read more

Was Mars Murdered

…Brian O’Leary, possible. As never before, this interview will open a completely new door for you into Mars’s mysterious past. Read John Brandenburg’s book Life and Death on Mars. Next week…read more

Mystery in the Desert

Before we explore space, it’s important to realize that there are still mysterious places here on Earth that remain to be discovered and explored. One of these places is the…read more

Baltic Object Investigation: More Questions Than Answers

The Ocean X team returned from their first expedition investigating the mysterious object they discovered in the Baltic Sea with more questions than answers. This mysterious object is about 200…read more

Nazi Rocket Scientist at Roswell During UFO Crash

Wernher von Braun was one of the most important rocket developers and advocatess of space travel in the 20th century. An ex-Nazi scientist, he came to the US after the…read more

A New Contactee Interview: a Native American Experiences Contact

…with a reference from this section. Special interviews with Dreamland guests are published in this section. Normally, one new interview or video is published per week for subscribers.) ARE YOU…read more

Dolphins Being Hurt by Power Plant Emissions

…in captivity and in the wild. This type of research can give us hints about how the type of diet and where it originated can affect mercury-related health problems in…read more

Whitley’s 2012 Dreamland Festival Address

This year at the Dreamland Festival, Whitley Strieber’s address was filled with new information, wisdom and revelations about the true nature of the close encounter experience. Not only that, it contains…read more

Mystery Cats Back in the UK

The Big Cats are back, stalking the fields of England and mutilating sheep. Locals have reported sighting a mysterious, unknown creature they call the “Beast of Bont” since the 1970s….read more

Pilots Spot UFOs

type of propulsion system for spacecraft that uses cutting edge quantum physics instead of rocket thrusters. Could this be the type of craft the Visitors are using? We should have…read more

Mysterious Spider Attack

As if cannibals and chupacabras weren’t enough, two people died when swarms of venomous spiders invaded a town in India. This is the country that has recently been plagued by…read more

A New Contactee Interview: a Mysterious Healing

Maureen was in a car with a friend when the friend said, “What is that, a UFO?” It turns out it wasn’t a craft, it was a heavy round…read more

(On Seeing a Movie About) Texas Justice

I recently saw a TV news report saying that Dallas has locked away so many prisoners who are now being exonerated with new DNA testing, that they have a specialread more

The Nazi Survival…and a Serial Killer

Whitley Strieber and Peter Levenda go deeper in this discussion of just what the Nazis who escaped from Germany after World War II did. Peter tells the chilling story of…read more

The Nazi Survival…and a Serial Killer

Whitley Strieber and Peter Levenda go deeper in this discussion of just what the Nazis who escaped from Germany after World War II did. Peter tells the chilling story of…read more

Ratlines: Spies, Priests, and the Secret of Adolf Hitler

During the final days of World War II and on into the early 1950s, thousands of prominent Nazis escaped from the ruins of Germany. They were helped by a variety…read more

The Eerie Truth about Serial Killers

Whitley Strieber and Katherine Ramsland have known each other for years, and when she published her classic about real vampires in, Whitley interview her on Dreamland, during which he told…read more

Odd Cures Continued

…to exercise outside WITHOUT sunscreen. Hey, if you’re going to drink coffee, we suggest you sip from a Dreamland Festival mug! Come toast your favorite Dreamland hosts–and special guest Nick…read more

Why are Some Eyes Blue?

…in all different shades, because we’re all hybrids, of one sort or another. Whitley Strieber created a special type of extraordinary beings in fiction. This novel is out of print,…read more

What’s in that Chicken?

…diet books you’ll find in stores. And NOW’S THE TIME to lose that extra weight, so you’ll look great for the Dreamland Festival in May, where you’ll have a chance…read more

Chimps are Mind Readers–Maybe We are Too

…quotes ape communication specialist Catherine Crockford as saying, “Lots of animals give alarm calls and are more likely to do so if there’s an audience, but these chimps are more…read more

Plastic: The Problem or the Solution?

…wonderful Dreamland Festival in May. You’ll get lots of NEW INFORMATION from your favorite Dreamland hosts and from our special guest Nick Pope–and what’s more, you’ll have a great time!…read more

Want to Lose Weight? Eat Chocolate!

…weight, so you’ll look great for the Dreamland Festival in May, where you’ll have a chance to make new friends, renew old friendships, talk with your favorite Dreamland hosts (NOTE:…read more

Easter Special: The Journey to “I AM”

…we’ve ever done, and all of us here at Dreamland and Unknowncountry hope that you enjoy it as our testament to the miracle of rebirth that is the theme of…read more


At our Dreamland Festival in May, one of the main things we’re going to investigate are the mysterious sounds that are being heard all around the world (NOTE: Subscribers can…read more

We’re Reaching the Tipping Point on Climate

…And if you subscribe, you’ll get 10% off tickets to our Dreamland Festival in May, where you’ll be able to meet your favorite Dreamland hosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen…read more

New Communion Enigma Interview

Exotica Radio is one of the many new internet radio outlets. I thought their interview with me was excellent. Good questions! You can listen here:…read more

Odd Cures

…less than the diet books you’ll find at your bookstore AND it’s much better! Come toast your favorite Dreamland hosts–and special guest Nick Pope–with soda, coffee or whatever else you…read more

DNA Tests for Soldiers and Police?

…the lives of thousands of people who suffer from this debilitating condition.” Don’t be stressed, come have fun! Meet all our law-abiding Dreamland hosts IN PERSON (and hoist a beer…read more

Is Bread Bad?

…it costs MUCH LESS than the ineffective diet books you’ll find in stores! And NOW’S THE TIME to lose that extra weight, so you’ll look great for the Dreamland Festival…read more

Mysterious Sounds All Over the World

At our Dreamland Festival in May, one of the main things we’re going to investigate are the mysterious sounds that are being heard all around the world. Some of them…read more

The Last Pole Shift, Atlantis and Current Changes

Mysterious Powers with Anne Strieber from 2005. Whitley Strieber’s explosive Dreamland Festival presentation is NOT to be missed! To find out more, click here. Rand Flem-Ath’s website is  …read more

Internet Routers Down Worldwide

…it sometimes even happens on Dreamland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Have Whitley and Anne fended off so many attacks over the years, only to die from…read more

Red Meat Kills

type, increases the risk of premature death. If eaten daily, a 3-ounce serving of unprocessed red meat, no bigger than a deck of cards, was associated with a 13% greater…read more

First, Strange Sounds, now Strange BOOMS

…might have involved in the past. Rand has been on Dreamland and provided special interviews for our subscribers many times over the years. To find more Linda Moulton Howe or…read more

An Unusual Use for an Unwanted Appliance

…on But in order to keep on coming up with it, we need more help from YOU! And we hope you’ll come join us at our wonderful Dreamland Festival…read more

Mysterious Booms in US

…our Dreamland Festival in May, where you’ll hear an update on her recent investigations of the strange sounds being heard all over the world right now (NOTE: Subscribers can still…read more

Confrontation with Iran: the Hidden Dangers

…and Pakistan and India, which fought three wars prior to acquiring nuclear weapons, and have not fought since. At present, the great powers have been at peace with one another…read more

To Solve Nuclear Power Plant Problems, Use Another Fuel

Despite Fukushima, nuclear energy is probably here to stay. Can we make it safer by changing to a new fuel? It turns out there could be an entirely new typeread more

Mysterious Flash in Phoenix–Solved…or Not?

…known about an event that should have sent a signal to its control center until two days after it happened remains unclear. Will we see any UFOs at our Dreamlandread more

Tantric Mysteries

…tantric magic in this moving interview. Tantrism is cloaked in secrecy and distorted by confusion and misunderstanding. Peter understands it deeply, and when you finish with this interview, you will…read more

Proposed Ban on Internet Whale Meat Sales

…you–come make new friends at our Dreamland Festival in May, where you can meet and mingle with (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show too) your favorite Dreamland hosts,…read more

How Long Does it Take to Evolve?

…by Whitley!) There is evolution of a species and there is evolution of a single human mind, too. We’re proud to say that we think our annual Dreamland Festival has…read more

Poison Hanging in Our Air

…Subscribe today, so we’ll still be here tomorrow! Come meet all your favorite Dreamland hosts in beautiful, unpolluted Nashville at our Dreamland Festival in May, where we SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE….read more

We’re All Being Monitored by the FBI

…So do YOUR part–subscribe today! No one will be spying on you at our Dreamland Festival in May, but you’ll make new friends, renew old friendships, and get to meet…read more

The Problem With Clean Energy

…autographed bookplate designed by Whitley. Come meet Whitley (and all our other Dreamland hosts) at our Dreamland Festival in May. We couldn’t invite MOTKE, but we DID invite Nick Pope!…read more

Stress on the Night Shift

…site today. Come have a cup of coffee with your favorite Dreamland hosts–and our SPECIAL GUEST Nick Pope (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–at this year’s Dreamland Festival!…read more

Lost Gold May Have Been Located

…meaning of the “marriage feast at Cana.” Come meet Whitley and all your favorite Dreamland hosts at our Dreamland Festival, which is being held on a NEW date: May 18-20….read more

It’s Not the Sun, It’s Us

…meet Whitley (and all our other Dreamland hosts–NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) at this year’s Dreamland Festival. We GUARANTEE that you’ll hear things you’ve never heard before!…read more

Spider Goats

…to let you know how special you are to us, we give you a special interview every week AND you get 10% off tickets to our Dreamland Festival in May!…read more

Atomic Particles Taste Good

…And speaking about tomorrow, come join us in May for our wonderful Dreamland Festival. All your favorite Dreamland hosts will be there–plus a SPECIAL GUEST–so YOU should be there too!…read more

There may be Superbugs in Our Pork

…meet Anne (and all the other Dreamland hosts) at our extraordinary Dreamland Festival in May (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show AND they get 10% off Festival tickets!)…read more

Spectacular video, either real or a finely crafted hoax.

…very well done. Our special effects expert is not so sure. This is his reaction: “It has old style stars and bars on the hull. We do still use them…read more

Awakening the Planetary Mind

Barbara Hand Clow has been on Dreamland many times since our first interview with her in 2004, and on the show this week she offers insight into the great planetary trauma…read more

Why all the End of the World Fears? Could it be that Something GOOD is Coming?

Barbara Hand Clow returns to Dreamland with an explosive new idea–that the end of the world isn’t at hand at all, that we are actually entering a new period of…read more

Growing up Psychic–AND Haunted!

Psychic powers tend to run in families, and is that ever true of the Bodine family! Echo Bodine’s brother Michael is a very funny guy–so funny that he tried to…read more

Synchronized Evil

…cultivate and increase the latent powers of GOOD within us, rather than encourage the evil? How can we contact or interact with the Visitors? In his long lifetime of Visitor…read more

How to be Instantly Smarter

…may be a reality. Neurologists are coming up with brain stimulation techniques that may make us all smarter in the future. Recent research shows that one type of brain stimulation…read more

An Astronaut Speaks Out About UFOs

…To listen to Dreamland’s archived report on the anomalous object that passed the moon, subscribers click here. To listen to Dreamland’s archived interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, subscribers click here….read more

High Frequency, Pure Joy

This week’s Dreamland with intuitive Penny Peirce was recorded some months ago and scheduled for this weekend. It turns out that it’s a perfect introduction to our offering for subscribers…read more

Strange Sounds: Many Hoaxes, but also Something Real.

type is the video where a strange sound has been captured from another video and reposted. People are apparently doing this for fun and, in some cases, to create the…read more

Murder by the Numbers

…on a type of graph called a log-log plot. It’s the same result scientists get when they plot the magnitude of earthquakes against the number of times each magnitude has…read more

Close Encounter Witness ‘Sandy’

Dreamland, for example–Anne Strieber’s witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to…read more

Close Encounter Witness ‘Sandy.’

Dreamland, for example–Anne Strieber’s witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to…read more

The Secret of Sion

…transformative experience. Listen to this enthralling interview as he tells Whitley Strieber some of the secrets of Sion, and explains just WHY the paintings that he has found have actual…read more

Secret Energies, Hidden Powers, Plus a Christmas Treat

…for $7.99. It will appear in hardcover next year.) Next week, the whole Dreamland team talks about 2012. What do we expect? It is a special year, or just another…read more

Does Your Neighborhood Look Like It’s Underwater?

…subscribe today and get a special gift from us every week! And if you want to know what the future will be when it comes to UFOs and Visitors, BE…read more

Dogs Have Been Our Friends Since Prehistoric Times

…literally the wolf who stayed, who traded wolf society for human society.” Some people have traded human society for ET society. These are very special people, and Anne Strieber has…read more

My Catholic Struggle by Whitley Strieber

…because He understood the difficulties that the Church would be facing. For example, Pius XII managed to preserve the integrity of the institutional Church through the rigors of the Naziread more

The Alien Broadcasts of 1957

UFOs have been causing problems for CERN in the form of mysterious rapid beam lights dumping “dust particles” on the Collider. Strange things happened in the past as well: Thanks…read more

Pregnant, Fat and Violent

…the strongest evidence yet that vulnerability to Type II diabetes, which has become a worldwide epidemic, can begin in the womb. The study finds that when mothers are even moderately…read more

Striking Oakland UFO Video

This video, shot last night in Oakland, California, has been analyzed by our video experts. There have been an unusual number of interesting UFO videos shot worldwide in the past two…read more

Vintage Dreamland: Dr. Brian O’Leary on the Mars Face and his Strieber Cabin Experiences

In this vintage Dreamland from 2001, Dr. Brian O’Leary, who conducted the only analysis of the Face on Mars that was published in a scientific journal, tells the story of…read more

Breaking the Coded Writings of an Ancient Secret Society

…been broken. And another enduring mystery has been solved: It has been discovered that the huge, mysterious heads gazing out to sea on Easter Island are connected to BODIES, which…read more

Is a Strange Date Lucky or UNlucky?

The date of 11:11:11—Is it  lucky? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Physicist Eric Carlson has made a special study of numerology. He thinks that one of the reasons…read more

Mutants and Mystics, Dreamland’s 111111 Show!

…was capable–at least for your Dreamland editor–of acting as a kind of conjuring experience. By the time I had finished listening, I felt as if a very real door had opened…read more

What If?

…Journal, Timothy Snyder reviews the book “Hitler’s Hangman: The Life of Heydrich” by Robert Gerwarth. Heydrich probably wouldn’t have even become a Nazi if he hadn’t fallen in love with…read more

Eating Greens Can Change Your Genes

…research suggests that that people with the high risk genotype who eat a prudent diet, composed mainly of raw vegetables, fruits and berries, have a similar risk of heart attack…read more

The White House Says We’re Alone. So What’s Going On?

…evidence that something very strange is happening on planet Earth, and that it involves something that is at once possessed of unusual skills and powers, and is very, very strange….read more

Only the Rich Eat Well in China

special stories while ordinary folks stood in long lines to buy toilet paper), the Chinese don’t all eat the same food–in fact, the Chinese elite eat ORGANIC! In a typical…read more

Interview with Contactee “Ken:” A lifetime of encounters and a defense department connection.

…that this was somehow associated with his close encounters. Listen as Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter experience to guide Ken through a very provocative interview….read more

Interview with Contactee “Ken:” A lifetime of encounters and a defense department connection.

…that this was somehow associated with his close encounters. Listen as Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter experience to guide Ken through a very provocative interview….read more

On the Trail of a Weed Planted by Gypsies

…puzzled, because it had never been seen in North America before. In 2007, a graduate student named Lucas Majure came across an unknown type of sedge in Rose Hill Cemetery…read more

Need a Space Station? Lasso an Asteroid

…could grab a rocky asteroid with a harpoon or special “claws.” Or a large spacecraft could fly near the object and change its gravity tractor, deflecting its trajectory, sending it…read more

Depression: You Can Have a Relapse (Just like an Addict)

…have a special bookplate offer for pre-orders of “Enigma.” Once you have purchased the book, you’ll need to either forward the e-receipt or send as a jpg, screenshot (etc.) to…read more

Thanks for Nothing

…for a “certificate of special thanks.” The group hoping to get the piece of paper were 12% more productive. Does this demonstrate that workers tend to be stupid and naïve?…read more

Why We’re Jealous

…with the type of body that is popular with fashion designers and the media, and there’s no way the average person can achieve this. Tierney quotes Hill as saying, “I…read more

The Government is Spying on Your Internet Activity

…in his incredible book “The Omega Point,” Whitley Strieber describes a mental institution which is actually filled with ex-CIA type agents who create a painting that is a time machine….read more

Ralph Steiner on the Alien-Afterlife Connection

The Dreamland that Ralph Steiner did with Whitley Strieber on Roswell two weeks ago was among the most popular in the history of this radio program. Ralph was among the…read more

Renowned Healer Eric Pearl

Eric Pearl is among the most famous healers in the world, and here Marla Frees has an intimate conversation with him about how he found his healing powers, what he…read more

Are Ancient Sites getting Re-Activated?

Why are so many modern cities located on ancient sacred sites? William Henry asks expert Hugh Newman the question: “Do these sites have special powers that attract us?” Listen as Hugh tells…read more

A Simple Cure for Insomnia–Lose the TV

…worries immediately before the exam or interview begins. Sleep researcher Edward Pace-Schott says, “There is something to be gained from taking a night to sleep on it when you’re facing…read more

Nazca Lines in the Middle East–As Mysterious as Those in Peru

The mysterious “Nazca lines” in Peru that can only be “read” from the air (despite the fact that they were made by an early culture without access to aircraft) can…read more

A Father With 150 Kids

…of sex education” for her. It’s important to know who your parents were, so you know what genes you’re carrying. For instance, you could be carrying the gene for Typeread more

A Mysterious Planet With Two Suns

Some people think our sun has a twin (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). We don’t known whether or not this is true, but NASA HAS discovered a…read more

Whitley Strieber and Gary Schwartz: Personal Experiences of Mediumship

…describes a remarkable psychic he once knew who used it in a unique and powerful way. But when she stopped using the Ouija Board in her special way, she ceased…read more

Special Report on the California Fireball, then the Sacred Promise: Can We Contact Spirit?

Prior to the interview with Dr Gary Schwartz, Linda Moulton Howe has an update on the tremendous green fireball seen over the US southwest on the night of September 14. Then…read more

OpenMindsTV gets an excellent interview from Dan Ackroyd

OpenMinds got an excellent brief interview with Dan Ackroyd, including his thoughts on the abductions, Budd Hopkins, the United Airlines UFO over O’Hare Airport, Reagan’s UFO sighting and much else. He…read more

A Mysterious Rumble is Driving Canadians Crazy

Strange sounds–usually hums–have bothered people all over the world in the past few years. Now there is a mysterious rattling and humming sound in Windsor, Canada that is spreading and…read more

It’s Time to Test that Mysterious Mass

The mysterious Alaskan slime has been identified as eggs. A sample of the “goo” has been taken to a NOAA laboratory in Charleston, South Carolina for analysis. NOAA spokeswoman Julie…read more

Mysterious Alaska Slime Indentified

This isn’t the first case of a mysterious goo that we’ve heard of. This time, the results are as big a mystery as the slime itself. In the Inuit village…read more

Contactee Andrea at the Secret Heart of Close Encounter

Andrea’ joins the growing list of close encounter witnesses who have given an interview to Anne Strieber. These intervews are among the deepest and most detailed descriptions of contact experience…read more

Anne Strieber Interviews Contactee ‘Andrea’

‘Andrea’ joins the growing list of close encounter witnesses who have given an interview to Anne Strieber. These intervews are among the deepest and most detailed descriptions of contact experience…read more

William’s New Discoveries in Europe

…the secrets of the anointing oil of ancient times that it is believed had transformative powers. He tells Whitley Strieber about his adventures, and the powerful energetic effect being in…read more

More on that undersea UFO in the Baltic. A huge skidmark is now clear.

