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Weekender: Bloodlines - The Case for Vampires

In many cultures, blood is considered to be the equivalent of the sacred life force, explaining its use in many historic religious rituals and ceremonies. In myths and legends, vampires were said to utilise the power of human blood, drinking large quantities from their living victims in order to obtain their life energy. Young virgins were said to...
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Vampires are Real

As Halloween arrives again (and it's time to put on that scary costume), it's creepy to think that, just as cannibals are real, there are real vampires too (in the animal kingdom, at least).

Vampire Bats are the critters that most of us think about when we think about REAL vampires. They are found only in the Americas from Mexico down...

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Vampires and zombies, both of which became a popular phenomenon in Victorian Britain, are all the rage. The female vampire Whitley wrote about in "The Hunger" and "The Last Vampire" has been voted one of the most popular vampires of all time by Entertainment Weekly Magazine. One English Professor believes this not just a pop culture trend, but...

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Manhattan Meeting with a Vampire

Besides writing about UFOs and visitors, Whitley has always been fascinated with vampires. He's written three books about them and is now writing a mini series about them for the Sci Fi Channel. Imagine his surprise when a reader wrote to him about her meeting with a vampire in Manhattan when she was a young working girl. Alas, she gave him the...

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A Vampire Speaks Out

You're surrounded by vampires, although you may not know it,says Arlene Russo, who edits "Bite Me" magazine in the U.K.She says, "The people I meet whose lives have beentransformed by vampires are not devil-worshipping blooddrinkers; or if they are, they have never told me. All Iknow is that they are professors of literature, academicsand...

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Vampires Are Real

Whitley Strieber published his novel "The Last Vampire" last year and has just completed the sequel, "Lilith's Dream," which will be published in October. Despite all this vampire writing, we never thought that vampires might be real, but recent news reports tell a different story. Police say up to 50 groups of human vampires are operating in...

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