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Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Could Collapse Within the Decade; Boaty McBoatface Investigates

sounds like a massive amount (and indeed it is) this would pale in comparison to what would be released into the ocean if the entire glacier were to catastrophically give…read more

The Incredible (and Forgotten!!) UFO Flap of 1973: Unexplained Booms, Animal Disappearances and Human Abductions

…investigated by the US Navy, an explosion heard over the eastern US that may have been one of the loudest sounds ever recorded on Earth, and at least one other…read more

Spacecraft or Secret Weapon? China May Have Developed a Hypersonic Missile

…high-speed missiles, capable of traveling at more than five times the speed of sound, has been underway for years, an advancement that could allow a potential attacker’s weapons to evade the…read more

A Clinic in the Netherlands Is Curing Crippling Phobias With a Single Pill

…mice to associate a high-pitched beep with an electric shock, so that whenever the beep sounded alone, the mice would react with fear, anticipating the electric shock. He then administered…read more

More Mysterious Booms, Including Over Whitley’s House: What is Going On? Mysterious booms have been reported for years. Whitley has experienced three over his house in the past 3 months, one of which was recorded on his surveillance system…read more

Using Artificial Brains To Build a Better Nose

It might sound like a concept straight out of a sci-fi horror film, but for the last two decades California-based biotech company Koniku has been developing a computer powered by…read more

Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley on Mysterious Booms Recorded at His House, then Mia Feroleto on the Power of the Final Consciousness and Contact Conference

…of it. But then, at 3:56 AM on July 23,the same thing happened. This time he was not in the house and his surveillance system recorded the sounds and the…read more

Mars’ Liquid Water Lakes Mightn’t Be Liquid After All

…be? First discovered as bright spots in radar data returned by the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) orbiter, these subsurface regions reflected a radar return signature…read more

The History of a Prehistoric Climate Shift in the Impact Crater Beneath Hiawatha Glacier

…geologists in 2015; the discovery of this newfound crater was announced after three years of studying radar-sounding data from NASA’s Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment and Operation IceBridge, and…read more

What’s the Big Deal? The Pentagon Admitted UFOs were “Not of This World” 74 Years Ago

…the authenticity of the Twining Memo, which would mean that craft that defy gravity and can exceed the speed of sound without generating a sonic boom and can do all…read more

The Trinity Crash: Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris Uncover an Unknown UFO Crash from 1945

…and Paola. Then, for our subscribers, Whitley adds a provocative coda of his own, describing what happened when he interacted with a being in 1994 that sounds very much like…read more

The CIA and Pentagon are Investigating Potential ‘Havana Syndrome’ Attacks

…to their brains’ white matter tracts, a factor that eliminated sonic weapons as a potential culprit, as sound waves are not capable of causing such damage to specific brain structures while…read more

Former Director of National Intelligence Confirms UFO Sightings by US Military, More to Come in Unclassified Report

…are difficult to explain” with “movements that that are hard to replicate that we don’t have the technology for, traveling at speeds that exceed the sound barrier without a sonic…read more

Can Contact be Initiated with Radio? The Surprising Answer from a Long-Time CE5 Witness

…radio channels and licensing practices. Be sure to follow the rules in your country. The software used to transform images into sound mentioned in the show is Photosounder. To use…read more

Enjoy a New Recording of the Sound of an Ancient Conch Horn

Researchers in France have discovered that an 18,000-year-old conch shell that was found in a cave used by the Magdalenian people of the late Upper Paleolithic was modified by someone…read more

Terry Lovelace: Multiple Witness Abduction and Much More

…There is a strange sound repeated in this show. It is not a glitch or a fault, but something that somehow entered the stream from the outside as it was…read more

Close Encounter Witness Terry Lovelace PLUS a Sound Anomaly on the Show

…and now no longer fears the experience. Prior to the show, you will hear Whitley describe an anomalous sound that appears at 34:40 in the subscriber version. The sound is…read more

Seneca Guns Prove to be a Real Mystery

…Guns” is a mystery boom that has been heard for over 150 years. These booms sound like distant artillery fire, with some of the sounds loud enough to vibrate buildings…read more

How the American Republic Worked, and Can Work Again

…educated electorate, and a group of mostly very wealthy people started propagandizing the population with false and distorted ideas that made it sound as if the balance of authority that…read more

Early Humans May Have Endured Harsh Ice Age Winters by Hibernating

…might sound far-fetched for humans to actually hunker down and sleep the winter away, primates such as bushbabies and lemurs are known to enter states of hibernation, suggesting that “the…read more

Consciousness, the Electromagnetic Brain and the Free Mind

On Dreamland this week, Dr. Shelli Renee Joye joins Whitley in a wide-ranging discussion of her work in the area of electromagnetic field theory and the nature of consciousness. Soundread more

Pulsed Microwave Energy May Be Behind ‘Havana Syndrome’, According To National Academy of Sciences

…brains’ white matter tracts, a factor that eliminated sonic weapons as a potential culprit, as sound waves are not capable of causing such damage to specific brain structures while leaving…read more

Selective Secrecy: UFOs & a “Galactic Federation” of Extraterrestrials Referenced in Interview With Former Israeli General

…U.S. government and aliens – I cannot prove it, I understand it sounds like a conspiracy theory—but the understanding is that the Galactic Federation has nine elements of advanced aliens…read more

As Above, So Below: New Study Finds Striking Similarities Between the Structure of the Universe and the Human Brain

…are well-defined networks, made up of nodes (galaxies in the larger, individual neurons in the smaller) that are connected via filaments; neurons and galaxies both have a typical scale radius…read more

A Canadian Tourist May Have Been Stricken With “Havana Syndrome”

sounds, indicating that the sounds may have been internally-generated symptoms, rather than part of the case of their ailments. The diplomats showed signs of physical damage in brain scans, indicating…read more

Humanity Is Heading for a “Jaw-Dropping” Decline in Population

…the end of the century. While fewer humans using up fewer resources might sound like a good thing, the study’s authors warn that a sharp decline in population growth can…read more

Contact with Other Civilizations is Possible

…years. One signal. 20,000 years. Sounds not very much like a plan. In fact, the only signals that generally leave our immediate area are television signals. As Carl Sagan once…read more

The Mysterious Geomagnetic Anomaly in the South Atlantic Might Split in Two

nodes. In response, the ESA has dispatched their fleet of three Swarm satellites to investigate these changes, in the hope that this magnetic oddity can offer new insights into how the Earth…read more

Are We a Designer Species that is Being Genetically Altered RIGHT NOW?

…is the first organized node of contact between mankind and other worlds, and this show is a perfect example of what that means. You can visit Bruce and Daniella on…read more

‘The numbers are low until it’s your child’: A Rise in COVID-19-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths in Children Alarm Health Officials

…that lasts several days, along with symptoms that may include a rash, red eyes, swollen lymph nodes, and puffy hands and feet. Although Schleiss believes that this new phenomenon is…read more

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation

…an opinion piece? Before hitting share or forward, consider the type of content first. 2. Check the credibility of the source. “Daily Buzz Live” may sound like a legit news…read more

A New Contactee Interview: A Close Encounter Near Puget Sound in 1966–That Lasted 11 Days

We have just added an interview to our Contactee Section with a couple who were living on Puget Sound in 1966 when a UFO dropped down behind their home, resulting…read more

“John and Mary” Tell the Powerful and Moving Story of Their 1966 Close Encounter–Which Continued for 11 DAYS!

…happened near Puget Sound in 1966. They had just been married a few months. John had a top secret clearance and was working for the US Navy. One evening as…read more

Encounters with The Other, Ben speaks about his life

…boiled down into a sound-byte. This episode allows Ben to tell some of his stories in a manner they deserve—with all the strange outlying details. The accounts are awash in powerful…read more

Plants Make High-Pitched Sounds When Injured or Stressed

…average of 35 sounds an hour, while the tobacco plants would produce roughly 11 sounds in the same period. When the plants’ stems were cut, the tomatoes averaged 25 sounds…read more

2018 Set a New Record for Atmospheric CO2

…is also unprecedented, and rivaled only by the Chicxulub meteor impact that sounded the death knell for the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. “It is worth recalling that the last…read more

Something Wicked Weird This Way Comes…

…anywhere except on Dreamland. Truly amazing. Please note: There are breathing, strange clicks, what sounds like a phone being picked up and other strange sounds in the Alan Steinfeld segment…read more

Provocative, Eerie Bigfoot Sounds

This video features sounds recorded in the 1970s by Ron Morehead in the forest north of Yosemite. The sounds are almost certainly authentic.  They were featured in a documentary that…read more

Lake Monster Ogopogo Resurfaces in Canada’s Okanagan Region

…La Rocque can be heard exclaiming on the video he managed to take of the phenomenon. La Rocque describes that he heard “a swooshing sound, swoosh, swoosh,” as the mysterious…read more

‘I Almost Hit One of Those Things’: More US Navy Pilots Come Forward with their UFO Encounters

…speeds [more than five times the speed of sound],” according to the NYT. One of the pilots’ encounters also almost resulted in a mid-air collision when one of the objects…read more

The 173 Kiloton Explosion that Nobody Noticed

…energy released by the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Although there were no reported witnesses to the meteor’s dramatic disintegration, the explosion was recorded by infrasound sensors around the…read more

More Evidence for Ancient Oceans, Rivers and Groundwater on Mars has been Revealed

…extensive network of rivers that carved majestic canyons through the ancient Martian landscape. Using its Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) radar system, Mars Express is able…read more

A New Close Encounter

…I opened the novel’s file instead of this one, a great crack sounded through the house, so loud that it seemed as if the whole place was going to fall…read more

Human Language may have been Born from the “Sound” of Ancient Cave Art

…to convey symbolic thinking to one-another. For instance, in the caves in Lascaux, France, chambers where paintings depicting hoofed animals like bulls and bison are found create sounds that are…read more

Both Arctic and Antarctic Ice is Melting Faster Than Ever

…recorded ten years ago, making them now 3 meters (10 feet) lower than they were in 2008. “They’ve also sped up about 3% from their 2008 velocity, which sounds small…read more

A Massive Impact Crater has been Discovered Under the Ice In Greenland

…in 2015, the last three years have been spent studying both radar-sounding data from NASA’s Program for Arctic Regional Climate Assessment and Operation IceBridge, and visiting the site to look…read more

UFOs Spotted over Ireland by Three Separate Airline Crews

…be traveling at twice the speed of sound. The reports were made to air traffic control immediately after the sightings, prompting the Irish Aviation Authority to launch an investigation into…read more

Quantum Computing Now Proven to be Faster than Classical Computers

…be simultaneously on AND off, theoretically allowing individual qubits to operate much faster and more efficiently than their classical counterparts. Although this makes it sound like quantum circuits should be…read more

The Changing Song of Antarctica’s Ice Reveals its Health to Researchers

…a granular layer that helps protect the underlying ice from melting, it produces a constant, low level sound above 5 hertz. As surface condition change, the pitch of the soundread more

Why Must Witnesses be Ignored?

…passers-by! He even took a lie detector test in defense of his testimony. I will never forget how he sounded when he said that the apparent female looked on him…read more

Could the Sonic Attacks on US Embassy Workers in Cuba be the Result of Microwave Listening Devices?

…part of what’s called the ‘microwave auditory effect.’” The differences in the type of sound perceived would be due to the different size and dimensions of each individual’s head, and…read more

Prolonged Heat Waves Fuel Wildfires Around the World — Including the Arctic!

…wildfires was intense enough to prompt authorities to issue an air quality warning in Canada, once again in Prince George, on July 25, and again in Puget Sound, WA on…read more

Loving the Needs of Others

…he didn’t fully understand, was bringing a catastrophe on himself. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The last straw came when the volcanic eruption led to famine. The next thing that happened…read more

James Lough’s Astounding Peripheral Visions

James is a lifelong experiencer of high strangeness. His encounters sound familiar in all ways except one: when he sees entities, it is through his peripheral vision only. But what…read more

A Lake of Liquid Water may have been Found Beneath the Ice on Mars

…substantial subsurface bodies of water, such as Enceladus, Europa, and Ceres. In 2008, the Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionosphere Sounding (MARSIS) sensor aboard the Mars Express orbiter discovered…read more

Mysterious “Sonic Attack” Illness from Cuba has Struck in China

…who experiences “any unusual acute auditory or sensory phenomena accompanied by unusual sounds or piercing noises, [to] not attempt to locate their source.” Due to the odd sounds that victims…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back–and As Always, the Media Doesn’t Remember a Thing

Bucks County PA has been experiencing mysterious booms since April, and to hear the media talk about it, this is an entirely local phenomenon with no real history. The sounds…read more

UPDATE: UFO Spotted Over AZ by Airline Pilots Was Not a Balloon

…This eliminates the possibility that the object was a high-altitude balloon: not only was the object traveling at nearly two-thirds of the speed of sound, it was also doing so…read more

Intense New Encounters and What They Mean

…out “oh my god” and experienced a loud crashing sound. Then the experience ended. While I was at Esalen, I was also given a vision of the future, which I…read more

Parallel Life Calling Me Home

…person, on the one hand… but on the other, he knows that if he accepts, he will destroy our universe. Sounds drastic. Sounds narcissistic. Sounds crazy. And he knows all…read more

Unknowncountry and Politics

…least informed enough to know that. It is no “tracking device” but rather a node in a breathtakingly sophisticated communications system. To have the use of it is a remarkable…read more

Polar Vortex Split Causes Superstorm-like Winter Havoc in Europe

…Day After Tomorrow”, the 2004 movie based on Art Bell and Whitley Strieber’s 1999 book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. Centered over northern Siberia, the node that descended into the Eastern…read more

Michigan Meteor Causes 2.0 Earthquake — and may have Reached the Earth’s Surface

…a fairly big space rock at least a yard across), shows that the object penetrated deep into the atmosphere before it broke apart (which produced the sounds heard by many…read more

Lonely Love and a Beautiful Lesson from Anne

…life, if I was never to see her again, then I did not want to live.  I actually felt physically sick from grief. That may sound hysterical but it is…read more

Acclaimed Film Director Guillermo del Toro Disappointed and Terrified by Encounter with “Crappy” UFO

…by the otherwise mundane appearance of what he called a “crappy” UFO — although he says that the encounter was the most terrifying experience of his life. “You sound like…read more

No Sonic Weapon involved in Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba — But What Caused Their Injuries?

…that should have allowed the sound to carry normally: although the effect of manipulating a broadcast sound to a specific location can be achieved, this is typically accomplished through control…read more

The Phenomenon of Mysterious Booms Continue Worldwide

The phenomenon of mysterious booms is continuing around the world, with the sound of unexplained explosions being reported from locales as diverse as Michigan, Lapland, St Ives, Swansea and Yorkshire….read more

8,000 Year-Old Petroglyph might be the World’s Oldest Image of Hunting Dogs, complete with Leashes

…carvings is still an estimate based on various characteristics, such as weathering on the rock and the sequence of the carvings, but their “chronology is sound,” according to Griffith University…read more

Nuts and Bolts Revisited

…this well-rounded roundtable discussion of what we believe is probable and why. And as tidy as that sounds, it wouldn’t be The Experience without a few unseen twists and a…read more

Dr. Eben Alexander: Living in a Mindful Universe

…the creator of Sacred Acoustics, a method that uses sound to facilitate the journey into higher states. They come together in this powerful show, bringing us the great secret of…read more

U.S. Might Close Cuban Embassy over Mysterious Sonic Weapon Attacks

…through some invisible wall cutting straight through his [hotel] room,” preceding the onset of his symptoms. Many of the reports also indicated that the areas affected by these sounds were…read more

Jim Marrs, December 5, 1943–August 2, 2017

…lack of discrimination and many other things by the advocates of conventional wisdom. But time and time again, his ideas proved to be right and his research sound. His was…read more

Facebook Shuts Down AI Programs that Developed their Own Language

…to me to me to me to me” This exchange might sound totes cray cray to us, but to the two agents it represented sentences from a coherent conversation. And…read more

A Spectacular UFO Photo from the UK

…way to the airport at about 6:45 AM in a taxi when they heard a low humming sound and saw the object. While the husband and the taxi driver marveled…read more

A Sprinkle of Seaweed can Eliminate Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cattle

…this development sounds promising, the researchers caution that our current seaweed cultivation industry doesn’t have nearly enough capacity to contend with the sheer amount of cattle we raise, estimating that…read more

June 2017 was only the Third Hottest June on Record — But Don’t Celebrate Yet!

…record. On the surface, this sounds like good news, but this means that 2017 will still be hotter than the years before 2014-2016’s record-breaking El Niño, an event that pushed…read more

The Song of the Sun Signals that our Star’s Activity is Slowing Down

…large and energetic ones like the Sun produce sounds that rebound back and forth though its vast sphere. These sound waves can be studied to glean information about the interior…read more

Two High-Strangeness Cases from Britain’s Declassified UFO Files

…Skegness. Looks to be high in the sky directly over The Wash. Many people here are observing it…looks strange as it’s stationary. No [aircraft] sound in the area…” The air…read more

Bigelow Aerospace Founder is “Absolutely Convinced” that UFOs Exist

…Logan: “You don’t worry that some people will say, ‘Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he’s crazy’?” Robert Bigelow: “I don’t care.” Lara Logan: “Why not?” Robert Bigelow:…read more

Steven Halpern’s Amazing Discoveries about the Healing Power of Music

…a very surprising discovery. This show is an exciting, beautiful journey into the world and power of sound. Steven’s music is featured throughout the show, including the piece that emerged…read more

DO NOT PASS on the Mystery of Skara Brae

…Laird Scranton on the Mystery of Skara Brae, which may sound obscure but is actually one of the world’s greatest and most important mysteries, relating directly to why we even…read more

Introducing Neuromorphics: a Smarter Computer Chip used to Build a Smarter AI

…invasive as this sounds on the surface, such an efficient AI would not require communication with an external server, meaning the user’s day-to-day information could be kept private on the…read more

Meet Félicette: The World’s First (and only) Cat sent into Space

…de Médecine Aéronautique (CERMA) launched Félicette aboard her Veronique AGI sounding rocket No. 47 from the Colomb Bacar rocket base at Hammaguir in the Algerian Sahara desert, on 18 October…read more

I Report, You Decide

…told him about the nature of god, the multiverse, alien civilizations, and more, while meditating… and it sounds suspiciously like every ufological fantasy meme from the 80s and 90s. What…read more

New Cyborg Implant Aims to Reawaken our Sense of our Place on Earth

…”The impact of immediately sensing my position created a permanent memory. I vaguely recall the colors and sounds in the room but I remember my position vividly.” Cyborg Nest’s members…read more

Spoons on Mars? One is a Joke, but Two are an Anomaly

…To see the one from 2014, click here. (Enjoy the levitation. It’s a nice touch. But unless someone at NASA is playing games, these are genuine anomalies.) Merry Christmas all from icy Boston!…read more

NOAA gives the North a Failing Grade in their Arctic Report Card

…sustained observations of the Arctic that can inform sound decisions on environmental health and food security as well as emerging opportunities for commerce.” Highlights from the report include a new…read more

Unusual Flash Defies Explanation

…seem right under the circumstances. (These focus shifts are often done in CGI just to make things look “real” — which they don’t, really.) The sound of the thunder seems…read more

UFO Flap in Turkey

…November 26. The video begins with a small light, then moves to something larger and more complex. It ends with the unexpected sound of a jet passing an apartment building…read more

Mysterious Sonar Pings Recorded in Canada’s Arctic Territory

A mysterious pinging sound has been reported over the past year coming from the waters of Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada’s Nunavut territory. The sound, apparently readily detectable by…read more

New Horizons has a New Target, The Solar System’s Newest Member, and Another Crashed ESA Mars Probe: Space News for October, 2016

…make a single orbit. 2014 UZ224 was accidentally discovered by a team of astronomers with the Dark Energy Survey, using the ominous-sounding Dark Energy Camera (DECam), based in Chile. The…read more

Powerful, Beautiful New Teaching from Anne Strieber

…cross it at my cabin. There were seven of them, and they came to meditate nightly for many months. When they came, they would make loud thudding sounds on the…read more

A Baby has been Born with DNA from Three Parents

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, a baby has been born that has the DNA of three separate people. While we’re quite familiar with the traditional combination of genetic material…read more

Mysterious Falcon 9 Rocket Explosion Mystifies SpaceX Investigators

…”Particularly trying to understand the quieter bang sound a few seconds before the fireball goes off. May come from rocket or something else.” The rocket’s internal sensors so far have…read more

Remembering 9/11: A Message from Whitley Strieber

…a very different kind. Still, the words resound with meaning: What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? — Only the monstrous anger of the guns.       Only the stuttering…read more

Want Some High Strangeness? Try Cursing a UFO!

What happens when you flip off an approaching UFO? Hint: they don’t call it cursing for nothing. It sounds rather silly and yet the centerpiece of this week’s interview is…read more

Various Species’ Shared DNA may be the Key to Regenerating Lost Limbs

…patients that require that level of healing. “Limb regeneration in humans may sound like science fiction, but it’s within the realm of possibility,” explains co-researcher Voot P. Yin. “The fact…read more

This Probe will Self-Destruct: Protecting Potential Aliens in The Latest in Astronomy News

…entered orbit there, is scheduled to only make 37 orbits around the giant planet. Although this mightn’t sound like much, each of these orbits lasts 2 weeks — Jupiter is…read more

Mystery Booms Plague the City of Alhambra, CA

Adding to the ongoing reports of mystery sounds being heard around the world, the city of Alhambra, California, has been plagued by the sounds of mysterious explosions since February of…read more

The Caribbean Sea Resonates Like a Giant Whistle

…are an effect generated by the rotation of the planet. These waves, combined with the pressure at the sea bottom, produce the low-frequency sound in question. “We can compare the…read more

Russia Plans to Develop a Quantum Teleporter Within 20 Years

…quantum-based teleportation device within the next 20 years. While such a miraculous device might sound like it’s a long way from being developed, Russian tech-sector investor Alexander Galitsky points to…read more

Largest Coal Producer in the U.S. Funded Climate Change Denial Groups

…by the coal giant. “It’s the broadest list I have seen of one company funding so many nodes in the denial machine.” Examples of entities paid by Peabody include the…read more

New Device Converts Thoughts into Speech

…perceiving spoken speech. This information was then applied to a computer model that sorted out which patterns belonged to which sounds, creating maps of the subjects’ perceived speech patterns. These…read more

Why Prayer Doesn’t Work…and Why It Does.

…joy, if you will, even in the darkest parts of life. And now comes Gary Jansen’s remarkable and powerful book, The Fifteen Minute Prayer Solution. It sounds like a self-help…read more

Welcome to the Apocalypse with Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

…Tyler Kokjohn returns to illuminate some of the darker science looming on the horizon. If some of it sounds like it fits in nicely with abduction testimony… it just might….read more

Researchers Develop Method of Uploading Information Directly to Your Brain

…group. “Our system is one of the first of its kind. It’s a brain stimulation system,” says lead researcher Dr. Matthew Phillips. “It sounds kind of sci-fi, but there’s large…read more

The Chill is On: Abduction or Haunting??

Andy is a lifelong experiencer of some deeply terrifying phenomena that sounds like it is ripped from the diary of occultists and psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. So why…read more

Texas UFO Flap

…what sounds like some sort of clown about a sighting in Dallas. To listen, click here. You have to wonder if the media will ever grow up about this subject,…read more

Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard Declared ‘World’s Happiest Man’

…focusing on a particular sound or the breath going in and out calms the mind, giving greater clarity. Controlling the mind is not about reducing your freedom, it’s about not…read more

China to Displace Thousands in Search for Alien Life

…5 kilometer zone around the facility “to create a sound electromagnetic wave environment”, that is to eliminate stray radio signals that might interfere with the telescope’s operation, according to the…read more

Apollo 10 Transcripts Reveal “Outer-Space-Type-Music” Heard by Astronauts

…that this is the case, as the Apollo 10 crew would be familiar with the sound such interference would make. It should be pointed out that the sound displayed in…read more

Researchers Propose Harnessing the Energy of Random Vibrations

…bumps in the road,” explains Ohio State assistant professor Ryan Harne, director of the Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research. “In fact, there’s a massive amount of kinetic energy associated…read more

Cave Paintings May Depict 36,000 Year-Old Volcanic Eruption

…and you could hear the sound of the volcanic eruption. “There’s no way anybody could prove that it is a volcano that they depicted, but for us it’s the hypothesis…read more

The Message of the Visitors

…say about themselves, us, and our relationship. Prepare to be blown away. You can reach Mike at his blog: The UFO and owl sounds referred to in the interview…read more

Strange Sounds Have Returned Worldwide

Since December, strange sounds have been recorded in the Middle East, Italy, the UK and the US. There is no consistent pattern in regard to the noises themselves, but the number…read more

DARPA’s Hypersonic Craft Crashes after Hitting Mach 20

…twenty times the speed of sound — for three minutes, at least. DARPA’s unmanned prototype Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) was launched from Vandenberg AFB in California, and was…read more

New Memory-Rewriting Therapy can Erase Fear — In Two Minutes!