Nazi secret aircraft? They were working on flying wings and even more exotic forms during the war, and some say VERY exotic forms. Or could it be a crashed spacecraft…read more

Mysterious Billion Dollar Bet

On Thursday, an unknown entity placed a one billion dollar trade in the bond futures market that will profit if US interest rates rise. This means that a major proprietary…read more

Secret Chinese Missiles, New 911 Information, The Federal Reserve: Jim Marrs Cuts Loose.

…years ago, the five who were involved all died mysteriously. That’s just one of the facts about 911 that Jim Marrs and Whitley Strieber discuss on Dreamland today. Another is the…read more

Kennedy, UFOs and the Masters of Deception

This fascinating, astonishing, inspiring interview will blow you away. It’s that simple. From the moment that Whitley Strieber and Kenn Thomas start talking until the beautiful, unexpected and extremely powerful last…read more

The Extraordinary Marla Frees at the Dreamland Festival

Each year at the Dreamland Festival, Marla Frees does open readings of the audience, and each year, many of these readings are astonishing. They go far beyond the usual ‘psychic’…read more

Bryan De Flores and the Language of Light

…of reality very shortly, and here Marla Frees interviews him about his experiences and his expectations for the future. He sees profound changes for the better coming, and a lot…read more

Airports Make it Rain

…satellite images and weather forecasting computer models to examine how often this type of inadvertent cloud seeding may occur within 62 miles of six commercial airports: London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Charles…read more

William Henry’s Dreamland Presentation

…program and will offer the interview with Dr. Kelly as soon as possible. William Henry presented a mind-opening program at the Dreamland Festival about the Tree of Life and its importance…read more

Linda Moulton Howe’s Dreamland Festival Report

Linda Moulton Howe received a standing ovation at the Dreamland Festival on June 25 for a reason. It was one of the most extraordinary reports she has ever delivered. She…read more

Animals Under Pressure are Learning to Defend Themselves

…conditions. One critter that knows how to practice a special form of self-defense is the possum, which pretends to “sleep” until predators leave it alone. This has been such a…read more


Marie D. Jones has been a Dreamland guest and host for many years. A while back, she decided to form a UFO investigation group. Little did she know that the Men…read more

“Lost” UFO Files Tell a Chilling Truth

…was sparked by the crash of a secret Soviet reconnaisance plane near the base that contained children who had been disfigured by Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele would be laughable if…read more

We’ve Discovered Another Planet That Can Support Life

…have already encountered people from “another world,” and Anne Strieber has recorded eleven interviews with some of them, just for subscribers. Some of them even gain incredible powers from their…read more

Chris Dunn Explains Mysterious Markings Just found in the Queen’s Chamber

On June 6 it was announced that a robotic camera had taken pictures of strange markings in the Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Legendary pyramid expert…read more

Mysterious Events on the Sun

Mysterious particles are coming from the sun and now mysterious WAVES are too. A huge storm on the sun on June 7th spewed out a massive amount of solar plasma….read more

What’s the Truth about 2012?

…to mark the day of creation, just as our own calendar begins with the birth of Christ. For the Maya, Dec. 21, 2012, would have been a special date because…read more

Mysterious Particles are Coming From the Sun

A well-known characteristic of decaying matter–the rate of which has always been constant–has suddenly started behaving mysteriously, and this seems to be caused by a mysterious particle emanating from the…read more

Excellent article from OpenMinds on Night Vision UFO Video

…deal of previously unnoticed activity will be revealed. Unless these objects are spy craft that are not using FAA approved running lights, they are not only mysterious, their numbers suggest…read more

Are the Visitors About to Land, and if so Should We be Afraid…Maybe VERY Afraid?

…Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.” Then, on June 6 the National Geographic Channel aired a special on alien invasion…read more

Lee Speigel, the Area 51 Book, JFK and UFOs and Doug Henning’s Secret Powers

Folks, prepare to be stunned, amazed and overwhelmed as Lee Speigel takes us on what could easily be the interview journey of a lifetime. He and Whitley Strieber start with his…read more

Mysterious light videotaped over Philippines.

read more

Area 51 Book Anonymous Source Exposed

…US intelligence. According to Jacobsen, the source told her that deformed children created by Nazi scientist Dr. Joseph Mengele had been used in a craft of unexplained design that had…read more

Should We End the Patriot Act?

…governmental investigative powers can lead to. Austin, Texas political activist Scott Crow suspected for years that he was being watched by the FBI, but when he recently obtained his Freedom…read more

Sinister Forces in My Life

…fact, created something that could be the basis for a new flowering of humanity, at a time when the powers that be have entirely failed and have betrayed the human…read more

WE are Funding Al-Qaeda and the Taliban

…Weekly, Saeed Kamali Dehghan writes: “Close allies of Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been accused of using supernatural powers to further his policies amid an increasingly bitter power struggle between…read more

Is Someone Killing Off BP Whistleblowers?

Six years ago, people began to notice that microbiologists seemed to be mysteriously dying. Now the BP researchers seem to be have some kind of mysterious affliction as well. In…read more

The Old Edition of the Key was CENSORED, the New One is Not

…first edition suggests different types of aliens with differing agendas. The first edition added the idea that ‘creatures of the dark’ were present. There is nothing else in the book…read more

Future Soldiers May be Killer Robots

…one of the things that convinced Obama to send in the Seals? At our Dreamland Festival in June, we won’t have any robots–just the real, flesh-and-blood folks you’ve enjoyed so…read more

Hitler Planned UFO Attacks

…labored under the command of S.S. General Hans Kammler. German engineer Georg Klein claimed two types of flying disks had been created by the Nazis, and engineer Joseph Andreas Epp,…read more

The Secrets of Osama bin Laden

As the author of Sinister Forces, Peter Levenda is one of the world’s leading experts on the occult influences and hidden powers that have dominated world history from the beginning….read more

Pollution May be Killing Your Dog

…much less common. Bring your dog along to the Dreamland Festival in Nashville (if your hotel doesn’t mind)–the place is flower-filled in the summer, everyone seems to be walking around…read more

Watch Psychic Medium Marla Frees in Action

On a new video on Youtube, you can watch Dreamland host psychic medium Marla Frees “read” people and places (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–she diagnoses the cause of someone’s…read more

What Makes a Democracy

Dreamland’s conspiracy expert Jim Marrs (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), who will be holding court in a nearby pub (as usual) at our Dreamland Festival in June!…read more

Interesting interview with Richard Dolan. His ideas on disclosure:

read more

The God Particle, Conscious Energy and YOU

William Henry has been doing research into the very latest discoveries about the god particle, and Whitley Strieber interviews him in this special–and VERY special edition of Revelations about the profound…read more

Secrets in the Fields

…but not necessarily hoaxes, as he thinks that some of them are made by unknown means by people with special powers. Michael Glickman was with us two weeks ago, and…read more

Don’t Want to Take the Meeting? Send Your Avatar

…Nashville is “home turf” to the Dreamland Festival, because it’s centrally located, easy to get to, inexpensive and beautiful! Come hear your favorite Dreamland hosts tell about their latest adventures!…read more

The Amazing Story of a Long Time Polluter

…about 1.3 million pounds of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into New York’s Hudson River, devastating and contaminating fish populations. Now, 50 years later, one type of fish–the Atlantic tomcod–has not only…read more

A Smile is a Powerful Tool

…the lottery. We have a guaranteed way to make you smile: Come to our Dreamland Festival. You get to meet all your favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON, (NOTE: Subscribers can…read more


…Stanley Kubrick created the images we saw from the moon, and that we have been denied access to the real footage. This interview delves deeply into the dark heart of…read more

Pigs are Getting Aggressive

…Nashville, where we are holding our annual Dreamland Festival. Come meet all our favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–we’ll have a great time!…read more

Those Mysterious Booms are Back

Those mysterious booms are back–this time in Canada! Ontario’s Environment Ministry is investigating reports of mysterious rumblings in that part of the country. In the Windsor Star, Dave Battagello quotes…read more

More Japanese Volcanoes Ready to Erupt

Dreamland Festival. Come meet all your favorite hosts from our wonderful Dreamland radio shows IN PERSON (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but don’t delay: Our tickets sell…read more

Game Changing FBI Memos

…it adds, “Disc and balloon are being transported to Wright Field by special plane for examination.” The GAO mentioned nothing about the “disc” referenced in the memo. Or why the…read more

Can We Predict Our Future?

Dreamland Festival there every June. Come meet your favorite Dreamland hosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) and make new friends–we always have a great time–and interesting things…read more

The frantic efforts to debunk the Jerusalem UFO are fascinatingly creepy.

…doesn’t want people to believe that a UFO would single out the Dome of the Rock. Could there be a message here that the powers that be do not like,…read more

Will the ECETI Ranch be Forced to Close?

…in the world. The ranch has always been an irritant to a very conservative local community. James Gilliland describes in this heart-rending interview how he has been harrassed, including being…read more

Mysterious lights over Lafayette, Colorado

read more

Prehistoric USA

…news! Come hear all about it at our Dreamland Festival in June, where all your favorite Dreamland hosts will be presenting THEIR ideas about what will be happening in the…read more

Interesting Docu on Nazi Flying Saucers.

If this is true, then it’s quite fascinating. They mention that they have copies of German patents that prove that some very unusual and powerful engines were under development during…read more

Proof of a Coverup? The Strongest Evidence Yet.

…complete with interviews of some of the witnesses. To do so, type Rendlesham into our search engine and you will find not only her report, but also an extensive archive…read more

Grisly Medical Experiments–by OUR Government

…secret US government experiments have hurt PLENTY of people, including children. The government once performed medical experiments on disabled people and prison inmates, in the same way that the Nazis…read more

Missing Dad? Not a Problem

…can do is subscribe today. And come get a hug from all your favorite Dreamland hosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) at our Dreamland Festival in June!…read more

Secrets Beneath a Lake

…There’s no mystery about ONE thing: The great time everyone always has at our Dreamland Festival. You get to meet all your favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON, and–what is most…read more

The Mysterious Power of “Threes”

…what Marie D. Jones reveals to Anne Strieber and to us in this fascinating interview and in her new book, the Trinity: the Power of Three and the Code of…read more


…your favorite Dreamland hosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this special interview) will be there and you’ll make lots of new friends. Amazing things have been known to happen there:…read more

When Water is Weird

…major oil spills, like BP–NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this special report), so why not bivalves? Chronic water quality problems caused by agricultural and urban runoff, municipal wastewater, and…read more

First Person Bermuda Triangle Experience

This could be the single most extraordinary interview ever conducted on this website. Whitley Strieber and Starfire Tor talk to Bruce Gernon about his personal experience as a pilot encountering…read more

Brain Weapons

The way to win a war? Control your soldiers’ MINDS. It sounds like a movie plot (NOTE: This special interview is just for subscribers), but it’s TRUE: The Pentagon has…read more

Quantum Breakthrough

Tired of the scan and the pat down? The type of teleportation that we all remember from “Star Trek” may soon be a reality (It may be the way UFOs…read more

Blood Libel

…dead children were considered martyrs–several were elevated to sainthood by the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches.” And (of course) the phrase was also used to castigate Jews during the Naziread more

Don’t Mess with Texas

…a Prius not because its politically correct, but because I don’t care to be dependent on foreign powers, especially not Arab oil states. As we were leaving Texas, I was…read more

Unexplained Animal Deaths Worldwide–Updated with Map

…in a few months. Could UFOs somehow be responsible for these deaths? For more speculation, click here. For Dreamland guest Joseph Farrell’s insight into the animal deaths, click here. It’s…read more

Your Genes are PREHISTORIC

…and hips. However, a second type of fat-known as brown fat (BAT) is ht desirable. Researcher Youngsup Song says, “Brown fat tissue burns fat that has accumulated in white fat…read more

Mysterious lights in South Florida

read more


…reach your goals, whenever they come up. It’s something lucky people do (Did you know that Anne Strieber had her OWN radio show, “Mysterious Powers,” from 2004 to 2005? Subscribers…read more


…whether his predictions came true. This January, we’re also going to interview Starfire Tor about whether her 2009 predictions came true in 2010 (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these…read more

Dreamland Christmas Special: Our Fondest Hopes

We have two specials this year, one for Christmas and one for New Years. On Christmas, our hosts and some favorite guests discuss their fondest hopes for the coming year,…read more

UFOs and implants. Amazing interview, held secret by the interviewee until after his death.

Don’t miss this amazing interviewread more

Precognition Proved

…notice their powers. Listen to this interview and be empowered. Maybe we can’t learn psychic powers or even intensify them, but we CAN learn to notice what we do have,…read more

Remote Viewing Unbound

…remote viewers in history, with a long record of success both in the remote viewing program and in private practice. Here, he tells Dreamland’s psychic expert Marla Frees his gripping…read more

Next WikiLeaks May Involve Some UFO Files

interview with readers of the Guardian in the UK, he said there were some references to UFOs in “yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive.” During the interview, the paper’s site…read more

Fat Pollution

…to show that these fine particulates directly cause inflammation and changes in fat cells, both of which increase the risk for Type 2 diabetes.” According to the US Environmental Protection…read more

Alien face in window looks like the famous Rocket Films ‘Alien Interview’ face.

There is certainly something in the window, and the hand movements would take a good puppeteer. Also, this alien resembles the one in the famous ‘Alien Interview; video that was…read more

The dictatorship infrastructure is slipping into place.

All the policing powers needed by a dictator are now in place both in the United States and Europe. All that is needed is the dictator. But it will not…read more

Deborah Pratt’s Vision Quest

…Vision Quest. It is set in the near future, but it’s not apocalyptic. Deborah’s vision was that we can recover ancient powers such as telepathy and levitation that are part…read more

Due to a strange problem, this week’s unusually important Dreamland did not appear. This has been fixed. Do not miss this!

We set up Dreamland normally, but somehow it did not work. Be sure to listen:…read more

Mysterious Bird Deaths

First frogs start dying from a mysterious fungus, then bees begin dying off too. Now it’s birds (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)–wild bird populations in the Northwest and Alaska are…read more

Dreamland Listeners Report “Key” Experiences, by Whitley Strieber

Our website designer, James Beeson, has very kindly recovered this content from our old web site. Three Dreamland listeners have written to me about experiences that are similar to those…read more

The Road to Damascus

…which Jesus castigated Paul for bad-mouthing him, this started him on his entire ministry. We may think that the type of apocalyptic events that create great saints and missionaries are…read more

The Electric Man

Talk about Mysterious Powers! First we wrote about a young girl who appears to have magnetic hands. Now we have discovered a man who can conduct large amounts of electricity…read more

Close Encounter Witness “Nick” Can Predict Dates of Death

…and very usual interview with a close encounter witness who is coping with something that is far beyond the normal. Listen to how he copes with it, and reflect on…read more

A Scientist Shows Why Psychic Phenomena are Real

…iTunes. Go to iTunes, Store, Podcasts, Dreamland. You can also listen on your smartphone on RadioTime or Wunderradio. Search stations for Dreamland. To download the free version of Dreamland, click the…read more

Halloween Special

Every year since the beginning of Dreamland, we’ve presented a Halloween Special called Screamland. This year is no exception, this is a very serious show, and a very scary one….read more

Why people (and pigeons) always go for broke

…they’re lucky (NOTE: If you want to listen to all of Anne Strieber’s Mysterious Powers shows–including this one– subscribe today! NOTE: For a beautiful statement on ghosts and the film…read more

THE ACKERMAN ENIGMA: The Strange Case of Forrest J. Ackerman by Paul Davids

…I was inspired by the creativity of cinema special effects as FJA revealed those secrets in every issue–secrets that were then carefully guarded by many cinema makeup artists, animators and…read more

Baseball Science

…(NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to all Anne Strieber’s Mysterious Powers shows). Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Chinese Medicine

…be able to reduce the symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Researchers who gave emodin to mice with diet-induced obesity found that it lowered their blood glucose and improved their insulin…read more

Mysterious Powers

…if they are imbued with magnets. The Dateline Zero website quotes local university researcher Pavle Premovic as saying, “I’d say this is a kind of unknown bio-magnetism.” Meanwhile, another mysteriousread more

Witchcraft Trials

…letters from experiencers after Whitley published Communion, can tell us what these are! She has started a series of special interviews about UFO contact just for subscribers, with abductees and…read more

Old Folks

…click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you…read more

UN Appoints ET Ambassador

…to some of the people who are ALREADY in contact? Anne Strieber has: She’s started a series of special interviews about UFO contact just for subscribers, with abductees and experiencers,…read more

Measuring Male Lust

…search for good sources of roots, ripe berries or nuts, which they used their acute powers of observation to spot and collect [like shoes].” When our readers and listeners who…read more

Why Some Lose Weight & Others Don’t

…on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can…read more

Gas Free Cows

…as special subscriber interviews every week just for you, if you subscribe today. To learn more, click here and here. Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Why Some People are Superstitious

…YOU’RE lucky, because you can still listen to all of Anne Strieber’s Mysterious Powers shows. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Is Time Travel Possible?

…change. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click…read more

What’s the TRUTH about Afghanistan?

…finding out what REALLY happened during wars in the past. If you want to enjoy our great Dreamland shows while sipping your mug of coffee or tea in your favorite…read more

Thoughts on the Ninth Anniversary of 911

…War II ended, Franklin Roosevelt made a historically unfortunate decision. He determined that the British, French and Dutch empires should be destroyed along with the malignant Axis powers. His optimism,…read more

Mysterious Highway Incident

Famed crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has discovered abizarre and well documented story about an event that tookplace on the M-8 motorway in England in May of 2008. On hiswebsite…read more

Was the Universe Designed?

Mysterious Powers shows) combination of Earth-Sun distance and solar mass –far less remarkable, and far less compelling as evidence that the Earth was carefully designed just to please us human…read more

New Insight: Life of Laurence Gardner

Distinguished author and frequent Dreamland guest LaurenceGardner has died after a long illness which he foughtbravely. Over the years, Laurence thrilled and fascinatedDreamland audiences with brilliant interviews about hisimportant books,…read more

Famous Futurist to Speak on Wed.

in West Virginia – Futurist, friend and Dreamland guest (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) John Petersen returns to the Fairfax Coffeehouse on Wednesday, Aug. 18 16 6:30…read more

Nazis and Roswell

…3, 2010 , and you can read it here. Subscribers can also listen to Joseph Farrell’s previous Dreamland interviews, and to Linda Moulton Howe’s 2006 interview with Gary McKinnon. Joseph…read more

How to be Invisible

…started a series of special interviews with abductees and experiencers? If you want to know what contact is REALLY LIKE, don’t miss this incredible group of interviews! But in order…read more

Shadow of Stonehenge

…IT OUT, and he explains it all in our subscriber section. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and…read more

Deja Vu

Once and for all, WHAT IS DEJA VU? Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman explore the Deja Vu enigma with Anne Strieber in a wide-ranging interview that includes Larry’s riveting…read more

Music Helps Us Evolve

…for our subscribers. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive,…read more

Bees: What’s the Latest Buzz?

