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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has posted a sighting from Illinois in its archive. The witness says that these beams of light, of various colors, did not move. They do not appear to be searchlight beams. This sighting is a possible unknown. For more information on MUFON, click here. For a larger version of the image, click on the source link.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

There is no reason to think that this photo is a plane or a balloon. Probable unknown. Thanks to the National UFO Center.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Low, slow moving triangles are among the most common unknowns sighted, and this is typical of the genre. These sightings probably do not involve secret aircraft because they have been going on at least since the 1970s.
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It's not possible to be certain that this isn't a distant plane or even a blimp, but there is also a good chance that it's an unknown object.
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These objects were recorded by an Unknowncountry reader on December 25 in Newport Beach, CA. They are part of an enormous UFO wave that has been sweeping the western United States starting in November.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another meteor large enough to light up a significant part of the sky. The Meteor Society claims that there is no increase in the number of large meteors. OK.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

This report describes a 'rectangular UFO,' which would be similar to one reported in California in 2010, and also to one seen over the radio station Whitley Strieber was broadcasting Dreamland from in 1999. He also commented on the earlier story that he'd seen such UFOs as a child. Click on "Square UFO" above to see the earlier report.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A UFO has disrupted air traffic in Bremen for three hours. There is no question that it was real, as it was observed physically and on radar. It was never identified, and stopped air traffic while it hovered silently in the flight path for hours.

What if this happened over JFK? The US government would probably come up with some lie that would be slavishly transmitted by the captive media, but what if it happens over 10 airports? 20? What will they do then?

Let's hope!
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Quite a spate of sightings across California over New Years. We got six reports on's reporting page, and all of them described orange balls of light that hovered, then shot away at high speed. The story sourced here indicates that they were seen up and down the state.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Since November, UFO sightings have been extensive in California. A crop formation appeared in Salinas on December 28.

In November, Whitley Strieber saw a UFO in the early morning in southern California, and friends of his observed orange orbs emerging out of Santa Monica Bay that same night.

Could this latest upsurge in sightings be related to the Salinas crop formation, and if so, what is the significance of the number 192, which appears in  braille inside the formation? Or is the formation a hoax? UPDATE: The Nividia Corporation is claiming that it created the crop formation to promote a new microchip, but that doesn't change the fact that the number of UFO sightings in California and adjacent states has risen dramatically over the past month.
A large and complex crop formation has appeared in Salinas, California, in a field containing barley two feet high. Two videos made at night that showed some elements of the formation and flashes of light in the area have both been removed from YouTube, and replaced by a much clearer video that could be a recreation. There is daytime video of the formation, which is a circle about an acre in diameter enclosing what appears to be a representation of an electronic chip that contains a central field in braille. The braille repeats the number 192. In this video, a braille expert offers an explanation.

Linda Moulton Howe reports that a witness who entered the formation has told her that the way that the crop has been laid down is extremely precise. Read her report on the formation here. The field has reportedly been sealed off by a private security service, Echelon Security, and the formation is expected to be destroyed today.

There is no way to make a final determination about whether or not this is a hoax, but this seems increasingly likely as there is another report stating that locals saw people in the area over a period of days prior to the appearance of the formation.

Whitley Strieber comments: "This looks like a manmade hoax to me, largely because of the use of braille as a means of providing an intriguing but probably meaningless puzzle. However, it should also be noted that Iridium 192 is the isotope that has most often gone missing, and one that could be used to create a dirty bomb."

UPDATE: The Nvidia Corporation is claiming that it created the crop formation to promote a new microchip, but that doesn't change the fact that the number of UFO sightings in California and adjacent states has risen dramatically over the past month.