…1999, when neuroscientist Karim Nader ran an experiment on lab mice: he first conditioned them to associate a high-pitched beep with an electric shock, so that whenever the beep sounded…read more

Caryl Dennis: Vanishing Twin Syndrome

…In fact, much of what comes out during this chat about vanishing twin phenomena sounds like textbook “alien abduction” narrative, and in some hugely surprising ways. And so the world…read more

US Air Force Textbook on UFOs from 1968: Introductory Space Science- Vol II

…disturbance (dust stirred up, leaves moved, standing wave d. Sound (none, hissing, humming, roaring, thunderclaps, etc.) e. Vibration (weak, strong, slow, fast) f. Smell (ozone or other odor) g. Flame…read more

In the Weave of the Journey, a Meeting

…wronged you. Week before last, I was in a very quiet place in Texas, just going to bed. I heard another of the few sounds the visitors have ever made…read more

Two Souls, One Body

Twin sisters. One dies at birth, but she’s still alive… inside of her sister. It sounds like a tabloid headline, but for Kay it is the most real thing she…read more

Mystery Howls Prompt Bigfoot Investigation

…interest of wildlife biologist and Bigfoot researcher John Bindernagel, who is investigating the reports, interviewing witnesses and installing his own recording equipment. To listen to the sounds, play the video….read more

Hitachi Says It Can Predict Crime Before It Happens

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced that they have developed computer software that can predict crime before it happens. While this announcement sounds more like it was taken from a…read more

Close Up UFO Sightings

…lit up with  a very bright white light. This object made no sound. I saw this UFO through  my binoculars. Since seeing this object I have seen it twice more…read more

Pulsating ‘Bass’ Noise over Manchester

Another report of strange sounds comes from Manchester in the UK. These have been coming in since 2011, but, as always, the media has no awareness of their history. We…read more

UC Reader has a Startling SIghting in California

On A ugust 6th at 3:03 AM, I heard a loud engine noise in the sky. It sounded like a plane was going down. As it got closer it sounded…read more

That September Doomsday Comet: Be Unafraid, be VERY Unafraid!

…a mission in space. The sounds, however, appear to be an audio recording made by the Rosetta probe of the comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko’s (67P/C-G) magnetic fluctuations, edited to sound more eerie….read more

How I Get Around

As I sit in a wheelchair and cannot go a foot on my own, I use sounds to inform me of what’s happening around me. For example, I use what…read more

Brain Implants No Bigger than Dust Particles On the Way

…ultrasound waves generated by a transmitter placed on the scalp. The implanted components would have a simple CMOS sensor that would measure the electrical activity being generated by the neurons…read more

Proof of Heaven Author Eben Alexander on Soul Transformation

…it shine through? Listen as Dr. Alexander and Karen Newell explain powerful ideas about nonlocal consciousness and the use of sound as a means of awakening the soul to its…read more

Will First Contact be through Alien Machines?

…comments: “In my book Transformation, I commented on the oddly perfect movements and sounds of the visitors. Nevertheless, despite my own and many others experiences, it should be remembered that Professor…read more

Whitley Reads from Journey to Dog Heaven

…When he starts reading from the viepoint of Bob, the cattle dog who is the main character in the story, you’re not going to believe it’s him. It sounds as…read more

Turtle Talk

…record the maternal vocalizations and play the sounds to the hatchlings in the lab – and then in the Amazon once they return them to their natural habitat. Hopefully, coded…read more

Interesting, Eerie UFO Video in Storm

…Also, no sound, and they make a characteristic popping noise. This is a genuine unknown. Graded A. (Is that the first A grade I’ve given this year? I think so. Great catch!)…read more

Another Loud, Unexplained Sound, this One in Wisconsin

…was louder than the sound of a plane. A search of the local weather reports does not reveal any reason for the sound to have been meteorological. It stands as…read more

Our Experts Say Balloons, the Researcher Says No

…know that sounds far fetched but it is consistent with this type of mimicry. This is an important piece of the puzzle that’s often missing in the UFO discussion.  I…read more

Mainstream PhotoJournalist Captures a UFO

…machines. I admire them. There was no fuselage, no winglets, no sound. This was no plane,” he asserts. Emblin details the process he went to in order to capture a…read more

Weekender: Strong New Yeti Evidence from Russia

…too, uttering some squealing sounds. The young man could hardly catch his breath. He was about to fall down on the ground, but he suddenly saw a boy with a…read more

Meditation as Social Obligation

…of the Harvard Study, ladies and gentlemen, let us all now grab our mediation cushions and, at the sound of the gong, sit down and watch the crazy movie of…read more

Huge UFO Rumbles Slowly over UK High Strangeness Area

The town of Cannock Chase in the UK Midlands is a high strangeness hotspot, and now a huge UFO has crossed the area emitting a powerful rumbling sound. On the night…read more

Too Many Meteors?

…an apparent increase in recent months. On March 15, a spectacular meteor crossed Europe, lighting up the skies over at least six countries and producing a thundering sound as it…read more

Unexplained Light Ball on California Beach

…think, to have been thrown. I could be a tracer bullet, but in the original video, which had sound, there is no gunshot sound at all. To see Mr. Fernane’s…read more

More and Larger Siberian Craters Appearing

…many more in the region. More worrying, like the unidentifiable explosive sounds and tremors that are being reported in the United States, their cause is unknown. The two phenomena may…read more

Weekender: Heart Smart

…conversations. Later, as I wondered how such smart people could sound so dumb, I realized that those who are out of touch with their feelings are cut off from a…read more

Time Travel is Possible, Say Scientists

The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for centuries, but now scientists are suggesting that the concept is theoretically sound. Back in September of…read more

If Only ……

…the single-bullet theory.” As for the explanation offered in the 1997 report, Maureen wrote, “Oh, that sounds plausible, coming from the folks who brought you Agent Orange, optimistic body counts…read more

The Healing Power of Light

The idea of healing using light energy sounds very “new-age”, but the medical profession are beginning to understand that there isan incredible healing power hidden within the light spectrum. The…read more

“He who will go forward with his whole heart will obtain what he seeks. Only do not be of two minds.”

These words of wisdom may sound like they were taken straight from the pages of any of a number of New Age authors’ books on the Law of Attraction. However,…read more


…Colin, a listener tapped into cutting edge and fringe ideas. This one is both–but it might not be as out there as it sounds. In fact, it might be the…read more

Weekender: A Skeptic’s Close Encounter on His Wedding Day

…And it continued playing beautiful, classical music all through the night. The next day, the radio stopped working and has not emitted a sound since then. Michael Shermer, logical rationalist…read more

Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too – With No Regrets or Repercussions!

Sound too good to be true? Well, actually it is – but virtually it’s not. And soon – Project Nourished plans to serve-up its multi-course fantasy fare at Pop-Up tastings…read more

A Home Away from Home?

…an opportunity for astronomers to study its potential habitability – you know, just in case ….. If this sounds reminiscent of Interstellar, it is. “Most planets we have found to…read more

Possible Disk Photo from the UK

This object could be a genuine unknown. However, the humming sound described also suggests that it might be a blimp, but it would be a violation of the law for…read more

What’s Shakin’? Oklahoma’s SuperSonic Boom in Earth-Shaking Experiences

…began reporting unusual, unexplained loud booms, metallic and trumpet sounds in North America and other parts or the world in 2011 to date. Some geographic locations have had repeating cycles…read more

Weekender: Hearing Pictures – Seeing Sounds

…video camera –even if the video is shot through a soundproof glass door. A team of researchers from MIT, Microsoft and Adobe, led by MIT grad student Abe Davis, has…read more

Seismic Waves Show Which Sport’s Fans Rock Hardest

…and colleagues switched on both inside and outside the racetrack stadium. The instruments were set up to record everything from infrasound, or sound below human hearing, to explosion-level noise, and…read more

Weekender: A Holiday Gift for Animal Lovers

…argument sounds eerily familiar, it’s because it has been used historically to justify brutally depriving and exploiting groups of humans whose skin color, life ways, belief system, gender or gender…read more

The History Of The “Red Planet” May Help Us To Understand Climate Change on Earth

sound the death knell for the early greenhouse theory, and the great Martian arguments would continue. Whether Mars can help to provide some insights into our planet’s future remains to…read more

Scientists Discover How To Mend a Broken Heart

…lab. “When you speak about these things, the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds is that you’re crazy,” he says. “It’s a strange sounding idea, since we associate regeneration…read more

Weekender: Artificial Intelligence – Are We Summoning A Demon That We Can’t Control?

…artificial intelligence is sound and could vastly improve our existence by solving many of the world’s problems, there is also a potentially lethal flipside that could have catastrophic effects. Unfortunately,…read more

Scientists Develop Interactive Cinema That Allows Viewers To Watch Their Dreams

…”Much like a dream you can’t really control what happens on screen. “Your brain chooses the sounds and sights you experience but you can’t really direct them – you just…read more

Halloween Week on Unknown Country: Why We Should Still Be Creatures of the Night

…the Kalahari Desert of northeast Namibia and northwest Botswana. (The exclamation, slash and apostrophe symbols represent click sounds in their language.) They are among several groups of Kalahari Bushmen. Why…read more

Unknown Country Halloween Week: Myths and Monsters – Is There Any Truth Behind The Legends?

…Symptoms of that disease include sensitivity to sunlight, insomnia, and skin redness, which might make the skin look bloody. Sound familiar? “In the 10th or 11th century, Romanians at the…read more

Weekender: The Science of Awe

…in order to sharpen that experience further we should use all of our feelings and senses: hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Notice everything, the colours, the sounds,…read more

New Scientific Evidence Suggests That Life Continues After Death

…common sensations being a feeling of detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of an overwhelming light. The…read more

Weekender: Surmounting Evolution – Enter The Bespoke Human

…him to control evolution. The future face of humanity could be in our own hands. This sounds like science fiction, but this potential is already here: grown-to-order replacement organs and…read more

JZ Knight, Ramtha and the Beyond

…it is something that can be learned. You will probably never have heard JZ on the radio sounding quite like this, when she is being interviewed by somebody with long…read more

Genetically Engineered Food: Vintage Dreamland from 2000

In 2000, Dreamland was one of the first places where the alarm was sounded on genetically engineered foods. Since then, the genfoods industry has used its vast wealth to turn…read more

Triangle UFOs and Strange Sounds

For the first time, the strange sounds that have been present in our world are being connected with triangular UFOs. The sounds being heard are so loud, that it’s difficult…read more

Triangles, Strange Sounds and the End Times

…that included eerie and terrifying trumpet sounds that have been heard around the world in recent years. One of these witnesses had an extremely close and terrifying encounter with a…read more

Weekender: Timeline Jumping – A Glimpse Into the Complex World of Selective Existence

…hands of “Controllers” who have negatively affected our collective destiny. Kenyon, who describes himself as a teacher, scientist, sound healer, psychotherapist, musician, songwriter, singer, shaman and author, has allegedly received…read more

Think Plagues Are Past History? Think Again… Now We Are Creating Our Own

…symptoms which include painful lymph node swellings known as “bubos”. Though modern day medicine is able to effectively treat bubonic plague with antibiotics, it is still deadly if it is…read more

Will Our Children’s Future Friends Be Robots?

…doesn’t cause any damage, the robot shakes its head in disappointment. If the building topples and points increase, the eyes light up and the machine celebrates with a happy soundread more

You Can Choose Your Friends But They Could Be Your Family

…to about 1 percent of our genes. “One percent may not sound like much to the layperson,” Christakis said, “but to geneticists it is a significant number. And how remarkable:…read more

Baseball Blast from the Past

…summed up the situation pretty succinctly, when asked about swallowing emery boards that have been used to scuff balls, “they’re smooth going in, but rough coming out.” That sounds true….read more

Weekender: Organ donations – A Slice of Someone Else’s Life?

…and Scott’s first meeting was a profoundly moving experience for them both, and Freda was able to hear the sound of her son’s heartbeat once more: “I asked him if…read more

The Clock Talks

sounds, so we’ve decided to believe that one of the was triggered for a couple of seconds, and just happened to sound like a child talking. Yeah, we believe it……read more

Chilean Government Declares Sighting “Can Be Qualified As A UFO”

sound at all. This was one of the factors that led the CEFAA to determine that the sighting was genuine. Every possible prosaic explanation has been assessed in order to…read more


…most notably the Northridge Earthquake of 1994. The result is that there are lots of invisible cracks that make surprisingly good pathways for sound. I can also hear the trash…read more

Mysterious Booms Heard Down Under

…Kentucky and Illinois earlier this year, when residents reported hearing the noises for two days in a row. The inexplicable sounds were accompanied by the now typical strong vibrations, leaving…read more

Weekender: Can Childhood Stress Shape Our Lives and Affect Our Destiny?

…important to “keep yourself well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested and relaxed as much as possible” to deter psychic passengers, though this is sound wisdom for all-round good health. The Manchester Paranormal…read more

Weekender: Scientists Predict Mass Extinction In 30 Years – How Can We Change This Outcome?

…pay.” Attempting to motivate each individual to play their part in healing the earth is not as easy as it might sound, despite the dire warnings that scientists are continuing…read more

Incoming El Niño Could Break All Previous Records

…and Dr. Roy Spencer, an ESSC principal scientist, use data gathered by advanced microwave sounding units on NOAA and NASA satellites to get accurate temperature readings for almost all regions…read more

Battery Hens Could Receive Matrix-Style Life Enhancement Technology

…that this might cost us a few pence more? Would creating such virtual realities for battery hens, other farm animals or even humans who are bed-ridden, be ethically sound? If…read more

Scientists Create Effective “Tractor Beams” Using Sound

…the object.” The research was based on an ultrasound device that is already in existence clinically approved for use in MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery, and also built on other research…read more

Scientists Explore Unexpected Cause of Greenhouse Gas Pollution

The sound of running water has long been associated with positive health benefits, and the appealing sound of a babbling brook can be found on many recordings intended to aid…read more

New Collider To Turn Light Into Matter

…into matter sounds inconceivable, yet however far-fetched it sounds, the Universe that we inhabit was created when energy was transformed into substance. The idea to recreate this process was first…read more

Induced After Death Communication

…field and find certified practitioners, should you wish to explore the treatment further. PLEASE NOTE, ALL COPIES OF THIS PROGRAM ARE NOW REPAIRED, SOUND EXCELLENT, AND ARE RUNNING PROPERLY. WE…read more

Why Life is a Can of Tuna, One Year On

…torso to store his valuables while he went for a run.” Than a “meow” sound comes out of the man’s chest. At least I haven’t experienced THAT particular bone yet!….read more

Malaysian UFO Possible Hoax

…and disappeared into the clouds. There was no sound except for an air burst. I have never seen anything like that before. I did a Google search for UFO sites…read more

Study Reveals Stonehenge Sited Next To U.K’s Oldest Settlement

…the use of sound may have been very important at the site in some way.  In 2008 archaeologists Geoffrey Wainwright and Timothy Darvill proposed that Stonehenge was an ancient hospital…read more

Whales Affected By Sonar More Profoundly Than Previously Thought

…levels measured, the sounds would be quieter than many other sounds in the ocean, including the sounds the animals themselves make, and they wouldn’t be heard at all by the…read more

Possible Genuine UFO Image

…mystery. The object caused sheep in the area to start making what to the ear of the witness were unusual, high-pitched sounds of terror. The sighting took place in Wales,…read more

Flight 370 and the Flight Recorders: The Truth

…on. This phenomenon is called the “Deep Sound Channel” which has as its horizontal axis at the depth of minimum sound velocity. The reason why this Deep Sound Channel is…read more

What’s It Like…To Go Through a Midsized Earthquake?

We had a 4.4 earthquake here in Los Angeles a few days ago. It woke us both up from sound early morning sleep. It reminded me of the late Roger…read more

Unknowncountry Weekender: Daydreaming can Make You More Intelligent

…make us more focused. ‘Paradoxical though it sounds, daydreaming is what makes us organised,” he said.” We think of daydreamers as scatterbrained and unfocused, but one of the functions of…read more

The Secrets of High Strangeness

Some of the most incredible experiences you will ever hear described. What happens when a Ouija board unleashes something you can’t get rid of? And how do you react when,…read more

Weekender: Enigmas of the Universe – a Journey Into Dark Matter and Dark Energy

…an astonishing 68.3 per cent of all energy in the cosmos. So what is this dark force that sounds more like an idea from science fiction? Scientists are equally as…read more

New Study Reveals Conspiracy Theorists Are More Rational Than Conventionalists

…of sound judgement, while those labeled as conspiracy theorists appear to possess more clarity and presence of mind. The study, entitled “What About Building 7?” and conducted by psychologists Michael…read more

Valentine’s Day Madness: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Floods and Superstorms

…could be heard up to 125 miles away, Indonesia’s disaster agency said. “The eruption sounded like thousands of bombs exploding,” Ratno Pramono, a 35-year-old farmer, said after returning from an…read more

Weekender – Time Signature: How Music Plays With Our Perceptions

…level of intelligence and cognitive awareness. Later studies conducted at the University of Montreal reviewed the reactions of musicians and non-musicians to simultaneous sensations of two sounds and a single…read more

Weekender:The Power of Sound

…those of us lucky enough to be able to hear, sound is all around us constantly, having an insidious, often imperceptible, effect on our behavior, moods and reactions. Sound can…read more

Ominous Trumpet Sounds are Back

…did about the sounds. If you are an Unknowncountry subscriber, don’t fail to listen to the previous show, which is also amazing. To listen and download, click here. These sounds…read more

My NFL Addiction: UPDATE

…a season of regret for me, my favorite sport is NFL Football. I have a special way of watching it. I like to watch it with the sound muted. That…read more

Can Spirituality Change Our Brain and Prevent Depression?

…using transcranial ultrasound have resulted in improvements in mood, and may prove useful against Alzheimer’s disease and brain injury in the future. Lead author Stuart Hameroff concludes, “Orch OR is…read more

Gone too FARS? News Of US-Alien-Hitler Liaison Causes Media Flurry

…well, everything. FARS is not known for its highly credible reporting, however, and in the past the site has produced some fabulously outlandish articles, including one which sounds like the…read more

Scientists Can Affect Brain Responses Using Ultrasound Waves

…sensory inputs.” The word “ultrasound”, in physics, describes sound waves at a frequency humans outside the range of human hearing. In diagnostic sonography, the ultrasound is usually between 2 and…read more

Beyond ‘Sandy:’ A Physicist Makes Sense of Her Multidimensional Life

…Steiner explains just why her experiences fit current scientific theory with uncanny accuracy. As incredible as it sounds, Ralph explains that what she is describing actually fits current theories about…read more

Scientists Claim Threat Of Supervolcano Eruption Greater Than Previously Thought

…could sound at any time for the next explosion. It was an analysis of the molten lava beneath the currently dormant volcano at Yellowstone that provided the latest revelations; researchers…read more

Is the Western U.S becoming a UFO “hotspot?”

…of approached from over in that direction and came across kind of slow,” Mauth said. “There was no sound,” added his wife. “That’s the funny thing.” “No sound, no blinking…read more

Time Travel is Possible, Say Scientists

The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for centuries, but now scientists are suggesting that the concept is theoretically sound. Back in September of…read more

Merciful Chest Fever: Did The Aliens Influence Some Important Lyricists? By Sean Casteel

…that his poetry stems partly from UFO contact may sound laughable to some, but it’s a concept I take very seriously. Nevertheless, Dylan is not the only rock music luminary…read more

Weekender: Chakras and the Sacred Geometry of our Living Planet

…damaged or blocked with ramifications for the surrounding areas and the rest of the planet. To clear the blocked chakras, Ancient Druids and Shamanic cultures held festivals using sounds, drums…read more

The Healing Power of Light

The idea of healing using light energy sounds very “new-age”, but the medical profession are beginning to understand that there isan incredible healing power hidden within the light spectrum. The…read more

Is Cold Fusion Now A Reality?

sound. Rossi has not published any scientific papers for review by his peers, or outlined in any detail how his amazing new discovery actually works. The idea of ‘cold fusion’…read more

Something Happened on the Night of November 16.

…hanging off to one side. We are constantly hearing breathing, sighs, taps, the sound of footsteps–it’s now very much like it was back when we had our old cabin in…read more

A Joyous Romp of a Close Encounter

…for us. On Dreamland, she tells about what she noticed. Also, though, while we were taping the show, something made a very strange, fluttering sound in our studio. We both…read more

Mysteries of Autism Revealed

…that his research was sound: “There can be very little doubt that vaccines can and do cause autism,” Dr. Wakefield recently stated from his home in Austin, Texas. “In these…read more

Minority Report: Is Pre-Crime Now a Legal Reality?

Can criminals really be convicted of crimes that they ‘might’ commit, but haven’t actually perpetrated? This sounds like a scenario snatched straight from science-fiction; certainly when Philip K. Dick wrote…read more

Lethal Threat May Cause Whale Extinction

One of the most beautiful and haunting sounds on the planet, whale song is thought to have healing powers and is widely used for meditation and relaxation. Whales use soundread more

Halloween Special: Could your house be haunted?

…but no one in the family smokes, or, inexplicably, you feel an icy chill and goose-bumps on a hot summer’s day. Do any of these scenario’s sound familiar? If so,…read more

UPDATED: Jesus–Man or Myth?

…as new and fresh as Atwill claims, and whether his research is actually sound. Whilst in support of the premise behind Atwill’s arguments, Gough had this to say about the…read more

The vagus nerve: our route to a happier, healthier life?

Think positive and you will feel positive. We hear this message time and again from proponents of ‘New Age’ philosophies, and it sounds like a nice idea. You can do…read more

Hums: is it time to dig deeper for an explanation?

…source of these strange sounds, or ‘Hums’ as they have become known, has remained a mystery. Those areas known to have long-standing Hum problems include Leeds and Bristol in England,…read more

You want strange, you got strange. What in the world is happening in Yucatan??

…the sky, and, frankly, your Out There editor is just plain puzzled, not to say flabbergasted. Note that the report includes mention of a sound that went on for hours,…read more

Levitating being or group of balloons?

…been roundly debunked, but actually there has never been a definitive explanation. There are many stories of levitation in the literature. For a good summary of flying saints, click here….read more

Endless Violence and Endless Peace, Finding Balance

Mass murder appears to be the latest fad. We flood our minds with dreadful ‘news’ day in and day out, one disaster after another. There are so many dead bodies…read more

Listen to the sound of interstellar space!

Listen to the sound of Voyager’s radio return as it leaves the influence of the sun and enters interstellar space. Voyager is the first reported manmade object to go beyond…read more

Did the Publication of Everett’s ‘Many Worlds’ Theory Open a Door into a Parallel Universe?

sound. It was oblong and of ‘no particular color.’ In another of the tantalizing coincidences with which UFO researchers are now becoming familiar, on the same day another attempt to…read more

Excellent UFO incident account from researcher Stan Gordon

…this sound made the Concord sound quiet. The rumbling sound was so intense that it shook his large heavy duty truck and could be felt in the man’s stomach. Read…read more

Possible UFO over Quebec

…minutes. Here is an expert opinion: Looks and sounds pretty good. Seems to be an actual object, though it could easily have been one of those LED-equipped quadcopters — its…read more

Adolf Hitler in Asia

…a distant island in Southeast Asia. Sound farfetched? After you listen to this, you’re going to be astonished and chilled to the bone. Peter has found some absolutely earth shaking…read more

Voyager Enters Unknown Region of Space

…of what to expect at this point.” The Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft both carry a ‘golden record’ that includes sounds intended to reveal the diversity of life on Earth….read more

Strange Sounds July 9 in Florida, Canada and Brazil

…and now on July 9, strange sounds have been reported across the Americas. Strange hums and sounds have been heard since early 2012, beginning with a sound some said was…read more

‘Green Slime’ Powers Building

…the New York Times, David Wallis quotes the building’s publicist, Rainer Muller, as saying, “Using algae as an in-house energy source might sound futuristic now, but probably will be established…read more

Why Life is a Can of Tuna

…She says, “No, his watch, keys and wallet. He says he used your torso to store his valuables while he went for a run.” Than a “meow” sound comes out…read more

British Ministry of Defense UFO Document Release Designed to Kill Media and Public Interest

…be unclassified” before their release. Regarding David Clarke, Pope says, “Some people would probably use the term ‘useful idiot’ to describe his parroting the MoD ‘no defense significance’ sound bite.”…read more

Former NTSB Investigators Claim TWA Flight 800 Shot Down

…smoke trail rising over Long Island Sound at dawn a few days before the crash was said in an FBI document obtained by investigator Ray Lahr to be “consistent with the…read more

New Scientific Wonders Echo Visitor Skills

…to manipulate our environment to suit our needs. A third effort, quantum levitation, suggests that it may be possible to create devices that can function much like the flying saucers…read more

Fascinating Video on Quantum Levitation

Superconductors can be made to levitate in a magnetic field. They try to expel magnetic fields from within themselves, a very unique property. In space, it would be easy to…read more

Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting

…I find interesting because there has never been a sound associated with these sightings other than a low hum or low frequency rumble, never an ‘engine’ sound like you described,…read more

The Miracle of God as Dog

…incredible happened, that has given me back the life I was about to lose. Early Sunday morning two weeks ago, Whitley was awakened by a horrible screeching sound in the…read more

Birds Navigate by Magnets in Their Heads

…they do it–they’ve found tiny magnets inside their ears. These magnetic cells, called hair cells, are responsible for detecting sound and gravity. What are birds saying? The world is full…read more

Irish video shows police chopper close to UFO

…a helicopter over an unidentified Irish village. The helicopter and the object are far away, but a close listen to the video does reveal the sound of the helicopter rotors….read more

Would Tracking the Gunshots Have Helped Catch the Boston Bombers?

…fact that all but the lowest powered firearms produce unique sonic signatures when they are fired. First, there is the muzzle blast–an expanding balloon of sound that spreads out from…read more

Close encounter with a large orb in Punjab

…was no sound, but it was continuousely running in a horizontal motion at a continuous speed. We observed this for 7-10 minutes. “Initially I thought that it may a lantern…read more

Mind Reading

…to his scalp detects the activity in his brain. A computer processes and relays the electrodes’ signal to an ultrasound machine over the rat’s head, which delivers low-energy ultrasound pulses…read more

That Spectacular Irish UFO video: Our experts weigh in.

…credible soundtrack, which may or may not be within the scope of his technical repertoire. .. and which, as we’ve seen before, is extremely difficult to fake. Being a whizbang…read more

Easier Than Ever to be Invisible

…a cloak that is just micrometers thick. Objects are detected when waves–whether they are sound, light, x-rays or microwaves– rebound off its surface. The reason we see objects is because…read more

Missing Something? Grow a New Body Part

…and showed it was possible. This is no longer science-fiction. It’s becoming science.” But it’s not as simple as it sounds: For instance, the nose implant patient refused a new…read more

Interesting Italian UFO photo

…known object at all. (As always seems to be the case, the added music track is a grave mistake, but watch it with the sound muted and it’s quite interesting.)…read more

Owls Swivel and Sneak Around

…engineered, create turbulent eddies as they cut through the air. When these eddies hit the trailing edge of the wing, they are amplified and scattered as sound. Conventional aircraft, which…read more

Killer Asteroid? Spray It Away!

