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Wednesday July 24, 2013

Nina Brown, Quantum Healing

Today we are joined by author Nina Brown. Nina is the founder of the S.T.A.R. Clinic, a Quantum-healing Collective comprised of practitioners with diverse backgrounds and gifts who embody the S.T.A.R. state and work within the quantum field to facilitate healing and promote well-being.

Nina is a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, and retired from the company she formed to assist women entrepreneurs. She has distinguished herself as a pioneer in business. In 1995, she was appointed by President William Clinton to represent him at the White House Conference on Small Business and the next year, was chosen as a Charter Member of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business.

During this time, speaking engagements included: the US House of Representatives Field Hearings, the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, the League of Cities Women’s Caucus, Wharton Executive MBA Reunion, and as the keynote speaker for the Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo.

From there, Nina acted as a consultant and leader in the field of alternative medicine, collaborating to form a company to bring neurosensory diagnostic tools to injured veterans who suffered brain impairment in the Gulf War and Vietnam.

Nina has published two books. Return of Love to Planet Earth and S.T.A.R. a Now State of Being. Her website is ninabrown33.com.

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I'm just now (July 31) finally listening to this broadcast (which I was able to hear just fine as a subscriber). What a shame this beautiful, enlightening, uplifting interview is marred by the negative comments about Whitley and Dreamland!
Thanks to you, William, for introducing us to Nina Brown!

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Age as a Gas

Age can appropriately be compared to a gas. When one is young, the gas is compressed and density is high. As one ages, the gas becomes more diffused, density is lessened. Fundamentally, the gas is in closer proximity to the fabric of space-time when one is younger. One is then nearer to the source of time dilation, time passes by more slowly for one living close to the fabric of space-time. As one becomes more elderly, and the gas diffuses, one’s connection to the fabric of space-time decreases. Time speeds up as the gas moves into higher, undiscovered dimensions. Throughout a lifetime, the amount of gas remains a constant---the gas is simply more localized at a young age and more diffused at a greater age. The underlying question of evolution may be: “How can one obtain more gas?”

Words like “thick, tight, focused and whole” tend to describe the gas at a young age. Words such as “thin, loose, anti-aligned and fragmented” describe the gas at later stages. The force of Entropy tends to inject holes and diffuse the gas, whilst a connection to the fabric of space-time aids in establishing the opposite effect--- Negatropy (where physical energy andl density increase). Negatropy acts in defiance of Entropy, aiding in creating physical life forms that reside in the Universe. Dark Matter may be one of the primary culprits in this process.

Ultimately, the diffusion of the gas over time (which comes with increasing age) serves to facilitate a severance from the space-time realm. During youth, a deep connection with the space-time fabric assists in the development of cognitive functions and a healthy body. The secret to maintaining a youthful vigor lies in the degree of connection with the fabric of space-time. In this way, one can operate in one’s domain (the Universe) most effectively, with one’s full capabilities and aptitudes intact.

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