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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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A substantial meteor crossed the eastern US at approximately 12:45 PM yesterday, and another fireball caused residents to report a possible plane crash in the UK 7 hours later, at 12:20 AM local time. The object that crossed the eastern US probably weighed around a hundred tons, and would have done signifcant damage if it had reached the ground. However, there were no reports of damage. The second fireball was probably smaller, but also a substantial meteor.

Monday, February 14, 2011

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This is a good example of an interesting night light video. The light moves past stars and foreground objects, so it is under power. It has internal illumination. It manuevers, dims and brightens. It doesn't behave like a plane or any normal object that might be aloft at night. Graded B.
A few hours ago we published a shot sent to us by a reader that appeared to be an unusually shaped object over a town in southern France. Now he had send us another shot said to be a higher resolution image that shows that the object is clearly a bird. But because there is no surrounding imagery, we have no way of telling if this is taken from the same photo.
Good job of enchancement of this image, but still very little useful information beyond the fact that the lights are colored.
This image was taken by accident by the daughter of an reader about a week ago on the French Riviera. Of course, it could be a helicopter, but if so, why is it the only distorted object in an otherwise crystal-clear photo. Objects with a similar configuration have been seen over northern California and Brazil.
This object was snapped by accident by an Unknowncountry reader in West Virginia at 4:36 PM on Feburary 8. The circle around it was present in the sky. It was not added later. The sun is setting to the left in the larger shot, and there is a faint sun dog. But the object stands out clearly, and the ring around it is not consistent with a solar reflection. Graded B.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interesting image could easily be hoaxed, so no way to grade it above C. Still, most interesting and our gut says it's real. Graded C.
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This Google Street View image was sent to us by a German reader. It's quite a shocker. Unless someone at Google is playing games, which is always possible, this is an excellent UFO image.
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This is not a computer graphic, it is not a plane or a group of small planes, and it is not a constellation or other stars would be visible. A genuine unknown. Graded B.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Texas UFOs continue. Are they some sort of classified military equipment, or is the military just watching them? Since Stephensville 2 years ago, central Texas has been a UFO hotspot.
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No way to evaluate this nighttime video except to say that it looks interesting.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

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The cries are very faint. They are not the loud crunching noises. The first clearly audible ones start at :30 seconds.  Be prepared to be chilled to the bone by these strange and lonely cries. There is desperation in that voice.
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This is so weird, it's almost beyond even speculating about. If the spot on the screen had moved, that would be one thing. If there was anything in the SOHO system that would cause an effect like this, that would be another. But neither of those things can explain this. It is a bizarre and total mystery. (The video is sped up. The sun actually takes 12 hours to turn on its axis. BUT IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT AT ALL!)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This remarkable story is no hoax. On October 24, 2008 between 2:00 AM and 4:30 AM, the FAA tracked 30 to 40 targets that it admits were unknown over Pennsylvania. Graded A.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The object appears in the photo of the corral, the third of the five photos. We have done a little contrast work with it, and it does not appear to be a bird or a plane. It's unlikely to be a CIG effect, so we think this is a good UFO shot, clearly caught by accident. Thanks to a sharp-eyed reader! Read the message board thread here.
Dugway closed shortly after these lights apoeared. It could have been a coincidence, and the lights could be something explainable, like flare drops, but they are not bright enough to be flares, and it is strange that the base was shut down just after. The event would have taken place over Dugway or near it. Video graded A for authenticity, with the proviso that it may record an ordinary event.
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Of course it could be fake. Probably is. But what if it isn't? Graded C.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Very bizarre object once it comes into focus. As always with night videos, it's impossible to tell much, but if it's authentic, it almost looks like some sort of hyperdimensional object. It could also be a window in a neighbor's house, however...
Interesting video from Texas, shot near Austin.
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One of the most intense controversies in recent UFO history is erupting around the Temple Mount videos. Stay tuned, we will keep you up to date as the story keeps developing.
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At least one of the Temple Mount videos is probably a hoax. It is time for the people who made these videos to step forward and offer their testimony. If they do not, then it must be concluded that the whole sequence is probably an invention.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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This video has an authentic appearance, but given the low resolution it's impossible to tell whether or not it's a computer graphic, and the sudden movement is characteristic of such graphics, but also of some UFOs. A comment from Whitley Strieber: "Two of the Jerusalem UFO videos are probably authentic, and this one may be, so the question must be asked: why have they singled out the Dome of the Rock, which is perhaps the most potent point of reconciliation on the planet between Islam, Christianity and Judaism, in that it is sacred to all three religions? If we could all live together beneath the dome, the world would be renewed."
There is really a great deal of UFO activity in the world right now.
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NASA is required by law not to comment on unknowns that it discovers until the military has determined that they are not dangerous. So it remains silent on the wealth of evidence that it releases in the normal course of its operations, limiting itself to pointing out which objects are thought to be space debris and not commenting on the others. This video offers an outstanding compilation of NASA video, and illustrates the importance of changing the law, so that NASA can comment.
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