…does sound strange, but the odds are very high that such a plan would be successful and would be relatively inexpensive. The science behind the theory is sound. We need…read more

Triangle with approaching helicopter. Maybe authentic, but there are questions.

Your cynical (and oft burned) Out There editor cannot say for certain that this nighttime video is an unknown object. And the sound of an approaching helicopter suggests that something odd…read more


…about THAT too!) Poor Whitley was woken up by a scrunching sound, and looked over to see my eyes rolled back into my head and my limbs jerking uncontrollably. He…read more

Mystery booms and UFO sighting in South Carolina

…explosive sounds are being heard all over the United States, in many different communities. An reader also reported seeing strange lights in Florence, SC, last night. “There were 3 bright…read more

Music Medicine

…body heal on a molecular level. “Modern science has just begun to scratch the surface of music and sound in terms of healing potential. However, traditional medical systems from around…read more

Meditation Can Make You Healthier

…(TM), popularized by the Beatles’ guru in the 1960s, is only one meditation technique among many. TM has you silently and effortlessly recite a mantra, a soothing sound without meaning….read more

The Chelyabinsk Meteor: Separating Fact from Fiction

…90,000 feet, but it’s quite deceiving because of the sheer intensity of the burn. We also know it’s relative altitude based upon the time it took for the sound of…read more

Multiple witness close flyby last night

…witnesses saw may have been stealth modified Sikorsky UH-60 or another, classified model. The UH-60 is both radar and sound stealthed, and was used on the Osama bin Laden raid….read more

Careful, He’s Listening

Babies only hours old are able to differentiate between sounds from their native language and a foreign language, they begin absorbing language while still in the womb. Sensory and brain…read more

We’re Mutating!

…that cause disease) have arisen in the past 5,000-10,000 years, which sounds like a long time, but is a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms. Also, people of European…read more

Whistle Talk

…Gomera, you can hear the sounds of the Gomeran whistle, an ancient language that the locals still use, in which Spanish is replaced by two whistled vowels and four consonants….read more

Tracking Down an International Hum

…as described as sounding like an idling truck or train engine. Canada suspects that it may originate at car manufacturing plants across the river, in Detroit–hence the “international” aspect. A…read more

Strange Explosions Sweeping the US: Are They a Threat?

A rash of unexplained explosive sounds is sweeping the United States. This week, we continue Linda Moulton Howe’s high strangeness reporting with her story about this phenomenon, it’s background and what,…read more

Wolves and Dogs–What’s the Difference?

…new sights, sounds and smells will elicit a fear response. Dogs begin this period at four weeks, while wolves begin earlier, at two weeks when wolf pups are still blind…read more

Why Things Get Stale

…functions as a kind of ticking time bomb, obliterating the thrill for artistic sounds, images and words by making them familiar over time. Clune says, “We are evolutionarily designed so…read more

Strange Sounds Haunt a Noisy World

…(normal conversation is 50 to 60 decibels). A second group was exposed to a moderate noise level of 45 decibels, while a third group exposed to 46 decibels, the soundread more

Why We’re So Violent

…avail, as Edgar eventually toppled him anyway.” This sounds like human politics, although we have at least advanced from killing our opponents to putting nasty lies about them into TV…read more

If the Driver Can’t Think, Maybe his CAR Can

…cameras to detect your driving behavior (but where do they send the images?), and some Mercedes-Benz cars have steering sensors that detect sleepiness. When this happens, the car sounds a…read more

Booms Again!

There has been a surprising outburst of booming sounds in many US communities lately. In Columbia County, Georgia, some people said they were so loud that they woke them up…read more

Russian PM Says Aliens Here

It sounded like a joke at first, but was it? After an interview, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that aliens are here. He has previously spoken about top secret…read more

Shunt Stories

…let spinal fluid drain. After the shunt was inserted, Whitley was asked to determine when my personality was “normal,” and the shunt was adjusted to that point. This sounds like…read more

Rhode Island UFO enters Narragansett Bay with explosive sound.

Unknown lights entered Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island accompanied by a loud explosion. Rescuers found nothing in the bay. This is reminiscent of the Shag Harbor UFO Incident that took place…read more

Bigfoot Sounds

Bigfoot sounds have been recorded for years, and Ron Moorehead of probably knows more about this than any other researcher in the field. Ron tells us about his research,…read more

How Much Has Hunting Affected Whales?

…whale sounds were 50 years ago, compared to today, by analyzing whaling records, assigning sound levels to the number of whales killed, and comparing those sound records to the CURRENT…read more

What the Confirmation of BIgfoot Means

…For example, Dreamland this week will cover Bigfoot Sounds and will mark my 7th show on the subject since 2007. (All of these shows are available in the Dreamland Archive….read more

The Middle East Crisis

…the most advanced and civilized group of nations in the world. Hogue sounds a clear and present warning: we need to understand the ways in which a war in the…read more

Music Changes the Brain

…learn to read, you need to have good working memory, the ability to disambiguate speech sounds, make sound-to-meaning connections. Each one of these things really seems to be strengthened with…read more

Want to Join a Band? Print Yourself a Guitar

…so he spent around $100 on wood and other parts and built his own guitar, but “it sounded like crap.” Commerce has moved from retail stores to the internet. Will…read more

Angel Food: Words that Put Wings on Our Hearts by Laurel Airica

…It refers to our unique, undying essence, which has neither beginning nor end. Strangely, however, the sound of this word – as you shall soon see and hear – has…read more

When Animals Speak to US

…whale’s tank, and it turned out to be NOC, repeating a sound like the word “out.” Ridgway discovered that the beluga whale made these unusual sounds by inflating air sacs…read more

When a Star Screams

…the star scream as it gets devoured, if you like.” The researchers say it sounds like an ultra-low D-sharp. Who hears the screams of “abductees?” Anne Strieber interviews them AFTER…read more

What’s It Like? (to have a film crew shoot in your home AGAIN)

…iphone with a friend who’s having chemo in San Antonio. This sounds altruistic, and I guess it started that way, but now he sees it as a challenge (this gal…read more

Mood Food

…changes away from brighter lights and sound-reflecting surfaces can go a long way toward reducing overeating–and increase their customers’ satisfaction at the same time.” Will McDonalds become a “destination” restaurant?…read more

How Does It Sound?

…features it may have, cost, repair reputation–even color and design. But here’s one feature you probably never thought about: How it SOUNDS. Some of these sounds are integral to the…read more

UFO Sightings in All Shapes and Sizes

…lights were (in a ) rectangle and too many to count, in a dim color of bluish/white. This object made no sound and the speed of this object had so…read more

Oil From Air

…air and hydrogen from water and turned these elements into petrol.” He quotes environmentalist Tim Fox as saying, “It sounds too good to be true, but it is true. They…read more

The Coming Election

…embarked upon an eastward expansion of the empire that included the annexation of Mesopotamia. His troops marched in virtually unopposed. (Sound familiar?) It was so easy that he left just…read more

The Breakaway Civilization

Is there an advanced breakaway human civilization in touch with ET? Richard Dolan has compelling evidence that, as fantastic as it sounds, this could be true. Richard claims that this…read more

Black Holes Mean a Permanent Exit

…fall through the event horizon, they’re lost forever. It’s an exit door from our universe. You walk through that door, you’re not coming back.” Sounds eerie, all right–but not nearly…read more

Magic Mushrooms

…the pieces to Anne Strieber’s “Green Man” revelation and subsequent mission). And how did the violin makers who worked between 1645 and 1715 create instruments with sound so beautiful that…read more

Triangle UFO over Syria

…Local residents were shocked because of the lack of sound, and it’s not likely that a UFO hoax would be perpetrated in a war zone, so these may well be…read more

From Hummer to Human

…even telling each other off with that little “cht, cht” sound they make. I’ve written before about why we humans are designed to make love, not war (even though we…read more

Will New York Drown?

…close during a storm and block a surge from Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean into the East River and New York Harbor. But just like all the proposals…read more

Take an Elevator to the Moon

…is to first build the “bot,” then an indoor test rig. Imagine a vertical treadmill.’” It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel (subscribers, use your coupon to…read more

Can Teen Cars Drive Themselves?

…a local gang member). If these rules are broken, the car automatically texts the parents. While this sounds appealing, it could produce as many problems as it solves. Lots of…read more

Florida triangle with eerie humming sound

The video is hardly conclusive, but the humming sound is very eerie and the dog’s barking is typical of canine reaction to UFOs. Given the nearby thunderstorm and the lack…read more

If the World Ends, What Then?

…confusion is going to be reflected across its billions of individual nodes, each of which is the whole content of a single individual, probably extending across many lifetimes and an…read more

Many Countries Think Drugs Should be Legal

…organized crime.” It’s also an election year. Guillermoprieto writes: “To a great many Latin America observers legalization does not sound like an outrageous solution at all, given what is happening…read more

Why We Can’t Win

…taking up residence in the royal castle (where) he was killed almost immediately.” Why did the Brits invade Afghanistan? They “perceived (it) as an unstable, fragmented state” (sound familiar?). “Beyond…read more

The Wild, Wild West

…of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Antonio, and you can hear the sounds of target practice while you’re grilling your steaks and sipping your drinks in the back yard….read more

Another Montauk Monster. This is NOT RIGHT.

…Plum Island in Long Island Sound. Local people who found this thing took closeups of its “paws” and there is no question: this was not a pig, as stated by…read more

Military helicopter drives off a UFO–unless it’s a shot of the moon with sound effects.

A strange light in the sky, a helicopter in the area. The light disappears. Very strange….read more

Whales Protecting Themselves

…signals that would alert whales, dolphins and other sea mammals to upcoming auditory danger. Broad quotes oceanographer Carl Safina as saying, “I’ve sometimes wondered why these high intensity sounds don’t…read more

High Desert UFO activity continues.

San Bernadino County, California has been having extensive UFO sightings for months. Most of them have sounded like candle lantern sightings, but this report states that one or more of…read more

Muzak Robot Reads Your Mind

…follow a listener around the room and position its “ears,” or speakers, for optimal sound. Another recognition feature is based on rhythm and tempo. If the user taps or claps…read more

Plants Communicate With Clicks

sounds by placing powerful acoustic instruments on the roots of corn saplings which allowed them to hear the clicking sounds coming from them. When they placed the roots near a…read more

We are What We Wear

Women are often thought of as frivolous because of their obsession with fashion, but there’s a sound psychological basis for this: It turns out that if you wear a white…read more

YOU’RE a Dissident Now

…friends in the bathroom with the shower on, to cover up any sound, just like dissidents had to do in the old Soviet Union. With software like this, we’re ALL…read more

Whale songs? Chicken Talk!

Animals are trying t communicate with us, but we don’t know how to interpret their sounds. For instance, chickens can’t speak, but they can definitely make themselves heard. Most people…read more

Baltic Object Could be Oldest Structure on Planet

…it sound in part as if very ancient stone structures could be present on the object. If so, they would date from prior to the end of the last ice…read more

Why Sex is Good

…reproducing by splitting like amoebas. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but we could evolve to the point that this type of reproduction could give us an orgasm. Biologist Erika…read more


…a roach,” then realized they didn’t sound surprised and upset enough, so they changed that to “OH! A ROACH!” I suspected they saw quite a few of them, since they…read more

Is Email Evil?

…In the Guardian, Simon Jenkins says that email is evil because it cancels out conversation. He describes being in a room where no one was talking–the only sound was the…read more

Journey to the Field of Dreams: A Visit to the ECETI Ranch

…forgotten what peace sounded like.  We continue to talk but I am finding it hard to keep my composure and concentrate on what James is saying.  I am so astounded at…read more

Strange sounds associated with unusual lights over Hong Kong

This video from January of 2012 has just surface. It shows unidentified lights over Hong Kong at the same time that an unusual sound is being recorded. There is no…read more

This strange sound is from Florida. Recorded in March, just uploaded

This is a very typical sound, with its muted roaring hum. This is the first UFO related video ever uploaded by this user….read more

Strange Sound in Belgium

This one is very typical. There has been quite a rash of postings of these sounds in the past few days, after a period of relative quiet. This time, they…read more

Pulsing Sound in Virginia

This one could be a machine or perhaps sound reflected from a distant factory, but the fact that, despite its softness, the witness claims that it hurts his ears is…read more

Another one, this a hum from Canada

The first part of this video records the sound of a low hum quite clearly. Then when the witness attempts to get shots of the glowing clouds involved, only wind noise…read more

Strange sounds are back–if they ever left.

It goes on and on. Mr. Strieber says this one reminds him of something he heard in Santa Monica in March. This was was recorded in Germany….read more

Strange Sounds are back, this time in Chicago

…But why? Does he do it every day? He doesn’t explain. While this sound is indeed very weird, it’s also true that faking something like this would be very easy….read more

Why We Only Hear What We WANT to Hear

Sound engineers are trying to figure out how people can focus in a single speaker while tuning out other talkers in a t crowded, noisy room. This is known as…read more

Something flashes past a landing plane–WAY too close.

At 11 seconds in something that could be a large bird speeds past the wing of this landing plane. There appears to be a sound connected with it and passenger…read more

When a Hum Becomes an International Incident

…Journal, Alistair MacDonald and Paul Vieira describe the “Windsor hum” as a low-frequency rumbling sound that can be as loud as an idling diesel truck and can rattle windows and…read more

Smart Birds

…don’t like, they try to elongate the vocal track, and the call sounds deeper.” And pollution can actually lead male birds to sing better than before. Since good singers attract…read more

Dolphins Dead and Fisheries Closed Due to BP Spill and Cleanup

…handle on a situation that is fast becoming a full-blown crisis on the Gulf Coast. “The closures–including all waters in the Mississippi Sound, Mobile Bay, areas of Bon Secour, Wolf…read more

Male Selective Deafness Syndrome

…”male selective deafness syndrome.” This sounded like more like an excuse not to hear your wife ask you to take out the garbage than a medical diagnosis to me, but…read more

Meditation in a Time of Sudden Change

Given the enormous amount of UFO activity worldwide, the strange sounds that emerged last year and came to a climax in early 2012, and now the unexplained explosions, it is…read more

Unexplained Explosions Now Worldwide

They started in Clintonville, Wisconsin. They were dismissed as a local phenomenon. But they have now spread to 12 states, the United Kingdom and possibly Lithuania. They are loud, often metallic-sounding explosions of…read more

Pole Shift in Progress

…think it may be causing some of the mysterious loud sounds that are being heard all over the world (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). The European Union…read more

Poop Fuel

…about 97% of the organic matter. That sounds clean, but it is not quite clean enough to drink. In order to get to potable, you need 99.99% removal and more…read more

Last shuttle mission encounters an unusual object.

Sounds like space junk the way they describe it, but still an interesting video. What’s peculiar is the object is moving away from the space shuttle, not near it or…read more

Is Autism an Advantage in the Modern World?

…distraction–an errant sound or conversation can steal their attention–that’s not the case. He quotes autism researcher Nilli Lavie as saying, “Our research suggests autism does not involve a distractibility deficit…read more


At our Dreamland Festival in May, one of the main things we’re going to investigate are the mysterious sounds that are being heard all around the world (NOTE: Subscribers can…read more

You’re More Likely to Die if You Take Sleeping Pills

…report the LEAST amount of problems (could it be the soothing sound of those ocean waves?) Sleep researcher Michael A. Grandner says, “Sleep disturbance is a major public health concern….read more

Mysterious Sounds All Over the World

At our Dreamland Festival in May, one of the main things we’re going to investigate are the mysterious sounds that are being heard all around the world. Some of them…read more

The Last Pole Shift and Current Strange Sounds

Do the present strange sounds being heard worldwide and the booming noises Linda Moulton Howe reported on last week have anything to do with a coming crustal displacement? For our…read more

Footage from Sweden raises questions.

This footage has been debunked by YouTubers because the videographer takes an interest in CGI work. But his explanation of the video certainly doesn’t sound like the work of a hoaxer….read more

Strange Sounds San Antonio Texas

More strange sounds, this example from Whitley Strieber’s hometown of San Antonio, Texas night before last. Linda Moulton Howe will be on Dreamland this weekend reporting on mysterious underground explosions being…read more

Strange Sounds and the Pole Shift

For our subscribers, Whitley Strieber and Ralph Steiner go deeper, looking into the possible CAUSES of the strange sounds, booming noises and other phenomena we are seeing right now. Do…read more

First, Strange Sounds, now Strange BOOMS

Starting in March of 2011, strange rushing and trumpet-like sounds began to be heard worldwide. Now, over many parts of the central United States, unexplained loud explosions are being heard….read more

Mysterious Booms in US

On, Linda Howe reports that on Thursday, February 23, a low rumbling sound was heard in Arlington, Washington, from the morning through the night, growing in intensity at 7…read more

The Impact of Ancient Sounds

…be clearly heard throughout all of its three levels. Scientists have concluded that certain sound vibration frequencies created when sounds are broadcast within its walls are actually altering the brain…read more

CERN and US Collider Both See God Particle Evidence

…we’ll have moved away from hints to either discovery or exclusion–and either of those results is exciting to me.” ZAP! No, that’s not the sound of the God Particle, that…read more

‘Huge lights’ follow massive UK fireball

…of calls to police. The description of the lights makes them sound like approaching aircraft running their landing lights, but the story comments that there was no air traffic in…read more

Strange Sounds Continue, but WHAT ARE THEY?

People continue to record unexplained sounds worldwide. Linda Moulton Howe asks an expert for the real story and discovers that the answers so far put forward on the internet are…read more

Strange Sounds: It’s not the sun

We continue to get reports of strange sounds in daily, and they continue to be posted on YouTube. The flood of hoaxes has died away as well, at least for the…read more

New Violins Sound as Good as Old Ones

It’s always been assumed that if a violinist wants to turn professional, he or she needs to get hold of a Stradivari or Guarneri instrument. These violins are so rare…read more

Stonehenge: Inspired by Music?

…stone formation: It may have been laid out according to how ancient Britons perceived sound. American researcher Steven Waller has discovered that two flutes played in a field can produce…read more

Now Scientists are Being Gagged in Canada Too

…be embarrassed by scientific findings of its scientists that run counter to sound environmental stewardship. I suspect the federal government would prefer that its scientists don’t discuss research that points…read more

Awakening the Planetary Mind

Barbara Hand Clow has been on Dreamland many times since our first interview with her in 2004, and on the show this week she offers insight into the great planetary trauma…read more

The Science Behind Soulful Songs

…that they all contained a musical device called an “appoggiatura,” which is a type of note that clashes with the melody just enough to create a dissonant sound. In the…read more


The are a lot of strange sounds around lately (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to these special reports). Two unusually powerful explosions occurred in Siberia on February 9th and 12th–were…read more

The Mudfish of Destiny

…they soon determined that, while some of the sounds were indeed unidentified, most of them were simply copies made by hoaxers. The unidentified sounds appeared to be mechanical in origin,…read more

Internet Dating is Now the Norm

…a man’s profile. This sounds pretty familiar to us–so maybe the internet hasn’t changed dating habits much after all! In the words of one (male) online dater: “Where else can…read more

How to Read Someone’s Mind

…neuroscientist Brian Pasley as saying, “If a pianist were watching a piano being played on TV with the sound off, they would still be able to work out what the…read more

Whitley Strieber’s Experience with Strange Sounds

…the sounds he has heard and researched, and engage in careful speculation about what these sounds may represent. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and…read more

Strange sound heard in London

Strange sounds have been recorded worldwide, accompanied by an equally strange flood of hoaxes and hostile comments from apparent dummy YouTube accounts. Exactly what is going on is not clear,…read more

Linda Moulton Howe’s Strange Sounds Report

…using manufactured sounds or simply repeating recordings made by others. This week, Linda Moulton Howe offers interviews with witnesses who have personally heard the sounds, including a sound engineer who…read more

Another fake ‘strange sounds’ video to add to the vast collection.

…is an overdub of the Colorado sound of August 22, 2011, this time set in Mexico. The Colorado sounds are not in dispute, and preceeded an earthquake. Earth sounds taking…read more

How to be Instantly Smarter

The idea of a simple, cheap and widely available device that could boost brain function (no more late nights studying for exams?) sounds too good to be true, but it…read more

A Place Where Women Rule

…down. We just want to bring the men up to where the women are” (This sounds familiar to Western women!) Life in Meghalaya is, in many ways, the direct opposite…read more

Bird Songs Reduce Crime

Police have discovered a way to cut crime: Play bird songs. Crime has gone down in Lancaster, California ever since the mayor started playing nature sounds–bird chirps, the sound of…read more

High Frequency, Pure Joy

…Howe reports on the strange sounds that have been heard worldwide. There will be THREE eye–or ear–witness interviews, one of whom will be Whitley Strieber, who has heard them himself….read more

Strange Sounds: Many Hoaxes, but also Something Real.

Here, Whitley Strieber discusses the strange sounds being heard worldwide, as well as those he has personally heard. As he points out in the discussion, a great many of these…read more

Police engage in UFO chase.

Clearly, something was observed in this case, and it sounds as if it was far too brightly lit to be something like a US drone looking for drug traffickers or even…read more

Strange Sounds being Heard Worldwide

Beginning in 2011, eerie aerial sounds began to be heard worldwide. They consisted of roars, thuds, and a sound like a great trumpet echoing across the sky. As this became…read more

Compendium of strange, trumpet-like sounds being heard worldwide

…is not being detected by seismographs, because there is no clear correlation between seismic activity and the sounds. At the same time, the sound is similar to sounds from recent…read more

A Close Encounter Witness Enters a Military Facility

Close encounter witness “Jim” has been seeing orbs above his house for 23 years and even RECORDED their sounds. He followed one to a nearby military base then entered it…read more

The Silence

One of my last diaries started with a song and this one does too. In this case, it’s the lyrics to the Simon and Garfunkel song: “Sound of Silence,” which…read more

Music to Our Ears

…sights and sounds of Christmas, but there are some noises that are hard to take, like SQUEEEK! The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard sets our teeth on edge, but…read more

When it Comes to Singing, Birds Are a Lot Like Us

…due to the mechanics of how we produce sound.” Russo’s team examined a database of almost 10,000 folk songs from 32 geographic locations worldwide for common musical patterns such as…read more

The Other Woman

…the phone rang and forgetting he was not in his own room, Whitley picked it up. It was Mary’s boyfriend. Whitley said he sounded kind of puzzled and said, “Oh,…read more

My Catholic Struggle by Whitley Strieber

…of tradition that sounds down the ages, of mass after mass from the Last Supper onward, and in the extraordinary beauty of our simple prayers, that have been with us…read more

The Christmas Spirits

…cracking sounds, and, every so often, the table would leap and shudder a few times, eliciting a round of polite applause from my quite reserved family. Table spinning was a…read more

Insomnia? Blame it on Our Axis

As strange as that may sound, sleep researchers have discovered that our sleep patterns are related to the way the Earth’s axis shifts. As the Earth travels around the sun…read more

Why Political Talk So Often Fails

…we know the meaning of the word or words we want to retrieve but are unable to access their sounds. The majority of naturally occurring TOT states are linked to…read more

What the FIRST Language Sounded Like

…it have sounded–would it have been mainly grunts? New research suggests that it sounded somewhat like the speech of Yoda in “Star Wars.” In, Natalie Wolchover quotes linguist Merritt…read more

Extraordinary Video from Russia–or is It a Hoax

LIKE SO MANY VIDEOS WE LINK TO ON YOUTUBE, THIS ONE HAS BEEN REMOVED. LET THIS POST REMAIN AS A MEMORIAL. This video was made over Russia on November 20th. If it isn’t a hoax of some sort, it is really remarkable. Read what our video experts…read more

A Warning–for What?

…used to be (previous messages of this type lasted from 30 seconds to 1 minute). The updating the phrase that follows that loud beeping sound, followed by “This is only…read more

A bizarre roar is being heard in Pensacola. Anybody else hearing this?

From an Unknowncountry reader: “I have something to add to the catalog of strange sounds being reported from around the world.  I live about 40 minutes from the Pensacola Naval…read more

A Sheet of Paper Can Protect Us from Terrorist Attacks

…distance, without endangering human lives. The wireless sensor nodes require relatively low power, which could come from a number of technologies including thin-film batteries, solar cells or power-scavenging and energy-harvesting…read more

Learning From Brain Cells Grown in a Lab

It sounds like something you might find in a horror movie, but it’s REAL: Scientists are studying mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or autism, by studying brain cells in a…read more

Unexplained Booming Noises Return, this Time They’re Hitting Louisville

…quotes resident Andy Wombold as saying, “It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second. It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some…read more

I’ve always had the feeling that mankind could be completely changed with a single sound or word. It may be true

I don’t know how valid any of this is, but it could explain our long fascination with words of power and things like the Enochean calls. To read the story,…read more

Clear Brazil UFO video appears to be authentic.

This very clear daylight video of an unknown object from Brazil was made on September 28, 2011. Our experts weigh in on whether or not it is a balloon in the comments…read more

Is Your Boss Crazy?

…meet the criteria for a psychopathic personality. If you’ve every thought, “That sounds like MY boss,” you might be wondering what to do about it. Researcher Evelyn Williams thinks that…read more

What if They Land?

…minutes, I believe, I found that the voice of a reporter on the radio sounded like gibberish. In just that short time in this other reality, I had lost my knowledge…read more

Can we relate to dolphins? Or should we leave them alone?

…to communicate with chimps. The system she will test next year is being developed with artificial intelligence scientists and consists of a wearable underwater computer that can make dolphin sounds….read more

Red Lights over Scotland, Croatia

…of them, crossing the sky; watched them for about 1 minute; traveling soundless NE toward SW; Shaped like letter P; Yellow and red colors (mostly red); no sound, no stopping…read more

UFO, helicopter over Maryland, loud explosions heard.

