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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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George van Tassel was an early contactee who believed that he had received technical information about UFO propulsion. Using this information as the basis for his plans, he built a structure now called the Integratron in the Mojave Desert. He was unable to finish it, but it remains in the desert, a monument to a remarkable dream. This rare interview with van Tassel offers fascinating insight into his ideas, so of which contains provocative echoes of modern propulsion technology.
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George van Tassel was an early contactee who believed that he had received technical information about UFO propulsion. Using this information as the basis for his plans, he built a structure now called the Integratron in the Mojave Desert. He was unable to finish it, but it remains in the desert, a monument to a remarkable dream. This rare interview with van Tassel offers fascinating insight into his ideas, so of which contains provocative echoes of modern propulsion technology.
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The story sourced here from Australia describes a witness who saw her first UFO in 1997, and has since seen many. The belief among close encounter witnesses has been, 'if you notice UFOs, they will notice you,' but it could also be that people are being sensitized to noticing these generally fast moving and small objects in the sky. Daylight UFOs are usually easily distinguishable from planes, but it can be surprisingly easy to mistake and insect or a bird for a UFO, especially if the creature is closer than it appears. On the other hand, sightings of small, high-flying disks, such as are reported in this case, cannot be explained as known objects.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

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The story of Robbert van den Broeke is one of the great enigmas of paranormal research. A great deal of the phenomena he reports, often leaving strong evidence in the form of crop formations near his home in Holland, photographs, and multiple witness observations, is verified. In this video, members of his family describe their own experiences with the phenomena he has been witnessing and reporting for years.

Friday, April 19, 2013

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This UFO video from Arizona appears to be a triangle UFO, with which Out There readers are very familiar. Of course, it could be a delta winged aircraft of some sort. It's hard to see until the third version of the clip, running at 0.65 of normal speed. Probable unknown.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A skywatcher in New South Wales seems to be getting watched back by the objects he is seeing. Alf Preston of New South Wales reports that he has been seeing UFOs, most recently while observing Venus through his telescope. For once, they can't be dismissed as Venus because they were seen beside it at the same time.

This is a good reminder that people who actively seek UFO sightings are often rewarded these days. But it takes not only persistence, but luck. Mr. Preston clearly has both. Unfortunately, what he doesn't have are pictures. Hopefully, he'll get a camera and get out there with it!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Our first expert has said the following:

The tracking miss at 1:32 bothers me. This looks poorly tracked where as the rest is very acceptable.

Not sure but I think it is a fake.

Our second expert says this:

What looks like a tracking error at 1:32 actually appears to be a shift in the shooter's perspective. He steps to the right, which momentarily changes the relationship between the camera, the tree, the bushes, the houses, and the lights in the sky. This move is preceded by a very natural-looking jiggle of the camera.

So on the level of tracking, and of the realistic appearance of the overexposed (blooming) orbs as they are obscured by various foreground objects (which would be pretty damn laborious and time-consuming to fake, though certainly doable), I'll give this video high marks.

To be clear, this vid COULD be real.

It COULD also have been very carefully made and then deliberately degraded to hide the seams. Some of my doubts are fueled by the following:

- A YouTube description utterly devoid of useful information.

- No audio. This would make some sense, because if a hoaxer hasn't planned out all the "ooh" and "ahh" moments in advance, said hoaxer would then have to produce a credible soundtrack, which may or may not be within the scope of his technical repertoire. .. and which, as we've seen before, is extremely difficult to fake. Being a whizbang with the visuals is one thing, but creating a technically and psychologically convincing soundtrack is quite another.

- These orbs appeared in just the right spot (between the houses) to be seen by the shooter, and continue to appear in the right spot each time. They're perfectly framed for the camera, and they conveniently change direction to remain between the houses as viewed from the shooter's perspective.

- Said shooter seems to have had zero curiosity about these thingies once they went behind the bushes. One would think that, at least following the final orb he'd have attempted to zip around in front of those neighboring houses to see if he could catch a  further glimpse of these things.

- And finally, Cork is a big city, yet so far no independent reports have surfaced.

I went to the YouTube page of the guy who was named as the source (Natkis Ireland) and saw the unstabilized version of the video. No detailed info there, except that he says he has a better camera but claims he wasn't able to deploy it quickly enough so he used his cellphone. He sounds like a sober chap, and his YouTube home page isn't full of other UFO videos, though he does subscribe to an ET page that seems a little iffy to me. (

I can find no evidence that he personally possesses the skills to have faked this video. On the other hand, a skilled confederate might have been involved.

Our third expert says:

I'm going to come down hard off the fence and cry "foul". This event, if real, would surely have drawn not only media coverage, but also other videos from different locations (how much footage was there of the meteorite?). It's a big city, it's not dark, they keep on coming ( a bit like a big lantern release would) and as Dan says, very conveniently emerging from the gap between the houses.

