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Red Wine May Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Red wine is almost a medicine for heart disease, and now a NEW use for it has been found: Drinking red wine in moderation may reduce one of the risk factors for breast cancer, providing a natural weapon to combat...
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How Beer Began

In the 15th century, when Europeans first began moving people and goods across the Atlantic, a microscopic stowaway somehow made its way to the caves and monasteries of Bavaria. The stowaway, a yeast that may have been transported from a distant shore on a piece of wood or in the stomach of a fruit fly, was destined for great things.
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Prehistoric Wine

We know that wine improves with aging, but this is ridiculous! Our genes are prehistoric, which may be the reason that archeologists have just found winemaking tools in a cave in Armenia that was inhabited over 6,000 years ago. The cave was discovered 4 years ago and the...
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Study Links Alcohol and Weight Control

In a GOOD way! - Prowling men and uncomfortable high heels aside, "Ladies Night" at your local hangout might actually not be such a bad idea.

Scientists studying the effects of light to moderate alcohol consumption on women's weight have found that, at least statistically speaking, drinking more means weighing less...

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Wine: Good for Your Heart

But NOT so good for your teeth! - Just in time for Christmas dinner, there is good news and bad news about wine (and alcohol in general): Wine is good for your heart but bad for your teeth.

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Taste Expectations

It's a scientific fact that wine tastes different to people who are given information about the wine before they drink it. When you read the edge news at unknowncountry, you never get what you expect!

When 163 test people tasted a red wine which a wine expert Robert Parker had given 92 points out of 100 to, the ones who were told about...

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Red Wine Medicine

We have reported before on how red wine can almost be considered a medicine?and it's also a good disinfectant!

The consumption of more than three glasses of red wine a week reduces the risk of getting colon cancer. Also, researchers have found that men who drink an average of four to seven glasses of red wine per week are only 52% as...

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Which is Better, Red or White?

By now, most of us have heard about the health benefits of red wine, which contains a heart-healthy substance called resveratrol. Red wine is wine made from grapes with the skins left on--in white wine, the skins are removed before the grapes are pressed. Now it's been discovered that white wine has the same benefits as red, so you can pick the...
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Good News: Beer is Better

If food pricesgo up, many people may have to switch from wine and hardliquor to beer. But this may not be a problem, becausecontrary to popular opinion, beer is as healthy?if not morehealthy?than wine.

Charles Bamforth, who holds a teaching chair at UC Daviswhich is endowed by a beer manufacturer, says that beercontains valuable B...

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Take a Free Wine Course on the Internet

Marnie Old, a sommelier and wine educator from Philadelphia,is offering a new course covering the fundamentals of winethat's free and available on the internet.clickhere to become a wine expert.

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Red or White?

King Tutankhamun drank red wine, according to a new scientific method that can determine the color of the wine residue found in the ancient jars that were buried with him in his tomb.

Scientists have found wine in a jar from 5400 BC in present-day Iran. But our earliest knowledge about wine growing comes from ancient Egypt, where the...

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Live the Wine Lifestyle

Lately, researchers have been telling us that red wineprotects us from heart disease. Now they think it may not bethe wine that does it, but the lifestyle that goes alongwith it.

A new study of more than 4,400 U.S. men and women, findsthat those whose called wine their beverage of choice alsoate more healthful diets and were less likely...

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Why Red Wine Works (And Champagne Works Too Well)

Researchers have finally figured out why a moderate intake of red wine protects against heart disease, which explains the "French paradox" or why the French have a lower rate of heart disease despite indulging in a high level of fatty food.
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