This very unusual video shows some lights in the sky being circled by a helicopter, which is the engine sound heard in the video. Very loud explosions also take place,…read more

More strange sounds, this time Illinois

…out, these sounds could be the effect of the car passing over a resonant pavement. But they do bear a resemblance to other sounds recorded in Russian, posted here yesterday….read more

Whitley Strieber’s FIRST Reading from His New Communion Book!

…Then we listen to the part of legendary British broadcaster Howard Hughes’ interview with Whitley where Whitley describes the theme of the book, which sounds like it is going to…read more

Huge glowing sphere a mystery in Beijing

Another ‘outlier’ anomaly like the mysterious sounds being reported all over the world at present. This glow persisted for twenty minutes on the horizon in Beijing two night ago. Question is,…read more

A Mysterious Rumble is Driving Canadians Crazy

Strange sounds–usually hums–have bothered people all over the world in the past few years. Now there is a mysterious rattling and humming sound in Windsor, Canada that is spreading and…read more

Strange sounds from around the world. Very eerie stuff.

Unknowncountry has been getting reports of strange sounds from around the world for the past few months, from Russia, from Canada, from Florida….read more

We Can All Become Psychic

…prognostications. While this might sound like a boon to day traders, coaches and gypsy fortune tellers, it could REALLY help soldiers find the enemy and avoid injury. The researchers are…read more

Upon Seeing (and Reading) The Help

…races to pee in the same place. This sounds extreme, but Whitley remembers, as a kid, getting his revenge on a nasty, prejudiced family in his neighborhood by getting a…read more

How Moons are Made (Bang! Pow!)

…News, Matt McGrath quotes astronomer Martin Jutzi as saying, “It was a rather gentle collision, slower than the speed of sound–that’s important because it means no huge shocks or melting…read more

Beware of the Shark You Can’t SEE

…cloak–that blocks out sound–is made of a unique plastic that makes objects invisible to sound waves. It could be used to shield ships from sonar, or build better soundproof walls…read more

Your Next Big Vacation Adventure

…one or two mini-subs at a cost of $15 million apiece. They plan to charge tourists $250,000 a seat (which sounds like a lot, but is much less than the…read more

Is it Time to Come Out of the Closet?

…the first letter sound (“m”). Although they couldn’t accurately guess the sexual orientation of the speaker with just the first letter sound, “when presented with the first two letter sounds,…read more

Kennedy, UFOs and the Masters of Deception

This fascinating, astonishing, inspiring interview will blow you away. It’s that simple. From the moment that Whitley Strieber and Kenn Thomas start talking until the beautiful, unexpected and extremely powerful last…read more

Democracies are Actually Controlled by Big Business

…In the Guardian Weekly, Gary Younge writes about the situation in the UK, but it certainly sounds familiar to those of us in the US: “The basic assumption about electoral…read more

We’re All Starting to Talk Alike (except for whales)

…but that whales can also tell which member of their community is speaking. Just as we can tell our friends apart by the sounds of their voices and the way…read more

“Lost” UFO Files Tell a Chilling Truth

…on, but I have no idea what it was.  The next thing I was aware of was the sound of my husband’s car pulling up to the house.  I heard…read more

Your Tattoo is a Timebomb

…body. Researchers have already found that certain types of pigments migrate from the tattoo site to the body’s lymph nodes, which could create a dangerous condition. NPR quotes chemist Petigara…read more

The Hum is Back

…the day.” Alleyne quotes government official Gary Hutchinson as saying, “I can confirm that we received a call regarding a humming sound in the Woodland area earlier on June 1…read more

What are Dolphins Talking About?

…tries to recognize dolphin sounds and generate responses in real time will soon attempt to communicate with wild dolphins off the coast of Florida. This will be a major step…read more

It’s an Invasion

…other marine researchers are sounding the alarm because the vulnerable ecosystem of the continent could be wiped out. Antarctica is akin to the Amazon rainforest, when it comes to the…read more

Whales are Tallking, But We Don’t Know What They’re Saying

…can also tell which member of their community is speaking based on the sound properties of the codas. Just as we can tell our friends apart by the sounds of…read more

Censorship Discovered in the Old Edition of The Key

…what the word that began creation sounded like, he actually answered, “I don’t know, I wasn’t there.” This was changed in the printed edition to, “A whine.” Whitley says, “I wondered…read more

The Old Edition of the Key was CENSORED, the New One is Not

…did the word sound like? I don’t know, I wasn’t there. Old Edition P 52: What did the word sound like? A whine. Comment: This is just an outrageous change….read more

Solar Flares may be Changing Radioactive Particles on Earth

Researchers have discovered a link between solar flares and radioactive elements on Earth. Amazing as it sounds, the sun, 93 million miles away, seems to be influencing the decay of…read more

Bin-Laden as the Purloined Letter

…the jubilation in front of the White House (and in other places) that followed the announcement of bin-Laden’s death. This sounds like something from the “peace and love” 60s–an idea…read more

Why Kindles & IPads Don’t Work

…to “sound out.” Scientists used to think that the dorsal route stopped being active once we became literate, but Dehaene’s research shows that even adults are still forced to use…read more

A Smile is a Powerful Tool

…average of only 72.9 years, while smilers lived an average of 79.9 years–7 years longer. Ultrasound shows that developing babies smile in the womb, and after they’re born, they continue…read more

Those Mysterious Booms are Back

…We always get lots of noise at our annual Dreamland Festival, but it’s the GOOD kind–the sounds of people greeting old friends and making new ones. Get together with people who…read more

Monkey Business

…in the “Whitley’s Room” section of our subscriber room. One of them (complete with sound effects) is called “Secret Zoos.” And he has something very special for you subscribers: A…read more

Strange noise and earth movement in FLA. Thanx @IQXS

This sound was recorded two nights ago. Now a researcher has found evidence of some sort of underground activity in the area at the time….read more

UFO Seen by Military

…at or above the speed of sound. The pilot continued, “This was a large ‘aircraft’ and I could see the detail of the lights and the engine area. I have…read more

Why Your Team isn’t Scoring

…do it, but it may not be the most effective. Time’s up; the buzzer sounds. Did your team make the winning basket? New research by engineers shows that a player…read more

Is the Sun a Conscious Being?

…Listen to him. As incredible as it may sound, he makes a compelling argument. In any case, he will remind you of how little we actually know not only about…read more

It Could Happen Here

… news quotes him as saying, “Within about a minute of (the earthquake), the staff at the lake heard from five kilometres away (from the glacier) a sound that sounded…read more


…size of the cell phone image was too small to tell whether or not it had been altered. The Telegraph quotes ecologist Ian Winfield as saying, “We run echo sounding…read more

Greenland Glacier Growing BIGGER

…that keep on growing: The “stories” section in “Whitley’s Room,” just for our subscribers. His first story is a provocative story called “The White Moths.” Another one–WITH sound effects–is his…read more

The Cure

…he reads WITH sound effects–is his Halloween story “The Good Neighbor,” and his latest is “Secret Zoos.” And now you can listen to the first chapter of Whitley’s now novel…read more

Triangle UFO shines light on witness from 300 feet uo.

This very detailed sighting report includes some unusual observations of sounds. Could many of these triangular objects be ours, such as Whitley Strieber describes in his book the Grays?…read more


…”Whitley’s Room” section of our subscriber room. His first story is a provocative story called “The White Moths.” Another one–WITH sound effects–is his Halloween story “The Good Neighbor.” His latest…read more

Tiny Bubbles

Getting rid of CO2 in the atmosphere by capturing it and burying it in the ground sounds like a good idea, but a Canadian farm couple whose land lies over…read more

Brain Weapons

The way to win a war? Control your soldiers’ MINDS. It sounds like a movie plot (NOTE: This special interview is just for subscribers), but it’s TRUE: The Pentagon has…read more

Soldier Stress

…a constant military presence could never, by definition, be handed over to the locals to run. That meant they were ungovernable in the long term.” Sound familiar? In Whitley’s Room,…read more


…Whitley is a natural storyteller as well, and a series of his short stories can be found in the “Whitley’s Room” part of the subscriber section, often with SOUND EFFECTS….read more

Perpetual Motion Machine

…quotes museum director Nicolae Diaconescu as saying, “I admit it’s also hard for me to advance the idea of an overunity generator without sounding ridiculous, even if the object exists.”…read more

The Jolly Season

…ranges across what is now a lifetime of memories, from the sound of my grandfather’s sonorous voice as he read ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on the first ten of my…read more

Climate Change: What to Watch For

…Most of the ‘denier’ email had an element of hysteria about it, which I associate with fear. In fact, it was pitiful, the sound of people shrieking in terror. And…read more

Simple reflection or bizarre face?

This could be a reflection, but then again, maybe not. Certainly the person responsible for the video sounds sincere, and explains that it was made in the forest on a…read more

Mouse Murder

…guess I shouldn’t be surprised. But this house poses a special problem. First of all, the nearby fields are filled with donkeys and exotic deer. This sounds nice, until it’s…read more

Medical Miracle

…radio, especially those with rare blood types. But this wouldn’t be such a problem if we could get blood from a person’s skin. It sounds like a zombie movie, but…read more

Computer Music

…Then the system reasons over the calculus.” Researcher Van Nort says, “It’s about understanding the musical structure at the level of the sound signal. It is far from trivial to…read more

Soldier Sounds

…the deafness problem yet, but they are working to get soldiers used to the sounds of battle. Inside a non-descript, soundproof building on the south side of town, Missouri researchers…read more

Teach Your Computer Poetry & Slang

…the background may help them produce more realistic-sounding speech. How to do this? Teach them poetry! Researcher Michael Wagner studied the rhythm, stress and intonation of speech, and a first…read more

Deborah Pratt’s Vision Quest

…Vision Quest. It is set in the near future, but it’s not apocalyptic. Deborah’s vision was that we can recover ancient powers such as telepathy and levitation that are part…read more

Red fireballs in Florida reminiscent of Polish UFOs

Without video, we cannot be certain, but this certainly sounds similar to the Polish sighting reported on this page….read more

Brain Excitement

Every day our brains are flooded by stimulation–sounds, sights and smells. (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). At the same time, we are constantly engaged in an inner…read more

The Plague Trail

The innocent-sounding children’s song “Ring Around the Rosy,” is actually a description of the symptoms of the plague, also known as the “Black Death,” which peaked in Europe between 1348…read more


…nearby Hill Country, where they saw native vegetation like the “Sword Plant,” which is exactly as phallic-looking as it sounds. Here at, we know that many of our readers…read more

THE ACKERMAN ENIGMA: The Strange Case of Forrest J. Ackerman by Paul Davids

…Best Independent Film in the Sci-Fi / Horror genre–and the word “Rondo” even sounded like “round.” You can understand why I thought to contact Molly when the “invisible ink man”…read more

Rain Power

…or recharge an electric car. Imagine using similar panels on the rooftops of buildings to prevent lightning before it forms. Strange as it may sound, scientists already are in the…read more

The Birds & the Bees

…created as an efficient, practical, environmentally friendly, and economically sound way to produce successive generations of healthy young bees. Entomologist James H. Cane says that these kinds of pesticide-free pastures…read more

Yes It WAS Hot This Summer!

…tied for the hottest August in 32 years, and he’s sure of his data because his team uses microwave sounding units on NOAA and NASA satellites to get accurate temperature…read more

Star Cycles

…HD49933, which is located 100 light years from Earth in the constellation Monoceros, the Unicorn, just east of Orion. When they examined the star’s acoustic fluctuations (sounds), they detected the…read more

Our Biggest Trash Can

…left over from the [1989] Exxon Valdez spill,” (which spilled anywhere from 11 million to 32 million gallons of crude oil in the Prince William Sound). “Limited oxygen is a…read more

The Oceans: Something is Wrong

…the oceans appeared, this from Long Island. About 30% of the lobsters in Long Island Sound have been found to be dying of a wasting disease that causes their shells…read more

Whales: Finding Out How They’re Doing

…document the state of the sounds in the ecosystem over an extended period of time. Biologist Christopher Clark says, “Night after night, on TV and on webcams, we saw oil…read more

A Journey to the Fifth Dimension

…Graham and Santha Hancock in Bath. On that night, Anne was awakened around 3:30AM by a sound like rain pouring on the roof. Only there was no rain. At the…read more

A Trip to Crop Circle Country

…to go out and make them and he says they’ve told him that they can hear the plant nodes popping as they create the circles. He claims he can recognize…read more

Global Warming: Can We Spray it Away?

…like this.” It sounds easy, but there’s something to be cautious about: Once we start engineering the atmosphere this way, we would be dependent on sulfur injections forever. If we…read more

Can We Hear the Sound of God?

We can hear the sound of the God PARTICLE, anyway. One the particles that the Large Hadron Collider, known as CERN, is the Higgs Bosun, or “God Particle.” And one…read more

Shoe Power

…developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. The floor could even function as a giant touch-screen controlled by your feet….read more

BP Drilling Not the Only Major Ocean Danger

…whales come each summer to feed. This kind of seismic oil survey work, which produces high-intensity sound pulses, would seriously disrupt their feeding. There are only about 130 animals left…read more


AT LAST: Male birth control may actually become a reality. And it will (of course) be reversible. A blast of ultrasound to the testicles can safely stop sperm production for…read more

Satellite Taken Over by ETs?

…the placement of a phonograph record called “Sounds of Earth” on each of the Voyager spacecraft. The 12-inch, copper disc on Voyager 2 contains greetings from Earth people in 60…read more

Quantum computing: ANOTHER MOTK Prediction Comes True

…that sounded so ridiculously improbable. Indeed, it was only my determination to include absolutely everything I remembered him saying that convinced me to put in what seemed to me to…read more

A Trip to Esalen

…day. This may sound pleasant, but it does not enhance one’s meditative state. I even set a record for talking once. I talked too much for about a year after…read more

Reigniting the Cauldron of Conspiracy on Egypt’s Most Sacred Ground by Andrew Collins

…bells sounded for the start of the twenty-first century. So where did this new conspiracy begin? The answer is that it takes its roots in the discovery in 2008 of…read more

Out of Body, Out of Time

…I could go in the blue of heaven if I wished, and leave this forever. But then Anne sighed in the bedroom, a little noise, a little sound, that was…read more

Unknowncountry Close Encounter Witness

…Paul’s website is NOTE: This show summary, previously published on our old site, may contain broken links. ARE YOU A SUBSCRIBER? Login now to download the MP3 files and…read more

Not Science Fiction

It just sounds that way – An amazing reality that used to be thought of as science fiction is here today: Paralyzed people are learning how to access the internet…read more

Surprising Fact About Something Sad

…disorders. According to Horwitz, by 2000, 10% of the American population received antidepressant prescriptions. Edward Shorter, who teaches the history of medicine and psychiatry, says, “This makes physicians sound like…read more

Staying Open

…their books because they sure don’t sound like these are scientists from another planet here to test us. Real experiences are also filled with unanswerable questions. For instance, a psychiatrist…read more


…will radically cut sulfur emissions from ships. This sounds great, but these new rules will not help climate change. The haze caused by sulfur dioxide particles actually blocks the sun…read more

Music Magic

…the K-12 curriculum. “People’s hearing systems are fine-tuned by the experiences they’ve had with sound throughout their lives. Music training is not only beneficial for processing music stimuli. We’ve found…read more

If the Visitors Come

…brains of people who entertained the question of what they were without closing it. These people have been strengthened intellectually in ways that will make them useful nodes for exploring…read more

It’s Everywhere

But nobody knows what it is – What’s all around us, but nobody knows what it is? This sounds like a theological question, but it’s actually a puzzle that scientists…read more

Huge Iceberg Breaks in Two

…global warming. The state senate has passed a similar resolution. If this language sounds familiar, it’s because “balanced and objective”, “strengths and weaknesses”, and similar wording have been used for…read more

Elephant Talk

…they talk to each other SECRETLY too, by using low-frequency sounds that humans can’t hear. A research team that spent months monitoring conversations between its resident herd of African elephants…read more

Were We Smarter Before?

…description sound familiar? Perhaps the Visitors are really time travelers, as Anne Strieber discusses on our first Dreamland show of 2010) NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The…read more

Can We Grow New Body Parts?

…blood vessels and sweat glands embedded in their skin. quotes researcher Frank Rice as saying, “It’s almost like hearing the subtle sound of a single instrument in the midst…read more

What Do Words Really Mean?

…background, if you sob, scream or growl, others are likely to know what you mean. And the sounds you may make when you’re in danger or upset are more universally…read more

What the NFL Can Learn from Science

…swing or the sound of the bat hitting the ball to help guide their movements.” When it comes to telling you about aliens and UFOs, we’re winning the contest hands…read more

New Anne’s Diary: Tea Dancing

In her new diary, Anne Strieber talks about tea dancing. This may sound like a surprisingly dainty subject for our gal, but once you read it, you’ll realize it’s NOT!…read more

The Big One in Seattle?

…that a megathrust earthquake can occur closer to the Puget Sound region than was thought just a few years ago. “Each one of these slip events puts more stress on…read more

Having Trouble Singing While Pregnant?

…was born, she recorded the singer reading and singing into a device that measures the pressure exerted to make each sound and found that the increased levels of hormones correlated…read more

How to Have a Joyful Christmas

Don’t try so hard so hard to be happy – It may sound crazy, but it’s true: It’s the pressure to be happy that often leads to sadness and even…read more

Songs of the Whales

Sounds like they’re worried – Whales aren’t singing the way they used to. Their voices become deeper every year, and scientists are worried that this may be a sign that…read more


…when you’re nervous, and I suspected he was just as uneasy as I was. When Tim, his sound man and Whitley finally emerged from the woods, we told them to…read more

Was Alaska Worth It?

…exceeded the initial purchase price, but this fact is not sufficient to demonstrate the purchase was a sound financial investment. The economic benefits that have been received from Alaska over…read more

2012: What is Happening?

…so are unlikely to sound any sort of an alarm at the present time. So far, the few news stories about these objects have taken each one to be a…read more

ANOTHER Stonehenge Discovered!

…giant stones may have been moved using sound, while for subscribers, Lucy Pringle talks about people who witnessed the creation of a crop circle. Art credit: NOTE: This news…read more

Vibration IS Reality

…a new human ability, which is to make changes in our world with our minds. As incredible as it sounds, this is almost certainly going to turn out to be…read more

A Different Kind of Pollution

…frogs that are exposed to the sounds of passing traffic take longer to find males. We need to become conscious of the fact that noise pollution also effects the ability…read more

No Littering in Space

…pack litter bags? The key to getting into space may have to do with (believe it or not) sound. Find out all about it on this week’s Dreamland! NOTE: This…read more

Bird Invasion

…communal, like an apartment complex for birds. “A nest can be many feet tall and wide,” says Minor. “They’re often high up.” But it’s the birds’ sound that may catch…read more

It’s All in Your Head!

…but who had learned either Hindi or Zulu as children living abroad. They focused on those two language because they contain certain sounds that are difficult for native English speakers…read more

Is Robert Langdon Based on William Henry?

…to the portal and to transforming men into gods. If this sounds familiar its because this is EXACTLY what I say in my presentations about Morph and The American Rite,…read more

Is Robert Langdon Based on Me? by William Henry

…US Capitol and points to the Apotheosis as the key to the portal and to transforming men into gods. If this sounds familiar its because this is EXACTLY what I…read more

Resonance and Reality

…the resonance of people entering them, to give them energy and uplift, and how they were probably BUILT with sound. Is there a new frequency appearing in the grid of…read more

Monkeys are Musical After All

…they respond appropriately to “monkey music,” 30-second clips composed on the basis of actual monkey calls. The music was inspired by sounds the tamarins make to convey two opposite emotions:…read more

Two Birthdays

…things like the law and real estate) suggested we go to the pool at his country house, where we could skinny dip. It sounded like a great idea, and those…read more

Will Gov. Health Insurance Kill the Elderly?

…topics down to a few sound bites as a way of gaining power for their constituents (which in this case include insurance and drug companies), but we cannot deny the…read more

Radio Repels Mosquitoes

Talk radio is often ridiculous, if not downright dangerous, but an Austrian radio station has come up with a great idea: Broadcast sounds that repel mosquitoes, so if you hear…read more

Held Hostage by Hummingbirds

…loud. I was confused at first, and looked around to try to figure out what could have caused such a sound, when I realized it was a hummingbird that had…read more

Another Cause of THE HUM

…a person can’t hear a sound, it’s too weak for it to be detected or registered by any other part of the body. But this is no longer true. Humans…read more

Pee Power

sound like a bit of a stretch, but it’s actually quite ingenious. It’s based on the use of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe.” If we could run…read more

Ants More Rational

…collectively.” That last sentence sounds like a description of the US Congress! When our insects start thinking better than our politicians, is it business as usual? If you want straight…read more

Spyware on Your Blackberry!

…to drastically reduced battery life. This sounds like something the Bush/Cheney administration would have cooked up, since the device is even MADE in the United States! In BBC News, Ben…read more

Dogs Aren’t the Only Animals That Bark

…controls your actions with regard to him by varying the types of sounds he uses. While we usually think of cats as either purring or meowing, with purring indicating contentment,…read more

The Secret of Easter Island

…for people in my lifetime; however, rapamycin shows a great deal of promise to do just that.” This sounds almost as promising as the mysterious substance known as white powder…read more

A Noisy Hybrid?

…bored too, with their polite, docile QUIET cars. Some people have suggested adding an artificial sport car sound to them. Now hybrid owners have a new excuse to do this:…read more

The Curry Cure

…of them saw regression to some degree of their chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The majority of individuals who entered the study with enlarged lymph nodes saw a 50% or greater decline…read more

Trickster Coyote

…Whitley heard heard some Inuit (Eskimo) “throat music” which sounded like heavy breathing with a definite sexual rhythm to it. One of the songs had a refrain which sounded like…read more

Taste Your Words

…think we ALL do it at times. A chef who writes menus for his restaurant has learned that lower-pitched sounds are associated by most people with larger, more rounded shapes,…read more

Unstuck in Time

…for the light to change, I heard a terrific clopping and clatter in front of me, and a great deal of sloshing. The sounds were loud and astonishing because they…read more

Money Can’t Buy It

…fades quickly and all too soon, the salary raise is a distant memory and the rave review is forgotten. Art credit: This sounds like something your Mom told you….read more

Whale Talk

…are among the loudest and most intense sounds produced by any animal. Researcher Aaron Thode says, “The sounds can be louder than a firecracker.” There won’t be any fireworks at…read more

Swine Flu a Lab Accident?

…is the real possibility that it could be some sort of error in the laboratory.” Or could it have been intentional? It sounds impossible, but it could be true: such…read more

That Mysterious Hum: A New Theory

…sub-audible sounds, of which there are many in the world, including distant factory noise and even a sound emitted by the earth itself. But is that the only reason for…read more

Word Power

…mentions. “Mellifluous” and “lullaby,” two words consistently considered pretty over the years, dropped off this year’s list. “Susurrus,” which describes a soft, whispering or rustling sound, made the list for…read more

Triangle UFO Sightings

…a V-ormation, which started off about 50 feet off the ground then slowly rose to a height of about a thousand feet before it disappeared. It made no sound. In…read more

Afterlife, UFOs and MORE

…also why the idea of the persistence of the soul may have a sound scientific basis. But Dr. Lerma goes beyond that. He is also the doctor who attempted to…read more

Mysterious Booms are Back

Over the past six weeks, mysterious booming sounds have been heard across the United States and western Canada. Each event has brought a new set of explanations, all of them…read more

Fantastic Video from Italy: Our Experts Say Not So Fast

…wind noise in the camera’s microphone SEEMS legitimate except at the very end, where it sounds to me like someone intentionally breathing closely into a microphone — you can even…read more

That Evil Corn Again

…any state. In Iowa the figure was 50%; in Nebraska, 40%; and in Minnesota and Illinois, 30%. This sounds like a wonderful bonanza for farmers in those sates, who are…read more

Powerful Message from an Encounter in a Crop Circle

…and once more the men took it in turns to speak. They looked like twins and sounded the same. They are trying to tell us something, we will not listen….read more

What the Bleep

…these words can be replaced with a loud “bleep” sound if they are uttered. The radio show was being filmed as well as broadcast, and I could see the monitor…read more

Elephant Attraction

sounds. In BBC News, James Morgan quotes elephant expert Caitlin O’Connell-Rodwell as saying, “You see the male in the video pressing his trunk against the ground. He’s on a mission?he’s…read more

A Casino?in a Research Lab?

These days, in a lab at a university, you can experience the flashing lights and melodious sounds of a one-armed bandit being played, as scientists study gambling addiction. University of…read more

Did a Giant Wave Once Engulf New York City?

…Lower Manhattan then would probably have seen “something coming in. Then you would hear a big bang, maybe a series of bangs, something that sounded like gunfire or cannons. It…read more

From the Edge of the Universe…to Us.

…is generated by this process. This may sound rather esoteric, but what follows is completely incredible. Hogan says, “If the Geo600 result is what I suspect it is, then we…read more

Professional Comments on Out There Video

…running beside a car (filmed, complete with sound effects, from inside the automobile), you’ll remember that we promised to bring you some expert opinions on its veracity. We now have…read more

Texas UFO Image Shot 01/11/09

…from the witness. It made no sound and shot off into the sky at extreme speed. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links…read more

The Blue Light

…loose. First, the hotel building made a terrific cracking sound, which I thought might mean an earthquake. Immediately thereafter, though, there appeared before me one of the most extraordinary people…read more

A Classic Close Encounter

…size of my van. My mind was now whirling. Who would fly in this weather or could What can fly at twenty miles an hour with no sound and follow…read more

What Do Blind People See in Their Dreams?

…lose their sight, their dreams tend to be more about sounds than about images. But those who became blind after age 5 often DO see images in their dreams. These…read more

The Economic Situation is Far Worse than Expected. But Why?

…has quite realized just how serious the situation is. Politicians who know nothing about economics are fond of saying that the economy is “fundamentally sound.” It is anything but. In…read more


…amended my statement with, “And that DOESN’T mean what it sounds like!” My face was red, but that was nothing compared to Whitley’s uncle: when I glanced down at the…read more

Will Obama Mean UFO Change?