…caused a buzz is William Henry and you can listen to his podcast every week! If you want to keep his special interviews coming, please subscribe today! To learn more,…read more

Near Misses

…even more, click on the “donate” tab on our homepage). And here’s something special for subscribers: Mac Tonnies,the subject of this week’s Dreamland, was a remarkable investigator, and his untimely…read more

Our Universe: Born in a Black Hole?

…then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a…read more

UFO Shuts Down Chinese Airport

…series of special interviews, just for subscribers, with abductees and experiencers, and one of them is with this week’s Dreamland guest! If you want to know what contact is REALLY…read more

Can We Hear the Sound of God?

special interviews with abductees and experiencers. If you want to know what contact is REALLY LIKE, don’t miss this incredible group of interviews! But in order to hear them, you…read more

New Anne’s Diary: Marcelle

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: “Psychic medium (and Dreamland host) Marla Frees was one of the people who spokeat the Dreamland Festival this June. During her talk, as…read more

Military UFO Witness Speaks Out

…of nuclear weapons, and in this interview, Linda Moulton Howe reveals details of it that have neverbeen disclosed before as she interviews one of the Air Force personnel who was…read more

The Dreamland Festival: What Happened?

This year’s Dreamland Festival brought some startling information and experiences. Anne Strieber explained how the UFO experience is actually changing the human brain. William Henry brought a new vision of…read more

Human Testing

…that Whitley and Starfire Tor talk about on Dreamland. In one scandalous EPA test in the past, subjects were deceived into thinking they were taking drugs that were being tested,…read more

Help the People of the Sea

…it is that Whitley is beginning to notice timeslips more and more. This is a very special and important edition of Dreamland. You can do something to help the people…read more

TIDAL WAVE of UFO Disclosure

…data gathered to date by various European bodies and governments.” As usual, the US has some catching up to do. Anne Strieber has started a series of special interviews, just…read more

2012 Explanation?

…section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and…read more

Dreamland Special: The Spill–What You’re NOT Being Told

…what appears to be taking place is more of acoverup than a clean-up. To listen,click here.(Due to heavy traffic, there may be a delay). Listen to this riveting Dreamland specialread more

Were the Mayans Right?

…on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can…read more


…good AND bad luck! Did you know that she had her OWN radio show, “Mysterious Powers,” from 2004 to 2005? Now subscribers can listen to all 19 of those shows,…read more

Scientific Secrets of Ancient Egypt

…blue lotus? And what can modern science tell us about the amazing powers of Frankincense? Jungian analyst and astrologer Mary Lomando leads tours to Egypt and has spent much time…read more

It Happens Every Year

We SELL OUT the Dreamland Festival! – And this year is no exception: We have only 36 tickets left for our delightful Dreamland celebration in Nashville, June 25-27, so if…read more

How to Get to Mars?

…got the HUMAN Mars (Jim Marrs) at our Dreamland Festival again and we don’t have many tickets left, so if you want to raise a mug with one of the…read more

Abduction Wave in Indonesia

Dreamland interview this weekend! – We’ve all heard of cattle mutilations and some of us even know about cat mutilations (especially if they follow Linda Howe’s reports). In his graphic…read more

Conspiracy at Giza?

In his controversial new Insight, Egypt expert Andrew Collins, who is a frequent guest on Dreamland (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) explains what is behind recent accusations…read more

Alien Life on Earth

Dreamland Festival! We’ve had a delightful time in the past and we expect warm sunny weather again this year, so if you want to find out what your favorite Dreamlandread more

Have We Finally Achieved Contact?

Dreamland Festival in June. Come meet your favorite Dreamland hostsin person in beautiful Nashville! To learn more, click here and here. Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Whitley: Time Travel & an OBE

…talk to Whitley in person in June! Come talk to Anne Strieber too: She has started a series of special interviews, just for subscribers, with abductees and experiencers, so if…read more


…to Cocchi, “We don’t at this moment know if, how and when it may erupt.” We know something that WILL erupt again, in June: Our extraordinary Dreamland Festival! We’ve had…read more

Dreamland Festival Not Affected by Rain

Good news: The site of this year’s Dreamland Festival, which will be held on June 25-27, has NOT been flooded, so the show will go on! To find out what…read more

Unknowncountry Close Encounter Witness

This week, Anne Strieber talks to another member of the Unknowncountry community, “Steve.” Rather than explain what you should expect from this interview, we’ll let Steve tell you in his…read more

The First Responders

First, there was another implant surgery on April 24, and Whitley Strieber has an exclusive interview with Dr. Roger Leir. Then, we’ve read and seen and heard thousands of hours…read more

Drive Your Car Using Only Your Eyes

…Our great Dreamland Festival on June 25-27. Come meet all your favorite Dreamland people in person! Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Matrix Energetics at the Dreamland Festival

At the 2009 Dreamland Festival, Marla Frees used Matrix Energetics as part of her program. A number of the volunteers spontaneously collapsed during the session, and had to be caught…read more

Volcano May Have Grounded Planes

…to subscribe today (and click on the “donate” tab on our homepage too)! And come see Marla and all your other favorite Dreamland hosts at our Dreamland Festival in June!…read more

Not Science Fiction

…have demonstrated how brain waves can be used to type the alphabet and numbers on a computer screen. By merely focusing on the “q” in a group of letters, for…read more

Implant Proof

…But that’s a step away from what this Dreamland is about, because the much-studied implant removed from the body of scientist “John Smith” can now be shown to be something…read more

Implant Proof and the Failure of Science

…side of the masthead. 2. In iTunes, go to Podcasts and search on Dreamland. 3. On, search on Dreamland. 4. On your iPhone, use the Wunderadio app. Search on…read more

Vimana Craft–Are They Still With Us?

Serena Wright Taylor explains those mysterious Vimana craft described in ancient texts from India. What were they? Where did they come from? And are they still here? Join William Henry…read more

Starchild Skull-It is not Fully Human

…only have resulted from genetic design, and are there to strengthen the very light bone. This is the first of two extremely important Dreamland interviews. If you never, or rarely…read more

New Whitley’s Journal!

In his powerful new Journal, Whitley Strieber writes: “There is no apparent relationship between this week’s Dreamland and the show that will air next week, but, in fact, the two…read more

Two Profoundly Important Dreamlands

…search on Dreamland. 3. On, search on Dreamland. 4. On your iPhone, use the Wunderadio app. Search on Dreamland. 5. Download the program from our subscriber area, free of…read more

Elmendorf Beast Turns Up in China!

…A special Dreamland show on new DNA tests that have been done on “John Smith’s” implant (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Don’t miss a week of Dreamlandread more

Something ELSE Odd on Mars

…we’ll have to wait until we get there (if we ever do) before we solve some of these mysteries.We may not solve THIS mystery at our Dreamland Festival June 25-27,…read more

Is Your Boss Eating Too Many Sweets?

…June 25-27 and meet all your favorite Dreamland hosts in person? The FIRST 25 people who get tickets to the Dreamland Festival will get a FREE DVD of LAST YEAR’S…read more

Prius Problems Caused by Cosmic Rays?

…a Toyota spokesman as saying that their engines are “robust against this type of interference.” And WHERE you drive your Toyota doesn’t matter: Hyde quotes radiation expert William Price as…read more

Robot Roaches

…and all your favorite Dreamland hosts in person in June. The FIRST 25 people to get tickets to the Dreamland Festival in Nashville on June 25-27, will get a FREE…read more

War: What REALLY Happens

…against a special type of prejudice. Please help us win this fight: Subscribe today! And here’s ANOTHER reason to subscribe: Anyone who subscribes or renews for 6 months or more…read more

How to Make Things invisible

…favorite Dreamland hosts in person in on June 25-27. The FIRST 25 people to get tickets to the 2010 Dreamland Festival in Nashville will get a FREE DVD of LAST…read more

Monkey Pollution

…great radio shows and podcasts is to subscribe today! And come meet your favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON: The FIRST 25 people to get tickets to the Dreamland Festival in…read more

New Way to I.D. Criminals (and Everyone Else)

…to meet your favorite Dreamland hosts IN PERSON, you should know this: The FIRST 25 people to get tickets to the Dreamland Festival in Nashville on June 25-27, will get…read more

Nurse Fights!

…on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search…read more

UFO Captured on Google Earth?

…part of Google, I think it’s a pretty interesting find.” Art credit: Anne Strieber is starting a series of special interviews, just for subscribers, of abductees and contactees. If…read more

Mysterious Mummy Graveyard in Tibet

…access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that….read more

To Predict Future Quakes

Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for…read more

Earthquakes and HAARP

…is strictly private, you will not be spammed. Register here. Join the Dreamland Team at the Dreamland Festival! To book now, click here! Subscribers, you get an automatic 10% discount….read more

Miracle Drug Found on Easter Island

…our subscriber section. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive,…read more

Mysteries of Space

…to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, be sure to subscribe today! To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews…read more

Dolphins & Whales in Danger

…are able to enjoy schools of other types of fish that swim around the trawler. “The problem is that this type of fishing endangers the dolphins. Eight dolphins die each…read more

The Mysterious Placebo Effect

Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for the…read more

Blacks Get Different Diseases

…between race and the development of diseases such as type II diabetes and heart disease. Could factors such as differences in lifestyle or access to health care play a role,…read more

Elephant Talk

…happen tomorrow, be sure to subscribe today! To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you…read more

Are the Grays Autistic?

…a kind of emotionless precision that makes them seem like biological entities. I was reminded this when I read an interview with Temple Grandin, the world’s most famous autistic, by…read more

Airport Scanners & Lead: Reason to Panic?

…easy (at least for the coming year). NOTE: In her current Dreamland report, Linda Howe disagrees with this assessment! If you’re sick of airport security, you can visit (or revisit)…read more

Those Winter Olympics

…Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do…read more

Extinction: Is it in OUR Future?

…then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a…read more

The More You Try to Save

…the most interesting speakers who’ll ever hear: our Dreamland hosts! If you missed it last year, you can now get our Dreamland Festival DVD set: Seven and a half hours…read more


…what this is all about just for subscribers! To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until…read more

Should We Store our DNA in Case Doomsday Comes?

…to subscribe today! It’s our To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Specialread more

Asteroids Collide

…are doing here and WHY. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Specialread more

Will Disclosure Mean the End of Religion?

…[of Jesus on other planets] or a reason why this planet and this species was singled out for special attention.” In contrast to this, Griggs quotes a fundamentalist Christian’s reply…read more

Were We Smarter Before?

…description sound familiar? Perhaps the Visitors are really time travelers, as Anne Strieber discusses on our first Dreamland show of 2010) NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The…read more

Valentine’s Day, 2010

…their eyes glittering with excitement as their pack progressed through the mysterious world. They brought ideas and instincts to their life together that were utterly different from hers, but their…read more

UFO Hunter Bill Birnes

…Journey to the Light. And this is a just plain incredible interview. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for this…read more

Will We Drown?

…party, where you can listen to some of the most interesting speakers who’ll ever hear: our Dreamland hosts! If you missed it last year, you can now get our Dreamlandread more

Crazy but Possible

…and three hours or a desktop computer for around a half hour. Finally, what if you could attend last year’s Dreamland Festival without actually being there? The incredible Dreamland Festival…read more

What Will 2010 Bring?

…more of it than we expect! A commercial was inadvertently placed in the subscriber audio file of this edition of Dreamland. We are committed to commercial-free Dreamland for subscribers, and…read more

UFOs and the National Security State

Richard Dolan is the world’s best UFO historian, and in this interview with Whitley Strieber he discusses his take on the abduction phenomenon, MJ-12 and the reasons for UFO secrecy…read more

Bee Mystery SOLVED

…access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that….read more

The Search for Alien Life

On this week’s Dreamland, (and at last year’s Dreamland Festival), we addressed the question: “Is there anybody out there?” This refers not to whether life exists elsewhere in the universe,…read more

Is the World Really a Hologram?

…are doing here and WHY. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Specialread more

What is Haitian Religion?

…to dowith making “pacts with the devil.” Subscribers can listen to an interview Whitley Strieber did with Vodou priest Kenaz Filan in our subscriber section. Go to the Dreamland Archive…read more

Embarrassing Science

…genetically-modified food! While these inventions are amusing, the US has done some experiments in the past that definitely aren’t funny! Whitley set aside these 2 weeks for Dreamland interviews about…read more

‘Trees’ on Mars?

…That’s why Whitley set aside the next 2 weeks for Dreamland interviews about child abuse, a topic that has long been of vital interest to him. This week he investigates…read more

Baby Face

…enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive…read more

Chimps Can Talk Too

…To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on…read more

‘Green’ Energy Grid

…the next 2 weeks for Dreamland interviews about child abuse, a topic that has long been of vital interest to him. This week, just for subscribers, he talks about his…read more

Dumpster Divers in Space?

…during the holidays) and have missed some of our great Dreamland shows (such as our first show of 2010, in which Anne Strieber explains what the black box that so…read more

The Big One in Seattle?

…you which one will be the trigger.” Whitley has set aside the next 2 weeks for Dreamland interviews about child abuse, a topic that has long been of vital interest…read more

Tiny Particles

…today! And this week, just for subscribers, Whitley talks about his childhood memories of being abused at the hands of the government, perhaps as part of the Nazi “paperclip” project….read more

That Mysterious Blue Light

…and she explains it all in a special audio just for you! Art credit: NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

2010 New Year’s Special

special. Listen as they bring their very different approaches to 2010–Marla as an intuitive, William with his extraordinary grasp of the past, Jim with his understanding of how hidden power…read more

Coffee Doesn’t Sober You Up

…people to realize they’re drunk. And popular caffeinated “alcohol-energy” drinks don’t neutralize alcohol intoxication either. Researcher Thomas Gould says, “The myth about coffee’s sobering powers is particularly important to debunk…read more

Christmas Special

…at We’re looking forward to a great 2010. May we all be blessed with much that is good. This special program is presented commercial free. NOTE: This show summary,…read more

A City 200,000 Years Old

At last, the wonderful Lloyd Pye subscriber interview has been repaired, and is now a beautiful listening experience. A very strange group of ruins have been found in southern Africa,…read more

Christian Communities in Peril

…individual, they have done so because of the influence of Christian civilization. For example, the Japanese constitution, promulgated after World War II when Japan was occupied by the western powers,…read more

When Stars Explode

type of supernova explosion left behind relatively symmetric, circular remnants, while other debris is distinctly more asymmetric. Astronomer Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz says, “If we can link supernova remnants with the typeread more

That Mysterious Underwater City

…on Mars that are strikingly similar to the images recently found in the Caribbean. Either they represent the same type of artifacting, or there are similar ruins on Mars. For…read more

The Norway Lights 1 Hour Special

…test, but is that all that happened? Listen as William Henry first interviews Mark Gray about the phenomenon and its possible significance, then, in the second half hour, William and…read more

Whitley Strieber and Mark Gaffney Talk REAL Change

…Soviet Union ended, a new one with radical Islam began. Mark Gaffney says “I believe that the powers that be in our country needed another enemy,” and so they betrayed…read more

One Way to Save the Earth

…The Master of the Key told Whitley that the parents of the child who would have taken us into space was killed in a Nazi concentration camps. He said other…read more

Mysterious Light at the Edge of the Galaxy

…October, has spotted a band of mysterious high-energy emissions. On the Skywatchers website, Clara Moskowitz quotes IBEX investigator David mcComas as saying, “The IBEX results are truly remarkable, with emissions…read more

WTC7 Collapse PLUS Linda Howe

First, Linda Howe interviews Derek Bridges of Overton, Hampshire, England about a videotape he made of a water buffalo ascending into a UFO and disappearing. This interview with this straightforward…read more

Sit Up Straight!

For a job interview, for meeting a potential mate – Your first grade teacher was right: Sitting up straight in your chair isn’t just good for your posture, it also…read more

On NOT Going to a Movie about UFOs

…in the public. However, I sometimes wonder why no one seems interested in hiring me as a consultant for this type of film, since having read so many letters and…read more

That Mysterious Blue Light

People who witness UFOs often comment that they shine a bright lights onto the ground in a single color: blue. Now science may have made some progress in finding out…read more

Reincarnation is Real

This week on Dreamland I interview Bruce and Andrea Leininger about what I believe to be the most convincing reincarnation story ever told. Their book, Soul Survivor, is about their…read more

Halloween Special

…one of them is true! Listen as Whitley interviews her about some of the strangest things you will ever hear. A shipwreck on a lonely rock. The crew and passengers…read more

Anne Strieber’s Dreamland Stargate Talk

This week exclusively for our subscribers we offer Anne Strieber’s Dreamland Stargate talk. Listen as she tells the story of the visitors in a way you have never heard it…read more

Are Older People More Racist?

…what might be expected: It’s OLDER people who are carrying signs calling him a “Nazi.” When we think about it, most of us are used to seeing young people in…read more

Vibration IS Reality

…of direct relationship between the human mind and the physical world around us. Don’t miss the wisdom and the knowledge in this interview. The new powers we need so urgently…read more

Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Stargate Presentation

Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Stargate presentation is available for listening. It offers new information about 2012 and a whole new insight into the changes that are taking place, and how they…read more

What is HARPS?

HARPS is not the same as the mysterious Alaskan installation known as HAARP, which is mentioned in this week’s Dreamland. HARPS, located in Chile, stands for High Accuracy Radial Velocity…read more

Regaining Lost Powers

…as William Henry interviews David Sereda about the bone-chilling reasons that we turned away from this reality and began, as a society, to live the lie that the universe is…read more

Swine Flu Virus is Mutating

Will the vaccine still work when we finally get it? – Linda Moulton Howe will be back on Dreamland this week with a special report on the mutating Swine Flu…read more

Synchronicities and the Dreamland Stargate Experience

…to a Strieber interview launch, the interview is promoted through the Unknown Country website. The interviews are recorded and not live. One of the written Unknown Country – Dreamland promotions,…read more

Mysterious Increase in Cosmic Rays

An echo of Whitley’s new novel! – Whitley’s latest novel The Omega Point, which will be published in June, is about energy from a distant supernova entering our solar system…read more

Subscriber Shockers

Many of our listeners have written to tell us how much they enjoyed Anne Strieber’s interview with William Henry in last week’s subscriber section. In last Wednesday’s subscriber chat, she…read more

Screening of Crop Circle Film Talked About on Dreamland

TONIGHT! – Come watch the best film about crop circles that we’ve ever seen! Whitley will be there in person to introduce it. It will be shown on Sunday, September…read more

Special from Whitley Strieber: Night Thoughts

An extraordinary treat from Whitley Strieber: Night Thoughts. Over half an hour he describes the way his mind is changing as it leaves the barriers of time and space…read more

Let’s Recover the Spiritual Power of the Founding Fathers and Take Our Country Back

…the voters. And the White House is paralyzed by the need to compromise with special interests. These special interests ARE the moneychangers, and the Capitol is OUR temple! The only…read more

Who Were The Mysterious Builders of the Past?

…as saying, “I don’t know how to do it today without mechanical equipment.” This is yet another mysterious ancient monument that baffles scientists, who can’t figure out how it was…read more

Portents, Synchronicities (and Coincidences?)

