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Wednesday October 24, 2012

Debunking Ancient Aliens

William Henry tangles with Chris White, the producer of Ancient Aliens Debunked, a three hour challenge to the theories presented in Ancient Aliens. Is Ancient Aliens wrong, and if so, how wrong? Is Ancient Aliens being careless, or even intentionally deceptive? Or is Chris White wrong about the show? You'll get rich new insight from this hard-hitting interview. William Henry at his best!

Chris's website is AncientAliensDebunked.com.

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Very good show William. We have to clean up our own backyard before anything else. I've always found Sitchin rather hard to swallow since most of his work has little if any external reference.

I'm working my way through Chris' documentary cross-referencing with Phillip Coppens' responses. It's clear that NEITHER has a monopoly on the truth.

However, on the questions of Pumapunku and such, I think Chris White takes the easy way out with the "it's possible" approach. Unlike other theories, his can actually be put to the test.

- Humans exist,
- copper tools can be made,
- so can ropes,
- stones identical to the ones used at Pumapunku can be quarried
- communicating only through pictures similar to what the Imara used can be done
- working in conditions that the Imara would have had.

So why is one side just resuming to words only when their theory could be actually PROVED? Build just one monolithic site - let's say a gate etc... Move something the size of the Ba'albek stone a mile uphill etc...

This would be knockout punch to the Ancient Astronaut theory - and also to proponents of other methods of construction of these structures.

It reminds me of the Japanese company that tried the mainstream accepted methods for building a pyramid and could not do it (they resorted to 'cheating' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHOgtQa7LVw ). Now they have new ideas for how the pyramids were built.

Chris White may very well be absolutely right. Unlike the Ancient Astronaut theory, where you'd most likely need the ET in order to confirm the theory 100%, his debunking theories can be tried out in real life.

So why is Mr. White and all the other debunking experts still at the 'talking about it stage'? Most experiments that try to recreate such feats are done on an incredibly miniscule scale or address only individual parts. To my knowledge, I know of NO modern recreations of such monumental constructions using ONLY the tools and methods used the original builders. At most I've seen small limestone blocks (small compared to the bigger ones in the pyramid) being moved around on straight ground for a few feet with great difficulty (underscoring just how impractical those methods really are).

PS: William - Great Job. I fully believe that in order to be able to bring such subjects into the mainstream we must be able to debate and formulate arguments with those on the 'opposing' side, not just preach to the choir. We cannot be 'blind believers' just as I hope that Chris White is not a 'professional skeptic' as he comes across on his site.

The side of the debate that acknowledges absolutely NO faults in such complex arguments, is probably the side that is only interested in promoting their point of view, NOT the truth.

El Gringo has some great things to say, but…….."So why is Mr. White and all the other debunking experts still at the 'talking about it stage'?" This is an easy one: who's going to pay for this? You're looking at a hundred thousand dollars, after insurance, paying wages, some government or private party leasing you the property to use, etc etc.

@Jack Blaylock - Actually that's not that much at all. Let me explain:

Right now there many foundations and societies that sponsor scientific endeavors. Even a subject as "out there" as UFOs gathers hundreds of thousands of dollars from internet donations (See Steve Grier's film "Sirius" that got over $344,000.00 via kickstarter).

So logic would deem that 100 k would be much easier from the mainstream academic boards and foundations that are interested in promoting 'regular' scientific views.

And I'm not naive here to suggest building a WHOLE pyramid or something as absurd. But putting a few stones together in the same way that their theory purports should be more than easy-peasy. I mean, how about the 'lego' pieces at puma punku for starters. Not even talking about carrying them up the mountain at first, but see if you can get some locals to chisel them & drill holes so precisely using bronze tools - give them pictures similar to the pictographs the Imara used (sorry if that's not the right word). Do it a the quarry first to see if it can be done - then, if successful, try the transportation part, then the assembly. If you get all 3 done, you have pretty much proven your theory right.

Just 2 or 3 stones, quarried, transported, chiseled to the specs of the originals and then assembled should do. With $$ in Bolivia or Peru you're pretty much king - so permits for dragging stones around or sculpting them would not be any problem. You don't need to do it in the exact Pumapunku area.

Thanks for letting Mr. White explain his points, and for doing this interview. This interview puts William back into the category of actual truth-seeking, whereas some of his other ones have seemed to be about something else.

Yah I have to admit while Watching Ancient Aliens even me, a lifelong ufo/paranormal fan, thinks that show goes wayyyy overboard in many of their claims....every three minutes the show says things that have no proof and instead seem like just out of the blue conjecture to me...not saying there might not be SOME validity to the subject but that show goes too far, probably because they have so many episodes and so much time to fill up that random thought gets too much time on these shows...

Okay... so it would be expensive to move a stone of one hundred tons one mile uphill... then, how about someone replicating just one, H shaped, interlocking, granite stone like those found in Puma Pun Ku, with it's perfectly cut interior boxes, ledges and absolutely flat interior surfaces? I was a machinist for years (before CNC machines) and even using modern five-axis Bridgeport Milling machines, cutting those shapes in aluminium blocks would be extremely difficult and time consuming, if not impossible. I do not believe that the Puma Pun Ku ruins were chiseled with copper tools and round hammer balls.
Heck, use a pen knife and a balsa wood block and try to do it... good luck.

That is not to say that E.T. did it... but some form of advanced technology had to have been used.

Check-out the work of Christopher Dunn and his analysis of the monuments of Egypt... some old, same old.

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