…just these four things in an organized and scientifically sound manner would gain us a great deal of new knowledge. We might be able to at least surmise what the…read more

Is Anne Strieber a Pagan?

…have a REAL, dogma-filled religion, but who just worshipped nature instead (Hmmm, doesn’t sound bad, so far). It has also always meant “outsider,” as in someone who thinks differently from…read more

Lest We Forget the Truth: More 9/11 Problems

…the insider trades were sounding all over, even on CBS News. Most of the smarter crooks had absconded with their money by exercising their put options while the attacks were…read more

Halt That Malt

…content. Participants absorbed the malt liquor beverage more slowly and it took a longer time to reach a peak breath-alcohol level. This SOUNDS good, but it actualy made them drink…read more

Japan Questions 9/11 and the War on Terror

…added, It is baffling that no flight records were found at any of four sites. On the ground at the WTC sites, both sounds and visual evidence from explosions were…read more

Will Bush Science Soon be Over?

…do not have in the White House and throughout the executive branch the kind of analytical capabilities and broad expertise that’s needed to understand and develop sound policy across these…read more

Another Dangerous Ruling Sneaks In

…was safe to eat. Sounds like a good idea, right? Lots of us would pay more for meat that we knew was guaranteed to be safe, just like we do…read more

The Surge (with an UPDATE!)

…well chosen words and phrases can muddy the truth. Just because something SOUNDS good, that doesn’t make it a good idea. However, I think that the campaign of Hillary Clinton…read more

Who I Think the Visitors Are by Anne Strieber

sound. A quick glance at the clock revealed it was 2:30 a.m. (note that the time was almost the same as when the friend in Austin was contacted in the…read more


…been listening. Psychologist Susan Hughes says, “The mere sound of a person’s voice contains important, embedded biological information.” She bases this conclusion on the relationship between voice quality and another…read more


…declined to tell him that this sounded like a scenario from “Star Wars.” I remembered the time that Whitley got a kidney stone. He had been taking planes constantly while…read more

The Montauk Monster: Our Take

…immediately across the sound from Plum Island,at a time when such disease vectors were allegedly understudy on the island. The Elmendorf animals were either genetic alterations or victims of profound…read more

Smoking Makes You Deaf

…night. Now scientists are designing a soundproof blanket you can wear at night that deflects sound so that you can have a peaceful night’s sleep. BBC News quotes researcher Jose…read more


…Tom Potter quotes Bevan as saying, “I looked up and saw a bright orange blob in the sky. It was moving from left to right and not making any sound….read more

Poison Ivy is GOOD?

…a meadow or woods on a humid, overcast day, when those resins are pumping through the poison ivy vines ?” Sounds like the world of the future! Art credit:…read more

What’s for Dinner?

…federal government. A detailed analysis of data from nearly 50 years of weekly fish-trawl surveys in Narragansett Bay and adjacent Rhode Island Sound has revealed a long-term shift in species…read more

Cave Music

…areas in their caves where singing, humming and music sounded best. Scientists have found that humming into some bends in a decorated cave wall produced sounds like those made by…read more

What Could Cause Another War?

…quotes government official Richard Engel as saying that if the findings of the assessment were made public, “It would frustrate the execution of U.S. foreign policy.” Hmmm?sounds like the kind…read more

Glowing Cubes Seen in UK Skies

…speed?I work with aircraft and grew up next to Manchester Airport so I know exactly what a plane looks and sounds like. This was definitely not a plane. It was…read more

Nick Begich–New Discoveries!

Remember that strange sound that we are all hearing on our radios and TVs, etc., that was played as a Dreamland Special a few weeks ago? Well, many of you…read more

How Did They Do It?

For centuries, modern violin makers have tried in vain to recreate musical instruments that sound as good as the ones the Italian masters made in the 17th century. Researchers now…read more

Helicopter Chases UFO

…Scott Snowden quotes a member of the local police force as saying, “They are convinced it was a UFO. It sounds far-fetched, but they know what they saw.” Art credit:…read more

Computers Becoming Human

…To abductees with implants, this sounds familiar! Computer designers predict that by 2020, there will essentially be no difference between a machine and its user, to the extent that computers…read more

At the Movies

…vaguely unsatisfying independent film, Whitley suddenly said, “There was no foley in that film” and I realized he was right. “Foley work” is the term for putting in sound effects…read more

New UFO Sightings

…no sound and no strobe lights. Then it suddenly shot off, leaving an orange trail behind it, which slowly faded. The Australian Ministry of Defense said that there were no…read more


Coming your way soon? – The perfect diet would be one in which you keep eating the same amount, but still lose weight! It sounds impossible, but Australian scientists say…read more

Exceptional UFO Video from the Netherlands

…thought it was an airplane that lost control so I came to a complete stop on the road. When I got out and looked at it was no sound coming…read more

What’s It Like? (To Act in a movie)

…my scalp. So I wouldn’t have to wear wigs forever, my hairdresser and I have developed what might be called a “shunt cut” for me. This sounds faintly obscene, but…read more

God Laughs & Plays

…super serious preachers keep telling us). Then I went to a Laurie Anderson concert and heard a wonderful metaphor. She didn’t say where she got it, but it sounds Native…read more

Butterfly Goodbye

…they live and how they interact. Knowing how these organisms relate to each other and their environment is critical to developing sound conservation strategies.” Anyone who has spent time in…read more

The Nye Incidents: the Scariest Story I Know

…of the faces I had seen, the strange hunger that was there. I awoke sweating in the night, alert to any sound. And the thought of the fact that I…read more

Noory Broadcasting from Mars

…in advance. His network declinedto comment on whether or not they would purchase the ticketfor him. ?He sounds just fine,? said Premiere Radio?spresident Charlie Rahilly when asked about Noory?s welfare.It…read more

Artificial Intelligence HERE SOON

…eventually merge, through implanting devices in people’s bodies. We’re already doing this with people who are locked in by disease or injury. To abductees with implants, this sounds familiar! In…read more

An Easter Diary from Anne

…into the church and they were planning a second ceremony in the church basement (which didn’t sound too appealing to me), so we quickly got in line. Church basements can…read more

Possible Drones Explanation–Or Maybe Not

…is now, which would most likelybe a platform for secret surveillance craft. However, the witnesses who have actually seen drones reportthat they make no sound, or very little sound, that…read more

Congressman: Administration won’t Investigate Shocking Terrorist Connection

These remarks were delivered in Congress on February 26 by Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. They are deeply troubling, because they suggest that the Bush Administration is pro-actively seeking to impede…read more

A Sexual Quest

…only in some women. The G spot is supposed to control women’s ability to have orgasms. Italian researchers examined the vaginas of 20 women with ultrasound and found a thickened…read more

Let’s Do It!

…happens now is that I hear a faint sound of a gong in the ear, about ten times a minute, for a period of half an hour or so, generally…read more

Bats Dying Just Like Bees

…New Scientist, Justin Mullins reports that Montana bee expert Jerry Bromenshenk has developed a device that listens to the sounds that bees make in their hives. This will not only…read more

Levitation is REAL

Researchers from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland have created what they call “incredible levitation effects” by manipulating a natural law known as the Casimir force, which usually causes…read more

Candidate Saw UFO

…she lived in Washington State. She describes the sighting as a “gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him. It hovered, soundless, for ten minutes or so, and sped away with…read more

Are They Real?

…universe. It sounds impossible, but Merali quotes physicist Simon Saunders as saying, “We’ve cleared up the obscurities and come up with a pretty clear verdict that Everett works. It’s a…read more

Finally: A Cure for Deafness?

…curing genetic or acquired hearing loss. Hair cells have hair-like projections that line the cochlea. In people with normal hearing, hair cells convert sound into electrical signals, which are ultimately…read more

What Needs to be Changed?FAST

…emissions, it must act now to achieve the deep cuts in its energy consumption that will be required to meet this target.” While an 80% reduction sounds daunting now, Hayhoe…read more

Nostradamus & the Coming Bush Bombing of Iran by John Hogue

…flight decks in the Persian Gulf. A city rendered to dust sounds all too contemporary and perhaps all too extreme for the attack planned by the Bush Administration. No cities…read more

For Kari, Once Again

…his wife had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her stay in the hospital sounded a lot like mine, and he wanted to know what they should expect. I told…read more

Lost Whitley and Jim Marrs Conversation

A few months ago, Unknowncountry’s sound engineer accidentally recorded an off the record conversation between Whitley Strieber and Jim Marrs about what actually happened to the Nazis after World War…read more

The Drones: Are They Real, and What Do We Do?

…contorting our own imagination to fit it. I know that this sounds esoteric, but it actually isn’t. In fact, if you want to explore it more deeply, you can turn…read more

Fashion Police in China

…hair bright red or yellow and not to wear chunky earrings. It sounds like the Chinese are going in for fashion in a big way, after the long period of…read more

The Mystery of the Drones

…of photographs would mean an elaborate hoax, which Chad, Sylvia and Mr. Smith–all apparently unconnected and all sounding entirely sincere over hours of conversation–all in collusion and all lying. But…read more

Teleportation is REAL

…be used for teleporting people or even non-living objects.? Art credit: Quantum mechanics used to sound crazy (even Einstein didn?t believe it), but we now know that it?s the…read more

Another Strange Craft Seen in Canada

…Vancouver, observed a strange white object with dark, straight nose-to-tail markings on it circling overhead. The object glowed, but made no sound. It was not recognizable as an airplane by…read more

Chat with a Psychic

…images you get primarily visual, or is there an interplay of color and even sound Marla: It is like remembering what you did for breakfast this morning. If you can…read more

Weird Aerial Object Haunts California

…hum associated with the otherwise silent craft, and Chad also describes a crackling sound. Howe writes on website, “thesound described is consistent with electrostatic fielddischarges. Tesla coils, for example,…read more

Is This a Communication from the Visitors

…the visitors, and I’d never even met one. Now, finally I think I can sleep soundly. I am a fairly open minded man, but I cannot ignore the fact that…read more

Who Is Dave Gaubatz and Why is That So Important?

…and complete destruction of all three countries. We will not wait for proof, or even for evidence of who did it. It sounds like a hideous and unfeeling policy, and…read more


…call out, “Whitley, Whitley!” as she traveled to wherever she was going next. He said she sounded awed and excited. Our friend Dora was a spiritual teacher in the very…read more

UFO Wave in Canada

…out the whole thing, but it had a very unusual, strobing, eerie kind of light in the middle. It made absolutely no sound whatsoever…” In fact, UFO sightings are at…read more

How Older Men Stay Sexy

There’s no reason older guys can’t still enjoy sex, but in order to perform, they need to be sure to get plenty of sleep! This may sound like a contradiction,…read more

Jet Has Close Call With Meteorite

Flaming debris that was moving so fast that it broke the sound barrier almost hit a jet plane that was landing in New Zealand. NASA says it couldn?t have come…read more

Former Arizona Gov. Now Admits Seeing UFO by Leslie Kean

…The object could accelerate or dive at tremendous speeds, starting from a stationary position, as recorded on radar. It flew at the speed of sound without making a sonic boom….read more

A Hearing Pill

…and right now no drug on the market can prevent or treat noise-induced hearing loss.” Bao and his colleagues found that if they exposed mice to loud sounds and then…read more

More Extreme Cruelty to Whales

…to a large degree, the sounds are thought to mediate social interactions between the animals. Researchers have discovered that they can use recordings of blue whale songs to determine the…read more

Biofuel Lies

…the form of fertilizers, pesticides and the [gas] for farm equipment? Ethanol may sound like the kind of ‘friendly’ energy the world has been waiting for. But for ethanol production…read more

Bee Warning System

…the real surprise was that the sounds bees produce can actually tell what chemical is hitting them.” Scott Debnam, a Bee Alert field technician and self-described “bee whisperer,” says that…read more

The Tomb of Jesus: Casket of the King of the World by William Henry

…a dog in this ancient fight. If nothing else, what the Tomb of Jesus research team dug up is a clock. It was ticking. This week the alarm sounded. It’s…read more

Resurrection and the Tomb of Jesus

…reality of the soul. It is not a dream and it cannot be explained away by the various forms of high-sounding poppycock that are generally used to dismiss it. Life…read more

Huge Ice Blocks Falling from Sky

…through the roof of their home. quotes Mi Young Choi as saying, “My mom heard a huge explosion type of sound and we all came out just to see…read more

Asteroid Threat Continues

…to the US, loud and unusual sounds are being heard and bright lights observed in the sky. We have been reporting on this phenomenon for weeks, and now another event…read more

Earthquakes Reshape the Earth

…have been moving apart at the rate of about an inch a year for the past 30 million years. This may sound slow, but as Wright says, “In geological terms,…read more

A Meeting With Heroes in Los Angeles by William Henry

…were in the express lane! EEEEEEHHHHH! EEEEEERRRRRR! OOOOOOOO!!! Boink! Thats the sound of my airbrakes jamming and me getting off this express! How can we create a world of tara…read more

Major UFO Sightings in US & UK

…they were hovering. There was no sound. They seemed to fade away and I saw more coming and then they stopped. It lasted about 10 minutes.” UPDATE: Dr. Lynne adds…read more

Pennsylvania High Strangeness in 2006 by Stan Gordon

…very low off the ground, and made no sound. June 3rd-Sewickley (Allegheny County) At about 6:30 PM, two people observed 2 umbrella top shaped objects which were close to each…read more

Fish Whispers

…know so far that at least 1,000 fish species make sounds, with a huge diversity of means by which they generate and listen to sounds. There’s only a handful we…read more

Americans Being Spied On by Canadian Money

It sounds like a science fiction film, but it’s true: The Defense Department is warning us that Canadian coins are being circulated that have tiny transmitters hidden inside them. The…read more

Possible UFO Crash in Iran

…the reports.Last week we reported a dramatic UFO incident in South Africa involving an apparent meteor crash with a very unusual sound associated with it. Now another crash has taken…read more

What’s It Like? (Part IV)

…TV?” But Whitley is an old pro by this time, and he knew the answer: “The sound man just says, ‘We’ve got background noise’ and they do another take.” (One…read more

Possible South Africa UFO Crash

…roar at 4:33 in the morning. Shedescribed it as sounding like a jumbo jet starting itsmotors. The noise grew until it sounded likemassive screaming turbines. She looked outside and saw…read more

What Our Gov. is Trying to Get Us to Eat, and WHY

Our government pushes certain foods, even if they’re not the ones we should be eating. Does “Got Milk?” sound familiar? How about “Pork. The other white meat?” These advertising campaigns…read more

Laughter is Catching

sound is interpreted. This response was much higher for positive sounds, meaning that they are more “contagious” than negative sounds. In other words, we tend to smile when we hear…read more

When Your Senses Get Crossed

…It sounds like a problem you’d want solved, but many people with this condition wouldn’t trade it for anything. In, Ker Than quotes UK researcher Julia Simner as saying,…read more

Rare Tornado in London

…off some homes and toppled trees. CNN quotes one witness as saying, “I could see a huge cloud rolling up the street, making this tremendous sound.” In the Independent, Terry…read more

World Too Noisy for Bird Songs

…Netherlands behavioral biologist Hans Slabbekoorn drove a car and rode his bike through Europe, in order to record a bird called the great tit, which has a song that sounds…read more

Secrets of the Strad

…global warming. These violins are still prized by musicians today, and modern violin-makers have never been able to duplicate their beautiful sound. Sara Goudarzi writes in that Texas researcher…read more

How the Egyptians Did It?

…taking levitation seriously. Scientists have now levitated small live animals using only sounds. Chinese scientists have used ultrasound to levitate small amounts of incredibly heavy substances, such as iridium and…read more

Meeting the Green Man

…little over a year ago someone said, ‘That sounds like the Green Man’ It’s quite rare to hear of an entity covered in foliage, so I guess I could say…read more

What’s it Like to be a Princess?

What would it be like to be adopted and to hire a private detective to trace your roots?only to find out that you are a princess? It sounds like the…read more

Fruit is Fine but Vegetables are Better

…eating strawberries sounds like a delicious way to protect your brain, it would take about 10 pounds a day to achieve a beneficial effect, which might prove too much even…read more

Don’t Worry, Be Healthy

If you worry about getting sick, are you more likely to become ill? This doesn’t sound fair but alas, it may be true. It works that way with rats, anyway….read more

A Very Silly War

…training and just hung out in a haze of smoke. That sounds great when we compare them to the hordes of over-stressed college students today, but none of them ever…read more

Does Evil Exist?

This sounds like a philosophical or religious question, but it’s something that scientists are actually studying. Religious scholar David Frankfurter says that evil is a concept that gives people a…read more

Why Hand Washing is So Important

…Q. Choi writes rituals that cleanse the body to purify the soul are at the part of almost every religion, worldwide, and scientists think these have a sound basis in…read more

Is Mystery Cat Tied to Strange Sound?

…of global warming. When people first heard the booming sound, many of them thought it was an earthquake because they also experienced a shaking sensation. One witness saw a meteorite…read more

Elephant Talk

…has an elephant that has learned to speak actual words. A sixteen-year-old elephant named Kosik imitates the sound of eight Korean words, such as “sit,” “no” and “yes.” He does…read more

For Kari

…diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her stay in the hospital sounded a lot like mine, and he wanted to know what they should expect. I told him that she might…read more

The Grays A Love Story

…this strange noise started out over the woods–a sort of rattling, humming sound. And here came a bunch of lights over the house–not fifty feet above out heads. Whitley yelled,…read more

Is There a Universal Language?

…of these scholars point out that the reason for the “m” sound in the noun for “mother” in so many languages is probably because it’s one of the easiest sounds…read more

New Kind of Singing Volcano

…noise is detected, researchers know the volcano is about to blow. Right now, volcanologists are using computers to detect and interpret the sounds coming from dormant the dormant volcanoes known…read more

Far Out Fixes for Global Warming

…MORE sulfur into the air, it may not be pleasant, but it will be cooler. If this solution doesn’t sound too inviting, try this: In, Michael Schirber writes that…read more

Asteroid?or Nuclear?Jewelry?

Ancient texts from India describe a scenario which sounds to us very much like a nuclear war. If this is true, some of the only evidence may have been made…read more

Secret of the Ancient Alchemists

Bacteria have been discovered that turn ordinary metal into gold. This sounds great, except that if there is too much gold, it will become worthless?it’s valuable because of its rarity….read more


…woman sounded like a photographer who was working there that night. He knocked on a door covered with a pane of stained glass and a woman opened it. Starfire and…read more

Cracking the Spelling Code

…that the popping sound comes from escaping gas bubbles. Most of our joints are protected by a protective fluid that is filled with gas, and stretching the joint releases some…read more


…can work up the nerve to ask the “young” version some rather stupid-sounding questions, the next time I see him. Or maybe I should just tell the older version that…read more

What ARE Fireworks, Anyway?

…the sound effects that go along with them. Fireworks that go off sequentially come in the shape of a group of connected sections. Some of the ingredients used in fireworks…read more

Can Corn Solve the Gas Crisis?

sounds like the perfect solution, but when officials in the state of Illinois were told that an ethanol plant would be built nearby, they calculated that it would use about…read more

Working Moms Healthier Moms

…kids, then sip a nice cup of tea, eat a bite of chocolate, nibble on an apple and take a sip of sherry. Ah?sounds heavenly! Art credit: Did you…read more

Good News: Ozone Hole is Closing

…be disrupted as the poles shift magnetic positions (something that happens regularly and is in progress right now), so we need a sound ozone layer. However, there are still old…read more

A Journey in Time

…hard to put into words (and sounds crazy), but I felt like my physical body was experiencing real time and that some other part of me was experiencing a longer…read more

What’s the REAL Iraq? MORE UPDATES

…result of this, two CBS reporters, soundman James Brolan and cameraman Paul Douglas, died and a third reporter, Kimberly Dozier, lies in a hospital in critical condition?all victims of a…read more

A Sad State of Affairs–EVEN MORE UPDATES

…said, “It must mean you try to do the right thing, irregardless of which religion you belong to–that sounds pretty good to me.” Years later, one of my cousins came…read more

Chimps R Us

…of their basic sounds, “Pyows” and “Hacks,” are used to warn against two different predators: a Pywow is a leopard and a Hack is an eagle. But when the words…read more


…down at the narrow end detect low-frequency sounds. Current hearing aids merely amplify sound. While researchers are now working to deign spiral-shaped cochlear implants for deaf people, the real key…read more

Speed of Light Varies

…out? The web site quotes Boyd as saying, “I know this all sounds weird, but this is the way the world works.” Art credit: Don’t miss our exciting…read more

Kecksburg Witness Found by Brian Vike

…crashed, and in force by the sounds of it. Then one looks at the fighter aircraft already being sent out and following the object, the military knew ahead of time…read more

Dolphins Know Their Own Names

…they send that name out through the depths of the ocean in order to tell other dolphins “hello.” A dolphin’s name may sound like a series of whistles to us,…read more

Stanton Friedman Reviews “Abducted”

…Nervous, they had turned off the main highway onto narrow mountain roads arriving home two hours later than expected. And she claims to have read The Interrupted Journey Sounds to…read more

Mystery Shake

…the military claims that none of their planes were flying at supersonic speeds that day. Researchers say the shaking was caused by a low-frequency sound wave that traveled from the…read more

Mystery Booms are Back

…than billowy.” The booms that rocked San Diego and Buffalo did not appear to be sonic booms, and some residents in San Diego assumed that the sounds were earthquake related….read more

Parakeet Swallows Tiny UFO

…Zwingle. Dr. Zwinglesaid, ?the bird no longer cheeps like a parakeet, but rathermakes sounds like something very small backfiring, and emitsa thin stream of purple smoke from its nostrils.? Dr.Zwingle…read more

A Traveler at the Edge of Death

…but werenot quite so tall. Those two seemed to be laughing all thetime and sometimes there was a sound like wind. They keptsaying “Welcome, welcome!” in my mind, and laughing….read more

Ancient Sounds Indeed–We Get Hoaxed!

We could not resist the idea that ancient sounds had been recovered from pottery grooves. The idea was so fascinating that we didn’t stop to read the website involved carefully…read more

Ancient Sounds

The video you can view by clicking on lier la video in this link contains sounds that have been derived by analyzing the grooves laid on a piece of pottery…read more

Graffiti Linked to Obesity?and Teenaged Males

…graffiti and litter were cleaned up? It may sound crazy, but some scientists are taking this idea seriously. And who is responsible for all this graffiti? It was the same…read more

Nuke Waste Problem Won’t Go Away

…even a tiny amount would kill an adult in two minutes. The Secret Vaults of Time sounds like it could be a burial place for nuclear waste, but it’s really…read more

Scientific Spin Detector

…may sound like a plot from the TV show Numbers, but it’s happening in real life. The CIA has studied facial and body clues that reveal when people are lying….read more

Booms are Back

…coast. Local TV channel WECT and sound technician Alex Markowski, who teaches at the University of North Carolina recorded the boom on tape. Markowski picked up the low frequency sounds…read more

The Importance of Stardust

…slowed to just faster than the speed of sound, a parachute applied the brakes and Stardust settled to the ground near Salt Lake City. Brownlee says, “Virtually all the atoms…read more

‘Or the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken…’

…its quick waters weeping. One?s heart grows full, so immeasurably full, on these long reaches of life, where the sands grow thin and the long sigh of the ocean sounds…read more

Whale Talk & Ant Farms

…Northwest sound different than blue whales in the western Pacific Ocean, and both of these sound different from blue whales living off Antarctica. They all sound different than the blue…read more

New Years Resolutions

…losing weight. Dothis the easy way, with scientifically sound diet advicefrom Anne Strieber that’s actually fun to read?and it’sFREE! Read Anne’s diet bookWhat I Learned From the Fat Years. Start…read more

Communion Twenty Years On

…hear the sea’s sighing night voice. The most ancient sound of the world, the ocean. Now I will lie myself down. In a few hours, my heart will start pounding,…read more

Why You Like Potato Chips

sound scientific information. If you love us and appreciate all the wonderful gifts we bring you, make sure we’ll be here for you tomorrow: subscribe today! To learn more, click…read more

The Faith-Based Science of Susan Clancy by Budd Hopkins

…sample, or in fact anyone who might have insight into their general trustworthiness and emotional soundness. Instead, Susan Clancy alone, because of her faith in the non-existence of UFO abductions,…read more

Smog Emergency

…institute smog checks on cars. All this sounds familiar to Californians. Another familiar problem is that Tehran is too spread out to have an adequate public transportation system. Gasoline prices…read more

Prevent Bird Flu: Change Chicken Farming

…bird flu, the more it sounds like there’s a conspiracy hidden somewhere in all this data. You can be assured that if there IS a conspiracy, at, we’ll find…read more

A Surprising New Fuel

…or they won’t burn cleanly and the residue will gum up the engine (sounds familiar). Art credit: Despite the skepticism of the US media, the truth is that crop…read more

Black Hole Mystery

…It does sound impossible, but astronomers say black holes are real, despite the fact that they’ve never seen one, even with a satellite or powerful telescope. All the evidence for…read more

UFOs in the UK Due to Mars Opposition?

…misidentification of planes, but some of them sound quite interesting. Some of them, possibly most of them, could be explained away. The people who pilots report sightings to are?a mixture…read more

How It Feels to Be a Robot

…a joystick. Having your movements controlled sounds like it would be effortless, but it?s actually the opposite. It?s exhausting because it goes against your natural inclinations. It’s clear that if…read more

Chimps are Picky Eaters?Just Like Us

…played these sounds to another group of chimps, they responded more positively to the higher grunts and looked around avidly for food, while the low grunts didn’t interest them. Art…read more

Lunar Lunch

…cereal, while the wheels will be made from lollipops.” Sounds like the gingerbread houses that many people make as Christmas decorations. However, this is a serious project. In light of…read more

2012: Is It True?

…false gods. As our ability to create ever more dense information nodes is increasing exponentially, so also is our ability to deliver information to the brain, and to alter ourselves…read more

Can Quicksand Kill You?

