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Thursday September 4, 2014

William Henry has Suspended Revelations

Due to his many other commitments, William Henry has suspended revelations. Join him and Clare Henry on their tours to France and Egypt, and watch their wonderful program on Giam TV. Here at Unknowncountry, we wish William well, and hope that he will return in the future.

Visit William on WilliamHenry.net.

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Well, it was a great run, and if William's schedule ever loosens up, I hope he comes back. I just loved Revelations, as I know so many of you did, too!

Will miss William Henry on Revelations. Always appreciated the topics he engaged in.

this is very sad news! cant afford their tours, and i often cant stream videos well, so this show was one of my only william henry avenues. i hope he can come back soon.

Very sad indeed. Loved his revelations. He will be missed here.

Hope to hear and see William soon here on Unknowncountry.com. I wish William and Claire happiness in the adventures!

It is no wonder William has had to make this decision, due to his increased schedule with tours, book writing, classes and tv shows. But I will miss his interviews with his amazing guests! I hope he continues to be a part of Dreamland, and that we will hear from him from time to time.
All the best, William, to you & Clare!

Very sudden.
William & Clare are moving into the big time. Their tours cost as much as most people earn in several months. I hope they do not forget their roots and what disclosure is about. I hope there will be frequent guest appearances on Dreamland.

Not a surprise given all that William and Clare have been doing and all they have planned. They will be greatly missed. Revelations was great! I hope that they will be able to occasionally do a special interview +/or dreamland. I wish them only the very best in all their endeavors.


Disappointed to lose William Henry...I hope the archives of his Revelations programs will still be available...he did interview some amazing authors...however, I too have moved on to GaiamTV.com and will see him and his lovely wife there...I feel so fortunate that I am able to do this for a while anyway...all the best William

NightStar, i apologize. I didn't mean to step on you. Thank you Eugene for showing me that error.




Nightstar and Alicia: Ditto. The tour price is really expensive -- too much for average working-class people but that's a social commentary brewing ....not for this venue. I loved his topics and appreciated Revelation's role in my ascension. Thank goodness for the rich, rich archives...thank you, Whitley and Anne!

Yes, all the best for Claire and William.

Change is natural and it's healthy when things move forward.

Chin up everyone, William will still be out and about.

Oh, I was glad to see he wed a Brit gal too. Good taste in nationality.!

Disappointed, but not surprised :(. I am very appreciative of what William and the perspective he contributed to Unknown Country. I will miss his shows which always provided much food for thought. I wish him and Claire the best in what seems to be a very busy life :)

I'm sad at this news and I will really miss Revelations but I learned a lot from William's chats and guests and he and Claire opened my mind to many new things. It was his influence that led me to research Gnosticism so heavily and that was a great gift.
Good Luck William and don't be a stranger to Unknown Country.

I do find it curious that WH did not announce this himself. He had a long hiatus, then came back & seemed pleased to be back, then ..poof! ....he is gone again without even a final "good bye" to the many who have supported him over the years.
Strange times.

Not so much dreamer I apologize. My reaction was to the loss of William. Sorry I stepped on your conversation.

No need Eugene. I was done with my response to the news.
Thank you for explaining. I took it for me to be careful choosing my words, an unintentional outcomes happen. I do not comment often, and UC is the only site i comment on, so i am learning how it works. Smile and have a wonderful day.

Leaves a void indeed. How too fill it?

An occasional visit from Art Bell perchance?

Messrs Bell & Strieber are good friends. It'd just be plain nice to see Art pop into Dreamland once in a while.

Stranger things have happened...

Don't think William's spot can be filled by anyone in particular who has such architecture as fuel. It will be interesting. Actually think someone can fill in but who? Maybe mysterious universe with Aaron Wright and Benjamin Grundy could fill in (first free part of podcast) this is a cool show or maybe Micha Hanks. Actually Robert Stanly would be the best but were sure he's busy writing his books (but why could any of his podcasts not be integrated?) probably because of copyright etc. oh well, we will see! In the meantime, let us go back and have fun with the archive!

so we now get 1 hour of programming a week?????

cmon Whitley...you can do better than that..

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