Your Out There editor's opinion:

Two of our experts don't rule out the possibility that these lights are unknowns. The third feels sure the video is a hoax. I think that this could have been made by releasing sky lanterns, then opening the shutter of the camera to make them appear extremely bright. However, there is no way to make a final determination with this video. Possible unknown.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An Australian amateur astronomer with a good camera caught this image of an unusual object he videotaped in the night sky outside of his home in Karoonda, Australia on April 9 at about 9:30 PM. The object is in focus for only a few seconds in the video, and the screen shot here shows one of those moments. As this is a screenshot taken from a video of something that is clearly in the sky, it is not a light fixture. It is not a star or passing plane. The object is an unknown.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

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This video from April 14, 2013, is hard to evaluate, but the videographer, who could, of course, see more with the naked eye, appears convinced that it's one of the Lake Erie UFOs, and we are getting reports from others that orbs are being seen over the lake nightly.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Five witnesses at Louisiana university observed a glowing object circle their campus at low altitude several times on April 12, 2013.

This description of an orb circling a campus in Louisiana, corroborated by a number of witnesses, is unlikely to have been a sky lantern. It would appear to be a genuine unknown. Many of our readers equate orbs with the souls of the dead, including Whitley Strieber, who has reported experiences that suggest this connection.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yet another unusual object has appeared in imagery from NASA's SOHO system. This is an enormous 'angel' that seems to be hanging in space near the sun. However, that isn't what it is at all. Here is our expert's opinion:


"Video dropouts" from satellites went out with the analog age, at least 20-30 years ago. All transmissions are now digital, which means any missing data is automatically re-sent before the final picture is reconstructed on the receiving end.  The fact that you never see typographical errors in email (other than what the writer overlooked) is based on the same strategy.

What we're seeing in these images originated in the imaging sensor. How do we know this?

- First of all, because digital images are formed out of a matrix of pixels (dots) arranged in a grid -- like a windowscreen. So anything that aligns itself exactly with that grid is astronomically unlikely to be actually shaped that way.

- Secondly, because SOHO uses the type of sensor in which excessively bright pixels can bleed into adjacent ones, creating a line where there should be only a dot. You used to see this on television a lot, where a news camera was pointed at a streetlight at night and you saw a vertical streak extending above and below the light. (In these SOHO images, the streaking goes left-right.)


My guess is that what created these "angels" are micrometeorites in the earth's atmosphere, moving roughly from top to bottom in these images. As the objects start to burn at full brightness they saturate and overload the sensor, creating the wider lines we see as "wings." Then as the brightness diminishes, the lines narrow, and finally at the bottom we see the "tails" in something like their actual reddish color.  Another possibility could be cosmic-ray hits on the sensor, but for various reasons I think that's less likely.

For a very different opinion go to Share Magazine press release (PDF)

Who does your Out There editor believe? I think our expert has nailed it.
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This very typical witness account of an enormous triangle reminds us that the UFO phenomenon is constant and ongoing. There is no reason to doubt the witness. Unfortunately, there were no images made, and as the sighting took place at around three in the morning, there is also no corroboration.

Did you see it, or something else you can't explain? Let us know, we're interested! Click here to file a report.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

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This may be a genuine unknown, and if so, it is an excellent UFO photo, reminiscent of the images taken by Ed Walters in Gulf Breeze Florida in the 1990s. There is a possibility also that it is some sort of hot-air balloon, which is suggested by the flickering flame in the base, and its slow trajectory of descent.

Friday, April 5, 2013

The UFO pictured in the video embedded in the linked story is an unusual color (blue) and does not have the appearance of a characteristic night video of a star or passing airplane. It is an unknown. Further suggesting that some sort of unusual activity was taking place in the sky over Morehouse Parish, Louisiana on the night of April 2nd is this comment posted on the local news stations website, in response to the initial report and video:

"This article verifies that I was not the only one that saw a unidentified flying object Monday night. My friend and I were leaving dinner and noticed two women paying close attention to the night sky outside of Cormier's. We didn't stop but did wonder could they possibly see something such as a UFO? (we are both believers of phenomenons such as extra terrestrials.) we continued on and sort of forgot about what we had just seen. Once we got to Forsythe Ext. I noticed a circular object going fairly slow about 17,000 ft. above us. What caught my attention was the fact that there were no running lights,which are required for all aircrafts by law.We pulled to the shoulder and I tried to record with my phone,but it was too high up. There was a strip of lights over the back of the object and it was headed over the direction of River Oaks high school. As we followed it, we lost it during traffic. Now, I see this article. Wow! Something was surely up there!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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This video shows a very fast moving object rising from right to left out of the right corner of the frame. At 40 seconds, the poster provides a slow motion repeat of the image that shows the object clearly. It is not a bird or plane, and does not appear to be a photoshopped. Probable unknown from South Texas, which is in the midst of a UFO flap.