…priest, who gave the sermon, made a special point of saying that we need to keep our ears open, to listen and notice what is going on around us, so…read more

Starfire Tor and Time Magic

…result of being with her and knowing her.” This interview chronicles some of those experiences and documents an astonishing and massive event involving the Los Angeles fires that Starfire predicted…read more

Coming Loose in Time

This week’s Dreamland (09/05/09) features an interview with a pioneering timeworker, Starfire Tor. The reason is that, as our relationship to time changes, certain people are tuning to it in…read more

Lucid Dreaming

What is a lucid dream, and what use are they? Popular Dreamland guest and PSIence author Marie D. Jones, hosting Dreamland for the first time, explores these questions with lucid…read more

Dreamland Now Available

Due to an error, Dreamland was not posted at the usual timeon The show, featuring Robert Temple’slatest research on the Sphinx, is now available by clickingon “Listen Now” beside…read more

Comic Artists as Prophets

…fact that Superman was created to retaliate against the Nazi idea of the superman, and that the Nazis were working on a ‘super serum’ that would transform ordinary men into…read more

Real Secrets of Alchemy

…the Dreamland and Special Interview archives and search on White Powder Gold.) Now listen to the spectacular new information that Joseph Farrell has discovered not only about White Powder Gold,…read more

Apocalypse 2012

…how you will react to this interview as Whitley explores such burning questions as the relationship between Mayan prophecy and the Book of Revelation with Robert Gleason. Don’t miss a…read more

Two Surprising Events

…made the film Jesus in India), and I met the other two filmmakers through our friend, hospice physician John Lerma, whom we have also interviewed on Dreamland. The English author…read more

Mysterious Chemtrail

…this type are indeed present in our atmosphere. The one shown in the photos offered on is emitting a massive contrail or aerosol. The photos were taken over Vail,…read more

Mysterious Goo!

Something thick and gooey (a mysterious substance that has yet to be identified) is floating in the Arctic waters off Alaska. The Coast Guard has collected samples to test, but…read more

Stunning Crop Formation Virtually Ends the Debate

…true work of art. This week, Revelations, Dreamland and this website aredevoted to the crop formation phenomenon. Be sure to listento Dreamland and Revelations and, for Unknowncountry.comsubscribers, to the amazing…read more

New Kind of Hurricane This Season

…new type of El Nimo, known as El Nino Modoki (from the Japanese meaning “similar, but different”), forms in the Central Pacific, rather than the Eastern Pacific as the typical…read more

The Curry Cure

…in their lymph node size.” Here at, we CARE about your health, which is why we have a FREE diet book for you. Many people at the recent Dreamlandread more

The Amazing Dreamland Festival

I have been trying to figure out how to write about this year’s Dreamland Festival and having a hard time. Some things happened there that were beyond the extraordinary, and…read more

Watch ‘Em, Don’t Eat ‘Em

…our Dreamland Festival this weekend, but we WILL be serving up lots of great conversation. You’ll have an opportunity to chat with your favorite Dreamland hosts at meals and had…read more

Another Stonehenge Found

…because their remains still interfere with crop growth on the farmland on which they’re located. Art credit: Lucy Pringle Come join us at this week’s Dreamland Festival: Tickets are almost…read more

Time Slips

One of the things that Whitley talks about on this week’s Dreamland is how his implant has changed him: he has experienced time slips. This is something that Robert Koontz…read more

SEE Whitley Talk with Implant Signals Scientist on June 15

As part of our ongoing Dreamland interviews with contactees, on Monday, June 15 Pacific, Whitley will interview Dr. Robert Koontz, who will discuss how implants in the bodies of abductees…read more

Should You Worry?

…wonderful talks at our Dreamland Festival this year. Our Dreamland regulars will all be there: Jim Marrs will focus (as usual) on conspiracy, beer and the Nazis among us. Whitley…read more

Why Do We Live the Way We Do?

…city that’s full of secrets, which is why we’re holding our Dreamland festival there again this year. If you want to join us, act quickly: your favorite Dreamland hosts will…read more

We Miss It if We Don’t Get Enough

…like “girl talk,” remember that three of your favorite women will be presenting at our Dreamland Festival in June. Marla Frees will be doing what she calls a “gallery reading,”…read more

What are You Doing in There?

…(bathroom and otherwise) at our Dreamland Festival in June, giving you lots of time to meet and talk with like-minded friends between presentations from our Dreamland hosts (plus Marla Frees…read more

The Blob

No, it’s not something out of an old 1950’s horror movie. It’s a mysterious object that lies deep beneath central Nevada, underneath the Great Basin. This mysterious blob is 30-60…read more

SEE Whitley Interview UFO Researcher Leo Sprinkle TODAY

GOING ON NOW! – Today at 1 pm Pacific Whitley will interview Dr. Leo Sprinkle, who has spent many years interviewing UFO contactees and collecting information about UFOs. Unknowncountry’s live…read more

The OPPOSITE of Placebos

…but that we let YOU know in our “News of the Edge.” If you like secrets, come to the Dreamland Festival, where you can meet all your favorite Dreamland hosts…read more

Whale Talk

…our Dreamland Festival in June, but there WILL be a lot of good talk from our fascinating Dreamland hosts that you just won’t hear anywhere else. So get the right…read more

Why It’s Good to Go Green

…you can have breakfast and lunch with your favorite Dreamland hosts at our Dreamland Festival, which is coming up SOON on June 26-28. Come dine with us and talk to…read more

SEE Whitley Interview Michael Glickman TODAY

…Whitley as he interviews Glickman and you can text questions to him during the interview. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

What Did You Wear to the Beach on Memorial Day?

…so you can listen to our incredible Dreamland interviews in your car and in other places away from your computer. You get all this for less than $4 per month….read more

A Signal for SETI

…to judge everything by our own technology.” Art credit: Three of your favorite women will be presenting at our Dreamland Festival in June. Marla Frees will be doing what…read more

That Mysterious Hum: A New Theory

…identified. Generally they cannot be recorded, and yet people complaining of them do not have diseases like tinnitus, or chronic ringing in the ears. Mysterious booming sounds are another mysteriousread more

When NOT to Take Vitamins

…to insulin, and thus helps protect against Type II diabetes. BBC News quotes researcher Sarah Aldred as saying, “It doesn’t mean that antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E are…read more

Meet Marla in Person THIS WEEKEND

May 22-25 & it’s not too late to get tickets! – Visit beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho on the weekend of May 22-25 and find out, from Dreamland host Marla Frees,…read more

SEE Whitley Interview about 2012 GOING ON NOW

…protected feature On Tuesday, May 19 at 1 p.m. Pacific, our subscribers can watch Whitley as he interviews Lawrence E. Joseph, author of Apocalypse 2012: An Investigation into Civilization’s…read more

How to Succeed in Math

…old ideas, they also help create new ones. The information could be helpful to teachers (who might want to do something along the lines of invent a “YMCA” type song…read more

STILL the Best Medicine

…off the summer RIGHT: Come see all your favorite Dreamland hosts at our Dreamland Festival in beautiful Nashville in June (and get a psychic reading from Marla Frees!) William Henry…read more

Giants, Reptilians and Steve Quayle

Whitley and Steve were not even close to being finished when Dreamland came to the end of its scheduled time, and what happened in the subscriber section takes astonishing to…read more

Is Acupuncture Real or Fake?

Three types of acupuncture therapy, an individually tailored program, standard therapy and a simulation involving toothpicks at key acupuncture points, are equally effective for chronic low back pain, even though…read more

If You Work the Night Shift

…take is to the Dreamland Festival in beautiful Nashville on June 26-28. We’ve found an affordable hotel, and we guarantee you’ll have fun (and unlike many vacations, you’ll come home…read more

Live Video Cam of Whitley Interview GOING ON NOW

Unknowncountry’s live video feed is now available in oursubscriber section only, as a password protected feature It will be used for prerecordingDreamland and for live video meditations with WhitleyStrieber…read more

Science and Reincarnation

…one of the most profound discussions of reincarnation and how it actually works that we have ever presented on Dreamland. During the interview, Anne Strieber tells a wonderful story about…read more

New Revelations Show about Shroud of Turin

…week, popular Dreamland host William Henry has a NEW interview up in his Revelations show. This time, he interviews Tim Wallace-Murphy about what happened to the shroud, and you can…read more

How to Find a Fossil

…up. Make sure this year will be a good one for you by starting off the summer RIGHT: Come see all your favorite Dreamland hosts at our Dreamland Festival in…read more

Coming Closer: A Chance to be Invisible

…NOT invisible, that are right in front of us. One person who shows us what’s really there is Dreamland host William Henry, who has a new show called Revelations. Come…read more

Nazi Power NOW

Jim Marrs interviews Joseph Farrell on the persistence of secret Nazi power in the modern world, and the results are explosive. You have never heard Joseph Farrell go so deep…read more

Are Joseph Mengele’s Experiments STILL Going On?

…the continuation of Nazi power after the war. Peter Levenda tells of going to a Nazi memorabilia shop in Buenos Aires, and being invited to a Nazi meeting in the…read more

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

There are only 200 places, don’t get turned away! – We hear what you’re saying: we’ve made this year’s Dreamland Festival even more affordable and even MORE fun! Our Dreamlandread more

Where Was the Shroud All Those Years?

…Tim Wallace-Murphy this question in an upcoming Revelations interview! The medieval knights known as the Templars hid and secretly worshipped the Shroud of Turin for more than 100 years after…read more

Improve Your Future

…over (or never happened), but alas, we can’t. We’re hoping to be able to hold our wonderful Dreamland Festival in Nashville again on June 26-28, but in order to make…read more

Anne’s Diary: Like Radar…but Different

…her diary and see! Did you know that Anne Strieber had her OWN radio show, ?Mysterious Powers,? from 2004 to 2005? Now subscribers can listen to all 19 of those…read more

Like Radar…But Different

…none of the actors in the film were there. Also, this was not the type of screening where feedback was wanted: No one was handing out questionnaires afterwards, urging us…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back

Over the past six weeks, mysterious booming sounds have been heard across the United States and western Canada. Each event has brought a new set of explanations, all of them…read more

SEE Whitley Record Dreamland TODAY

Dreamland will again be recorded on a live feed on Tuesday, April 21 at 10AM Pacific. You will be able to watch Whitley record the show and listen to both…read more

New William Henry Show!

Popular host William Henry will still be doing Dreamland interviews, but he has a NEW show called “Revelations,” in which he will do short, 30 minute interviews with some of…read more

Why Do We Scratch That Itch?

…itching to get back to Nashville again?and we’ve put some of their testimonials up on this week?s Dreamland. So scratch that itch and come to this year’s Dreamland Festival on…read more

Women Have Better Smellers

…tuned?if scientists recommend it, you can be sure that will report it! Art credit: Two of your favorite women will be presenting at our Dreamland Festival in June….read more

Twitter Morals

If you Twitter, you should realize that rapid-fire media of this type may confuse your moral compass and you may end up sending messages that are harsher than a live…read more

Run our Cars on…Water?

…cars of the future will be different from the,past…because the future will be different. But HOW will it be different? Learn more about what’s going to happen tomorrow at…read more

SEE Anne Strieber Record Dreamland on Monday

Dreamland will again be recorded on a live feed on Monday, April 13 at 10AM Pacific, and this time you’ll get to watch Anne Strieber interview Dr. John Lerma (the…read more

Alas, you CAN’T see Whitley Record Dreamland on Wednesday!

He has laryngitis! – Since Whitley can’t talk, he can’t interview Michael Newton (author of Journey of Souls and Life Between Lives), but Dreamland will again be recorded on a…read more

UFO Shot by Mono Lake Webcam March 23

…from experiencers that I’ve read, I’ve noticed that clear orbs of this type are commonly sighted. I clearly remember reading a letter in which an observer described seeing several orbs…read more

The Striebers are IN Race to Witch Mountain

…In the film, a UFO expert struggles to help alienchildren who are of interest to a malign secretorganization that seeks to capture them and make use oftheir unique powers. Such…read more

Huge UFO Sighting in China

…for over 30 minutes. Many residents called the local newspaper to report these sightings. On the All News Web, Michael Cohen describes an interview with a Mrs. Zhou, who spotted…read more

See DC Through William’s Eyes

On Dreamland AND in person! – On this week’s Dreamland, William Henry gives you a look at a completely different view of Washington, D.C.! You can experience this FOR YOURSELF:…read more

A New Type of Terrorist

A new type of terrorist has emerged in recent years: the FEMALE suicide bomber. In his new novel Critical Mass, Whitley Strieber points out that in the Koran, committing suicide…read more

Echo Bodine’s Dark Journey to the Light

Whitley Strieber interviews psychic and healer Echo Bodine about her long and troubled struggle with alcoholism, drug addiction, financial troubles and an unwillingness to accept her powers–and her triumph over…read more

Valentine Special: Love and Well-Being

Our resident psychic medium Marla Frees is an expert on the relationship between psychic energy and physical well-being, and here she interviews on of the great masters of just how…read more

Why You Should Wear Red

…us, there’s a chance we might still be here tomorrow!This week, subscribers get to learn something special about the color RED and something even more special from Anne and Whitley!…read more

This Coming Valentine’s Day, Remember

…something special about the color RED and something even more special from Anne and Whitley! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

John Hogue’s 2009 Prophecy Special

Fresh from his two History Channel shows, our resident prophet John Hogue takes a look at what’s going to happen in 2009. First, Whitley asks if there are any Nostradamus…read more

Whitley Talks Tough: an Interview About His Upcoming Las Vegas Speech.

…Las Vegas. On January 22nd, Whitley gave an interview to a local radio station on the subject of his speech there February 15, in which will be about what the…read more

Our Growing Website Community

New blog by a Dreamland listener – Unknowncountry and Dreamland fan Jim Boyle has created a blog on called Navigating Dreamland that comments on Dreamland and keeps up with…read more

New Vintage Dreamland Posted for Subscribers

This was broadcast live 8 years ago, on New Year’s Eve 2000. It features Linda Moulton Howe on Trends for 2001 and William Henry (who was not yet a Dreamlandread more

Mysterious Orange UFO Captured on Video

Same type of UFO was seen in Texas! – We’ve all heard about the strange blue light, but mysterious orange lights are commonly seen in the sky as well?including those…read more

Orbs: What are They?

Many Dreamlanders photograph orbs. At the Dreamland Festival, there were dozens of photographs of orbs taken, especially around Anne Strieber. But what are they? Some of us think of them…read more

More Than Meets the Eye?

?controversy about a mysterious new building in Washington, DC – A month ago, we posted a story about William Henry’s incredible revelation that the US Capitol building works as stargate…read more

The Coming Depression

…to make a withdrawal and find it mysteriously closed. Then the bank across town was closed. Then all the banks in town were closed. Then the lack of credit and…read more

Morphing into a Light Body

…his new presentation Morph is to demonstrate just what the ancients did to achieve enlightenment. In this interview, he tells us what enlightenment meant to them, the powers it gave…read more

Is Change Really on the Way?

…especially, civilliberties, with new powers for the FBI. In a New Scientist blog, Paul Marks writes, “The latest request from the Pentagon jars the senses. At least, it did mine….read more

Is Anne Strieber a Pagan?

Shortly after I did the subscriber interview with Dawn Brunke, a listener wrote and asked, “Is Anne Strieber a pagan?” I was scratching my head over that one, but then…read more

How You Can Hear MORE

Bert Janssen, the weekend’s Dreamland guest, will be speaking about crop circles at a conference in Sedona, Arizona January 9-11. William Henry, who did the subscriber interview with Bert, has…read more

Economic Info You Need Now

Every January, Dreamland?­s resident prophet John Hogue comes on the show and prophesies for the new year, and every July??usually??we have him back on and hold his feet to the…read more

Immigration: Follow the Mice

…is that the Norwegian Vikings were taking these mice around and they were taking a particular genetic type; because there are all sorts of genetic types and the particular typeread more

William Henry Speaking in La Jolla THIS WEEKEND

Popular Dreamland host William Henry will be appearing with some previous Dreamland guests at a conference in La Jolla, CA that runs through Sunday, Oct. 5. For more information, click…read more

The MJ 12 Papers, Explosive New Information

Linda Moulton Howe interview Robert Wood, who, with his son Ryan, has spent many years studying leaked government documents relating to the UFO phenomenon and alien contact. Over the course…read more

What’s It Like?…To Have a TV Crew Shoot in Your Home?

…subject seriously, so we said yes. Part of the shooting consisted of interviews with so-called “abductees”–many of whom have implants (just like Whitley has). The film crew also wanted to…read more

Near Death Experiences–What Happens When You Come Back?

…a near death experience. Then Linda Howe interviews a drone witness who had the most vivid and closest encounter ever…and the most disturbing. PMH Atwater has been on Dreamland many…read more

CERN Powers Up

The Large Hadron Collider, also known asCERN, cost $10billion an is located on the border between France andSwitzerland. It wasactivated today. And don’t worry: A new report provides the mostcomprehensive…read more

A British Privacy Advocate Speaks Out

…state is never guaranteed. The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) legislates for using methods of surveillance and information gathering to help the prevention of crime, including terrorism ….read more

Russia and the West: A Danger Returns.

Powers did battle with the Russian Empire, which then collapsed in the October Revolution of 1917. As a result of this collapse, Russia’s buffer states, which it had acquired to…read more

What REALLY Happened?

…this week’s Dreamland! Art credit: Don’t miss a single week of Dreamland, one of the most extraordinary radio shows ANYWHERE! Need to catch up on your listening? Regular….read more

Who I Think the Visitors Are by Anne Strieber

…Over the years, we have received many letters connecting the spirits of the dead with visitors. This type of anecdote is anathema to old line UFO researchers, who want the…read more

Incredible Experiences

A few days ago, Anne Strieber received identical emails from Dreamland expert hosts William Henry and Marla Frees. Both of them had extraordinary experiences–different, but each in its own way…read more

Vintage Dreamland for Subscribers

…features Whitley interviewing Jose Arguelles about the Mayan calendar, and elements of the interview arestartlingly prophetic. The second is Whitley’s FIRST interview with William Henry, which is about the hidden…read more

The Continuing Menace of Nazi Secret Research

Dreamland favorite Joseph Farrell is back, this time revealing secrets about concealed Nazi advances in physics to our resident expert on official secrecy, Jim Marrs. This interview contains information about…read more

Whitley Strieber and Joseph Farrell

interviews Joseph Farrell about the fact that Nazi scientific investigations did not end in 1945, but actively continued in Latin America, with the objective of restoring Nazi influence worldwide. ARE…read more

Recent UFO Crashes: Now it’s Nevada

Dreamland on May 3, and is available for listening in our subscriber archive. Meanwhile, the previously unthinkable has occurred: UFO investigator Nick Pope, who has appeared on Dreamland and even…read more

Distinguished Brazil General Says ‘UFO Secrets Must Be Disclosed’

…Pereira can be also found in the same folder. This interview was conducted with the participation of Fernando de Aragao Ramalho and Roberto Affonso Beck, special consultants to Brazilian UFO…read more

Jim Marrs, Bob Hieronimus and WHO is Stealing Our Freedom?