…ordinary water flowing over their heads. Art credit: The news sometimes sounds like quicksand, sucking us down into worries and obsessions that can take over our lives. At,…read more

But Baseball Mitts May be Bad for You

…bruised, causing numbness and tingling, reduced sensitivity to cold and bluish-colored skin. Ginn says, “There should be further study into glove design.” The researchers used ultrasound to look at blood…read more

Alphabet Song Can Teach Anyone to Read?Even Autistics

…that sound presented in a rhythmic way, like poetry, is an aid to memory. “Our findings are consistent with recent brain research indicating that there are separate but similar brain…read more

New Thoughts

…way. Also, it enables truly extraordinary out of body journeys, some involving complete separation and even entry, in places where the right equipment is available, into physical nodes that enable…read more

Dear Curmudgeon

…well as absolutely anything else you want to sound off about. We’ll need your phone number. As I said before, I guard phone numbers with my life and I never…read more

Climate Change Witch Hunt

…dollars?”an astonishing 40% of his supporters said no–even thoughthe question was obviously structured to make his actionssound reasonable. Joe Barton is a Texan who has been a lobbyist for the…read more

Old Ears on Young Bodies

…often self-induced and may be related to young people’s exposure to amplified sound and use of personal listening systems, such as cell phones and portable music devices. The damage can…read more

Mysterious Scream

…microphone and went out hunting for the sound, but he couldn’t find it. Although it’s likely that the sound came from an animal such as a cat or bird (screech…read more

Dead Performances Live Again

…with the sound, so that if the original artist, for instance, played an out-of-tune piano, they can make him sound like he was playing a concert grand. They have resurrected…read more

Old Folktales Could be Real

…past earthquakes had profound effects on the local inhabitants. There’s evidence for that in the geology as well, both on the coast and in the central Puget Sound area.” References…read more

Bolt from the Blue

In the latest incident of wacky weather, the National Weather Service in Phoenix reports a lightning bolt so powerful it looked like a volcano and sounded like a dynamite blast….read more

A New World–If We Can Take It

…metallic objects above Maury Island Bay in Puget Sound, where they were sheltering from rough weather in their boat. One of the doughnut shaped machines seemed to be in trouble,…read more

Did Magicians Cause UFO Sightings

…One feels an immediate sensation of lightness, of weightlessness, and then a sensation of falling…of being sucked into a vortex….” This sounds very similar to witness testimony provided by contactees…read more

Are Magicians Behind UFO Sightings?

We’ve had many magicians on Dreamland radio and they?ve made many claims. Sometimes they say they create crop circles and ET sightings. This makes it sound as if they’re taking…read more

News from London

…is highly unusual. “As I was leaving the train, there was a distant sound, a sort of sighing, that came down the line. I have not heard anythinglike this in…read more

Windfarms?Blight or Blessing?

…found that public opinion isdivided over the project. The researchers uncovered some ofthe reasons for this. The Cape Cod Wind Project was proposed in 2001 for NantucketSound. It will consist…read more

Species are Disappearing Worldwide

…can be sprayed with Roundup and the weedswill die but the GM plants will survive. This sounds like agreat idea, except for one problem: It’s killing amphibiansworldwide. A few years…read more

China?Environmental Leader?

…in the Independent that China hasstopped construction on 22 power plants and dams that wereenvironmentally unsound. In order to decide which projectsto curtail, the Chinese government asked the opinions oftop…read more

Hydropower Leads to Global Warming

Damming rivers to produce hydropower sounds like the perfectsolution the problem of relying on fossil fuels?EXCEPT thatit also produces large amounts of methane, which is one ofthe worst greenhouse gases….read more

Bigfoot Emergency Call?

An reader has sent us a recording of a911 emergency call from the Pacific Northwest that soundsvery much like thecaller is in the process of witnessing a bigfoot in…read more

A Remarkable Orb Photo

…eight photos I heard whatsoundede like footsteps inside the house, plus what soundedlike someone moving one of the metal portable heaters acrossthe floor. Since I knew that no one was…read more

Dreamland: Contactee Betty Andreasson & Man Who Wrote About Her

…The ancient Hindu Vedas describe what sounds to uslike wars fought with atomic weapons. Get a FREE copy ofTheCommunion Letters, as well as 10% off EVERYTHING on ourstore–Subscribetoday! NOTE: This…read more

Butterflies & Laughing Dogs

…any closeinteraction with chimps, you?ll notice they seem to playjokes on each other and make human-like laughing sounds.Dogs seem to smile and make panting sounds that could beinterpreted as laughter,…read more

Master Astrologier Mahala on the Galactic Energy Burst

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

New Energies for a New Time: Astrological Analysis by Mahala

…opposition to Saturn (by sign) in Cancer, and making a 90 degree angle to the node in Aries. The sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and indicates…read more

Why Don’t Christians Believe in an Afterlife?

…years is also being ignored. On the evening news, it sounds as if a person who has at least some consciousness is being arbitrarily killed by a cruel husband. The…read more

India Blasts Linked to Seismic Activity

…also heard in the Una, Kodinar, and Veravaltalukas of Junagadh district. Government officials claimedthat the sounds had caused no damage, but residents complainthat windows and walls have been damaged throughout…read more

Dr. Lynne Kitei: New Phoenix Lights Revelations

…will make you wonder what the UFO experience really is all about. It is so unexpected that Whitley actually sits there for a moment without making a sound, silenced by…read more

This Week on Dreamland: A Secret Hall of Records

…information fromhis trek to Guatemala. As fantastic as it may sound, thereis every reason to believe that something very like a hallof records exists to this day deep in the…read more

Mahala’s Back with New Predictions

…and everyone knows about the war in Iraq. Now the north node is in Aries, and the south node Libra. Aries is ruled by mars which will bring fire events…read more

Huge Icebergs Collide

Sound and became grounded on Ross Island. Ithas now broken into pieces, the biggest of which is B-15A. B-15A has trapped sea ice in McMurdo Sound, meaning thatpenguins now have…read more

Unforgettably Powerful Account of Tsunami Survival by Paul Landgraver

…area alone. I grabbed the edge of a mattress and floated. Breathing, just breathing. Awareness brought back by the sound and look of a water fall. Trying to push up…read more

‘Great’ Quake has Earth Vibrating

…planetary effects of suchtremors. The last one, a 9.2 quake that struck PrinceWilliam Sound in Alaska in 1964, did not result in anymeasured planet-wide effects beyond the quake itself. The…read more

Will We Soon Be Able to Create Life?

…also contain an enzymefrom a virus. This sounds like a distasteful mixture, but when theresearchers added genes to it, the cell fluid started toproduce proteins, which is what a normal,…read more

Explosions over Jakarta

…a terrorist attack was possible in Indonesia, but nocasualties were reported after the explosions, which werebelieved due to the incoming objects. Meteor sounds are generally described as whining, whistling,or screaming…read more

More Mystery Booms

…come crashingthrough the ceiling. It was extremely loud and the soundwas extended. That’s why I thought something was crashingdown. You could tell it was an air burst. Not ground based.It…read more

Gigantic Iceberg Menaces Wildlife, McMurdo Base

…volcano, preventing itfrom reaching the surface. Strange sounds and tremors arebeing felt hundreds of miles into the Pacific as a result.The long term effect on the volcano is unknown. NOTE:…read more

Text of Anne Strieber’s Live Chat 12-11-04

…really strange sounding, to think about it. It’s nothing like that at all. Nicodemus: Hi Anne! Glad you’re back. I’m not exactly how to phrase this question, so I’m just…read more

Mystery of the Lone Whale

A lone whale that makes sounds unlike any known species has marine biologists baffled. The whale has been wandering the Pacific for 12 years, but scientists have been unaware of…read more

Now Prairie Dogs Found to Have Complex Language

…mix of yips, growls andbarks which most scientists have assumed were nothing morethan warning sounds or mating calls. Slobodchikoff says thatthe animals can discuss animals they see around them, andmay…read more

High UFO Strangeness in Australia, Canada

…a flood of high-strangeness reportsfrom Australia would be one answer. At around 4 AM in NewSouth WalesMonday morning, residents of the area experienced a loudboom, a long, house-shaking rumbling sound,…read more

Text of Subscriber Chat with Dr. Mark Olson, Dec 4, 2004

…Mark_Olson> My cat has snoozed on the porch with us and would wake up and begin to meow like crazy just before and during a sighting. The weirdest sounds would…read more

Mark Macy Subscriber Chat

…got what sounded to me like a low growl…and my friend though it was saying ‘get out’…I am not sure which it is…my question is…is it more likely to happen…read more

Mystery Booms in US and UK

Mystery booms are being heard in Ft. Wayne, Indiana,Richmond, Virginia and in England. As reported in September, Ft. Wayne has experiencedthe sounds before. The sounds have the “snap and…read more

An Alien Encounter: The John Tosti Story by Brian Vike

…and knows what they sound and look like. These lights made no sound whatsoever. He eventually made his way back home. He woke up his fiancée to tell her what…read more

Not Another UFO Flap? This Time It’s Uh…Halloween

…four hours. Balloons would have blown away, or broken formation overthat time. It seems unlikely that the objects were blimps orradio controlled planes. No sound was reported by any groundobservers….read more

Movie Fakery in High Gear

…fight. But it could be anything.” How can we tell what?s real? Some things that sound totally fantastic really happened. To see the trailer of one of the new films,click…read more

In Sickness and in Health…

…I was entering the house, I heard her say, “Whitley, I need your help.” Her tone sounded as if she wanted me to lift something or perhaps reach something for…read more

Redskins Lose, Republicans Call Penalty Foul

…arethe underdog. But the ‘Skins have shown some life this yearand Green Bay has struggled so it’s probably too close to call. Sounds very much like the election, doesn’t it?…read more

UFOs or Secret Military Base?

Military personnel and local civilians are reporting a largenumber of UFOs on the Indian side of the Himalayas. Many ofthese sightings take place in daylight. These vehicles haveno sound, can…read more

Blind but Still Sees Aliens

…rustling sound like a bird fluttering and I was aware of a shape moving down the side of my beda standard “gray.” Immediately I felt like something was holding me…read more

He’s Blind but Still Sees Aliens

…in mid stream.I was lying in my bed, and everyone in the house was asleep,except me. I heard off to my left a rustling sound like abird fluttering and I…read more

Earth Hum

We’ve brought you many news stories about towns all over theworld where some people are being made ill by a mysteriouslow humming sound. Now it turns out that the Earth…read more

Water Noise Killing Off Giant Squid

…beaches. Scientists think they’re being killed bythe loud, low frequency sounds made by oil drilling in theocean. Scientists have never seen living giant squids in theirnatural habitat?they only know they…read more

Lost Nuke Finally Found

…it. Duke eventually narrowed his search to the area aroundWassaw Sound, which connects the Wilmington River to theAtlantic Ocean. He began trolling the area in a boat,dragging a Geiger counter…read more

Sexual Time Bomb in China

…have something like 40 to 60 million missing women.”This will have “enormous implications” for China’sprostitution industry, causing a large increase in AIDS. In the 1980’s cheap and portable ultrasound scanners…read more

Mystery Signal

sound?just a broad tone/hum/buzz,depending on where you tune.” Jack Roland, who has heard the signals several times, says,”Something is not right there.” When most tourists go toEgypt,they just see pyramids,…read more

Loud Music Hurts Your Lungs

…collapses when air gets into the space between thelung and the membrane that covers it because small tearsoccur in the lung wall. Intense pulses of low-frequency,high-energy sound can cause these…read more

Chinese Dyslexics Same as Ours?

…birth. Brain scans show that English-reading dyslexics misfire inthe region of the brain associated with awareness ofphonemes, which are 44 sounds from the English alphabet.Similar results were found with French…read more

The Haunted Wine Box: A Real Chiller

sounds of glass breaking. All of the light bulbs in the basement were broken. All nine incandescent bulbs had been broken in their sockets, and 10 four-foot fluorescent tubes were…read more

UFOs Seen in Ohio & England

…driving on the highway at 2 a.m. One of the Ohio witnesses says, “This may sound nuts, butright before the [thunder] storm hit at around 7:30 p.m., Isaw something right…read more

UFO Investigator Ray Fowler

…so many UFO investigators and witnesses? And wait until you hear the 911 synchronicities he assembled! Then, Linda has a phenomenal report on cattle mutilations and loud, strange sounds in…read more

The Dead Zones

…fully understand whatthe cause of that is.” Jeff Barnard writes that There are more than 30 man-man DeadZones, including Hood Canal in Puget Sound, the MississippiRiver delta and Chesapeake Bay….read more

Ghost or Lens Spot?

…ghost turned out tobe a bug on the lens of the security camera. BeverlyLipsinger, of the Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association, saysthe descriptions she’s heard don’t sound like it’s a…read more

What’s in a Name?

…wastrue for women’s names, so we must perceive the “aaa” soundas masculine and the “aw” sound as feminine. Front vowels, produced in the front of the mouth, are oftenperceived as…read more

The Real Wonderland by Richard M. Dolan

…object. At this point, it took off like a bullet. In the time it takes to snap your fingers, it was gone. No sound at all. Its a good thing…read more

JFK Assassination Still Controversial

…how many shots were fired. Scientists are making the first digital copy of the originaltape, which hasn’t been played or copied since 1990, becauseit’s too fragile. The sounds were caught…read more

Ghost Hunting

…the investigation, says, “We heard voices in the cellarea telling us to get out, the sound of footsteps and doorsbanging?One of our members was poked in the chest so hard…read more

Neanderthal Babytalk

One of a Neanderthal baby’s first words was probably “papa,”according to linguists. They are interested in why over6,000 languages share so many sounds for the same words,especially words that are…read more

Lefty From the Start

…a fetus is the hand you’ll favor for the rest ofyour life. Peter Hepper studied ultrasound scans of 1,000fetuses and found that nine out of 10 of them preferred tosuck…read more

Path Meditation Works!

…Breakthrough]. They were evenly timed andmethodical sounding. My wife did not wake up even though thewindow was on her side of the bed. Having read your book “Confirmation” several years…read more

Music of the Blind

People who become blind early in life often develop greatmusical ability because they depend more on sound. RayCharles and Stevie Wonder are examples of this. Researcher Pascal Belin asked 26…read more

An Alien Language

…this experience, I say that the voice sounded like it was coming through a megaphone, but not as loud. Every time this happened, I would get so scared that I…read more

UFO Over Portland

…of an airplane. It was not the steady drone of a passing airplane but sounded like the sound track of a movie scene featuring aerial combat. After hearing this for…read more

Time Travelers on a Road in France

…blue jeans. Sounds normal, right Not right. The clothes didn’t seem to allow for his body depth. It was as if someone had seen a picture of a sweatshirt and…read more

Crop Circle in Utah

…and they take samples for various phenomenon. Sometimes the nodes at the joints of the plants are exploded because of microwave energy.” Exploded nodes are a sign that the crop…read more

UFO Sightings Worldwide

…at first I thought it was a police helicopter searching for criminals. But when I could not hear the sound of the rotor blades, I decided to draw the curtains…read more

Phoenix Lights May Have Caused Blackout

…was huge, high, and travelling at some speed. I’ve seen B52s going over and you can hear them buzzing, but there was not a sound from this thing. And it…read more

Oil Man Worries Too

…sequestration. He says, “Sequestration is difficult, but if we don’t have sequestration then I see very little hope for the world.” This may sound impossible, but the U.K. is actually…read more

Aliens Beamed Me Up

…by shaking her, but she had the pillow over her head and was lying face down into the bed. She made a “mmmmmm” sound and refused to move. I hopped…read more

Visited by the Sun

sound unlike any Ive ever heard in the woods. It sounded like air being sucked through a hose. I just sat there and listened. Soon it was apparent that whatever…read more

Comments on Day After Tomorrow Film

…stones and funnel clouds. Sound familiar? Fil: The bottom line is it does a good deed to humanity by addressing the fact that we have a big problem on our…read more

Is Someone Capturing Our Souls

…I began to hear a sort of buzzing sound in my ears. It reminded me of an electrical current being turned on at a power source. Suddenly I felt overwhelming…read more

“Next Time We Will Come Much Closer.”

…much too fast to be an airplane or helicopter, and there was no accompanying sound. I don’t think it could have been a shooting star because it was a cloudy…read more

Hum & Blast

…while others could sense it constantly. Those who heard it complained of nausea, headaches and insomnia. Cowan says, “For some people, the symptoms haven’t gone away. Maybe the sound is…read more

Music Teachers Going Deaf

…is that most classrooms are constructed with concrete blocks and linoleum, providing a highly reflective sound surface. “The world is louder than we think,” says Wong. “Schools might consider protective…read more

“Dreams”or Reality

…sorts of sounds and static I didn’t understand. Then a green light engulfed everything inside the house. I was sucked out of my chair and down the hallway (floating in…read more

Sign Language Leads to Deafness

…our ears is to listen to the relaxing, healing sounds of the ocean, turned into magical music. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any…read more

Warning: Your Computer May be Tapped

…listening to the sounds of your keystrokes. IBM research scientist Dmitri Asonov says that every key on computer keyboards, telephones and even ATM machines makes a unique sound as it’s…read more

Calling Fidel

…Chavez speech such as “Fidel” and “How are you?” to make it sound like Chavez was really on the line. Then they called Castro a killer and told him he…read more

Wars Caused by Oil

…Escape the cares of the world with a unique sound that makes inner adventure possible. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Sighting of UFO Mother Ship

…It looked like they were almost playing with each other. There was no sound. I watched them for about fifteen minutes, then started my car and drove away. I swear…read more

UFO?or Not?

UFOs were recently seen by three air traffic controllers at the Winnipeg International Airport, as well as hovering over Stonehenge. One of the Canadian controllers says, “It sounded a little…read more

UFOs: A Modest Proposal by Will Hart

…the proper scientific criteria, along with history, sociology and psychology, is the second leg of this modest proposal. These may sound like very small issues, however, they can work synergistically…read more

Were the Visitors Real, or Only a Dream

…light whooshing sound. This sound gradually built into a crescendo of intense wind. As the sound built, I saw myself in a living room talking with people I didn’t know….read more

Hums (& Thuds)

…the electricity and the phone and they still heard the sound,” Ciofalo says. A repair man couldn’t stand being in the house because the sound was so strong. He even…read more

UFOs Sighted in the Midwest

…see the outline of the craft. There was no color, no sound, and it just hovered right above the tops of the trees.” In suburban Ohio, Chris Medecke saw a…read more

Ice Block Crashes Through Garage Roof

…loud sound, and found a block of ice had crashed through her garage roof, destroying her car. Jannise Johnson writes in the Daily Bulletin that Anne Gavell found the damage…read more

The Haunted Doorbell

sound when the button is pressed is supposed to be “Bong… bong.” There’s a setting you can change that makes the doorbell play a melody, but we dont have it…read more

Another Strange Noise on the Space Station

…as saying, “?It sounded sort of like a drum. It sounds sort of like a sheet of something being bent.” The astronauts say the sound came from the same area…read more

The Coming Oil Shortage

…saying that goes, “My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies a jet airplane. His son will ride a camel.” That sounds pretty bad, but if…read more

Our April Fools Page–Revealed!

…on! To hear something, there has to be a medium to carry the sound! There is no way for sound to move in the space between the moon and the…read more

NASA Announces Moon Going Flat

…these events. ?We expect to actually begin to hear the hissing in about two weeks,? Eulenspiegel told ?It?s going to sound like a monster truck in the sky with…read more

Rock Musician Says He’s Abductee

…received information that has been valuable in my life from those people, and they have used me. I’m gonna sound like a complete nut here, but they have used me…read more

A “Classic” AbductionBefore Such Things Existed

…No, [in the dream], it usually all seems real. So I could tell this was not a dream. I was completely helpless, and could only watch. I was sound asleep…read more

Scientists Discover How Aliens Speak

Scientists have recently re-created what sounds like the UFO metal found at the crash site in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Whether or not they were inspired by descriptions of…read more

Extraordinary UFO Sightings in Canada

…He said, “At first I didn’t see the three lights on the triangular craft until it very, very slowly, and I stress silently, without the smallest sound, just hovered towards…read more

Scientist Creates Roswell UFO Metal

…not be pierced by a bullet. Now Discover Magazine reports that scientists have created what sounds like the same thing. Brad Lemley writes in the April issue of Discover about…read more

God in the Brain

…if you look at it through sound you get different explanations.” Through interviews with Walkman and iPod users, he found that listening to music acts as a shield, or a…read more

Journey to Another World

…no chance of objectivity. Anne was half asleep. She remembers the sound of somebody entering the room. She remembers me talking. What I was talking about was my book, what…read more

Canadian Crop Circle Passes Reality Test

…plants also showed the familiar changes associated with “real” crop circles not made by mechanically flattening the crop (elongated nodes and the presence of expulsion cavities). Dr. Reynolds, a mineralogist…read more

How to Tell a Cell Phone Lie

…so it sounds genuine. “To the person on the other end it sounds like a genuine background,” says Simeda’s CEO Liviu Tofan. “We think some people will use it for…read more

Bedside Visitors

…kids were sound asleep. Something seemed strange. All of a sudden some of the windows opened and closed on their own and the wind blew in violently. There were strange…read more

Homeland Security Says: Coal is Back

…other source. Climatolgist Robert Dickinson says, “It doesn’t sound as bad as SUVs, but we really should be going the other direction. All these little things add up. How much…read more

Indian Tribes Familiar with Bigfoot

…a heel and ball of a foot.” He’s heard Bigfoot too, and says, “Deer and elk make a bellowing noise. I know what that sounds like. But this is a…read more

Black Triangle UFOs

…quiet empty street, the object didn’t make a sound! Maybe more than anything else, that’s what made the whole thing so eerie. Something that huge, that close, moving through the…read more

The Haunted Wine Box: A Real Chiller

…work also explained the sounds of glass breaking. All of the light bulbs in the basement were broken. All nine incandescent bulbs had been broken in their sockets, and 10…read more

Multiple Sightings of a Strange Kind

…a friends house and saw something amazingly bright in the night sky. We stopped to look at it, because it seemed so low (yet there was no engine sound, or…read more

Search for Crypto Creatures Still Going On

…as about 5 feet tall, hairy, walking on two legs, with glowing red eyes. This sounds like a description of either a chupacabra or Bigfoot?except that Bigfoot doesn’t kill. Scott…read more

An Alien Exercise Class

…The beeping noise I heard sounded exactly like the one produced by the cell phone when the alarm goes off. However, having been unemployed since July 11, I had no…read more

UFO Reports May Not Reflect Number of Sightings

…in several different colors and making a loud sound. It’s hard to figure out the alien agenda?do they want to be seen, or not? Crafty Jim Marrs gives us his…read more

Jellyfish-Like UFOs

…a dark center that pulsated and made a swishing sound. He says, “They were like two brown jellyfish in the sky, they looked like they were swimming and I had…read more

UFO’s: Proving the Phenomenon is Real by Will Hart

…hard evidence is incorrect. Radar operators have observed them, photographs and video clips containing recorded sound have all been documented and they corroborate UFO sightings. This is hard evidence that…read more

Multiple Witness UFO Sighting in Canada

…the same three lights arranged in a triangle. He says it made a “humming sound, not the kind of noise you would hear coming from an airplane.” UFO encounters are…read more

Cameras Capture UFOs

…UFOs were an “intense white light,” along with one red and one blue light that turned on and off. “I never did hear any sound,? Everett says, “That’s what drew…read more

Saddam May Not Live Until Trial

The Kuwaiti Al-Anba daily reports that Sadam Hussin has an advanced terminal case of cancer of lymph nodes, according an Iraqi official. Doctors who checked him over after his capture…read more

Are We Fat Because Food is Too Cheap?

…by milking cows at dawn, after they’ve had a good night’s sleep. To get a good night’s sleep, take the soothing sounds of the ocean to bed with you. To…read more

Mystery Boom Heard in San Diego

At 4:20 PM on January 6, numerous residents of the San Diego area reported a mysterious boom in the region. The sound was comparable to a sonic boom, but was…read more

ISS Losing Cabin Pressure

…unexplained incident in November, when the astronauts heard a loud noise that sounded like something hitting the ISS, but were never able to identify the sound. NASA thought the space…read more

Three Cops See UFO

…later, on Dec. 29. Malcolm Stapp says, “It sounds incredible I know, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” He was watching TV when he looked out the window…read more

Are OBEs All in the Brain?

sound, touch, memory and speech. When electrical stimulation was applied, the patient reported seeing herself “lying in bed, from above, but I only see my legs and lower trunk.” She…read more

We’re Close to Chimps, So What Makes Us Different?