Monday, April 1, 2013

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This video posted on YouTube by truck driver Ronnie Dawson of Coleman Texas shows clips of a UFO that he took with a phone camera. This appears to be a credible case, and we are investigating further.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

This report from Loren Coleman says that Indonesian rangers are seeing large numbers of very small people, under two feet, in an isolated area of the Way Kangas National Park in Sumatra. These people may be the legendary Orang Pendek, said to still live on Sumatra.
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Friday, March 29, 2013

Laredo, Texas UFO researchers are finding a significant number of unexplained objects in local skies, but it's not because of UFO reports being received from the public, but rather because they are part of a growing movement in the research community: the go out with good equipment and obtain UFO data on their own. This is perhaps the next wave in UFO research. It is getting much easier to do, as UFOs become more common and seemingly more willing to appear on demand.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The most viewed record in the FBI's UFO files is a memo written by Guy Hottel on March 22, 1950 stating that three flying disks had crashed in New Mexico and bodies similar to human but three feet tall had been recovered from them. The FBI has been silent on the memo since its release in 2011, but has now stated on its blog that it does not prove the existence of UFOs and was never followed up.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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On January 28, a bolide, or large meteor, streaked across the US Northeast. Now, on March 25, another similar meteor has been seen from Maine to Florida. In neither case did the objects cause any damage, but they may be part of an unknown shower of large meteors which has been affecting Earth, which includes the large Russian meteor of February 15, which exploded in the atmosphere with the force of 50 Hiroshima sized bombs.

While some effort has been made to identify asteroids that may be dangerous to Earth at some point, these objects are not asteroids and cannot be tracked as they approach our planet. There is no way of knowing how many more may be out there, or when or where they will strike. Large meteors such as the one that struck in Russia are extremely rare. This was only the second such strike in a hundred years.

Friday, March 22, 2013

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The dramatic photograph from Whidbey Island Washington is unlikely to be sky lanterns. The video is far less clear and, were it the only record, would suggest a lantern. However, that does not appear to be the case in this situation.
This appears to be some sort of a cloud, but the witnesses claim that it was moving at such high speed that they didn't see it while the photo was being taken. So, obviously, no ordinary cloud.
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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Unexplained booms and shaking incidents disturbed residents of southern New Jersey on March 19 and 20. The US Geologic Survey says that it didn't detect any earthquakes, and military officials said that their activities could not explain the incidents.

To keep up with this ongoing story, go to Linda Moulton Howe's

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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This piece of hoax video is very nicely done--although the darkness and the low resolution 'highway camera' covered some of the glitches in the animation. Still, it's a nice job, although the actors aren't going to be winning any awards.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Residents of Ocala, Florida are observing large numbers of helicopters seemingly accompanying unknown planes, but neither civil nor military authorities can identify the aircraft, which have been seen a number of times on recent nights. This is reminiscent of the 'ghost planes' phenomenon that haunted Norway in the 1930s, and of the 1980 Cash-Landrum case near Houston, where a large number of military helicopters were seen accompanying a flaming triangle device. Witnesses to that event received catastrophic radiation doses. A search party in the Norwegian case was sent looking for the ghost planes and never returned.

Let's hope the Ocala case remains benign.

(The photo on the linked page is a stock photo. It's not intended to be a photo of the mystery aircraft.)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There has been a UFO wave ongoing in Scotland for months, and now some good photos have emerged. Basically, the wave consists of witnesses seeing unexplained lights. The image here suggests an object that was moving extremely quickly.

Friday, March 8, 2013

South Africa would appear to be no exception to the rule that UFO sightings are increasing worldwide. What is unusual, though, is that the story would travel as far as the Washington Times.
Considering the location, your Out There editor has to wonder if this might not be a cloaked US spy plane of some sort. 
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

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One of our best photography experts has weighed in on the side of this being a light on a boat. Here is his comment:

"Just measure the distance between the leading edge of the top light in the first and second pix. Let that distance equal 4.5 seconds. Then measure the length of the top light's streak. That will tell you the shutter speed. Assuming Crowe is right about the frame rate, the  shutter speed seems just about right for a night exposure with a Canon 5D. And given that lens's field of view, 8kph (max legal boat speed in that situation) works out just about right with a margin of error of, say, +/- 50%, max."

"If the object had been moving at 80kph either he'd have missed it completely or  a single streak would have covered the full width of one frame, and one frame only."

"None of this has anything to do with camera-subject distance. It's mainly a matter of field of view (i.e., how wide or narrow the lens was zoomed) relative to the lateral speed of the boat."

In your Out There editor's opinion, this case is closed--darn it!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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This footage could be any number of things besides a genuine unidentified object, but it's clear that the videographers saw it as something strange. For more information, click here.
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