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Monday, December 23, 2013

No reason at all to disbelieve this story. The pilot saw something moving at high speed directly toward his A320. It appeared to be a cigar shaped metallic object. Not likely to be a drone or, at an altitude of 34,000 feet, a balloon. This was yet another UFO near miss, and given how slowly the report filtered out to the public, and how wary pilots are of making such reports at all, you have to wonder how many just go unreported, and if any have resulted in crashes.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

At a time when the internet is being swamped fake UFO video, this photo stands out as a genuine possibility. It has been posted, as well, by Open Minds, which is one of the outstanding resources on the internet for people who take a serious interest in this subject. Despite all the fakes, it cannot be forgotten that there is a very real phenomenon out there. People don't realize it yet, but eventually it will come to be seen for what it really is: the single most important thing that has happened in the history of our species. In the end, this denied, derided and ignored subject will change everything.
This hour-long interview is one of the best alien contact cases ever recorded. It is not to be missed for anyone seeking greater insight into this extraordinary phenomenon.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

This was received in our close encounter submission form, and is typical of a number we have received recently involving close encounters with triangles.

Details of Encounter: It was Thanksgiving night, and we had just finished celebrating and my daughter said let's go for a drive see all the people at the mall who wake up early and go Black Friday shopping "biggest sale day of the year." As we are driving around I see a weird looking object with 3 white lights and my daughter says what are you looking at and I immediately pointed out the window, it was triangle in shape and was floating basically in air however it was slient, and it moved so gracefully it even looked like it started to tumble and then we lost the sighting because of the trees. We were both amazed not stop talking about it we started driving around to look to see if we could follow it but we lost it so about 15 minutes later we say lets just go home all of a sudden coming basically right in front of us maybe 75 feet above our windshield we see it up close like it was following us or knew we were looking for it!!!! we are right by a private air port but this was no airplane it was dead quite and fast moving we were so amazed we were like wait lets get a pic with our phone however by the time we snapped a pic it moved so quickly but we did catch it from a distance. I was hoping i could upload the picture. We can't figure out if its a drone or a ufo. I am staying anonymous for my own protection.

Editor's comment: There are no known drones that function like this, but it is typical of a type of triangular UFO that has been seen frequently around the world for over fifty years.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

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This video has long since been dismissed as a staged hoax, but Lee Spiegel of the Huffington Post asks why, if that is true, it is suddenly being resuscitated by various Russian news sources? Our take: it's a hoax and they're having a slow news day. But we could always be wrong.

Whitley Strieber asks is anybody has ever seen a figure resembling the one depicted in the video, please write him at If the body depicted is hoaxed, a lot of time and money was spent on fabricating it, which also goes for the rest of the video. Our assumption was that these were clips from a Russian movie that never got released, and we still incline in that direction.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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These days our skies are full of unknown objects, but many of them are known to people who are simply keeping quiet because of classification rules. These two lights, for example, could be very high altitude planes flying in formation. These would not be known aircraft, and why they would be showing lights at all isn't clear. The preponderance of evidence that these are genuine unknown.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

UFOs have been reported across Texas over the past few days, including orange orbs over El Paso and a cigar shaped object over Arlington. As always, orange orbs could be sky lanterns, but at present the El Paso lights have not been positively identified as such.
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

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This remarkable object was taped first through a camera with a zoom lens, then through a Meade telescope. The image captured through the telescope is quite extraordinary and too strange to speculate about, beyond saying that it is a likely unknown. The videographer, Jeremy Thomas, provides details about exactly how the videos were made and adds the comment that these 'common objects' deserve scientific study rather than denial. A fine effort on Mr. Thomas's part, of a kind that we need more of.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

This object seemed to have come down much more slowly than a meteor, and not to have followed a ballistic trajectory. Whatever it was, it was clearly on fire and in some sort of trouble. There is no record of any aircraft going down in the region.
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Not only did two crop formations appear in the same Brazilian town on the same day, researchers have offered a large cash reward to anybody who can prove them to be fakes. So, all you skeptics, get on the next plane and go for that twenty grand!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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This video was taken on November 17 during one of the tornadoes that struck Indiana. The object is not a balloon and makes some movements that may not be aerodynamic, slipping along parallel to the ground at :42 seconds, then accelerating at :52 seconds in a way that suggests an internal power source.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Glowing orange orbs are being reported worldwide, not in huge numbers, but frequently enough to suggest that the phenomenon is on the rise. On Dreamland on October 11, two friends of the Striebers described seeing similar orbs rising up out of Santa Monica Bay a few days before. Around the same time, Whitley Strieber observed a silver orb in daylight.

