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Will Future Wars be Fought by 3D Printed Robots?

These days, it appears that there are few things that Man can do, that a machine could not do as well, or even better. This apparently includes engaging in warfare.

Certainly, defense is an area where no expense is spared in developing the latest technology and improving performance, but sometimes constructing advanced weaponry can...
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What War Really Costs

We all know it costs the lives and health of our soldiers, but when old men send young men to war, it costs huge amounts of money too, and now that we're in a recession, we have to ask ourselves: Was...
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Weaponized DNA Could be Assassination Tool

When it comes to war, guns and tanks (and even drones?) may soon be a thing of the past. Modern warfare (...
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Future Wars

For those of us who are dreaming of peace, the US future looks bright: Due to America's new energy independence, we will no longer have to rely on the Middle East for our power needs, meaning we will no longer be...
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Daydreaming About Peace

Lots of us daydream about how different the world would be if the 9/11 attacks had never happened (or maybe only happened in a parallel universe). Is daydreaming a sign of intelligence or...
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Bad Things Happen in August

And you thought you could relax this month? In the August 8th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Roberts writes, "What is it about the month of August? Why should we still persist in regarding it as a quiet time--with Congress in recess, business slowed down, and people on holiday--when so many world-historical events take place in...
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Why We Can't Win

When it comes to waging war on Afghanistan, we might as well turn around and go home. The British occupied that country from 1839 to 1842, and ended up going home with their tails between their legs, and it looks like we will too.

In the August 16th issue of the New York Review of Books, Rory Stewart writes: "The British 'Army...
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Vets Having Trouble Behind the Wheel

Our Iraq and Afghanistan war vets are coming home with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), and due to the roadside bombs they encountered when they were abroad, many of them are having trouble...
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War Dogs are Suffering as Much as Soldiers

Now that we're finally leaving Iraq, we need to remember that the dogs who go to war with us are suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disease), just like the soldiers who...
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World War III Will be Caused by Climate Change

The next war won't be over conflicts in Asia or the Middle East--between India and Pakistan or Israel and the Palestinians. If history is any guide, it will be a result of...
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Where the Next War Will Be

The next war may be when China tries to reclaim Taiwan OR it may be when Russia tries to reclaim the Arctic. Russia's defense minister says the military will deploy two army brigades--of thousands...
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The New Kind of War is Cyber War

When we think of war, we think of the number of "boots on the ground" we have in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this type of war is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, future wars will be fought with remote-controlled drones and...
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Soldier Sounds

One of the joys of this season is listening to Christmas carols, but some of our brave soldiers are returning from war with a special problem:...
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Thanks, Vets!

On Veteran's Day, just wants to say THANKS to everyone who has fought so hard for our country, and to remind you of two of Anne Strieber's most popular diaries, which she wrote about our Vets. To read them, click here and...
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War in the Falklands Again?

The war over who owns the Falklands islands in the Atlantic Ocean east of Argentina was bitterly fought by the UK and Argentina in 1982. Which country owns these seemingly worthless pieces of land, where people mostly raise sheep, has long been disputed. Now oil has been discovered off the coast of the Falklands. Would this make the UK an oil-...

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War: What REALLY Happens

Something most people don't know about - Time passes quickly: It's been 7 years since we invaded Iraq, and now there are a large number of birth defects in Fallujah, where the fighting was most intense. This is probably due to the type of bullets that American troops use. Is it possible to fight a moral war?


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We Should be Ashamed

Obama has decided to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Will they come home with no legs? Our brave soldiers are coming home from war with missing limbs because the humvees they drive through the desert are not adequately shielded from the main terrorism weapon, which are IEDs (improvised explosive devices), otherwise known as homemade...

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Will it happen again?

Our soldiers return from battles with many physical problems. It's now been determined that Vietnam Vets suffer from TWICE the rate of prostate cancer as the average man and this has been traced to a defoliant used there called Agent Orange. This is of concern again because of the possible defoliant spraying of poppy fields in Afghanistan.

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Arctic (and Other) Battles

The recent altercation between Russia and Georgia reminds us that future wars will be fought over natural resources (this one was probably REALLY about oil). Various countries are claiming the moon too (which has its own valuable fuel?although only the US has planted a flag there!) Already, the Russians and the Danes have BOTH claimed the North...

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What Could Cause Another War?

It's not the threat of Iranian nukes, it's those same two big problems: oil and global warming. As oil prices rise to record levels, we may think we're ALREADY in an oil war?but we haven't seen anything yet! Meanwhile, US intelligence is saying that, as climate change increases, so do our chances of going to war.

In the Guardian, Michael...

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Wargame Ends Badly (for Us)

The recent standoff in the Strait of Hormuz between US ships and Iranian vessels wasn't the first naval confrontation between these two countries. In 2002, a $250 million war game was carried out by the US military, in which small, fast Iranian speedboats were able to sink 16 major US warships, including an aircraft carrier.

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Weather Wars in Our Future?

Climate change may be one of the most significant threats facing humankind. A new study shows that long-term climate change may ultimately lead to wars and population decline. WHY do these researchers think these things may happen??Because they happened in the past.

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Iraq War Fought by Rural Soldiers

On Veteran's Day, we gratefully remember the many soldiers, who have made sacrifices for us. Today's rural Americans, however, are making the ultimate sacrifice in larger numbers than the rest of the country. Rural areas account for only 19% of the adult population, but have suffered 26% of the casualties.

William P. O'Hare, of the...

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When Soldiers Come Home & Kill Themselves

While controversy over the Iraq war continues to rage, many of us are concerned about what's happening to our soldiers over there. It turns out that having served in the military makes a person twice as likely to commit suicide.

When researchers followed up 320,000 men aged over 18 years for 12 years and found that those who had served...

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Another Species Has the Problem Solved

We recently asked the question: Why do we treat our wounded soldiers so badly? Different species of ants may hate each other, but they still manage to "live and let live." Why can't human beings do the same?

In, Abigail W. Leonard reports that some ant species are better at finding sources of food, because they send out...

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Why Hummers Were Once the Gods of War

The feisty hummingbird was the ancient Aztec god of war, and maybe it still is today, since so many modern warplanes have been modeled on them. Like high-tech fighter jets, hummingbirds use so much food that they need to refuel in mid-flight, and the engineer who invented the helicopter was inspired by the amazing way in which hummingbird wings...

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Endless War

When we read or listen to the daily news, it seems like war is a never ending condition of life: new wars start and old ones never end. Sometimes even the players stay the same: The TV show 60 Minutes recently interview Bob Woodward about his new book State of Denial, Bush at War, in which he reveals that Henry Kissinger, the mastermind behind...

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Cuba Next?

You won't find this in the US press, but the British Independent newspaper has revealed the existence of a new government report, to be released to government agencies on Wednesday, that urges the US to begin getting ready to invade Cuba and create a democracy there. This could be done once Castro is gone, or we might start taking steps to...

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A Child Soldier Returns

We recently wrote a story about how wars are now being fought by kids and how this makes it less likely there will be peace. Now one Cambodian soldier, who became a soldier at age 3, is showing the new government where to find and dig up the land mines he planted.

Kate Thomas writes in the Independent that Aki Ra laid his first land mine...

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Wars Now Being Fought by Kids

Most of us remain confused by the prevalence of war, but we feel that at least the people fighting them knew what they were getting in to. But that's not always true?it turns out that, increasingly, wars all around the world are being fought by children. And the longer this keeps happening, the less likely it is that there will be peace.

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