This turns into a totally unexpected and stunning interview about, of all things, drugs. That’s right, drugs and the efforts made by the powers that be to spread the use…read more

It Was a Festival, All Right

…Fourth Reich.” Jim is not the quiet type, especially when he’s got a few beers in him (and the “Saucer” specializes in a wide variety of beers on tap), so…read more


…credit: Come meet Anne Strieber (and our other Dreamland hosts) IN PERSON at our wonderful, intimate Dreamland Festival! She will be handing out her Green Man diaries, printed on…read more

Linda Howe on Coast to Coast AM TONIGHT

…this week’s Dreamland. You can meet Linda IN PERSON at our Dreamland Festival this weekend, and it’s NOT too late to get tickets! NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Asteroids Hit More Often Than We Think

…EXPERT on this! Come meet him (and our other Dreamland hosts) IN PERSON at our wonderful, intimate Dreamland Festival! Art credit: To learn more, click here and here. NOTE:…read more

Major Nation Will Drown

…our home page. And come MEET your favorite Dreamland hosts this weekend at our Dreamland Festival! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

Helicopter Chases UFO

… Next week on Dreamland, UFO researcher Stanton Friedman talks with Whitley about “Flying Saucers & Science,” and subscribers get to listen to Jim Marrs talk to Tim Good about…read more

Severed Feet: Cause May Have Been Found

…to the past?the DEEP past?Dreamland host William Henry is an EXPERT! Come meet him (and our other Dreamland hosts) IN PERSON at our wonderful, intimate Dreamland Festival! To learn more,…read more

Water World is REAL

…listen to and return to, day after day: subscribe today. And come MEET your favorite Dreamland hosts at our upcoming Dreamland Festival! To learn more, click here and here. NOTE:…read more

They DID It!

…SUPPORT! So give to the website you love and return to, day after day: subscribe today. And come MEET your favorite Dreamland hosts at our upcoming Dreamland Festival! NOTE: This…read more

How to Make Golf Courses REALLY Green

…can do better in the future and Dreamland host William Henry is an EXPERT on this! Come meet him (and our other Dreamland hosts) IN PERSON at our wonderful, intimate…read more

What is Music?

…suspected for centuries that the mysterious force that shapes the melodies that catch the ear is nothing other than math?geometry, to be precise. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras described pleasing musical…read more

Learn About ET Film on This Week’s Dreamland!

Coming SOON: Stan Romanek will tell HIS side of the story! – Subscribers get to listen to international UFO researcher Paola Harris describe the film of an alleged ET peeking…read more

Marla Frees with Sonia Choquette

The author of “Trust Your Vibes” is interviewed by Dreamland’s resident expert, psychic medium, Marla Frees, about intuitive living. Then Linda Howe’s guest gives us what ranks as one of…read more

Interview with Whitley’s Implant Doctor on YouTube

You can now see a conversation on YouTube between Whitley and John Lerma, the doctor who tried (and failed) to remove Whitley?s implant. To watch it, click here. NOTE: This…read more

UFO News: Explosion Over Houston, Crash in Vietnam

…enjoy our great Dreamland shows AWAY FROM YOUR COMPUTER, then subscribe today so you can download them to an MP3 disc! For a lot of us, those wonderful Dreamland shows…read more

Microbe Madness

…unknowncountry, we know ALL about exercise! Art credit: Wish you could listen to Dreamland while doing your housework? You can! If you want to enjoy our great Dreamland shows…read more

We’re Looking Forward to Meeting SO MANY of You

…at our FIRST Dreamland Festival June 27-29! – We talked about holding a Dreamland festival and YOU responded! The result: we’re filling up fast and the number of tickets is…read more

Michio Kaku

Alex Jones was unable to do his interview with Jim Marrs for Dreamland this week, so instead we get to listen to Whitley Strieber have a terrific discussion with one…read more

Heavy Metal Pollution Creates Autism

…as well?and click on the new “donate” tab on our homepage too! And come say “hi” to your favorite Dreamland hosts at our first Dreamland Festival in June! NOTE: This…read more

A Wonderful Conference in a Magical Place

…only and subscribers have a coupon to gives them an EXTRA $25 off! Click here to find out more and purchase a ticket. We have posted a “Dreamland Special” conversation…read more

Why the Weather is (Not) Changing

…weren?t here tomorrow. Make SURE that doesn’t happen: subscribe today.And come MEET your favorite Dreamland hosts at our upcoming Dreamland Festival! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old…read more

Traffic Jams…in Space

…MEET all those great Dreamland hosts you enjoy so much at our first Dreamland festival. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

What Linda Howe Will Talk About at Dreamland Conference

…it will be the first item on the list. Click here to find out more and purchase a ticket. We have posted a “Dreamland Special” conversation between Anne Strieber and…read more

What’s It Like? (To Act in a movie)

…stationed everywhere and people of all races and colors walking around doing “ordinary” things, such as drinking coffee or talking on their cellphones, while dressed in outlandish “Star Trek”-type costumes,…read more

Learn How to Travel Out-of-Body: Class Starts Saturday

…a demonstration of one of his classes, click here. As a Dreamland listener, you can receive a 25% discount! Just identify yourself when you sign up. On this week’s Dreamland,…read more

What Jim Marrs will talk about at Dreamland Conference

Tickets going fast, special discount for subscribers! – Jim Marrs has told us what he’ll be talking about at our Dreamland conference, which is being held in Nashville on June…read more

Can You Smell the Flowers?

…may be why some researchers are investigating the possibility of growing flowers on the lunar surface. Art credit: Life is sweet when you can enjoy our great Dreamland shows…read more

Incredible Sea Level Rise in our Future

…our FIRST Dreamland festival! Learn all about the magic of Nashville by listening to Anne Strieber’s Dreamland Special interview with William Henry! Want to listen to the magic of Dreamlandread more

Why Nashville for the Dreamland Festival?

William Henry and Anne Strieber talk together about the city of Nashville, and its unusual place on the face of the earth. This fascinating city isn’t just the world…read more

Visit Mysterious Places in the UK with William Henry

…guests of “Dreamland.” Call (615) 292-5397 to speak with me directly. Or, email tour facilitator, Dr. Chet Snow, at We have also posted a “Dreamland Special” conversation between William…read more

Biofuels Causing Bees to Disappear?

…Anne Strieber’s Dreamland Special interview with William Henry this weekend! Want to listen to the magic of Dreamland again and again?AWAY from your computer (maybe in your car on the…read more

First Dreamland Festival June 27-29

For the first time ever, Dreamland is holding a festival. All of our hosts will be there, and we hope to see you there too! We have posted a Dreamlandread more

The Nye Incidents: the Scariest Story I Know

…Most of you have realized by now that I do not think that our mysterious visitors are angels. I don’t buy into the idea that they have to be either…read more

Sunspots Returning?But Strangely

…until last week. But these aren’t spots of the type that should be associated with the new solar cycle. Instead, they’re of the type associated with cycle 23, the last…read more

Marla Frees & Richard Bartlett, Linda Howe Drone update

First, Whitley Strieber interviews Linda Howe on the raging drones controversy, then Dreamland’s expert on matters spiritual, psychic medium Marla Frees talks with Richard Bartlett about his concept of Matrix…read more

Search for the Perfect City

special subscriber interviews just for you AS WELL AS a chance to chat with your favorite Dreamland guests (a chat with William Henry is coming up March 29). So what…read more

Congressman: Administration won’t Investigate Shocking Terrorist Connection

…no special consideration would be granted to anyone. Now, that’s a lot of holier than thou rhetoric, okay So no special consideration was going to be given to anyone, much…read more

Autism IS Caused by Vaccines–in Some Cases

Autism is mysterious, because we know that its cause is partly environmental and partly genetic, but it’s hard to pinpoint each part of the puzzle. Researchers have used the age…read more

April Showers? Not in Egypt!

Dreamland our subscribers got to listen to Anne Strieber’s interview with Willam about his latest adventures in Egypt. In April, YOU can be part of William’s adventures. He says, “Meet…read more

Religious Leaders Call for Halt to Witchcraft Execution

We recently reported that a woman in Saudi Arabia is about to be executed for witchcraft. Rev. Phyllis Curott, who has been a guest on Dreamland radio, has called for…read more

Linda Howe Special – Jim Sparks

Linda Moulton Howe interviews close encounter witness Jim Sparks about those strange symbols videotaped in Stephenville, Texas. What might they mean? Can a long-time experiencer like Sparks shed any light…read more

Let’s Do It!

…When we are dealing with the visitors, I think that this is even more true, because there are different types involved, including human-looking creatures with quite unusual powers of mind…read more

Dreamland Hosts & Guests at UFO Congress

From Feb. 22 through March 2, in Laughlin, Nevada, you can hear (and meet) many Dreamland guests and hosts, including Jim Marrs, Nick Pope, Paola Harris, Richard Dolan, Roger Leir,…read more

But is it Really Exercise?

…your own two feet! Did you know that there’s a FREE diet book right here on our website with a special chapter on exercise? To read it, click here and…read more

Whitley Interview on Internet TV

Whitley opens up about his experiences as never before in a terrific interview with Dave Navarro on Dave Navarro’s Spread, episode 38. He’s funny, fascinating and dropping all kinds of…read more

Mysterious Signal from Deep Space

In Earthfiles, Dreamland science reporter Linda Howe writes about a mysterious signal from deep in space that has been picked up by SETI. Have we detected intelligent life on another…read more

Faces & Mazes

…always a little nervous that maybe I’m NOT going to recognize them this time, and of course, that makes it more likely that I won’t. It’s the same type of…read more

Cosmic War in the Past

There is ample evidence across our solar system of cataclysmic events in the past. Joseph Farrell, who has fascinated Dreamland audiences with his research into Nazi secret weapons, returns with…read more

January, 2008: Month of the UFOs

…UFOs and everything else?and on this week’s Dreamland, we have some amazing insights into this mysterious object on Mars. Please support the important work we do: subscribe today! NOTE: This…read more

A Computer That Can Read Your Mind

…understand the user more deeply.” Will we soon throw away our old computers? Tan is talking about a new type of computer that can read users’ minds, so you no…read more

Stephenville, Texas UFO Flap

This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe interviews UFO witness Ricky Sorrells, the ONLY witness who saw the north Texas UFO thathas made the national news in daylight. Listen to hisdetailed…read more

Anne Strieber and Nick Redfern

Listen to Anne Strieber interview Nick about spies and the UFO conspiracy in our special subscriber interview. Nick’s website is And read Anne’s latest diary entry, Spies which inspired…read more

Mysterious Continent

Antarctica hasn’t always been ice free in times of global warming but alas, it’s certainly melting now. Parts of the ice sheets covering Antarctica are melting even faster than predicted….read more

Meet Willliam at the Pyramid & Marla in CA!

…the leading UK authors and guests that I’ve interviewed on Dreamland. “I am also hosting an unforgettable light body conference in Nashville on April 4-6, 2008 as I present my…read more

Less Oxygen in the Air

…to a month of shows, but did you know that subscribers can listen?andre-listen?for an entire YEAR? They also get a special subscriber interviewevery week (such as Whitley?spast liferegression!) just for…read more

Going…Going…Gone Soon

Anne & Whitley will be there too! – Whitley will still be doing the majority of interviews on Dreamland, but we have a NEW guest host who starts this weekend,…read more

Maureen Caudill

Maureen Caudill is an expert in neural networks who had an explosive psychic awakening that she discussed on Dreamland on February 10, 2007. (Available to subscribers.) Now she’s back describing…read more

Whatever Happened to…

…should NOT neglect is making sure this website will still be here for you in 2008. One special way to do this is to give your friends Christmas gifts of…read more

Meet William Henry THIS WEEKEND & New Dreamland Host in Jan.!

If you live in California, you have a chance to meet popular Dreamland host William Henry, who will be holding a 2 day Stargate Mystery School special event December 1…read more


…contain a bioelectric field? Recent Dreamland guest Philip Gardiner explores all these questions?and others?in this dynamic DVD. The Man Who Left the MOD: Nick Pope, who has been a guest…read more

Tickets Almost Gone

…get your 2008 crop circle calendar TODAY. On the October 27 Dreamland show, Whitley interviewed Linda, William and Jim about what THEIR conference topics will be. Photo credit: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders…read more

Mysterious Italian Fires Solved?

A report leaked to the Italian press concerning a series of unexplained fires that took place in Sicily in 2004 has attributed them to “unnatural forces capable of creating large…read more

Landmark Court Settlement Requires NASA to Release Documents on Mysterious UFO Case

NOTE: Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has called our attention to the following press release. On the heels of the news of NASA’s attempt to withhold survey data on aviation safety…read more

Possible Bigfoot Photos from Pennsylvania

…be Linda Howe’s report on Dreamland this week, along with an interview by Jeff Meldrum, who was on last week’s Dreamland show! To see the photos, click here. Art credit:…read more

Candidate Saw UFO

…chat with our Dreamland guests, a special weekly interview JUST FOR YOU, and the ability to download our radio shows to an MP3 disc so you can listen during your…read more

Wildfires Caused by Global Warming?

…crop circle calendars. Subscribers have a special coupon that gives them $2 off. And tune in to this week’s Dreamland show, which will be interviews with all the Dreamland regulars…read more

Alzheimer’s Reversed!

…able to be reversed as well. Researcher have found that a special protein can be injected into the body to reverse learning problems in mice that have an animal version…read more

Templars Exonerated

On Dreamland, we have presented many great shows about the mysterious Knights Templar, who were murdered 700 years ago by the Catholic Church. (Subscribers can still listen to this show)….read more

Whitley Strieber/Jesse Marcel Dialogue

…in this dialog. It does not repeat anything from the Jim Marrs interview. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and any other subscriber-only material for…read more

Skin Disease May Be Linked to GM Food

Many people?and most physicians?have written off Morgellons disease as either a hoax or hypochondria. But now there is evidence that this mysterious disease may be REAL and related to GENETICALLY-MODIFIED…read more

War With Iran on the Way

…click here. Listen to Dreamland guest John Hogue’s brilliant discussion of the situation on this week’s program. To listen now, click here. When we invaded Iraq, only William Henry could…read more

Nostradamus & the Coming Bush Bombing of Iran by John Hogue

…The target package plans of both superpowers required the first black coned warheads should fall in the carpet mushroom bombing of military bases and cities farthest south. The barrage of…read more

The Night Shift is Safe

…up soon: another special Dreamland conversation between William and Anne Strieber, but this one is only for subscribers, so if you don’t want to miss it subscribe today! NOTE: This…read more

Anne Strieber discusses Burning Man

…Peace reigns between host and guest in this lovely and fascinating interview. Plus, subscribers, you can go deeper–listen to Whitley Strieber’s FIRST interview with Daniel Pinchbeck about 2012 back in…read more

War in Dreamland!

In Whitley’s journal, he writes: “Well, it finally happened. For the first time since becoming host of Dreamland in 1999, I have had a fight with a guest on the…read more

War in Dreamland!

Well, it finally happened. For the first time since becoming host of Dreamland in 1999, I have had a fight with a guest on the air. As you know, I…read more

Pinchbeck Tour & Dreamland Show!

…that, you?ll have a chance to meet Daniel Pinchbeck, who has been on our show many times. This weekend, we have Dreamland with him and Anne has a special interview,…read more

NEW Stanton Friedman Interview!

An exciting NEW interview for our subscribers–Whitley Strieber quizzes Stanton Friedman about ABDUCTIONS! That’s right, Stanton usually confines himself to UFO hardware issues, but he has been in the UFO…read more

Learn Astral Projection from Robert Bruce

…astral projection, beginning September 8. To learn more, click here. Subscribers: your special newsletter will soon announce a special offer on this course JUST FOR YOU! NOTE: This news story,…read more

Something is Killing Our Cats

…and this time, it’s not petfood from China! On Dreamland, Linda Howe often reports on mysterious cat mutilations across the US. Now something else is killing our cats?a mysterious epidemic…read more

Andrew Collins at October Conference

Andrew Collins, who is this week’s guest on Dreamland, will be one of the speakers at the ARE’s annual Ancient Mysteries Conference, which will be held in Virginia Beach, VA….read more

Internet Interview with Whitley

On Tuesday, August 21 at 8 pm, you can listen to one of the first interviews about Whitley’s new novel 2012:The War for Souls, which will be published in the…read more

Andrew Collins and Whitley Strieber on mysterious England

As we move through the enthralling crop circle meditation series being created by Whitley Strieber, we are making more and more discoveries about the rich and mysterious English countryside where…read more

Mysterious Shuttle Problems

…was made into the hit film The Day After Tomorrow. This week, our subscribers get a special meditation and a chance to chat PERSONALLY with Whitley. NOTE: This news story,…read more

Mysterious Lights

Strange lights have been observed by scientists in Norway for 30 years?and no, they are not UFOs. One of the most puzzling things about them is that they seem to…read more

It’s All About Oil

Six years ago, Dreamland co-host Jim Marrs said, “It’s all about oil.” Now the Australian defense minister says the same thing about Iraq. In the Independent, Kathy Marks reports that…read more

Mysterious Clouds Caused by Global Warming

A new and mysterious type of cloud has been identified by NASA. These bright and shiny clouds originate in the polar regions of the earth, and may be caused by…read more

Lost Whitley and Jim Marrs Conversation

A few months ago, Unknowncountry’s sound engineer accidentally recorded an off the record conversation between Whitley Strieber and Jim Marrs about what actually happened to the Nazis after World War…read more

The Drones: Are They Real, and What Do We Do?

…on this week’s Dreamland, are almost certainly real, and some of the photographs are real, too, quite possibly all of the ones that we and Linda Moulton Howe have posted….read more

Discovery of a Buried Templar Church

Six months ago on Dreamland, we interviewed William F. Mann, who talked his family tradition of secret knowledge of the 14th century Templar crossing from Scotland to Canada that happened…read more

One Kind of Pollution Helps Offset Another

One type of human pollution is helping to offset another one. One of our major pollutants is nitrogen, which comes from fertilizer run off. Another major pollutant is the greenhouse…read more

MORE Good News about Stem Cells

…our subscribers, who are enjoying our new, IMPROVED subscriber section. Join us?we have a GREAT time chattingwith some very special people, as well as special interviews and videos JUST FOR…read more

The Mystery of the Drones

…Subsequently, Linda interviewed “Sylvia” on Dreamland and got pictures from “Mr Smith” in Birmingham, Alabama. She also spoke extensively to him, as she did to “Chad,” and is convinced of…read more

Jim Marrs interviews Ed Haslam

…an expert actress, the drone is real.Ed Haslam was a dynamite Dreamland guest on May 7, 2005 (interview available to our paid subscribers)and now Jim Marrs interviews him about how…read more

Weird Aerial Object Haunts California

…now additional photographs being received fromindependent sources by Dreamland science reporter LindaMoulton Howe suggest that it may not be a hoax. Or do they?Read on… The original photographs were submitted…read more

Eating to Cure Disease

…eating food that contains them? Food scientist Roger A. Clemens says, “Throughout recorded history, spices and herbs have been valued for their curative powers. The use of herbs and spices…read more

Staring Down Crime

…their compliance during arrests. Art credit: Women are some of the most common crime victims, so we hope our female readers will pay special attention to this story. William…read more

Who Is Dave Gaubatz and Why is That So Important?

…Iraq in 2003. Mr. Gaubatz was for 12 years an agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. In 2003, he was posted to Nasariyah in southern Iraq. His…read more

What to Learn in May–UPDATE

…about 911. Keep reading for details! Anne Strieber recently interviewed Maureen Cauhill, the author of Suddenly Psychic, on Dreamland. Robert Bruce has been a guest on Dreamland several times. Now…read more

Is a Wheat Emergency on the Way?

…a mysterious wheat blight. In New Scientist, Debora Mackenzie quotes Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, who is known as the father of the Green Revolution, as saying, “This thing has immense…read more

Sunspots at Record High

…that mysterious stranger? This weekend, go on an incredible adventure with Dreamland! To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will…read more

Phoenix Lights Flare Theory Finally Extinguished! by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

…around 10 p.m. during the mass sighting event. Besides a bogus analysis of the Kryzsten’s large boomerang array presented during the TV special “UFOs Over Phoenix,” I learned fairly quickly…read more

Learn to Travel Out of Body!