…hearing is selective enough to distinguish subtle differences in sounds. There’s hunting and then there’s?hunting. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more


…I tied my shoelaces, I remember seeing other members of my bunk sleeping soundly. Once out in the cold evening air, I was greeted by a small group of 8-10…read more

Shyness Kills

sound was more irritating to them.” Other tests were given, in order to measure each subject’s overall “stress personality.” They were then followed for the next 12 to 18 months,…read more

University Looks for Buy Button

…words of Forbes magazine, to ‘find a buy button inside the skull.’ It sounds like something that could have happened in the former Soviet Union, for the purposes of behavior…read more

My Adventures with an Alien Called Jack

…asked where he slept at night. He said he slept in the closet of the computer room, which didn’t sound very comfortable to me. When I asked him about his…read more

A Place Where Time Travel is Real

…them. The sounds suddenly ended and in the morning, they could find no hoof prints. Historical figures have also been seen near the arch. Some have seen a dark-robed Jesuit…read more

Shedding Light on the Dark Side, Part Two

…of an object. I could see movement. And I could hear a curious clanking sound, almost like a washing machine with an uneven load. I knew from letters I had…read more

Crop Circle Hoax Not a Hoax

…shown in the growth nodes of formation samples,” Moreno says. A ball of light was seen hovering above the field on June 27. Also, the boys say they did the…read more

Stroke Victim Now has British Accent

…phenomenon. It just hasn’t been documented very often.” These patients haven’t really gained a foreign accent?it just sounds that way, as a result of brain injury. This was first documented…read more

Screams Heard Coming from a UFO

…Friday, November 21 between 9 and 10:00 p.m. with his 2 teenaged sons, when they all spotted a soundless aerial object hovering over a nearby open field that they described…read more

Urgent Message from Mayan Elders of the Eagle Clan, Guatemala

…prayers, our feelings and the drumming of our hearts. Let it be that on this day there is only one heartbeat, one sound of drumming calling upon the four corners…read more

The Hum is Official

…“Tinnitus hearers report hearing higher frequency sound” than people who are bothered by the hum. “The Taos hum is a low-frequency phenomenon.” Cowan traced the Kokomo hum to fans in…read more

Flu Rampaging Through the West

…safer to stay home and shop. If someone on your Christmas list is ill, give them the soothing sounds of the ocean, as expressed in healing music. To learn more,…read more

Shedding Light on the Dark Side

…so that they can run like hell. I?ll be totally frank. Something has obviously changed. It used to be that Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs sounded like Cassandras with their…read more

Mysterious Noise Heard on Space Station

…the ordinary.” Mark Carreau writes in the Houston Chronicle that astronaut Mike Foale thought it sounded as if something had struck the part of the ISS the houses the crew’s…read more

A Youthful Experience with an Alien

…about 4 pm, I thought I heard a voice, sounding like my older brother or maybe a neighbor friend calling me from there (across the first dirt road). I was…read more

How Global Warming Will Change Alaska

…store for the people?and animals?living there. John Whitfield writes that in Prince William Sound, boats now have to navigate around calved icebergs from the Columbia Glacier. If the temperature warms…read more

ET Could Hack SETI

…alien intelligence could also carry a computer virus. While this may sound like an idea from a science fiction movie, Leonard David writes in that physicist Richard Carrigan takes…read more

Black Magic & Men in Black

…even stranger…it was though a sound blanket had been thrown over the building. Normally we could clearly hear the sounds of traffic on Hollywood Blvd. but not now. Dead silence…not…read more

When the Cat’s Away

…in front of Columbus in a very peculiar display of compassion and regard. There were some rather odd sounds vocalized by Cassius before Columbus completely passed that were at first…read more

The Harmonic Concordance and November’s Astrological Excitement

…the moons node on top of the Popes Sun. Sometimes this aspect will cause a person to leave this world. Being that the Pope is quite sick it may be…read more

Alien Healing

…on for no reason, and I think that my mother is up wandering around, so I go check on her. She is sound asleep, and I turn off the light,…read more

Can You be Scared to Death?

…a Chinese and Japanese superstition. The number 4 sounds like the word for ”death” in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese, and is regarded as bad luck, so it’s often left out…read more

The Story That Won’t Go Away

…separate gunshot sounds can be heard on one of the tapes at exactly the time the president was shot. He says mistakes were made in synchronizing the conversations on the…read more

Alien Healing

…on for no reason, and I think that my mother is up wandering around, so I go check on her. She is sound asleep, and I turn off the light,…read more

Eltanin Antenna Finally Identified

…sunk deeply into the mud. The stem has nodes with four to six club-like appendages.” They grow like bushes on the ocean floor. The Eltanin photograph shows only a single…read more

Our Skies are Safe, but What About the Sea?

…versus West, the clash of religions?does this all sound familiar? Will it never end? Learn about an exciting new interpretation of ancient Biblical history on this week’s Dreamland! NOTE: This…read more

The Memory Man

…the Method of Loci, which relies on visual memory, creates multiple pathways, so if one gets broken, you still have access to the memory. Sound and smells can also be…read more

The Capture House

…never met her. She said three words to me: ?Mustang, 1966, fire.? Then she disappeared. The next morning, I described the woman to Anne, but she didn?t think it sounded…read more

Global Warming Revealed in Alaska First

…beetle population on the weather. He says, “We had a really long run of warm summers.” John Whitfield writes in that in Prince William Sound, boats have to navigate…read more

Terrorist Money from?Cincinnati?

…from thieves and resold at higher than usual prices. It may sound strange that stores in a poor neighborhood were used for the scam, but prices are often higher in…read more

Duck–It’s a Meteor!

…the atmosphere.” Fausset was away when the meteor hit, but his neighbors told him it sounded like a car crash. He says, “One of my neighbors on South Tonti Street…read more

Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot’s Real

…avoids man where possible.” Besides footprints, researchers have recorded strange sounds and found “limb twists,” where branches of trees have been twisted by an animal with massive strength. “Every now…read more

UFO Abduction in China

…found a small mark on his thigh. To some of us, this all sounds familiar. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed….read more

Spam Fight

…hosting a spammer’s account,” says Markley. “But WCG sounded sincerely surprised to find out the infamous Eddy Marin was one of their customers. “?I’ve lost hundreds of hours of billable…read more

The Bank Mafia

…ago. Nobody sounds the alarm. The consequence is a wealth transfer of tens of billions of dollars every year from middle-class families to a handful of big banks.” Is everything…read more

Kokomo Hum Identified

…60 decibels, and sound researchers say negative health effects from low-frequency sounds start at 90 decibels. But residents who reported sleeplessness, chronic fatigue, headaches and nausea blamed it on the…read more

If He Builds It, Will They Come?

…eerie lighting, flickering candles and low-frequency infrasound vibrations. All of these things have been suggested as scientific explanations for ghost sightings. Some rooms will be dark, while others will be…read more

Concorde May Fly Inside U.S.

…full-throttle?about Mach 1.36.” When airplanes travel faster than sound waves, which move at about 750 mph., the pressure waves they produce merge to form shock waves, which are heard as…read more

Is Planet Earth Embedded in a Large Galactic Civilization By Beatriz Gato-Rivera, particle physicist and member of the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)

…necessarily sound like ridiculous, hilarious, crazy science fiction ideas. But the same thing would have happened if we had described our TV sets, planes, microwave ovens, computers, etc. to people…read more

Did Secret Haarp Test Cause Blackout?

…earned or deserve our confidence and trust.” It sounds like yet another example of the war on freedom. To learn more about HAARP,click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published…read more

Old Drugs? We End Up Drinking Them

…if it has a childproof cap. Tape up the bottle and double-bag it before tossing it in the trash. This sounds great, but how many of us will really take…read more

Why Churches Play Organ Music

Ever wonder why churches have organs instead of pianos? The people who devised church services knew what they were doing, because organs emit infrasound, which is lower than 20 Hertz….read more

157 Witnesses to Canadian UFO

…object/light was acting. As it passed straight overhead not a sound was heard. Some of the folks who were there said it was like looking at a full moon on…read more

100 Ways to Stay Healthy

…researchers found that people who endured nighttime sound levels that averaged higher than 55 decibels?about the volume of a washing machine or a coffee percolator–were twice as likely to be…read more

Major Sightings from Canada’s UFO Capital

…looked up suddenly for no reason, and when I saw the look on her face I knew something was going on. There’s been no sound, no noise, no reason to…read more

We’re Destroying Coral Like We Always Have

…ship’s captain could navigate by the sounds of turtles, there were so many turtles swimming in the water,” says Pandolfi. “It is a very, very different world.” But recent outbreaks…read more

Al-Qaeda Says They Caused Blackout

…cities, their lie would have been credible. But the fact is that the blackout hit the entire East and part of Canada.” This sounds suspiciously like they may simply be…read more

A First-Hand Glimpse of Hell in Europe

sound. In fact everything in nature was creating this sound, which felt like a harmonic. I felt utterly ashamed of who we are as a species. Behind this harmonic I…read more

When Earworms Invade

…greater when sound is linked to motion. Researcher Petr Janata says, “The whole body remembers the tune,” which may be why “Y.M.C.A.” is on everyone’s earworm list. Sometimes singing the…read more

Why Are Our Soldiers Getting Sick in Iraq

…a physician on the scene reported. Due to continuing pressure for sound answers, the DOD was again forced to send an investigative team to Iraq, however the convenient, repeated lack…read more

What’s in That Tattoo Ink?

…able to hear, but with a sensor and implanted sound chip, the ear will automatically speak to anyone who gets close to it. You know nothing about piercing until you’ve…read more

Summer in Europe is Hell

Forest fires burning out of control, drought killing off farm crops, power grids failing due to the overuse of air conditioners?sounds like the summer in the U.S., but it’s this…read more

Bugs Invading People’s Ears

…have made a very high-pitched whistling or buzzing sound that the wasps could have picked up on.” Beekeeper Don Streatfield says, “Wasps and bees are attracted to electrical goods, particularly…read more

Wisconsin Crop Circles Not Hoaxed

…Dr. Charles N. Lietzau, Roger Sugden, and Jeffrey Wilson. Their tests on the nodes of the grain inside the circles shows horizontal ruptures which are characteristic of authentic formations. By…read more

Alien Caught on Film–An Update

…a description of their origin: “Mr XXXX was woken in the night by the sound of a neighbour’s dog whining, and a strange feeling. He ventured outside and saw a…read more

What’s Up With the Hum?

The quest for the source of the strange sound known as the Kokomo hum–the low, unending sound that’s been driving residents of this Indiana town nuts for a couple of…read more

Nessie in Vermont

Sam Hemingway writes in The Burlington (VT) Free Press that researchers have recorded underwater sounds from Champ, the Nessie of Lake Champlain, using sonar equipment. They’re a rapid series of…read more

CA Crop Circles: It’s Not Over Yet

…with local farmers and entomologists, but it seems clear. “There is a second formation which did show node changes?a smaller and simpler one [which showed] both elongated nodes and expulsion…read more

Dyslexia Caused by Teaching Method

In the past few decades, educators have argued fiercely about how to teach reading. One group believes in phonics (“sounding out” words). Another group pushes sight reading, pointing out that…read more

Bigfoot Spotted in China & Tennessee

…to see a huge, reddish-gray hairy hominid only 15 feet away striding through dry leaves and twigs, without making a sound. Subscribers: Hear Bigfoot researcher Loren Coleman talk about the…read more

Doomsday Weather in June

In a startling announcement, the World Meteorological Organization says the world’s weather is going crazy. The WMO usually produces dry, detailed scientific reports, but this time it’s sounded an alarm…read more

CA Crop Circle Adds to Scientific Mystery, by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the “knuckles” along the stem) and “expulsion cavities” — holes literally blown open at the nodes — caused by the heating…read more

UFOs in Saudi Arabia & Nevada

…for any sort of propulsion or flames. There were none and there was no noise” except for a sound like chalk being scraped on a blackboard. He says, “I could…read more

Cyber Charlie’s Angels

…what’s “cool,” so they need help from these three, who’ve been teaching agents across the country how to sound like genuine teenage girls. It’s hard though?the first time they gave…read more

Neglected Oceans Need Help Fast

The Pew Oceans Commission, made up of 18 scientists, says the U.S. has a “frontier mentality” when it comes to our oceans, which includes ignorance, neglect and short-term planning (sounds…read more

If Contact Comes…

…up at the appointed time. I went halfway down into the woods, but they sounded so tough and mean that I got scared and couldn?t go any farther. Another time,…read more

Crop Circles in Louisiana

…down the river with no sound. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff in the sky around here since the early ’60’s.” If you think crop circles are real and…read more

Future Asteroid Will Cause Giant Tsunamis

…to sound the ‘all clear’ by 2030 for 90% of the impacts that could trigger a global catastrophe.” However, there’s always the chance that comets will visit our solar system…read more

Circles Cropping Up in Unusual Places

…there were no intense winds that could have knocked down the grass. “It doesn’t sound like it was really atmospheric or weather-caused,” he says. “Sounds like it was more likely…read more

Life as a Science Fiction Movie

…you saw or said. Biomedical monitors would keep constant tabs on your health (and set off alarms when you smoked that illicit cigarette). Sounds like a Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick? Nope,…read more

Crop Circles Down Under

…Brady, whose cottage overlooks one of the fields, was also waked up by the first zapping sound, which was followed by the loss of power and bright green flashes. When…read more

New Uses for Viagra

Viagra is good for treating pulmonary hypertension, an often deadly form of high blood pressure that affects the lungs. This isn’t as strange as it sounds, since Viagra was originally…read more

When Words Get in the Way

…faces and other hard-to-describe things as well, like the taste of wine or the sound of a person’s voice. In order to study the verbal-memory problem, Schooler showed volunteers a…read more

Planet X

…life. Sound familiar? Well, if it doesn?t, it should, because our world is in the process of repeating the same cycle, only this time on a planetary scale. Witness AIDS…read more

Pole Flip on the Sun

…way ever since. “It sounds impossible, but it’s true,” says space physicist Pete Riley. “In fact, it’s a fairly normal side-effect of the solar cycle.” Strange events like this happen…read more

Can Science Explain the Bible? Part II

…soldiers were stopped by the rising tide. The Reed Sea sounds like a marshy place, so Egyptian chariots might have gotten bogged down in the mud, while the Jews escaped…read more

Cellphone Weapons

…to aim their phone at someone talking on another phone nearby and send a sound that disrupts their conversation. Maybe the best design is a quiet phone that allows you…read more

Reporters Fighting Their Own War in Iraq

…and kicking some of them out of Iraq, while a major network has fired a Pulitzer prize winning reporter. It sounds like journalists are fighting their own war in Iraq….read more

The Real Saddam Died in 1999?

…real Saddam died because he had cancer of the lymph nodes, and since his death in 1999 they’re just showing his doubles.” Al-Asadi says Saddam’s sons, his first wife and…read more

Terrorists May Have Crossed Mexican Border with Bioweapons

…Germans who had arrived at the Tijuana airport the night before on a flight from Mexico City and have been returned to Mexico City for questioning. It sounds like these…read more

Fake Arrest of Terrorist? Story Won’t Go Away

…terrorism. Neighbors say they heard no sound of gunfire, although the official report says Mohammed shot one intelligence agent in the foot with an AK-47 rifle. News of the raid…read more

The Boy in the Box

…in 1968, who had survived two years in Nazi death camps, told me some vivid stories. Among them, that the gas chambers were not soundproof, and workers on the outside…read more

Aborigine Rock Jinx

…jinx. “I haven’t had anyone write and say, ‘Since I returned the rock we won the lotto’ or anything,” says Watson. It sounds like Aborigines know something about psychic self-defense….read more

Why UFOs are Debunked by the Media

…stand up to questions.” Sounds familiar, doesn?t it? The government may stonewall us when it comes to UFO information, but Richard Dolan knows where to find the facts. NOTE: This…read more

Life Like a Spy Movie

South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife Choe Eun-hui have lived a life that sounds like a spy movie. They spent years as prisoners of North Korean…read more

Participant in Abductee Study Speaks Out

…that because some aspects of alien encounters sound somewhat similar to sleep paralysis and accompanying hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucination, that that may be an explanation. No study leading to that…read more

Science Still in the Dark About Abductees

…is that these false memories can crowd out the real ones, and your actual experience may be lost forever. This is especially true if touch, taste, sound and smell become…read more

Taking the Terror out of Terror Weapons

…their “Experts” make it sound. Chemical Weapons Chemical weapons are categorized as nerve, blood, blister, and incapacitating agents. Contrary to the hype of reporters and politicians they are not weapons…read more

Why Do We Hiccup?

…muscles start to move, the glottis (which keeps the food out of our airway) shuts off the windpipe to produce a “hic.” Ultrasound scans show that two-month-old babies hiccup in…read more

Does Saddam Have a Crashed UFO?

…warm-blooded prey for a decisive attack. Luckless intruders hear just some strange sound from behind stones, then a pincer crushes their necks, another pincer crushes their legs; then the victims…read more

Lethal Ice Blocks Fall From Sky

…time, describes the sound as “like a door was slammed, but 20 times louder,” and says, “I looked around and wondered if a car hit the house.” A chunk of…read more

UFO Over Loch Ness

…a bright search light, but it wasn’t a helicopter as there was no sound whatsoever. What it was I don’t know but I didn’t wait around to find out. It…read more

Getting Inside Your Head: Media & Mind Control by Richard Dolan

…trying to influence your perception of reality. Thought control sounds like something ominous, and it is. But its also a universal fact of human society. Centuries ago, churches were the…read more

Sex?the New Frontier

sound scientific basis to it and that we’re not just bad mouthing the men.” Do women need instruction on how to avoid troublesome guys? To learn more,click here and here…read more

Bigfoot…in Britain?

…to play recordings of known ape species and also sounds supposedly made by Sasquatch in the U.S., in an attempt to attract the Bolam Bigfoot. Recently, sightings of big cats…read more

Knights Templar Search Chapel for Lost Treasure

The remaining members of the Knights Templar, who built Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland in the 15th century, are going to use modern, non-invasive technology, such as ultra-sound and thermal imaging,…read more

Bigfoot Cast May be Real

…from very different backgrounds and different parts of the world have described very similar creatures behaving in similar ways and uttering some strikingly similar sounds,” Jane Goodall says. “As far…read more

UFO?Or Clouds?

sound barrier. But those photos don’t compare with (this). That hole is huge and that’s no jet!” Monroy agrees. “That’s not any helicopter or airplane we know about. Whatever that…read more

Can Chimps Really Talk?

…“We haven’t taught him this?he’s doing it on his own.” The scientists studied hours of videotape of Kanzi and found that he makes four distinct sounds to go along with…read more

Cells are Ringing

…complex ring tones with a richer sound. Did you know that music can heal and help you travel out of your body? NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Future Actors Won’t Always be Real

…could be anything.” How can we tell what?s real? Some things that sound totally fantastic really happened. To see the trailer of one of the new films,click here. NOTE: This…read more

A Christmas Wish

…so I said, “You mean someone who’s not religious but tries to do the right thing anyway? Sounds pretty good to me.” Only later did I learn she was implying…read more

What Makes Music Unforgettable?

What makes a song stick in your head, and why does a wrongly played note sound so awful? New research shows the brain has specific structures that are designed to…read more

Mayan Temples Have Sound Effects

…create specific sound effects. A handclap at the base of Kukulcan?s staircase generates what Lubman describes as a “chir-roop” sound that first ascends and then falls, like the cry of…read more

Was Bigfoot a Prank?

…also made a recording of supposed Bigfoot sounds, and also made films and took photos of the creature. He thinks the family’s statements raise serious doubts about the film taken…read more

Rat Heads Transplanted to Thighs

It sounds like a scene out of a horror movie, but it’s really happening: baby rats are being decapitated and their heads are grafted onto the thighs of adult rats…read more

Bigfoot Sighted in Canada

…saw bigfoot twice. The first time, they heard a crashing sound and glimpsed him through the trees. “We just saw some real big orange eyes, real high off the ground,”…read more

How Can We Tell It’s Osama?

…Matsumi Suzuki of the Japan Acoustic Lab says the recording seems genuine and the speaker sounds as if he?s ill. Since bin-Laden has ordered dialysis machines and has been hospitalized…read more

Hum Study Getting Started

…will last about 16 weeks. Acentech won’t test for radiation or electromagnetic fields, only for sound and vibration. Since other towns are also being driven crazy by mysterious hums, many…read more

Why So Many Quakes?

…so it “would undo like an accordion, rather than break.” In 1964, an 8.4 magnitude earthquake struck Prince William Sound, about 75 miles east of Anchorage. The quake caused 115…read more

Tsunami Could Hit Seattle

…Seattle’s Puget Sound. The quake, located on the still-active Seattle fault, would have sent a giant tsunami throughout the sound. The tsunami reached heights of 9 to 23 feet and…read more

Will 2003 be the Year of the Alien?

…them uttering sounds that they thought were like English, then opened them in hopes that beer would come out. Imagine this same pitiful display on a larger scale, when we…read more

Brain on a Chip

Scientist have found a way to keep slices of living brain tissue alive for weeks and use them to test drugs for neurological and psychiatric disorders. This sounds like something…read more

Walking a Tightrope

…and games you can imagine. Enough said. And through nanotechnology, the possibility exists that, incredible as this may sound, we (or, actually, super- intelligent computers) could program nanobots to repair…read more

Understanding Giraffe Talk

…out their long, long trachea, and out of a small opening, which is actually their larynx,” says researcher Liz von Muggenthaler. “And that is creating a sound.” Giraffes communicate infrasound,read more

How to Build in Space?If We Ever Get There

…would also eliminate the need for space-walking construction workers. Engineer Narayanan Komerath got the idea from “acoustic shaping,” in which sound waves are used to build solid objects in weightless…read more

UFO Images from Malaysia

…in the area saw the UFO rising from near the ocean, flying at great speed over the terminal, then disappearing behind the adjacent hills. He says, “There was no soundread more

Secret Sounds

There are sound waves so low in frequency that we humans can’t hear them, but they may be the secret behind both animal communication and haunted houses. Human ears detect…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap

…duty there is like being elevated to the priesthood, a comment which may not be as silly as it sounds. The vast empty territory of central and South Australia has…read more

True Origin of Crop Circles Baffles Scientists by Leslie Kean

…the formations. Most dramatic were grossly elongated plant nodes (the knuckles along the stem) and expulsion cavities holes literally blown open at the nodes caused by the heating of internal…read more

They’re Still Heroes

…above my mini-van. It was so low I ducked instinctively. It was traveling real fast, but hardly made any sound. Then it disappeared behind some trees. A few seconds later…read more

The Face in the Fields

…sleep, when she heard a throbbing sound which came closer and closer and then appeared to hover, the noise continuing in-between 10-20 minutes. (Note: This is a commonly described soundread more

Internet Radio Station Update

…modems are too rare now to justify continued support, in view of the fact that it means a significant dropoff in sound quality for the vast majority of listeners. I…read more

Audio Questions And Problems

…getting failed attempts by Quicktime or RealPlayer to open our player, or no sound from our player, should now have no problem unless your computer is not configured with Windows…read more

Aliens in the Military?

…sergeant among the Puerto-Ricans who had one of these devices. ?The soldiers soon heard strange sounds coming from the other side of the swamp,? the officer says. ?The sounds were…read more

Long-Time Health Myths Debunked

…theory was that muscles were more likely to spasm and cause pain if they were suddenly put into vigorous action. He says, “It sounded like a good idea, and the…read more

The Rock Concert Pill

…that 10 million hearing impairments in the U.S. come from exposure to loud sounds. The U.S. military will be a major customer for the pill, since it receives 22,000 hearing…read more

Soon You Can Visit Jurassic Park

…and rhinos. These animals will hopefully give birth to the same kind of creatures that roamed the Earth 20,000 years ago. “It probably sounds far-fetched, but it is absolutely possible…read more

Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

…dentist — the injections, the sound of the drill, the feel of the drill or even the smell generated when drilling a tooth. In time, I believe ozone will completely…read more

Ghosts–They’re Still Around

…bunch of hunting dogs sound like, and it doesn’t sound anything like that.” State police spokeswoman Corinne Geller visited the toll plaza late at night and says,”Three separate times during…read more

UFOs Attack in India

…that soundsfamiliar. What does our government know about UFOs? Find out the factsfrom ?UFOs and the National Security State? by RichardDolan, click here. NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Comets May Escape into Other Universe

nodebris,” says Foot. “I think it could have been a smallmirror body.” NASA?s Pioneer 10 and 11 probes, launched in 1972 and 1973,have both been experiencing a mysterious force of…read more

A UFO Stole My Cellphone!

…was walking in one of his fields when “he heardloud sounds on two occasions, like a whirlwind, which drewhis attention. The third time, he saw something he describesas a green…read more

The Kitchen Bomber

…in Europe) exploded in a kitchen in Venice. When Pamela Martinello unscrewed the lid on a new jar ofNutella, she heard a ticking sound and ran away just beforeit exploded….read more

Media Lies

…actually doing the research. Thearticle says, ?It sounds convincing until [Talbott] revealsthat before studying crops she promoted country-musicfestivals.? Jones couldn?t be bothered to do any research,or she would have found…read more

It Takes a Special Brain to Believe

…the L-dopa didn?t cause believers to see morecoincidences and relationships, it may mean that there?s aplateau effect and increased dopamine doesn?t have a greatereffect, after a certain threshold. This sounds…read more

Can’t Remember Names? Wear a Computer

…the sounds around it and when it receives aspoken signal from the user, it saves the 10 seconds beforethe phrase and the 5 seconds after. Your signal could besomething as…read more

Hum Now Heard in Canada

…home. Evelyn Hartley began hearing the hum in 1994. Whenshe complained to the city, they measured the sound levelsin her home. A low decibel sound was detected, but theydon?t know…read more

Elephant Talk

…Arnason, sounds can travel 6miles at the most through the air, while seismic sounds cantravel 4 miles further through the ground. African and Asianfarmers might be able to keep elephants…read more

Orphaned Whale Searching for Mom

Newly-hatched ducklings have been known to follow afarmer around, thinking he’s Mom. Now an orphaned killerwhale, who was rescued from the busy Puget Sound, isrejecting her family for the company…read more

Glaciers Melting Faster Than We Thought

…than a foot and a half a year inheight. Columbia Glacier in Prince William Sound has beenshrinking about 23 feet a year. Alaskans aren?t surprised ? they know the weather?s…read more

Mystery of the Rosslyn Cubes

…products using vibrations from the sounds. Eightscientists and music specialists from around the world aretrying to understand the relationship between the symbols,which look like a series of lines and dots,…read more

New Controversy Over Cellphone Radiation

…of Artin London, have developed a cellphone that fits inside atooth. It picks up signals with a radio receiver and uses atiny vibrating plate to turn them into sound that…read more

You Really Do Weigh More on Carpet

…on a tile floor. “I’ve always thought this was an urban myth,” says a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. “But it sounds like it makes a huge difference.” What other signs…read more

Russian Author Says UFOs are U.S. Secret Weapons

…it was by then a common military secret.? Poluyan?s military spying scenario sounds like stale Cold War propaganda. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered, such as why UFOs are…read more

Mysterious Gap About to be Filled

…communications and has developed technologies that can retrieve sound that has been erased. There are always scraps of sound left on the tape and these can be turned into audible…read more

We?re in Space?What?s All That Noise!