This case
, from Hertfordshire in England, includes an excellent photo of something that is clearly not a sky lantern, given the intensity of the glow. The observer also took a shot of the moon to compare the two.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

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The triangle formation seen here is a typical nighttime UFO formation. Prior to her abduction, Corrina Saebels observed such a formation in the sky over British Columbia, and many others have seen such formations, especially people reporting subsequent close encounters. In this case, the three lights fade away one by one at the end of the observation. The lights are not on the corners of a solid object because stars can be seen behind them. Probable unknown.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Between 2007 and 2009, a remarkable UFO appeared a number of times over Kumbergaz, Turkey. There was a great deal of video made, and US UFO researchers Dr. Roger Leir was among the witnesses who personally observed the object. Now a strikingly similar UFO has been photographed in Australia. While the Kumbergaz UFO at one point seemed to have figures visible in it, the same space in the Australian UFO is empty. The Kumbergaz UFO was an unusual form, and it is remarkable to see it again. It appeared for two years in Turkey. Already another group of witnesses has seen it on a second night in Australia. This is a likely unknown. (The Australian UFO is on the left, the Turkish one on the right.)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

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It is possible--just--that this is a release of balloons, but there are things that happen to it, such as the detachment and reattachment of fragments of the material that suggest that it really is something very, very strange. Frankly, I can't even speculate beyond saying that maybe it's some sort of insect colony. If it's an alien, I'd be fascinated to see what the world it came from looks like. I think that this is the single strangest video Out There has ever posted.
It was sent to us by an alert reader.

The comment reads, in English: "Cannot be identified, caught in forest, turning in several different ways. Strange creature, humanoid alien, ufo ovni."

Monday, November 4, 2013

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Most Out There stories are about UFOs, bigfoot and other mysteries. It's not often that we get a story of a miracle this extraordinary, and especially in view of the site's last weekender, I thought that it definitely qualifies for inclusion here. A woman's SUV was sinking in flood waters in the recent Colorado storms, and she was saved at the last minute. But there's quite a kicker. Watch the video to the end and prepare to be amazed. Given all the evidence, and Whitley's wonderful story of his own rescue by a guardian angel in the weekender, I have to say that your cynical old Out There editor is willing to say, while not proof of guardian angels, this does appear to be a genuine unknown.
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Finally, a real sighting. This object was observed and photographed by an amateur astronomer and seen by many thousands of witnesses two nights in a row. It is an authentic unknown for the following reasons: 1, it was seen by many witnesses; 2, an astronomer (amateur, in this case) observed it through a telescope and noted anomalous characteristics such as color change that would be very hard to accomplish with a lighted balloon or quadcopter; 3, it did not fade out or suddenly disappear, but rather darted off, as noted by the astronomer.

At present, the internet is filling up with the latest in hoaxes: the lighted quadcopter being flown at night. They're easily identifiable and, frankly, to someone like your Out There editor, another reminder of just how moronic the hoaxers are, and how dull their output is.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

This is the first time I have seen a video of anything that looked like this. If it's real, you'd think that most of its life would be, to say the least, inconvenient. But who am I to say, your mere Out There editor? Whatever this is, it qualifies as being 'out there,' no question about that. I've sent the link to our video experts and will add their responses.

Two of our experts have weighed in:

Expert One: It's fake. The contrived camera shake is even faker than the critter.

Expert Two: I don't know, looks pretty good to me. Big bug.


Friday, October 25, 2013

A mother feeding her baby at 5:20 AM in the UK spotted a bright light hovering in the sky. When it didn't move off, she took a picture of it, with the result that you see here. Read the full story in the Watford Observer. Classification: Unknown object.
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