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Wednesday August 13, 2014

The Endangered Secrets of the Yazidis

In today’s Revelations William considers the strange connection between the Yazidis of Iraq, the Peacock Angel, the death of Robin Williams, Mork from Ork, ancient aliens and Don Juan’s teaching on the predators who rule our world, the flyers and the Shining Coat.
The Yazidis are among the oldest religious groups in the world, if not the oldest. They carry many secrets, including some of mankind's greatest and most important secrets.

Is it possible one of the Yazidi refugees is the protector of these secrets?

William Henry knows the hidden secrets of Egypt and France. Go with him and his magical wife Clare this fall! Two unforgettable, soul-feeding and beautifully organized journeys. To find out more, go to WilliamHenry.net. Click here!

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Very interesting about the Yaqui Sorceror's take on soul and the predators that are attracted to our souls to feed off their energy. I found it interesting the age 30 came up again. There has been some talk about Illuminatti run/influenced groups of human predators that are described in some of Monarch programs that they discard most of their victims at age 30. I think that it varies from soul to soul as to how long it takes to deplete the energy from the soul -- highly advanced souls which are targeted the most by these predators (because they are attracted to the light) can be virtually undepletable which makes these souls even more desirable to the predators. It is very encouraging tho that he said that one need only raise the "shining coat" field above the toes/feet? and it will be capable of complete regeneration. I also wonder if the "shining coat" isnt what I have thought of as our "force field" for the last several decades. This force field is an armor that we are born with and one that can protect us from everything but ourselves. I, too, believe in its regeneration. I think we can also help each other regenerate/strength each other's force field/shining coat.

This is some very important information. Thanks.

When I first heard about the Yazidis people a couple of weeks ago, I was very puzzled by the fact that 'ISIS', or 'ISIL', or whatever this group of dangerous thugs call themselves, was singling out the Yazidis for extermination, while granting other religious groups the opportunity to 'convert.' So, I set out to learn about them just as William has done. I also found it interesting that his ideas about the death of Robin Williams were spot on with mine.

The 'shining coat'? That is odd too. I do often set up a field around myself, but it is different, and may not be related to the one William references. My shield is a mirror. Whatever is pushed my way is reflected back on whomever or whatever is sending energy my way. This applies to both good and bad energies. Of course it is a two-way mirror, so that I may observe what is being thrown my way. The good thing is that the positive energy coming my way is bounced back ten-fold to the receiver, plus I am blessed to see what has been sent my way, so that the good energy can be reciprocated directly from my heart.

The really bad energy sent my way works the same way and reflects back ten-fold on the sender. Sometimes I am blindsided, and the shield weakens, and I feel that letting my guard down is also my opportunity for growth. Some things must be faced head on, or else I cannot learn how to get past fear.

How do I know if any of this actually works? Most times I really don't know, but just trust that it does. I am a work in progress.

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