…they didn?t give a high priority to the sound problem. Even the Mir space station was incredibly noisy?and also smelly, since there was mold growing in it. ?The continuous noise…read more

New Way to Fight Wildfires

…them. “When released from that altitude they penetrate the ground and [roots] sprout out,” Pope says. This all sounds great, but the catch is that it will be at least…read more

Musicians Have More Gray Matter

…brain that responds to sound. They found that professional musicians showed greater responses to the tones than non-musicians, and amateurs were somewhere in between. Next they used brain imaging techniques…read more

Giant Beast May Be Hiding Underwater

…marine animal, but it?s sound is far more powerful than calls made by any known creature on Earth. The researchers have nicknamed the unidentified sound they picked up with undersea…read more

Global Warming Fix is Affordable

…Climate Change reported that economists estimate the stabilizing atmospheric carbon dioxide at twice pre-industrial concentrations by 2100 would cost between $1 trillion and $8 trillion. It sounds like a lot,…read more

Recording Bigfoot?s Voice

…recordings of what sounds like whipping wind. In the foreground is the clear clip of a dog barking. But it’s the sound in the background he’s been asked to identify…read more

Baby Talk

Prospective parents can now “feel” a baby in the womb with the aid of a computer system that converts ultrasound images into a tactile virtual picture. A 3D ultrasound image…read more

Fighting Terrorism with Valium & Model Planes

…people think that sounds like a future from an Orwellian book and wouldn’t want to live there.” To learn more,click here. Glitches in an FBI system to monitor the e-mail…read more

Why Do Diets Fail?

…soon after. A team at the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Healthcare System and the University of Washington compared blood samples of 13 obese patients, before and after six months on…read more

Putting Words in Our Mouths

…way that any color can be represented by a combination of red, green, and blue. The computer goes through the video, learning how a person expresses every sound, and how…read more

Atlanta Drinking Itself Dry

…insist this projection is still sound. But new water use data presented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers suggest the region already is close to reaching — or in…read more

Administration Open to Hagelin’s Out of the Box Terrorism Thinking

…loudspeaker, because the coherent superposition of sound – the intensity of that sound, the power of the sound – grows as N-squared: the number of the loudspeakers squared. Three loudspeakers…read more

Cat Talk, Sniffer Bees & Glowing Fish

…screen them, but his preliminary findings reveal very different vocalizations.”They’re much harsher and far less musical-sounding than domestic cats,” Nicastro says. “When I’ve played the sounds for other people, they…read more

Tiny High-Speed Particles Impact Earth

…the width of a hair could account for the observations. “These things are extremely dense and travel at 40 times the speed of sound straight through the Earth – they’d…read more

Glacier Collapse Not Due to Global Warming?

…the British Atlantic Survey (BAS). “From the size of it, 41 nautical miles long and four nautical miles wide, it sounds as though it is a normal ‘calving’ event from…read more

Light Pollution Harms Wildlife

…like [ecologists] to conclude that sodium lights are the most ecologically sound light sources,” says Frank, whose work suggests that low-pressure sodium lamps are less harmful to moths than traditional…read more

Thank You For Your Prayers

…six days ago the doctors thought was hopeless. She is making word-like sounds. She can sit in a chair. And out of this darkness and the terror of her situation,…read more

Bigfoot Sighted in Texas

…know it sounds crazy, but there are Bigfoot creatures right here in Texas,? Hamilton says. ?That?s a lot to swallow, but I?ve been researching these creatures in the field for…read more

What is Mel’s Hole?

…occasions, they came across a hole that sounds like Mel’s. It was too deep to see the bottom, and rocks thrown down it made no sound. Rodney (who won’t give…read more

A Tap on the Head Produces Perfect Vision

…shorten. In short-sighted people this will bring the retina forward, making far-off images sharp and clear again. Stitching a band of artificial muscle to your eyeball sounds drastic, but Shahinpoor…read more

Shut Up!

…blasting the anti-sound at the incoming noise. The size of the shadow areas where the sound and anti-sound waves cancel each other out can be varied by changing the number…read more

Shampoo May Cause Early Puberty

…clear lymph fluid into the large clusters of lymph nodes in the armpits and upper chest. The Singers believe that ?because lymphatic vessels are very thin, they are extremely sensitive…read more

How to Get a New Face

…people blend back into society by designing prosthetic devices that look so real, most people don?t notice them. This sounds like the plot of the recent Tom Cruise movie ?Vanilla…read more

Ride a Cable Car into Space

…miles. Once in place, passengers could ride an electromagnetic cable car into outer space. NASA Engineers are also looking into magnetic levitation, air breathing rockets, laser propulsion and lunar transfer…read more

Dead Water Update

…dissolved matter and organisms in it might point to a source. Erich Mueller, director of the Center for Tropical Research in the Keys, says, ?[River runoff] sounds right now like…read more

Iraq Supports Suicide Bombers

…black material sounds like a description of spent reactor fuel rods cut into sections, which could be used to surround a conventional explosive. This layer of radioactive waste would then…read more

Do You Think in Color?

Black and white words on a page, as well as the sounds of words or numbers being spoken, turn into colors in the mind of a middle-aged man. ?Two? is…read more

Meat Eating More Healthy in Prehistoric Times

…exclusively, while others may have lived mainly on vegetables. But even though the exact proportions cannot be specified, the principle of eliminating agricultural products is nonetheless sound, argues Lindeberg. He…read more

Grow Your Own Meat in a Lab

…broth sounds as unappealing as some of the other food astronauts take up with them, but these things have got to be explored,? says Colin Pillinger, head of the Planetary…read more

Eat Right, Don’t Breathe

…volunteers constricted between 2 percent and 4 percent on average. Their vessels did not constrict when they breathed clean, filtered air. The researchers used ultrasound to measure the diameter of…read more

New Food from Fungus

…fish that can?t reproduce even if they escape. Naturally grown Atlantic salmon have escaped in the past from the ocean fish farms where they are raised in Washington?s Puget Soundread more

Languages End But Monkey Talk Remains

…warning cries. Both groups have special warning sounds for specific predators, such as leopards or crowned-hawk eagles. In potentially dangerous situations the males in each group produced a ?boom? noise…read more

This Time Fusion Works

…it, using a device the size of three stacked coffee cups. Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute zapped tiny dissolved bubbles with sound waves, triggering a…read more

Did El Dorado Exist?

sounds like another groundless claim. I know for sure Paititi is not in the Madre de Dios area, namely where everybody has been looking,? he says. Brian S. Bauer, one…read more

A Voice in Your Head

…range of normal hearing. As these sound waves move towards the listener, they interact with air pressure to create audible sounds. Museums are interested in the system because visitors who…read more

Secrets of Silbury Hill

…seismic survey to figure out how it was constructed. Small holes were drilled vertically into the hill and sound waves were used to scan its interior for cavities and loose…read more

Mystery Jet Scares New York

…A second boom erupted a few minutes later. ?I haven?t been that scared since September 11,? says one person who was awakened by the sound. ?My wife heard the plane…read more

Another Mystery Hum

…letters complaining about the sound. Local officials have done little to about it, but last summer, the Kokomo Tribune began an extensive investigation of the hum. Reporters talked to 40…read more

Babies Can Learn in Their Sleep?But You Can?t

…colleagues studied 45 newborn babies in the first few days of their lives. They exposed all the infants to an hour of Finnish vowel sounds – one that sounds like…read more

Bigfoot in Indiana

…a strong possibility. ?It very well could be; this sounds very much like an orang,? he said, referring to an orangutan, which is native to Borneo and Sumatra. But the…read more

Radio Station Explosion?Was U.S. Military to Blame?

sound and something came through the window and a flash of light went through the entire building. Radio listeners called in and said there was mysterious activity at the old…read more

Powered by Mud

…suspended above in the oxygen-containing water acted as the anode, or positive pole. After several weeks, large numbers of microbes were growing around the mud-implanted wires. Electrons produced by the…read more

Another Submerged City

…Ocean Technology who were conducting a survey of pollution. Using sidescan sonar – which sends a beam of sound waves down to the bottom of the ocean – they identified…read more

The Experts Speak

…don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” -Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962. “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as…read more

Antarctic Cooling Down, While Rest of World Heats Up

…McMurdo Sound. Doran says long-term data from weather stations across the continent, coupled with a separate set of measurements from the Dry Valleys, shows a cooling trend. ?Our 14-year continuous…read more

Social Contact

…something that sounded mechanical in the regular way it walked. For some reason, whatever this was seemed to have connection with a primal fear. I began to scream, calling out,…read more

Chanting Helps Your Heart

…his colleagues. They think the stress caused by this superstition helps trigger the cardiac deaths. The number four sounds like the word for death in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. It…read more

Fetus to Mom: It?s Noisy Out There!

…generated between pulses, when the ultrasound is switched on or off. The sound was similar to the highest notes on a piano. When the ultrasound probe pointed right at the…read more

Bigfoot in the Amazon

…animals as the giant ground sloth, and he is skeptical of Oren?s theory. ?I think he is 13,000 years too late. This sure does sound like the hunt for a…read more

Anti-Gravity Goo

…says it sounds funny, but it?s not so funny when you step on it. ?People ask us if they can get some for their kids birthday parties,? he says. ?But…read more

Taking Down the Christmas Tree? Good News for the Future

…take God into our own hands.? We may have been wary about genetically-modified foods, but cutting our electric bills by planting trees sounds like a good idea. And doing away…read more

Identify Music With Your Cellphone

…sends the sound of unknown music to the database, the database will compare the incoming sound with its stored codes and send back a text message identifying the song. Three…read more

Noisy Meteors

…directly overhead, I heard a faint fizzing noise.? She reports that there was delay between the sight and the sound and wonders, ?How is that possible when the meteor was…read more

WTC-Oklahoma Bombing Link?

Some researchers claim that several Middle Eastern men may have been connected to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. While this sounds like an unlikely conspiracy theory, there is some evidence…read more

Taliban Nuclear Plans Turn Out to be Joke…We Hope

…he says that ?Maybe the really dangerous-sounding documents on nuclear fission and missiles were just fantasy.? Was this a joke played by one group of Taliban members on the others…read more

Jim Marrs: It’s All About Oil

…listed passengers had an Arabic-sounding names, how did the government know which were the hijackers? Why did the seat numbers of the hijackers given by a cell phone call from…read more

Global Warming Causing Evolution

…be a sound basis for these evolutionary changes. Birds that lay their eggs earlier in the year, to go along with the premature arrival of spring, may have a genetic…read more

The Death of James Forrestal

…was taken home, but within a day the Air Force flew him to Hobe Sound, Florida, home of Robert Lovett (a future Secretary of Defense). Forrestals first words were “Bob,…read more

On Dreamland Tonight: The Forrestal Mystery

…bare wall, incoherent, repeating the sentence, “you are a loyal fellow,” for several hours. Forrestal was taken home, but within a day the Air Force flew him to Hobe Sound,…read more

Wave of UFOs in Texas

…and out of view, flying straight south, and made no sound. It had 5 or 7 white orbs on the under side in an arrowhead shape consistent with its direction…read more

The Next Sound You hear

By John L. Petersen, The Arlington Institute. What will be next Will the terrorists strike again . . . and if they do, what might it be I hope weve…read more

Insight: The Next Sound You Hear

What will be next? Will the terrorists strike again . . . and if they do, what might it be? John L. Petersen founding director of the Arlington Institute addresses…read more

Little Ghostlies for Halloween Fun

…here. Mysterious Sounds Haunt North Carolina. Boom, rattle, rattle boom?the mysterious sounds have enough force to rattle windows. People who hear it look uneasily at the sky for an explanation….read more

Chilbolton, Milk Hill Crop Circle Test Results

…Wiltshire to collect samples from all three circles and send them to Dr. Levengood and she has just received the results from his testing. Growth nodes from the Milk Hill…read more

Chilbolton History and Crop Formations by Lucy Pringle

…in either formation; they were bent at the base. In the `Face` I found a stalk with a blown node. Researchers Charles and Frances Mallett, visited the formation after it…read more

Freedom of Information Limited Due to War

…disclosure would be harmful.? Ashcroft?s policy changes the ?foreseeable harm? standard and instructs agencies to withhold information whenever there is a ?sound legal basis? to do so. Insight: One…read more

Secret School Excerpt

…voice. It was making strange, high-pitched sounds that communicated distress. Holding my arms, the owner of this voice pressed my face once again into the black orifice. Around me, other…read more

Conspiracy Theories: Should We Listen Now?

…with their feet and left my website because they believe that I am being ?soft? on a president who personally ordered 911. I know that this will sound completely incredible…read more

Look Up and Wonder with George Filer

…One suddenly shot across the sky that looked like a white teardrop, then it was gone. This was much too large to be a shooting star. There was no soundread more

One Month Later, In Memory

…the high plains and the mountains, the long, good roads and the spreading cities. I love the sound of playgrounds and the eager rumble of traffic. I love the music…read more

Organic Chicken More Dangerous??

…is sound, but this is unwelcome news,? says Karl Pedersen, who supervised the project. The result is not entirely surprising, since organic birds are allowed to roam outside and are…read more

The Sinister Truth Behind Operation Cure.All

…their availability and dosages. Real Goals of Codex. This is to bring about international ‘harmonization.’ While global harmony sounds benign, is that the real purpose of this plan While the…read more

Closing in on Osama

…single individual in a group by striking them with a powerful laser beam. Special communications devices enable the soldiers to speak to each other without emitting any sound from their…read more

Have You Stopped Eating Well

…trips to the store, it saves time. I run my little radio with TV reception when I want to hear the news but mostly want the company of the soundread more

Meteor Storm to Threaten Satellites

…of sound, looking like shooting stars from the ground. If they hit a satellite, the small grains can destroy an imaging mirror, plow right through fragile parts or, worse, create…read more

How to Cope with ‘Terrorism Sickness’

…Most think terrorists’ main aim is to kill people and destroy installations. This is only secondary. (Yes, I know that sounds unbelievable, but it is so.) The main goal of…read more

Maine Lights Mystery Grows

…light that made night look like day. ?It sounded like it was right over my house, and it was loud,? says 35-year-old Karen Kenbrous. ?I didn?t go outside. I was…read more

Mount Rainier Could Erupt

…that of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. Debris from this collapse created the Osceola and Paradise mudflows that traveled down the White and Nisqually Rivers, reaching Puget Soundread more

The Taos Hum is Back–But Now It’s in Germany

…the humming is due to sound waves because of the sensitivity of people?s ears and abdomens to them. Low-frequency sound waves can be propagated over a distance of many miles…read more

Crop Circle Changes As Researchers Watch

…that one of the physical effects found repeatedly in unusual crop formations were brown holes in growth nodes that he linked to heating of plant cell water by microwave energy,…read more

Sun Flu & Margarine Asthma

…solar?environmental connection is well-established.? According to Tapping, ?Even though things like this sound a bit strange at the start, when you look around you find lots and lots of evidence…read more

Carteret Lights–An Astronomer Investigates…

…disappeared. About 20 seconds later, the second light winked out. There was no sound. The time of the sighting varied from witness to witness. However, the phone call to channel…read more

Meteor Brings Eerie Plague in India…or is it Even Stranger?

…saw a flash of light. The red showers started three hours later. The sound of thunder was unusual as thunderstorms do not accompany rains during this time of the year….read more

Deadly Mosquitos Spread as Spray Dangers Emerge

…a lawsuit by Long Island Sound lobstermen alleges some of the chemical was sprayed there, beginning in 1999. They say it killed off crustaceans in the tristate area and perhaps…read more

Remember the Taos Hum? It’s Ba-a-a-ck…in Indiana

A mysterious humming sound, similar to the one reported in Taos, New Mexico 9 years ago, has recently turned up in Kokomo, Indiana, where dozens of people say it?s making…read more

Reports of Strange Lights Flood Northeast, Damage Area Found

…windows were broken by the intensity of the sound. CNN Military Affairs Correspondent Jamie McIntyre saw the object from his Pentagon office. He observed it getting brighter as it dropped,…read more

New Navy Sonar Could Be the End of Whales

…several hundred miles, the sound waves produced by the array converge, boosting the noise level to more than 240 decibels, the equivalent of the sound generated by an exploding rocket….read more

Booms Rock Tennessee, Bizarre Radio Station Explosion

…to the window when she heard a loud roaring sound and something came through the window and a flash of light went through the entire building. The Vidette is next…read more

Latest Nessie Skeptic: It Really IS Hot Air!

…listening devices into Loch Ness. One special sequence excited Gust, who says it sounded precisely like large bodies propelled by large flippers, moving through the water. Analysis suggests the movements…read more

My Disappearance Explained by Barry Chamish

sound producer, publicly admitted that the whole thing was staged. Most worrisome of all is his message to the conference crowds; the UFOs are here to guide humanity, if they…read more

Amazon Forest May Have Only 15 Years Left

…?This model sounds to me to be highly simplistic in political, economic and ecological terms,? he says. ?Many scientists believe that deforestation estimates are greatly exaggerated, and that in the…read more

Vast Invisible Damage from Northwest Quake

…on top of many faults. ?The Puget Sound area is associated with an earthquake hazard similar to that of Chile, Alaska or Japan, where the world?s largest earthquakes occur?I think…read more

Huge Meteor Explodes in Atmosphere

…since global satellite observations started 25 years ago. The blast was about the size of the Hiroshima bomb and sensors detected the sound as far away as Los Alamos. US…read more

The Fantasy of the Galactic Federation

…asked.’ I instantly realized how silly this accusation sounded, and I quickly opened the front door and went back into the house. Back upstairs, at the bathroom window this time,…read more

China Facing Huge Environmental Disaster

…into desert-resistant varieties. This isn?t as far-fetched as it sounds: giant, space-mutated vegetables are already on sale in the streets of Shanghai. NOTE: This news story, previously published on our…read more

Music of Creation Captured by Astronomers

…an altitude of 120,000 feet for 10 days. ?The early universe was full of sound waves compressing and rarefying matter and light, much like sound waves compress and rarefy air…read more

‘Nausea’ Alarm Blanks Burglars

…cause physical nausea. It can be attached to existing burglar alarms and emits low-frequency sounds that grate against each other. In tests, volunteers were able to endure the sounds for…read more

UFO Wave Over US Midwest

…very large but made a little soft humming sound. It wasn?t until the object was overhead that we heard a sound. It seemed to be gray or black in color,…read more

Bird Attack!

…saw the family’s cat pawing excitedly at a closed window of the house, trying desperately to get inside. When he went over to investigate, he heard a roaring sound coming…read more

Was Lethal Gas the Mummy’s Curse?

It sounds like a scene from ?Raiders of the Lost Ark,? but it?s true: some of Egypt?s ancient monuments contain high levels of the lethal gas radon. Radon is produced…read more

Cat’s Purr May Really Mean 9 Lives

…organs heal, say researchers who have analyzed the purring of different kinds of cats. This is why they can survive falls from high buildings. Exposure to similar sound frequencies is…read more

Here Come the Clones…Ready or Not.

…through cloning is harder than they had expected. Clones often have severe problems, such as developmental delays, heart defects and malfunctioning immune systems. In one example that sounds like science…read more

The Mystery of Pine Gap, America’s Most Secret Base

…elevated to the priesthood, a comment which may not be as silly as it sounds. The vast empty territory of central and South Australia has always been an area of…read more

Forensics Scientists Prove Shooter on Grassy Knoll

…a police recording of the sounds from Dealey Plaza that day, saying that it was simply random noise. D.B. Thomas, author of the British article, says this viewpoint is seriously…read more

Possible Mad Cow Sheep Found in Vermont

…and that it has the potential to spread quickly, widely and insidiously if not handled early. We wish there was a sound alternative to the removal of these flocks, but…read more

They’re Spying on Us

…is listening when you talk to someone on the phone overseas. Echelon can identify individuals like Saddam Hussein by the sound of his voice, the moment he begins speaking on…read more

New Administration Goes to Work for Business

…loss and economic desperation. It is expected to do an excellent job of preserving banking profits during the coming recession. Also, while Bush’s new Medicare proposal sounds initially as if…read more

Bullying and Murder in Our Schools

…have been bullied,” he says. “I know it sounds simplistic, but we’ve got to become better listeners.” Roughly 15 percent of students are either bullied regularly or are bullies themselves,…read more

Extraordinary John Glenn Statement on Frasier-Real or Fiction?

…presumably scripted. But it did not sound as if it was meant to be fiction. If Glenn later disavows it, that will be a shame. Because it is almost certainly…read more

UFO Sightings Increase Worldwide

…emit flares at times. Like most UFOs, it had no sound. In Chile, a UFO was also seen by trained pilots. Pilots flying two jetliners spotted a giant silver UFO…read more

Home Sweet Studio

…be that during the NFL season, I can turn on the Sunday night game with the sound muted, and dash into the living room occasionally to get the score. Also,…read more

We Start Out Singing

…speaking a tonal language like Thai or Mandarin,” says Jenny Saffran of the University of Wisconsin. Perfect pitch is necessary in order to understand the subtle differencesbetween similar sounding words…read more

Science Discovery Confirms Secret School ‘Lesson’

…may reveal a nonlinear determinism in these seemingly random events that may cause them to play a surprisingly structured evolutionary role. This sounds impossible, but other research being done by…read more

More High-Level Strangeness in My life

…in the tiny yard. Nothing moving, not a sound. Far away, a late train moaned in the night. (One of the nicest things about our neighborhood is the sound of…read more

Prince Charles’s Extraordinary Reith Lecture

…increased efforts to develop an approach to education which balances the rational with the intuitive. Without this, truly sustainable development is doomed. It will merely become a hollow-sounding mantra that…read more

A Wild Night On Dreamland

…suspected his calls were being tampered with. In the last 15 minutes of the show, we heard a “Pow!” sound in our earphones and lost all connection with Barry and…read more

Hunters Beware: Mad Cow Strikes Deer & Elk

…spinal column, lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen and bone marrow. Drastic measures were taken when CWD turned up in Montana. Elk on game farms were killed and their bodies wereincinerated. Deer…read more

Modern Knight Templar Dead In Israel

…“Finally, it is alleged he hanged himself with his shoe laces. It sounds highly unlikely, if not impossible, for a manof his size to do that. I believe Alisdair was…read more

Search For Nuclear Bomb Lost in 1958

…1958. It’s lost somewhere in Wassaw Sound, the place where the 1996 Olympic sailing competition was held. The Air Force says the bomb isn’t dangerous, because it’s missing the plutonium…read more

Scientists Issue Extreme Climate Change Warning

…the extent and causes ofglobal warming. “The scientific consensus should sound alarm bells in everynational capital,” said Klaus Toepfer of the UN Environment Program. Several hundred experts gathered in Shanghai…read more

Starlink Could Cost Food Industry Billions

…been made to get it out of the food supply, would be a public relations disaster, no matter how sound the scientific reasoning, said Westfall. “What the public will hear…read more

Is this IT–A Smokin’ Scooter?

…replace the internal combustion engine. Speculation has ranged from a cheap, room-temperature superconducting magnet that would enable some form of levitation above a grid implanted in streets, to a new…read more

The Mystery of ‘IT’

…says that Ginger is “a product so revolutionary, you?ll have no problem selling it. The question is, are people going to be allowed to use it?” It sounds like some…read more

Hidden Y2K Problems May Still Be With Us

sounds like the Y2K crisis hasn?t really gone away, but may return to haunt us again in the future. Click here for more. NOTE: This news story, previously published on…read more

Stroke Destroys Man’s Ability to Feel Disgust

…happiness, sadness, and surprise, the one expression he could not identify was that of disgust. He also could not identify retching sounds, although he did recognize other sounds, such as…read more

Camarillo UFO Spotted by Dreamland Listener

…smaller. Then a few seconds later, they all disappeared. This sounded something like what you were talking about on the show.” When the letter was forwarded to Dr. Leir, he…read more

Heading to the Real Millennium

…praises my looks, they sound like they?re talking to a child. I figure they mean I’m clean and not too rumpled. I no longer recognize the people on magazine covers,…read more

Scotland UFO Wave Rivals Mexico’s

…followed by light flashes and a crackling sound.” One woman reported seeing “what appeared to be a comet with a red tail” that approached her. The Rescue Service send out…read more

First Love

…well, sometimes to their great consternation. He taught me how to lie. Once we heard the loud sound of breaking glass coming from Andrew’s room: “Kee-rash! (tinkle, tinkle).” A minute…read more

Meteor Explanation Goes Down In Flames

…making it quite far north (to within 20 degrees of the horizon, I’d say), where they all went dark. No Sound — no sonic boom. They were undoubtedly very high…read more

TV Crew’s Bigfoot Discovery Being Taken Seriously

…researchers also obtained audio recording of what they believe to be the howling sounds made by the great beast. The sound recording will also be sent out for analysis. For…read more

The Question of Fatima

…their glorious calling, drag countless souls with them into hell.” This sounds like a prediction that the official church will start giving out false teachings, except in Portugal. It also…read more

The Trip to New York

…three bedroom apartment. If this sounds large to you, it’s because you don’t live in New York. They each contribute rent according to the size of their bedrooms. Andrew’s friend…read more

The Problem with The Press

…this was going on, but I have no idea what it was. The next thing I was aware of was the sound of my husband’s car pulling up to the…read more

I’m Back! More Experiences

…I had not seen them and I did not see them now, but when I took his hand, a young-sounding voice said from the dark of the hall: “he always…read more

The New Government Documents: An Ongoing Analysis

…to me. Also in this directive it is stated that “you proceed with detachment from any opinions or feelings expressed by personnel which do not conform to sound reasoning with…read more

The June 6, 1998 Experience: Update

…that– most of it. And I remember just how he looked and how he sounded, and the look in his eyes. I remember thinking, “is this really somebody from another…read more

Booms Puzzle Southern Californians

…me, around the door in an 8,000-square foot home began to vibrate rapidly.” Callers described the two sounds as “explosions, earthquake noises, window-rattling noises and thuds.” The sounds occurred about…read more

Life Magazine Article

…the sound of a helicopter. The object came directly overhead and remained stationary just below the constellation Pleaides for three and one half minutes. At no time was there any…read more