Anne Strieber recently interviewed Maureen Cauhill, the author of Suddenly Psychic, on Dreamland. Robert Bruce has been a guest on Dreamland several times. Now these two popular personalities will be…read more

Special Dreamland Report on Missing Bee Mystery

This week on Dreamland, Linda Howe reports on the frightening disappearance of thousands of bees. Since these are the insects that pollinate the flowers of the foods we eat, this…read more

Mysterious Hexagon in Space

A mysterious hexagon-shaped image can be seen in space, floating above the storms that swirl around the north pole on Saturn. Astronomers want to know what it is. In New…read more

The Invasion of Iran MAY HAVE BEGUN

…so glad to have him aboard as the co-host of Dreamland! Support our wonderful news and extraordinary radio shows: subscribe today to our new IMPROVED subscriber section! As a specialread more

The Coming Economic Catastrophe

…possibility that the US and its Asian suppliers such as China and Japan would bear the brunt of the type of economic decline discussed above, I would explore a specialized…read more

YOU Can Be Part of a Mind-Over-Matter Project TODAY

Dreamland show, talking about this incredible experiment in mind control, which she has designed with Dr. Gary Schwartz, who has also been a guest on Dreamland. The first experiment will…read more

Why Soft Drinks are So Bad for You

…incidence of type 2 diabetes. In a study of 91,249 women followed for eight years, those who consumed one or more soft drinks per day were twice as likely as…read more

Arizona Gov. Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights

…of the strange unidentified flying objects, even though he originally did not say so publicly. “It was enormous and inexplicable,” he said in an exclusive interview from his home in…read more

Former Arizona Gov. Now Admits Seeing UFO by Leslie Kean

…said in an exclusive interview from his home in Phoenix. “Who knows where it came from A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too.” On March 13,…read more

Gays in the Military–MORE UPDATES

…knew I was gay and nobody cared.” Gayness in the military is nothing new. I remember a story I once heard from a Jewish man whose father was in Nazi-…read more

Why Some People Get Fat…and Others Don’t

…weight or develop type 2 diabetes, while others are more likely to develop obesity and this most common form of diabetes on any diet. The study used two strains of…read more

Resurrection and the Tomb of Jesus

…him with special physical qualities quite unlike those of ordinary people. He was supposedly formed out of some sort of divine substance, different from ordinary people, higher, special and unattainable….read more

Incredible William Henry Insight & New Whitley Journal

UPDATE – In his provocative new Insight, Dreamland co-host William Henry gives us his impressions of the recent Discovery Channel special The Lost Tomb of Jesus, which he discusses with…read more

We Switched–UPDATE

…have to be purchased in a special lighting store, so when we went there, I asked the clerk if they had an non- mercury fluorescent bulbs, but he said they…read more

The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

…country before he bought, given that the Colorado Party, which has been in power since it was set up by Nazi sympathizers and German immigrants in 1947, is now facing…read more

BBC Announced 9/11 Building 7 Collapse Before It Happened

…not possible. It’s not operationallyfeasible… The Commission was a? whitewash. “ U.S. Army Intelligence officer, Federal Prosecutor, Officeof Special Investigations, U.S. Department of Justice, JohnLoftus ~ “The information provided by…read more

Military Coup if We Attack Iran?

…to the article by Hersh, in which he says that a “special planning group” has been set up that is “charged with creating a contingency bombing plan for Iran that…read more


…the past to bring us this vital information. Don’t miss his interview with author Gary David on this week?s Dreamland! To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news…read more

Top Secret UFO Documents Revealed

…X-rated. And don’t miss William Henry’s interview with researcher Gary David on this week’s Dreamland! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Dreamland Special This Weekend

…it, so we’ve posted it as a Dreamland Special. In the meantime, you can still subscribe today. Whitley’s subscriber interview with Gary David this weekend, about Hopi Indian interactions with…read more

How to Detect Other Dimensions

Do parallel universes exist? The quantum physicists that we’ve interviewed on Dreamland say they definitely do, although we don’t know much about them yet. They?re like electrons, in that we…read more

Stanton Friedman UFO Special

…the cutting edge in the field. Then Linda Howe interviews a witness about the weird cat-and-mouse game the UFO phenomenon involves and WHAT IT MEANS. The material in this interviewread more

How to Keep Your Lover Loyal

…of genes that are involved in your immune system can predict what type of person you will be sexually attracted to?as well as how faithful this person will be! In…read more

Your Computer is Constantly Under Attack

…what would happen. They discovered the vast majority of attacks came from relatively unsophisticated hackers using “dictionary scripts,” a type of software that runs through lists of common usernames and…read more

Major UFO Sightings in US & UK

…and cars came to a halt when dozens of mysterious lights hovered thousands of feet above [the town].” A half hour later, similar mysterious orange lights were seen in another…read more

Can You Think Yourself Thin?

…to alterations in leptin and insulin signaling that lead to excess weight gain and Type 2 diabetes, respectively. SH2B1 appears to play a key regulatory role in this system.” Another…read more

The Hidden Danger of Driving

…reports of left-sided skin cancers in women in the future?gradually closing the gender gap that now exists.” The reason for this is that windshields are made of a different typeread more

Can We TURN OFF Mad Cow?

…vCJD symptoms are similar to those caused by Alzheimer’s, and some scientists think they are actually the same disease. On Dreamland about a year ago, Anne Strieber interviewed researcher Colm…read more

Only Ten Years Left

…think tank sent letters to scientists offering them $10,000 if they would criticize the findings of the new UN study. Is this the type of “think tank” that will be…read more

Sneaky Snakes

We’re afraid of poisonous snakes, but most snakes have no venom and therefore are not dangerous. What can a non-poisonous snake do to ward off predators? One type of snake…read more

Not Everyone Gets Supersized on Fast Food Diet

The January 27 issue of New Scientist reports on a study by Swedish researcher Fredrik Nystrom, in which he had 18 volunteers eat the same type of fast food diet…read more

The Secret Behind Groundhog Day

…each of the females, the earlier slumber parties allow the woodchucks to skip the small talk and get right down to breeding. This type of courting ritual has not been…read more

Pennsylvania High Strangeness in 2006 by Stan Gordon

Pennsylvania has had a long history of encounters of the unusual kind. From yearly sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects to observations of mysterious creatures, the 2006 year was no exception,…read more

Strange Encounters in Pennsylvania

mysterious creatures, the 2006 year was no exception, as mysterious incidents were reported by residents of the Keystone State from 35 counties…Since 1993,I have continued to receive and document these…read more

Male Birth Control? Women Keep Hoping!

…different kind of man than the type they’re looking for in mate. The researchers tested over 800 male and female college students, using digitally altered pictures of male faces. The…read more

Dreamland Report on Chicago UFO

On this week’s Dreamland, Linda Howe presents a dynamic report about the November 27 UFO that was spotted hovering over O?Hare airport in Chicago, from a first-hand witness who works…read more

Too Fat or TOO SKINNY?

…the hourglass figure has not only been popular throughout most of human history, it is also the healthiest body type. Modern, Babie-doll shaped bodies for women have only became popular…read more

Stay Healthy: Drink Coffee!

…coffee in combination with reviews of research gathered over the past 30 years reveal that consumption improves glucose regulation and lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Nutritionist Roger…read more

Mysterious Ice Blocks Continue to Fall From the Sky

For years, huge blocks of ice have been slamming to earth worldwide. It’s usually assumed that these come from airplanes, although this has been disproved over and over again, and…read more

2007 Prophecy Special

Our annual prophecy show with Nostradamus master John Hogue is an absolute stunner. Listen as Whitley Strieber talks to John about what will happen over the next 12 to 24…read more

Will We Soon Regrow Severed Limbs?

…example, has many different types of cells and is a very intricate structure. It is the fish version of an arm or leg. The question of how cold-blooded animals re-grow…read more

His Face Reveals Everything (If You Just Know How to Look)

…your partner into a sexy mood, use your intuition!Put on some of that wonderful and sexy Dreamland theme music. While you’re in bed, you could ALSO be listening to our…read more

Was 2006 a Good Year for Women’s Health?

special problems. OUR special problem is worrying about not being able to be here for you tomorrow. Make sure we don?t become a memory from the past: subscribe today! History…read more

Forget Corn & Wheat–POT is Our Biggest Crop!

…us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with money-saving coupons just for them. They recently got to have wonderful chats with…read more

More Shocking News About Diana’s Death

…stories, so please support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with money-saving coupons just for them. They recently got to…read more

Neanderthals Were Cannibals

…longer) eat one another, but if you like being a kitchen witch, enjoy those blue apples, especially if you?re hungry!) While you’re cooking, listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music….read more

Now You Can LISTEN to Wonderful New William Henry & Whitley Books!

Christmas is the season of giving. Now, just in time for Christmas, William Henry presents his new Starwalkers book and 2-disc DVD set. Now, in a Dreamland Special, you can…read more

Tut Curse Returns

…new one in 2007 with John Anthony West, who was recently interviewed by William on Dreamland. Subscribers can still listen to this fascinating interview, as well as to his specialread more

The Secret of Creativity

…blue apples, especially if you?re hungry!) While you?re cooking, listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music. Then turn the stove down and use your intuition to tell yourself when the…read more

Egyptian Pyramids May be Concrete

…listen to this fascinating interview, as well as to his special subscriber interview with Whitley, in which they both discuss their experiences in the Gurdjieff work. NOTE: This news story,…read more

Starwalkers and the Dimension of the Blessed

…we are rapidly moving into a period in which fantastic new powers will become available to those who understand how to use them. William’s website is Then Linda Howe…read more

Nick Pope Quits

…more seriously. This weekend, subscribers can listen to his reasons in aninterview by Whitley Strieber. The UK website This is London quotes Pope as saying that the project he once…read more

Mysterious Orange Orbs seen in UK

English sources are reporting mysterious sightings of orange orbs in the sky above major cities in the UK. Shoreham, Essex, Liverpool and Brighton seem to be the places where the…read more

Why Testing Works

…anywhere else! But we need your help to keep doing this, so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with…read more

Whale Brains Like Ours

Scientists have discovered that dolphins are genetically close to humans. Now they’ve learned that humpback whales have a type of brain cell that is seen only in humans, the great…read more

Echo Bodine

Anne Strieber is back, interviewing healer Echo Bodine. Echo first discovered at age 17 that she was apparently born with psychic ability and healing powers. Anne Strieber, who was greatly…read more

Global Warming Caused by Flat Screen TVs?

…so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with money-saving coupons just for them. They recently got to have wonderful…read more

An Unfortunate Allergy

…some of that sexy Dreamland theme music. Then turn the stove down and use your intuition about what to do next! While you’re in the kitchen, you could ALSO be…read more

What is the Future of Iraq?

…we need your help to keep doing this important work, so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with money-saving…read more

A Brand New Island

…up for our newsletter, click here. Did you know there?s a special subscriber newsletter as well? It contains special discount coupons that allow subscribers to save EVEN MORE than their…read more

Why We’re Partly to Blame for Saddam

…here at you can’t find anywhere else! But we need your help to keep doing this, so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every…read more

We’re Waking Up to Climate Change

…those of us who get the REAL news out about what’s going on in the environment. Besides 10% off everything in our store, subscribers get a special audio interview every…read more

What Stinks?

…kitchen witch (but be careful when it comes to those blue apples, especially if you’re hungry!) While you?re cooking, listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music. Then turn the stove…read more

Slavery Still Exists Today

…we need your help to keep doing this, so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interview every week and a special newsletter too?with money-saving coupons just…read more

Birth Control for Men (Cont.)

…you want to get your partner into a sexy mood, use your intuition and learn to be a kitchen witch. Put on some of that wonderful and sexy Dreamland theme…read more

NYC: Meet Graham Hancock TONIGHT

…guests, will be there, along with J.J. Hurtak, author of The Keys of Enoch, and Dreamland’s favorite conspiracy theorist, Jim Marrs! Also speaking will be popular Dreamland co-host William Henry…read more

US Government to Investigate Morgellons

…and listening to our extraordinary Dreamland shows, where we present very wise, very special people?every single week. Don?t want all this to end? Then support us: subscribe today! NOTE: This…read more

Fight Fat With Seaweed

…careful?there will be lots of fakes out there. The compound targets abdominal fat, the hardest kind to lose and the type of fat that promotes Type II diabetes. Did you…read more

Subliminal Sex

…use your intuition and learn to be a kitchen witch. Put on some of that wonderful and sexy Dreamland theme music. While you’re in bed, you could ALSO be listening…read more

Lucy’s Daughter

…subscribe today! Subcribers not only get to listen to a special interview every week, as well as regular chats with our Dreamland guests, they get a special newsletter every week,…read more

Could There be a Tsunami in NYC?

…day here at you can’t find anywhere else! But we need your help to keep doing this, so support us by becoming a subscriber. Subscribers get a special interviewread more

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

…Use your intuition to whip up something tasty in your kitchen, then listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music. While you’re there, you could ALSO be listening to our great…read more

Dangerous Diet Drink

…become increasingly prevalent in modern society, and it cannot be excluded that this behavior has contributed to the current epidemic of type 2 diabetes.” Art credit: Here at,…read more

Why Do We Itch?and Should We Scratch?

…to itch, anyway? Corey Binns writes in that we have special nerves that send us those prickly feelings. While some nerve fibers focus on deliver pain sensations and touch,…read more

Drinking Cola is Bad for Your Bones

…be careful when it comes to those blue apples, especially if you?re hungry!) While you’re cooking, listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music. Then turn the stove down and use…read more

Anthrax Attacks Could Happen Again

…and training specialists to fight it, in Project BioShield, we wouldn’t do any better today. One problem is the current administration’s embrace of big business. Instead of sponsoring research on…read more

Pill to Stop the Spread of Cancer

…began eating the super chow as a cancer preventive. This is not ordinary vitamin E, but a special form of the vitamin. We may soon be able to buy it…read more

Your Hotel is Sick?and Can Make You Sick Too!

…STAY HOME. Make yourself a tasty snack with blue apples, because you’re still hungry and listen to some of that wonderful Dreamland theme music. While you?re relaxing, you could ALSO…read more

What Smells?

…a kitchen witch (but be careful when it comes to those blue apples, especially if you’re hungry!) While you?re cooking, listen to that wonderful Dreamland theme music. Then turn down…read more

Superbug Detector

…is a place for this type of product that can be used by people with limited training to provide a fast indication of whether a biohazard is present.” Art credit:…read more

Endless War

…the players stay the same: The TV show 60 Minutes recently interview Bob Woodward about his new book State of Denial, Bush at War, in which he reveals that Henry…read more

The Terror Conspiracy

…virtually eliminated in Germany, mostly via forced sales of companies to Nazi sympathizers, who then merged them into the larger corporations that had financed the sales in the first place….read more

REAL Superman Suit

…Communion Letters. Many people have gotten it from seeing the wondrous and mysterious crop circles. And sometimes these emotions can best be expressed through fiction. When you listen to Dreamland,…read more

Why Can’t We Talk & Drive?

…store?including EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNTS on our sale items?as well as special subscriber interviews just for you (such as this week’s conversation between Anne Strieber and Colm Kelleher about the link…read more

Dreamland Special Available Now!

A special interview by Jim Marrs with Whitley Strieber, discussing Whitley’s new novel The Grays, is up on this web site as a Dreamland Special. To listen, click “Listen Now”…read more

Breast Feeding Saves Lives?And Not Just Babies’ Lives

…off everything in our store?as well as EVEN BIGGER SAVINGS in our big blowout sale, AS WELL AS special subscriber interviews just for you (such as this week?s interview by…read more

TB Prehistoric?and Getting Worse NOW

Scientists now think it was tuberculosis that killed off the herds of mastodons in prehistoric times. Researchers who have examined the skeletons of these gigantic beasts have found a typeread more

Merlin in America

powers who run it. Then Linda with an incredible interview: an UNKNOWN UFO crash in Utah! Graham Phillips website is NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old…read more

Can We Really Move the Mississippi?

interview for this week, interviewing Joseph Farrell about Nazi influence in the world TODAY, so don’t wait a minute longer: subscribe today! To see how emissions can move from one…read more

Dreaded Disease Traced to Cave

…Saturday, Sept. 23 from 9 to 10 am PST. He will also be our subscriber interview for this week, interviewing Joseph Farrell about Nazi influence in the world TODAY, so…read more

Important News for Women

…lost 100 pounds and was a type II diabetic, but now she has lost that extra weight?and she’d like to help YOU do it too?and you don’t need to be…read more

A New Form of Fuel?

…the best way to learn the truth is through fiction. Stay tuned for a Dreamland special interview with Whitley by Jim Marrs, who wrote Alien Agenda! Another excellent way is…read more

Hearing a Voice in Your Head

…the best way to learn the truth is through fiction. Stay tuned for a Dreamland special interview with Whitley by Jim Marrs, who wrote Alien Agenda! Another excellent way is…read more

Is Mystery Cat Tied to Strange Sound?

…or wolves (except in zoos). Now there are mysterious sonic booms taking place over the same area! These booms, which are happening all over the world, could be a sign…read more

Strong Earthquake Today in Gulf of Mexico

…its location, the quake did not result in atsunami, but such an event is theoretically possibleanywhere along the Texas and Louisiana coasts, which displaythe type of long, shallow descents to…read more

Free Energy is REAL

…up: click here. There?s a LOT that conventional scientists don’t know that we present here on and on Dreamland. We recently interviewed quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf and we…read more

Nazi UFO Secrets

…that crashed in Kecksburg, Pa., in 1965. Whitley Strieber, Jim Marrs and Peter Levenda COMBINE FORCES in this spectacular edition of Dreamland to interview Joseph Farrell about his findings–and to…read more

The Newest Machines are ALIVE

…read by Anne and Whitley. They’ve interviewed all the authors on Dreamland as well and subscribers can STILL LISTEN to most of these interviews, so subscribe today! Many of these…read more

More on Evil Corn

…form of high-fructose corn syrup, which is the sweetener in soft drinks and fast and processed foods, it is one of the primary reasons for the type II diabetes epidemic…read more

Braveheart & Broccoli

…to go out on the edge. Subscribers recently got to hear a special interview between Anne Strieber and quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf in which they discussed mediums and psychics….read more

Is This Cat a Cryptid?

…we have a special place in our hearts for cats?whether real, ephemeral or crytozoological! subscribers have been receiving a lot of bonuses lately. They recently got to hear a…read more

Is There a Mystery Weapon in the West?

From time to time we have reported on new weapons technology and have even interviewed experts on this subject on Dreamland. We have also reported on one of the mysteries…read more

A Strange Twist on Alternative Fuels

…successfully used to power a small drone airplane of the type now being used by US forces in the Middle East. The latest news about ethanol is that you may…read more

Mysterious Wasp Invasion

…news about what’s happening (This book is part of our big summer blowout sale). Subscribers SAVE EVEN MORE so subscribe today! This weekend, subscribers get to hear a special conversation…read more

The Dibbuk Box -UPDATED!

…this great discussion between Whitley Strieber and the current owner of the box. Learn what has happened since that last interview…and hold on to your hat, because the box is…read more

Superbugs on the Loose

…“real world.” Some people think that Morgellon’s may be a superbug. The official name for superbugs is MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). It’s a type of staph skin infection that’s being…read more

The Future of Crime

Dreamland! Subscribers get to listen to a SPECIAL interview between Anne and Whitley and Starfire and Brandon, so subscribe today! You can also listen to Whitley reading Chatper 3 of…read more

Do Natural Cures Work?

