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Is An Even Larger Eruption Brewing At Mount Ontake?

Despite the advanced technology devoted to the monitoring of seismic and volcanic activity, the unexpected eruption of the Japanese volcano Mount Ontake proves that Nature can still surprise us.

The unexpected eruption led to a heavy death toll; there are 36 people confirmed dead and many other were injured as 250 hikers were caught...
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Impending Icelandic Volcano Eruption Could Pose Risk To Aviation and Climate

Our beleaguered climate is enough trouble without the effects of any other destabilizing factors; however, another huge volcano is predicted to erupt and unleash clouds of volcanic ash into the atmosphere in the very near future.

The volcano, one of the largest in Iceland, has been showing signs of awakening since August 16th since a...
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Valentine's Day Madness: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Floods and Superstorms

Across the world it was a volatile Valentine's Day last week, with superstorms raging, the earth trembling and volcanoes erupting.

More than 7,000 properties in England and Wales were left without power after gale force winds of up to 173km per hour (108mph) battered the United Kingdom.
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Unknowncountry Weekender: Earthquake Swarms and Supervolcanoes--Should We be Worried?

There is earthquake activity around two supervolcanoes, one in North Korea and the other in the United States. Earthquake swarms in such areas can indicate magma movement, and scientists are studying both volcanoes. A thousand years ago the eruption of Mount Paektu in what is now North Korea was probably the largest in human history. The eruption...
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Rapid Sea Level Rise Means More Volcanoes, Earthquakes on the Way.

Unexpectedly rapid melting of polar ice and glaciers between 2005 and 2011 caused a rise in global sea levels of another 2/3rds of an inch, according to a study just published in Nature Geoscience. Increased water pressure against continental shelves is known to lead to destabilization of faults as well as compression of magma deposits under...
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Rising Volcanic Activity Along Western Pacific Rim

Two volcanoes in Alaska and Popocatepetl in Mexico are either erupting or showing signs of activity. As sea levels continue to rise, putting pressure on continental shelves, predictions are that volcanic activity will also increase, as well as seismic activity. Whether or not earthquakes will follow the eruptions of these volcanoes is not known,...
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Climate Change Triggers Quakes and Volcanoes

There is growing evidence that melting ice sheets and sea level changes can trigger earthquakes (NOTE...
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Africa Splitting in Two

It isn't just war in the Sudan that is tearing apart Africa, it's earthquakes as well. Cracks began to be seen years ago, but it recent months they've increased, meaning that the continent is breaking apart in slow motion.

On the Before it's News website, Axel Bojanowski quotes geologist Cynthia Ebinger as saying, "The volcano...
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Why No Volcanoes on the East Coast?

We're waiting to see if Mount St. Helens will erupt again inWashington State, but we never hear about volcanic activityon the East Coast of the U.S. There's a scientific reasonfor this.

Sally Harris writes that the kinds of geological conditionsthere don?t support volcanic activity. Geoscientist R.J.Tracy says, "The active margin of...

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Sleeping Volcanoes are Really Alive

Scientists are surprised to find that four dormant volcanoes in South America are actually active, a discovery that has serious implications for volcanic areas around the world. They used satellite imaging techniques to study the volcanoes and found that 900 of them in the Andes mountains in Chile are still potentially dangerous.

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Heavy Rains Make Volcanoes Erupt

The most dangerous type of volcanic eruption can be set off by heavy rain, meaning that watching the weather could save lives. This type of eruption is a "dome collapse," which has caused more than 70% of the volcano-related deaths over the past century. "They tend to be big, violent eruptions," says volcanologist John Murray.

The build-...

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Mexican Volcanoes About to Blow

A small explosion at Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano caused a light fall of ash on Wednesday. The 17,886-foot Popocatepetl volcano has been erupting off and on since December 1994.

Scientist have recorded low-level tremors within the volcano, which is 40 miles southeast of Mexico City, and several clouds of gas have escaped from its...

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More Volcanoes Threaten To Erupt

Volcanoes in the Philippines and Indonesia are threatening to erupt. In the central Philippines, the Mayon volcano puffsout gas and ash, as scientists warn that it may erupt sometime in February. Last year, it drove 68,000 people from their homes. There have also been minor earthquakes around the 8,100 foot mountain.

Its most violent...

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