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Troubling New Software Makes Things Disappear from Live Videos

A powerful new software program in the field of diminished reality is capable of removing anything from a video--even a live video. Develeoped at the University of Ilumenau in Germany, the software has a vast range of potential applications. News media could use it to remove unwanted individuals or objects from their stories. ...
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Tortoise Versus Hare?Again presents another wonderful animation: "The Race" by Eric Black. This time, the competition between the rabbit and the turtle gets rudely interrupted. To watch a futuristic twist on the old fable,click here. To take a quick trip through the 20th century with Xeth Feinberg's "Bulbo",click here.

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Putting Words in Our Mouths

Movie special effects artists have learned how to put people into photos and videos, even if they were never there, and make animals talk. They can insert dead people into advertisements, such as the recent TV ads featuring Fred Astaire and John Wayne. Gareth Cook of the Boston Globe writes that now scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of...

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