…on cell activation in lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell and come in three forms: B cells, which make antibodies that bind to a virus or micro-organism…read more

Fighting Terrorism on Airplanes

…suitable site for burying a large number of livestock. Given the type and size of the animals, we can determine the size of the burial pit, then use [satellites] to…read more

Church Published Book Saying 911 was Hoax

…the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action. Griffin has been interviewed by Whitley on Dreamland. Subscribers can still listen to this show. The book was published in…read more

Can Midnight Snacking be Genetic?

…fat inside these cells can give you type II diabetes, even if you’re not fat! These cells are also the hardest cells to EMPTY. Just eating less won’t do it,…read more

New Kind of Singing Volcano

… that volcanoes that have erupted on the ocean floor in the western Pacific could be a new type, never seen before. Most volcanoes erupt when the earth?s tectonic plates…read more

Scientists Create New Universe

We recently talked about time travel and parallel universes on Dreamland with Fred Alan Wolf. Japanese scientists report that they think it will soon be possible to create new, “baby…read more

Watching Wrestling Leads to Fights

…Robert H. DuRant, who did the study, says, “This study…shows that exposure to this type of violence on television during this crucial period of time [in a teen’s development] can…read more

Will New Egyptian Tomb Lead Us to Another Tut?

…of the ancient symbolism in Nashville, Tennessee. Whitley’s new novel The Grays takes you on a different type of tour?one that’s well worth taking. Be among the FIRST to get…read more

Nazi Round Table

…collapse of Chile’s Nazi enclave, Colonia Dignidad, and the arrest of its leader for child molestation, and the role that former Nazis play in the world today. Then Linda Howe…read more

Nazis Still Around Today

This week’s Dreamland show talks about the sinister forces that are all around us?specifically Nazis, who, despite what most people think, HAVE NEVER REALLY GONE AWAY. But at least some…read more

Who’s Dying in the Current Heat Wave?

…rates, more fear of crime, visible signs of disorder such as graffiti ? did not show as strong a link to heat wave mortality as did the condition and typeread more

Why Men are Like Dogs

…and Whitley is going to send EVERY SINGLE SUBSCRIBER a special SIGNED Grays bookplate, so be sure to pre-order it now, so you’ll have the book in hand when the…read more

Far Out Fixes for Global Warming

…by mandating a special type ofgasoline, as well as pollution controls on cars, and Blairis very interested in this, as well as in the larger problemof global warming. Art…read more

A Snakebite Cure?Inside Our Bodies!

…not receive a large, lethal dose. Ker Than writes in that a protein called carboxypeptidase A is released by a certain type of cell in our bodies when we’re…read more

Are We Alone in the Universe?

…steady discovery of giant planets orbiting stars other than our sun has heightened speculation that there could be Earth-type worlds in nearby planetary systems capable of sustaining life. Now researchers…read more

Cancer Preventing Sunscreen Finally Available Here

…effective than we what we had that US sunbathers were importing it from Europe. Well, now it is available in the US. The new sunscreen blocks the type of ultraviolet…read more

We Became Human to Get Away From Snakes

…two ears allows us to hear in stereo. Art credit: Some people think the visitors are an evolutionary force. In this week’s subscriber interview with Fred Alan Wolf, Anne…read more

More About That Mysterious Necklace

We’re still trying to solve the mystery of the mysterious nuclear necklace of King Tut. Prehistoric humans roamed the Sahara, which is now the world’s largest desert, for thousands of…read more

Skeleton in the Einstein Closet

…and the nonsense begins?in quantum physics AND in science that’s even MORE on the edge?don?t miss Whitley?s interview this weekend with famous quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf, who also has…read more

Asteroid?or Nuclear?Jewelry?

…to be mysteriously knocked down in over 800 square miles in the forest of Tunguska in Siberia in 1908. Mark Boslough, who studies these types of events, says, “There are…read more

Starfire Speaks: It’s REAL Magic

On May 4 on Dreamland, Whitley Strieber interviewed Starfire Tor, who claims many unusual experiences involvingdistortions of space and time. After the interview, Whitleyand Anne Strieber had a small one,…read more

Is Discrimination Real? Try It Both Ways & See

…will be published on August 22nd, and Whitley is going to send EVERY SINGLE SUBSCRIBER a special SIGNED “Grays” bookplate, so be sure to pre-order it now, so you’ll have…read more

A Single Sentence That Sums Up a Life–MORE UPDATES

Last night I watched a TV interview with UK author Jeanette Winterson, who grew up impoverished, but went on to attend a prestigious university and become a famous novelist. She…read more

We’re Controlled by Fear

…Between 1977 and 1997, hard news declined from 67.3 to 41.3% of the broadcast day, while entertainment news tripled. Many people can’t figure out what happened to the type of…read more

What are Cosmic Rays?

…reports in the Chicago Tribune that an international group of astronomers, including scientists from Fermilab and the University of Chicago, are trying to solve this mystery. William Henry, who interviewed…read more

Lies About 911 Exposed in Europe

…in Bredesen’s article, has been on Dreamland radio and subscribers can still listen to this dynamite interview, as well as to our conspiracy specialist Jim Marrs talking about what’s wrong…read more

NASA UFO Hacker May End Up in Guantanamo

…yet another example of the sinister forces abroad in our world? On Wednesday, June 7, Gary talked to Linda Moulton Howe in a Dreamland Special about what he allegedly discovered…read more

A Nuclear Accident Waiting to Happen

…forces! Here’s something that’s definitely NOT sinister: Whitley’s wonderful new novel The Grays is about to be published, and Whitley is going to send EVERY SINGLE SUBSCRIBER a special SIGNED…read more

Psychopaths All Around Us

…our store as well as special subscriber interviews just for you, so what are you waiting for? subscribe today! But here?s one thing that WON’T be available in our store:…read more

Dreamland Report: Was Noah’s Ark Real?

Many Biblical stories have turned out to be myths, but on this week’s Dreamland, Linda Howe reports on new information about Noah’s Ark: remains of an ancient ship found in…read more


…most people can’t do this, they end up not getting enough sleep. Forger says that this is the type of schedule that most people probably followed before the invention of…read more

The Environmentalist’s Dream

type of power. A group of engineers have done just that: they?ve invented a combustion chamber where fuel is burned that will power a motor that gives off almost NO…read more

Korea Missile Test Fails

UPDATE – North Korea tested five missiles, one of them a long-range weapon of the type that could reach the United States. This missile, a Taepodong Type 2, failed 40…read more

Whitley Strieber on the Jerry Pippin Show

interview. You can listen to this interview byclicking here. Reserve your copy of the Grays at Amazon.comnow! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any…read more

A Little Red String

…classic example of the first type is the academic who is filled to bursting with knowledge, but is a failure at human relationships. The classic example of the second typeread more

What was Bad is Now Good (and Vice-Versa)

…to prevent heart attacks, is BAD. Drinking coffee, especially when it is decaffeinated, may be associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, according to the Journal of the…read more

Prehistoric Meals Were Us

…is now thought to have been killed by a giant predatory bird. In, Alexandra Zavis quotes paelo- anthropologist Lee Berger as saying, “These types of discoveries give us real…read more

Funny Bread in Your Future

…sustagrain, a type of barley with a 30 percent fiber content, said Don Brown, vice president of business development at the company. While products made entirely of amaranth and quinoa…read more

SUVs Invade UK

…as our wonderful special subscriber interviews?during your commute? If you subscribe, you can download shows to an MP3 disc and listen in your car. You get all this for less…read more

Life is Just a Bowl of?.

…of 50 to 60 cherries. Cherries contain many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. The type of exercise these volunteers participated in was the usual kind we all do, such as walking,…read more

Strong Waves Hitting in Central America

…waves, and it is believedthat the waves are from this storm. Unusually violentstorms of this type were predicted inSuperstorm by Whitley Strieber and Art Bell. No apparent earthquake activity is…read more

When Your Brain is at War

…well as get 10% off everything in our store as well as special subscriber interviews just for you, if you subscribe today. This week, subscribers get to hear a fascinating…read more

Getting to the Core of Climate Change

…The same type of evidence has been found at the other end of the earth, in Antarctica, showing that climate change occurred the same way at both poles. Climate change…read more

How Can We Understand Iraq?

…in the fall about terrorism right here in the US and you’ll learn about it FIRST right here at! We hope you heard last week’s Dreamland, when he interviewed…read more

Pesticides Cancel Breast Feeding

…it. Why does this matter? Because bottle feeding sets up babies of both sexes for metabolic syndrome, which leads to Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and high levels of…read more

Mars Water

…this assumption because the same type of gullies can be found on the moon, and we now know that these do not contain water. Leonard David writes in that…read more

Dreamland Special: Gary McKinnon, UFO Hacker

…where he faces trial, virtually certainconviction, and a sentence so long that it means probablelife in prison. Gary talks to Linda Moulton Howe in this Dreamland Special about what he…read more

Plastic Pollution Leads to Prostate Cancer

…shows that early exposure to low doses of environmental estrogens?which means the type of plastic in baby bottles?during development of the prostate gland in the male fetus may result in…read more

Want Twins? Eat Right!

…in that DNA studies show that identical twins are not always identical. For instance, one twin may be susceptible to a certain type of cancer, while the other is…read more

NASA Hacker Says There’s a UFO Coverup–UPDATE

…an interview on the BBC program “Click,” Gary McKinnon,who faces 60 years in prison if he is extradited to theUnited States from England, said that he had obtained aphoto of…read more

Another Falling Ice Block

…investigation. Michael Pritchard writes in The Press of Atlantic city that residents of Brigantine, a suburb of Atlantic City, were outside in their yard when they heard a mysterious, loud…read more

Popular Dreamland guests on Coast TONIGHT

Popular Dreamland host William Henry will be on Coast to Coast AM with popular Dreamland guest Laurence Gardner on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, from 10 pm to 2 am…read more

Mysterious Skin Disease?or NOT?

In a recent newsletter, we reported on a mysterious skindisease that’s being seen in various parts of the country,called Morgellons Disease. Now scientists say this may be not be a…read more


…subscriber, you ALSO get to hear a special interview, just for you. Subscribers can also still hear Whitley talking about time travel and meditation. At less than $4 per month,…read more

Not as Healthy as We Think

Type II diabetes than people in the US. The researchers say, “Americans are much sicker than the English.” In England, less than 8% of people in the highest income bracket…read more

Like to Read? It’s Genetic!

…to our web site for edge news several times every day? If you?re a subscriber, you ALSO get to listen to a special interview every week, just for you. Subscribers…read more

The New Superpowers–UPDATE

The US and Russia used to be considered the two superpowers. Then Europe formed a union and Russia broke apart, and now India and China are poised to be the…read more

Speed of Light Varies

Dreamland show, as we continue our fascinating journey through Egyptas seen through the special eyes of William Henry. If you subscribe to unknowncountry, you can still hear Jim Marrs interviewread more

Still Slaves in the World Today

special interview, just for them, every week and 10% off everything in our store. So stop feeling guilty? subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,…read more

We’re Being Spied on From Space

…13 cents a day, ANYONE can afford us, and our subscribers get special benefits like a special interview, just for them, every week and 10% off everything in our store….read more

Ancient Evidence of Global Warming

…remains have ever been found in this condition, but storms of an unknown type that can cause such sudden and long-lasting change have certainly happened in the past. To read…read more

False Government UFO Report

…and that old favorite, ball lightning. The 400 page report states, “No evidence exists to suggest that the phenomena seen are hostile or under any type of control, other than…read more

Another Stonehenge?in Brazil

Several years ago on Dreamland we interviewed two researchers who had evidence that prehistoric man traveled long distances by sea. The famous Stoneghenge in England is between 4,000 and 5,000…read more

Kecksburg Witness Found by Brian Vike

…have been the first eyewitness to actually see the crashed object. In the interview I have done with him, he goes on to tell of an amazing story and notes…read more

William Henry Egyptian Special 2006

William Henry and the National Geographic Channel have been exploring Egypt together, and William has returned with new discoveries. As part of a special about Atlantis, NGC joined William in…read more

What to Give NEXT Mother’s Day

…to listen to a special interview with William Henry by Stephen Mehler, in an eye-opening discussion of ancient Egypt from the point of view of traditional Egyptian teachers, instead of…read more

Evil Corn

…oil shortage?), as well as Nazi chemical weapons technology, destroy biodiversity, pollute the earth, make us more vulnerable to bacterial infection by weakening the effects of antibiotics, contribute to a…read more

Anne’s Diary: Evil Corn–UPDATE

…fuel (don’t we have an oil shortage?), as well as Nazi chemical weapons technology, destroy biodiversity, pollute the earth, make us more vulnerable to bacterial infection by weakening the effects…read more

Anne Strieber interviews Starfire Tor

Anne Strieber interviews Starfire Tor and Brandon Scott about shamanic powers, psi, and how they relate to the near death experience and parallel universes. She asks Starfire the question, “could…read more

What’s New With Bird Flu?

…Tor. Stay tuned to Dreamland: we have some truly wonderful coming up for you, along with extraordinary interviews and talks by Whitley, just for subscribers. NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

The Coming Solar Superstorm

… This week on Dreamland Whitley does a magical interview with magician Brandon Scott and psychic Starfire Tor, who is among the world’s most unusual people. She could even be…read more

Is Starfire Tor a Real Time Traveler?

…May 10. In her interview on Dreamland, she remembers speaking the language of the birds. Time travelers would have only the most sketchy memories of their future lives, but would…read more

More to Come

…earthquake deep beneath the ocean floor, arrived suddenly in December of 2004. Now it looks like both of them may happen again. Larry O’Hanlon writes in Discovery News that mysteriousread more

Mystery Shake

A mysterious, window-rattling shaking woke up San Diego residents on April 4. reported that the same thing happened in the same area in the past and we think we…read more


…he believes was the REAL role of Mary Magdalene, who was actually MUCH MORE than just the wife of Jesus. Listen to Dreamland this week and learn about mysterious historical…read more

Mugger Magic

Using a sleight of hand move he calls “reverse pickpocketing,” magician David Copperfield used his special powers to fend off four Florida muggers recently. Keep reading to find out more….read more

Moon Mystery

One of the visions Whitley had at the secret school, the mysterious place where he remembers attending classes as a child, concerned the origin of the moon. In his book…read more

Mysterious Ancient City

…did not travel across the ocean to Eastern Europe thousands of years ago?or did they? The past is more mysterious than we have ever guessed?and so is the present. Keep…read more

Science Studies God

…her adventures with Dr. Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay. She also interviewed Schwartz about his new book the G.O.D. Experiments, just for subscribers. Don’t miss this provocative interview?subscribe today! NOTE:…read more

Walking Fish?Then & Now

…the same time, biologists have learned that one type of fish?the catfish?STILL “walks” ashore to look for food. Discovering that a catfish that lives in Africa regularly goes onto land…read more

The Shape of Things to Come

…higher risk for contracting Type II diabetes, the kind you get from being overweight. Kahn has discovered that just three genes: Tbx15, Gpc4, and HoxA5, are responsible for a person’s…read more

UPDATE: MORE Ice Blocks Falling From the Sky

We have reported in the past on how mysterious blocks of ice are falling from the sky all over the world?smashing through roofs and at times narrowly missing people. In…read more

Time Travel in Our Future

…the past.” He adds, “I believe that human time travel could happen this century.” Art credit: If you subscribe to unknowncountry, you can still hear Jim Marrs interview Jenny…read more

The Nazis and Time Travel

During Dreamland, Joseph Farrell brings up the issue of Nazi flying saucers, and mentions that one of them may have caused the December, 1965 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania UFO crash. Whitley Strieber…read more

Mexican UFOs Acknowledged by Church

Journalist Paola Harris reports that Monsignor Corrado Balducci, whom Whitley interviewed for his book Confirmation, says that Mexico is blessed by its current waves of UfO Sightings, which are being…read more

A Tragedy?or a Conspiracy?

…still want to listen to this dynamite interview, subscribe today. To learn more, click here, here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have…read more

The Reason We Went to War (Continued)

…gone against OPEC’s mandate and driven prices down, affecting all OPEC countries, as well as lowering profits for the oil companies. Palast was interviewed by Whitley on Dreamland in 2003,…read more

Will Bird Flu Arrive Here? (Part II)

…system have the surface molecule or receptor that is the key that permits the avian flu virus to enter a cell. Flu viruses, like many other types of viruses, require…read more

The 911 Conspiracy

…theory,” but one that really happened. He agrees with Dave Von Kleist, whom we have interviewed on Dreamland, that the fall of the World Trade Center looks like a “controlled…read more

Will Bird Flu Arrive Here?

…care of the family?s poultry. On the ABC news website, Jim Avila and Meredith Ramsey interview Webster, who is concerned that, because viruses mutate (which is why there is a…read more

A Traveler at the Edge of Death

…about six and a half feet, andseemed to be robed in a fabric that emitted a type of lightperiodically, during movement. Their skin was silvery andtheir eyes were round, and…read more

A Message From John Mack–UPDATE

…Glennys and Dr. Lynne are wearing the same colors. If you want to listen to Anne Strieber’s interview with Gary Schwartz about God as a mathematical formula, you need to…read more

It Could Happen Again

…of ash. Now a previously unknown Pompeii-type site has been discovered in Indonesia. This eruption took place about 2,000 years later than Pompeii. Scientists are worried that it could happen…read more

Anne’s Diary: Seize the Day

…the United States.” What follows is an incredible adventure. If you want to listen to Anne Strieber’s interview with Gary Schwartz about God as a mathematical formula, you need to…read more

Scott Stevens and our mysterious Sun

Whitley asks Scott Stevens to tell us about the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory images that suggest that objects (which NASA says are video artifacts) appear at times near the…read more

Whitley Strieber and Lynne Kitei

Last week, Whitley Strieber interviewed Dr. Lynne Kitei, who first brought the Phoenix Lights to public attention. It was intended to be a follow-up interview for our subscribers, but it…read more

Nuclear fusion is REAL

…it will be running our power plants soon, with far less pollution than conventional fuels and far less danger than the current type of nuclear (fission) power. But in order…read more

Greatest Hits May Cause Great Damage

…to stay tuned to Dreamland every week. Coming up soon: an interview by William Henry about George Harrison, the “spiritual” Beatle! To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This…read more

New Tut Tomb Found Intact

…Egypt is the greatest show on Earth. It?s not too late to join William?s latest tour to Egypt?find out all about it on this week?s Dreamland. Something that only…read more


Dreamland is now streaming normally. Enjoy! NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Was 911 a Hoax?

…he seemed quite rational and his research was careful. I interviewed him on Dreamland. I must add here that the fact that I interview somebody on my radio program doesn’t…read more

No Fail Lie Detector

…don’t miss this week’s Dreamland interviews (including a special one for subscribers) with one of the greatest conspiracy theorists of our time, Peter Levenda. It’s not often you get to…read more

Nuke Waste Problem Won’t Go Away

…a journey into the amazing phenomena of Remote Viewing. Don’t miss William Henry’s interview with Stephan A. Schwartz on this week’s Dreamland! Also this week, subscribers get to hear Glennys…read more

Stardust Success

William Henry interviewed Donald Brownlee on Dreamland on January 13 about Project Stardust(If you’re a subscriber you can still listen to this incredible interview). The Stardust capsule has returned to…read more

Important Environmental Message

…published an interview with Lovelock in which he states that the goddess Gaia may now be on her death bed. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site,…read more

Canopus Reveals Itself

…brightest star after Sirius. By a seeming coincidence, this week’s Dreamland and subscriber interviews discuss Canopus and the ancient Egyptian belief that it was a stargate and the most important…read more

Dreamland Intermittent Outages

Dreamland is experiencing intermittent outages. If youattempt to access the stream and get a “ready” notice inyour Windows Media Player, please try again. Once the streamstarts, it will continue normally….read more

Geniuses Just Like to Have Fun

…who imparted incredible wisdom that became the important book that was turned into the film The Day After Tomorrow. Wisdom is something we look for in our Dreamland radio guests,…read more

Booms are Back

…the world up to the dangers of global warming. Only readers of this website know where Whitley got his secret information. Listen to this week’s Dreamland for an interview that…read more

Mysterious Dark Matter

…studying another mystery known as dark energy. Stephen Battersby writes in New Scientist that this mysterious force was created when the universe began. We know the universe is not only…read more

Whale Talk & Ant Farms

…whale talk?there’s a mysterious project called HAARP. Learn all about it from this bestseller from Nick Begich. Do angels have wings and play harps? Not if you meet them in…read more

These Puzzles May Finally be Solved in 2006

…few molecules of the original substance remain?and yet they work. This could be due to the mysterious placebo effect. Another puzzle is cosmic rays that can’t exist. Physicists in Japan…read more

Do Home Remedies Work?

…a hidden code for one of the world’s greatest secrets. tune intoDreamland this weekend, when Whitley interviews John Hogue about his prophecies for 2006, and William does a special interviewread more

The Dad Difference

…what we bring you, please support us: subscribe today. Subscribers get special discounts and special interviews. We need your help and it costs so little–only $11.95 for a 3-month subscription….read more

This Week on Dreamland: How Did John Hogue Do in 2004 and 2005?

…John’s 2004 and 2005 prophecy specials, and next week, John will be with us to evaluate his performance and prophesy for 2006! To listen, go to the Dreamland Special Events…read more

At Last: The TRUTH About Crop Circles?

…being photographed by them were ordinary people. After that event, he went on several radio shows, including Dreamland, and said that virtually all circles were man-made. At the Operation Blackbird…read more

A Special Message from Anne

Besides having a wonderful conversation with William Henry about the REAL meaning of Christmas for subscribers, Anne Strieber has a special holiday message for everyone. NOTE: This news story, previously…read more

Are You a Grinch?

…most popular shows, we take this opportunity to reprise a discussion Budd Hopkins and Whitley had about the abduction phenomenon. Give YOURSELF a special gift this Christmas: a2006 cropcircle calendar….read more

The Faith-Based Science of Susan Clancy by Budd Hopkins

…and told her they were, indeed, abductees. Some of her subjects had such tenuous, even vapid reasons for believing they were abductees – a “mysterious bruise” or a “vague feeling”…read more

Christmas Questions

…secret to a long life.” Scientists actually know that this is true. Then the physicians revealed their Naughty or Nice machine. Dzielak explained that a special Santa Claus Emission Tomography…read more

Christmas Kissing Weed

…the kiss of death for the trees we?ve come to associate with the same holiday.” Art credit: This week, we reprise one of our most popular Dreamland shows: a…read more

A Dreamland Show About?What?

What in the world is this week’s Dreamland show all about? It’s about what happens when you bring one of the world’s leading mythologists, William Henry together with conspiracy expert…read more

King Kong Authentic

…represented another order of reality?one which existed here in our modern world?on an undiscovered mysterious island lost in time. On this island were dinosaurs and other fantastical creatures, but it…read more

Medium: Behind the Scenes with Gary Schwartz

NBC’s popular show “Medium” is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois, and Dr. Gary Schwartz (The Afterlife Experiments) has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific testing….read more

This Week on Dreamland: Are Mediums Real?

NBC’s popular show “Medium” is based on the life of a real medium, Allison DuBois. Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments has subjected her powers to rigorous scientific…read more

God As a Mathematical Formula

In her new diary, Anne Strieber writes: “This coming weekend, in a subscriber interview with Gary Schwartz?the author of The Afterlife Experiments and the upcoming book The G.O.D. Experiments?I discuss…read more

Why We Regain the Weight We’ve Lost

…listen to Anne Strieber?s interview with Carnie Wilson, who lost her weight the hard way. To learn more, click here and here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Mind Tricks

…miss this week’s Dreamland, when we present Part II of a special show about Jesus’ wife Mary Magdalene. William Henry talks about how she was not a prostitute, she was…read more

Why are Modern Buildings So Ugly?

…through that building to the reason for that building.” Nasar randomly selected the four types of buildings and looked in phone books to find examples. They visited the sites and…read more

Mold Threat in New Orleans

…that. Mold brings on allergy symptoms in many people. Some types of mold are actually cancer-causing and homes infected with this type of mold are unsafe to live in and…read more

A Luminous Week on Dreamland

…editions of Dreamland, both presented without commercial breaks. For subscribers, Anne Strieber talks to healer Eric Pearl about the healing he did for her last year. The Illuminator represents a…read more

WTC Towers Collapsed by Explosives

…Site. Jones is calling for a government investigation. The recent well-timed set of explosions in London illustrate that this type of media event is what al-Qaeda aims for. A similar…read more

Southern Plants Travel North

…fuels. He says,”You can’t predict the future, but there has been a time in the past where we had similar type of conditions, and we might look to that experience.”…read more

Airplane Air is Bad for You

…effective. However, passengers complain about being sprayed with insecticide and often this type of spraying is done to protect indigenous plants, not people, from insects that visitors may bring with…read more

This Week’s Dreamland: How to Contact the Dead

Alan Botkin has discovered a miraculous therapy for grief and loss, and he explains it all to us on this week’s Dreamland. A clinical psychologist, Botkin discovered the therapy while…read more

How Australia Prevented Terror Attack

…filled with conspiracies? Conspiracy is nothing new to Dreamland guest host and author Jim Marrs. Subscribers can still listen to all his extraordinary Dreamland shows, and you can download them…read more

Why are Serial Killers Mostly American?

…of this type of abuse. Like pedophiles, serial killers cannot be “cured,” but they can be identified BEFORE they strike, because they all display traits of what is called The…read more

Fireball Sightings on the Rise Worldwide

…center of the mysterious mosque in Mecca, which only Muslims can enter. In fact, they’re directed to make a pilgrimage there once a year. If you can’t afford, or don’t…read more

Is Wal-Mart Evil?

…deaths. While we today?s buildings have modern fire-suppression systems, like sprinklers, so this type of tragedy is not likely to happen, a sick employee who called an ambulance could have…read more

Stomach Polygraph

… How to go from light into darkness?now THIS is one of the secrets of the universe. Don’t miss William Henry’s interview with Stephen Mehler this week on Dreamland! And…read more

A Good Reason to Hate Other People?

…to these different kinds of threats in ways tailored to have a good chance of reducing them.” In other words, racial prejudice. Neuberg interviewed 235 European American students about how…read more

Black Hole Mystery

…them. From light into darkness and back again?this is one of the secrets of the universe. Don’t miss William Henry’s interview with Stephen Mehler this week on Dreamland! And you…read more

Why Rubbernecking is Dangerous

…says, “We think that there is essentially a bottleneck for information processing and if a certain type of stimulus captures attention, it can basically jam up that bottleneck so subsequent…read more

A Special Story Read by Whitley

This year, we’re celebrating Halloween with a special reading by Whitley Strieber of his classic story, Falling Apart. This story, which appears in the anthology Evenings with Demons, is some…read more

Dreamland Personalities at Conference

Here’s a chance to meet Linda Howe, William Henry, Michael Glickman, Margaret Starbird (who is this week’s Dreamland radio guest), as well as many other edge thinkers, at Tempe, Arizona…read more

Fat kids Can Still Eat Halloween Candy

Newswise – It is time to scare away the myth that says that overweight children with type II diabetes can’t enjoy Halloween because of their disease. The truth is they…read more

How Women Confuse Men

…this type of behavior works with regard to sex. While over 200 students were shown photos of good looking members of the opposite sex, they were offered a reward: they…read more

The Failure of the Left

…anything but a disaster. And yet, the American left is controlled by people who call themselves ‘progressives.’ Give such people the horrifying powers of arrest granted by the Patriot Act,…read more

Will Vermont Secede from the Union?

…will be James Kunstler, author of “The Long Emergency,” who was a recent guest on Dreamland. Subscribe today and you can still hear Whitley’s fascinating interview with James Kunstler! There?s…read more

How to Use Your Brain Better

…were of a very special type, which the researchers believe are responsible for the correct pairing of a cue and an associated symbol. Surprisingly, these brain cells kept firing even…read more

Oil Prices High This Winter: Plan Ahead

…in Exile and subscribers can hear a special interview with her by William Henry. William and Margaret are really on the same wavelength and this is a not-to-be-missed event, so…read more

Terracotta Army Guards a Buried Treasure

…Now it’s been discovered that they were guarding more than an emperor’s body?they were guarding a vast treasure. Karla Adam writes in the Independent that archeologists using special X-ray equipment…read more

Wilma Most Powerful Ever: Florida Threatened

…the northover the eastern US, meaning that no strong fontal systemsare there to blow Wilma out to sea. This week, when you listen to Dreamland radio, subscribers also get to…read more

Mission to Venus Will Help Defeat Global Warming

…formed at the same time as Earth, and under all those clouds is the same type of material. It is the same size and density as Earth. However, the clouds…read more

Chimps are Picky Eaters?Just Like Us

…week on this website. Her new chapter, “Fear of Food,” has just been posted. If you subscribe today, you can still hear her interview with rock singer Carnie Wilson, where…read more

Will We Soon Discover Alien Life?

…Rees interview, subscribe today. Our readers and subscribers aren’t afraid to confront the idea of alien life! Next weekend on Dreamland, popular guest Roger Leir interviews an Iranian pilot who…read more

More Pyramid Secrets Will Soon Be Revealed

…remote-controlled drill and be able to drill a hole into any barriers it encounters and peek inside. This is the same type of technology used in the robots that were…read more

Bundle Up in Solar Clothes

…mass-produced with solar technology. Art credit: Tune into this week’s Dreamland radio for wisdom you can’t get anywhere else. If you still want to hear Whitley interview James Kunstler…read more

Our Brains are Still Getting Bigger

…weekend’s Dreamland show. For subscribers, Whitley talks with Knights Templar Mark Pinkham about a mysterious man he once met whose message was incredibly mind-expanding. To learn more, click here and…read more

Pakistan Quake: The Animals Knew

…the world’s biggest earthquake problems, has long studied the use of animals to predict major quakes. Art credit: Can earthquakes be predicted? We’ve had guests on Dreamland who say…read more

This Can’t be Missed

…this stunning speech. To hear Whitley’s interview of Jim (and Anne’s subscriber interview), subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Special Stargate Sale

Mankind is reaching a new destiny, and among the few people who understand this is William Henry. William’s popular Stargate 2012 DVD is now $2 off regular price! This 2-disk…read more

What It’s Like to be a Genius

What is it like to live inside the body of the special kind of genius known as the autistic savant (once know as idiot savants)? These are people whom scientists…read more

Can Quicksand Kill You?

…we separate the news out into what is IMPORTANT, and present it to you in a way that’s easy to understand. On our Dreamland radio shows, Whitley’s adroit questioning of…read more

You Are What Your Mom Ate

…increase in Type II diabetes that we?re seeing.” But they’ve discovered that eating too much protein while pregnant could lead to Type II in your children later on. To make…read more

The Smashed Pillars of Conservatism

…was a form of questionnaire that Germans after the war had to answer. These documents were painstakingly compared, and over time people who were likely to have remained pro-Nazi after…read more

Dreamland at Upcoming Conferences

Linda Howe, our Dreamland science reporter, wants to let Earthfiles and Dreamland audiences know about two important conferences upcoming in November. Popular Dreamland guests and guest hosts Jim Marrs and…read more

UFOs: Biggest Cover-up in History

…Peter Jennings and the late military man and author Philip Corso. Hellyer spoke about watching the late Peter Jennings documentary special, “Seeing is Believing” in February, 2005. He then picked…read more

Economy Can Only Get Worse

…World Bank. James Howard Kuntsler thinks we’re headed for a long emergency in the future. Subscribe today. so you can listen to his recent interview with Whitley, as well as…read more

Global Warming: Viruses Will Escape from Melting Ice

…and smallpox, could reappear. A new type of flu virus could emerge which, in combination with the rapidly spreading avian flu virus, could mean a deadly future for human beings….read more

New Corn May Prevent Mad Cow Disease

…to past shows?and download them to an MP3 disc (including a fascinating interview with Mad Cow whistle blower Dave Louthan) if you subscribe today. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

No Gas? Burn Grass!

…convert his operation to a methane digester system. It’s easy to grow fond of If you enjoy visiting us every day (and listening to Dreamland every week), make sure…read more

Coffee is GOOD For You

…against liver and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson?s disease. Vinson analyzed the antioxidant content of more than 100 different food items, including vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, oils and…read more

Banker Gets Implant

…implanted right under the skin with a syringe. It can then be read with a special device. Only an anonymous 16-code number. This number can then be entered into a…read more

Peter Levenda – UFO Controversy

Whitley Strieber and Peter Levenda go deep into the UFO controversy. You will hear in this extraordinary interview information that you have, quite simply, never heard before. If there is…read more

UK UFOs Still a Mystery

…have experts stumped. If you?re intrigued by mysteries in the sky, listen to Dreamland this week, when science reporter Linda Howe reports on Planet X and the strange objects recently…read more

West Nile Perspective

…Maybe we should concentrate on what’s REALLY going wrong. How did Whitley get his information? From a very special place. is a very special place. If you love this…read more

Superbugs Spreading in Food

…worried about a type of superbug E. coli that is rapidly spreading in the UK. In August, E. coli was found in meals that were to be served to passengers…read more

New Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I discovered a lost trove of lecture tapes, interviews, videos and other audio-visual documents, including some of the most unusual UFO videos ever made, and this…read more

Oregon Volcano May be Ready to Erupt

A mysterious bulge in the Earth’s crust is growing in Oregon, meaning magma underneath the surface is on the move and could erupt into a volcano soon. The bulge is…read more

Dear Curmudgeon

While scheduling James Kunstler’s Dreamland interview, he and Anne began an email correspondence. Excerpts are below: Kunstler: Of course I am familiar with Whitley’s books about alien encounters. It is…read more

Bird Flu Becoming Dangerous Threat

…Art credit: When life threatens, take your pills?but also cast some spells. Learn how from the kitchen witch. Subscribe today and you can still hear Anne Strieber’s wonderful interviewread more

Pumping Begins in New Orleans–UPDATE

…estimate was based on an interview by reporter Clint Confehr with mortuary owner Dan Buckner, who says the government has ordered 25,000 body bags for the cleanup. For more information,…read more

Anne’s Diary: “Dear Curmudgeon”

This week on Dreamland Anne Strieber is back! Jim Kunstler is one of her favorite people, and she interviews him in a special edition of Dreamland. Her brilliance, wit and…read more

Can We Remove Salt from Water?

…the ground. New Mexico senator Pete Domenici says this type of research could be the “long term solution to our nation’s and New Mexico’s water problems.” Water, water everywhere?sometimes there’s…read more

Phoenix Lights in UK and Mexico

Mysterious orange lights resembling the Phoenix lights have been seen in the skies of Cheltenham in the UK, as well as in the country of Mexico. They are also being…read more

Southern California Earthquake Swarm

…in the Brawley area inthe 1970s and 1980s. In the past, a quake on thecross-fault of the type that is taking place now triggeredmagnitude 6.2 and 6.6 events in 1987….read more

Mad Cow Began with Human Remains

…have gotten the disease from eating sheep infected with scrapie, a disease that is closely related to Mad Cow. Art credit: Whitley Strieber did a dynamite interview with Colm…read more

Are We in a Weather War? Dreamland Asks an Expert.

This week on Dreamland, we concentrate on Hurricane Katrina?but in ways you will not hear anywhere else. First, we talk to weather expert Scott Stevens, who says that since the…read more

Mysterious Scream

A local TV station in Liberty Ohio is investigating a mysterious recurring scream. One person heard it while out walking with her spouse. She happened to have a tape recorder…read more

Secret Nazi Colony Finally Broken Up

After forty years, the Chilean authorities have broken up the Colonia Dignidad commune, which was founded by escaped Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. It aided the cruel military dictatorship of that…read more

China Attacking Pentagon Computers

…in conspiracy, discover Dreamland guest host and author Jim Marrs?he knows everything there is to know about it. Subscribe today so you can hear all off Jim’s Dreamland shows. NOTE:…read more

UFO Wave in New Mexico

In a scenario reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights, UFOs are being seen by large numbers of people in New Mexico. Photos taken by a Navajo teen show mysterious yellow, red…read more

Beaches Closed Across the Country

Dreamland shows, if you subscribe today, because subscribers can download Dreamland to an MP3 disc and listen in their cars. When you go to the beach, be sure to take…read more

A Good Reason Why Movie Villains Smoke

…Juergen Hennig says that the type of aggressive behavior we think of as psychopathic or sociopathic has some genetic basis that may involve abnormally low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin….read more

Croc Blood May Cure AIDS

…Don’t miss our science reporter Linda Howe every week on Dreamland, as she reports on scientific anomalies like this one. Subscribe today, and you can hear all the Dreamland shows…read more

Jim Marrs and Time Travel

Jim Marrs hosts the most amazing time travel program you will ever hear. First, a mind-bender of an interview with famed UK anomalies researcher Jenny Randles on the fact that…read more

An Amazing Experience

…it by explaining it away as a comet, experimental aircraft, etc. We’ve all become bored by this type of thing. Kitei hit upon the idea of interviewing ordinary witnesses who…read more

Proverbs?a Deeper Meaning

…One writer who understands proverbs is William Henry, one of the guest hosts of Dreamland. He digs deeper and often finds that ancient legends are describing real events. Don’t miss…read more

Dreamland Service Notice

The Dreamland server outage has been repaired, and the last four programs are once again available for free listening from, and the most recent program is available for free…read more

Time Travel on Dreamland This Week

On Dreamland this week, Jim Marrs hosts the most amazing time travel program you will ever hear. First, a mind-bender of an interview with famed UK anomalies researcher Jenny Randles…read more

NY Times Reports ANOTHER Major 911 Failure

…911 terrorist attacks, Mohammed Atta. Lawyers at the Special Operations Command of the DefenseDepartment refused to allow Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer totransmit the crucial information to the FBI. The reasongiven…read more

Can Money Buy Happiness? Yes, But?

…If you still want to hear this Anne’s fascinating interview with author John deMartini, subscribe today. You can even download it to an MP3 disc and listen on the way…read more

How Can Non Smokers Get Lung Cancer?

…also more susceptible to lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, which is the type of cancer that killed actor Steve McQueen?despite the fact that men, who are more often…read more

Should Black Hair be Straightened?

…credit: There are many ways to transform ourselves and diet is one of them. Find out what people who were desperate to lose weight have done. This delightful interviewread more

Universal Flu Vaccine on the Way

…about his book and if you subscribe today, you can listen to?and download?this amazing interview. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Yoga Fights Fat

…is about the last type of exercise we consider. But it turns out that yoga not only helps people lose weight, it helps keep it off. Researchers questioned 15,500 men…read more

A New World–If We Can Take It

I have gotten in two books and interviewed the authors for upcoming Dreamlands that have, frankly, blown my mind. In all the years I’ve been doing this journal, I don?t…read more

Amazing ET JFK Connection